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Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless sexy in this exclusive new clip from the first Season 3 episode of True Blood.

Or is Eric naked??

To see the clip, viewers need to DVR Sunday night’s Lost finale on ABC and during the True Blood promo, look out for the special QR code (example). To access the clip, take a picture of the QR code on your smartphone (this will only be available in NY, LA and Philadelphia). This will require a QR code reader, here are the preferred apps: Inigma and NeoReader.

ALSO, as the June 13th Season 3 premiere draws near, HBO will host special screening events to be held in 50 theaters across the country on June 1st at Midnight/EST (9:00p.m./PT). Doors open at 11:00p.m./EST (8:00p.m./PT) on June 1st. Fans can enter to win VIP passes through a True Blood Facebook Sweepstakes, where they will be asked to register by “coming out” as either a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf or fangbanger.

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231 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!”

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  1. 76
    Justin Sane Says:

    @@Justin Sane:

    As I said b4, immature, childish, patronizin and POMPOUS you are :D Why you are hangin around here on gossip board, if you are above those things, lmao

  2. 77
    heidi Says:

    Hi Team Pam, nice to chat! I saw the minisode and it was hilarious. If the minisode takes the place the last day of the finale, that would make sense of the timeline and make sense that it’s Yvetta with him. I bet she is showing him all she’s got, heh. As he seems to be doing to Sookie, lucky girl.

  3. 78
    Lauren Says:

    Gorgeous Man <3

  4. 79
    Justin Sane Says:


    lol, sry I did’nt know that you are retarded and don’t understand word games. But now we know, lmao

  5. 80
    @Justin Sane Says:

    You obviously have issues.

  6. 81
    TeamPam Says:

    Heidi-if Yvetta is not down there with him when Sookie shows up, it will be very weird if he is just down there by himself naked lol.

  7. 82
    Pixie Says:

    @jj fans
    What Hans/jam has been trolling since last summer, d*nm! I do not understand how these posts survive when there is a nutcase running around here with their lame comments!!!! The only conspiracy here is that Han wants people to leave these posts by causing trouble just beacause people do not agree with what it thinks! Not everyone is a fan of Alex or Kate!!!

  8. 83
    Sasha25 Says:

    Yeah! I love Eric!!!! He is sooo gorgeous and….yammi ;P !!! Can’t wait for season 3 ;)
    But i don’t like that Kate is with him in Sweden. anyway. i don’t like her /as an actress and also like a person/

  9. 84
    squirelmeat Says:

    other photos on other websites, including True Blood News, show more of the frame. It’s definitely Sookie on the night Bill got snatched, and in the far left hand side of the frame, you can see that someone is chained up against the wall, which you can assume is Yvetta, since the casting notices said the character would have sex with Eric and AS himself said he gets it on in the first episode.

  10. 85
    Justin Sane Says:


    Why r you still here? Sane ppl don’t waste their time to someone who they dont’ like. You are ridiculously obsessed but denial lol lol lol

    Btw, cud anyone plz tell me why Kate is so bad baaad BAD person? I really haven’t the faintest idea? Is she child molester or smthing…, really, I want to know

  11. 86
    Wow Says:

    @Just insane
    lol WE know plural, ha ha ha your a nutty all right!!!!

  12. 87
    TeamPam Says:

    squirelmeat-yes and hbo had a promo with all it’s shows, and it had a clip of sookie going down the stairs and seeing Eric. You also see Pam behind her walking back up the stairs, so Pam probably walked her down there. Sookie has a bit of a surprised face then tries to slowly look away. Yeah Yvetta was cast as E.ric’s lover

  13. 88
    heidi Says:

    Squirelmeat, I guess my question is: why would Yvetta be chained up? I guess Eric could be in to bondage . . . but I suspect we’ll see consensual Yvetta sex. If it’s not Yvetta, who could he have chained up in the basement this time?

  14. 89
    Sad Says:

    Why so much hate ladies? if you don’t like AS/KB stop posting. It’s that simple IMO.

  15. 90
    Pixie Says:

    Not only your crazy Hans but your a HYPOCRITE now.The same could be said why you are still here and pathetically defending KB ! Do you know Kate Bosworth that you find he need to defend her uhh No!!! I am a fan of Trueblood and Alan Ball but not all the characters I like, I do not find the need to place AS on a pedestal because I do not believe what he portrays in interviews but if you were sane you would understand all this!!!

  16. 91
    Boo boo boo Says:

    Alex is hot!!! Most of you are haters. Get lives or borrow one please.

  17. 92
    Justin Sane Says:


    sry, you are correcting my grammar or smthing? English is not my mother language, so do you want try some other language with me;))

  18. 93
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Justin Sane:

    For christ sake, plz tell me why Kate is so hated. What has she done?

  19. 94
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Boo boo boo
    I know right, have you seen what that pathetic fangurl Nicole wrote w her great wall of text? This women cannot get her point off without writting essay long posts lol

  20. 95
    heidi Says:

    TeamPam, yep, I’m with you that if Eric’s nakie, then Yvetta is somewhere close by. And bless her. I’m just wondering if she’s the chained up one or if Eric thinks someone else has been a bad bad boy and is currently his guest in the basement.

  21. 96
    squirelmeat Says:

    @heidi: oh, I’ll bet Eric is into all sorts of a good time. And if he wasn’t going to use the hardware, why go to that nasty ass basement with the wheel of torture (hello Lafayette!) ? It must stink something awful down there. Naked Eric? I’ll not be looking at who the heck he’s banging! ;)

  22. 97
    Boo boo boo Says:

    Yeah!!! Nicole you got issues with AS that’s for SURE are you SW PR girl or something sounds like it. Maybe you should start a blog give you something esle to do.

    Again Alex is hot. Love not hate. Please get lives ladies. I’ll rent you my life for the weekend if you want. LOL

  23. 98
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Pixie: @Pixie:

    Hmmm, and who are the caracters you like? Maybe Bill, Bill and Bill. Good choice, but why areyou wasting your time & energy here? Bill is caaalllliiiing….;D

  24. 99
    Àlan Says:

    Some people needs to go post in their Bill threads instead. Oh wait, there are none.

  25. 100
    Wow Says:

    @Just insane
    LMAO, It is you Hans and you proved t to everyone dumbass we all know you cannot spell and you sometimes rant off in Swedish but eventhough I can speak fluently in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and a little Japanese I will not be rude to others here who may want to know what I am saying! Perhaps you can learn to spell as well as learn manners. I do not care what country you are in, it is never ploite to speak in another language in front of others who do not know it!!! The same goes her it is in English deal with it!!! Since your crazy I quess you have a pass!!!Now I will be moving on……

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