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Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless sexy in this exclusive new clip from the first Season 3 episode of True Blood.

Or is Eric naked??

To see the clip, viewers need to DVR Sunday night’s Lost finale on ABC and during the True Blood promo, look out for the special QR code (example). To access the clip, take a picture of the QR code on your smartphone (this will only be available in NY, LA and Philadelphia). This will require a QR code reader, here are the preferred apps: Inigma and NeoReader.

ALSO, as the June 13th Season 3 premiere draws near, HBO will host special screening events to be held in 50 theaters across the country on June 1st at Midnight/EST (9:00p.m./PT). Doors open at 11:00p.m./EST (8:00p.m./PT) on June 1st. Fans can enter to win VIP passes through a True Blood Facebook Sweepstakes, where they will be asked to register by “coming out” as either a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf or fangbanger.

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  • @191

    From a guy’s perspective Anna Paquin as Sookie does not have an A cup more like a B . Her boobs are perfect, she looks hot without clothes. Any straight guy will tell you the same thing after seeing her naked in TB…..

  • Justsaying

    Yeah your right, guys do think Anna has a bangin body. Alex did an interview for a radio station and the guys were crudely stating in Alex presence that she had a rockin bod and that if Alex had seen her naked and if he had any naked scenes with her yet etc. He seemed to be embarassed and brushed over the topic lol… Anna definately has a beautiful body!!!

  • Justsaying


  • Stella

    He does not look good with darker hair. Looks like they gave more definition in the chest, Paquin too.

  • anon
    check it!!! comment and subscribe!!!!

  • bzz

    He look s great to me ;) Can t wait for Season 3…it s gonna be hot

  • buzz

    Agree, he has lost a lot of his hotness. Longer and lighter hair do suit him.

    The new guy who plays the werewolf looks really hot.
    Can’t wait for reason 3.

  • me to


    That new guy maybe looks good in photos but he lacks all the charisma on screen. He’s totally overshadowed by other One Tree Hill caracters.

    I want blonde Eric back too but long hair was big no no. I suppose we’ll get Eric both blonde and dark haired bc there are backflash from Eric’s human life in S3.

  • agree

    Eric should be blond. Period. The passage from long hair to short hair can be ok, but from blond hair to dark hair…absolutely no! He’s supposed to be a vampire! AB explained that the plot didn’t require dark hair and that AS simply showed up with darker hair after shooting a movie. I can’t understand why AB didn’t care about these details. I think they’re important.

  • True blonde


    TB is sort of tongue in cheek show, so maybe hair colour really doesn’t matter that much. I prefer blonde hair too,

  • Betty

    @one pratt is enough: There is no comparison between the two couples. Heidi and Spencer look like Barbie and Ken dolls, with Heidi having oversized plastic boobs. Alex is just himself, he doesn`t have to impress anyone.

  • Betty

    @heidi: Yeah, they showed her in the first true blood minisode that aired after the season 2 episode 7 rerun. Pam and Eric were auditioning for a new dancer for Fangtasia. It does look like they`re in his basement. Maybe they went there for some hanky-panky. Not a very nice place to take your lover. Can`t wait for season 3 to start!

  • Betty

    Personally, I think Alexander is hot as hell! I used to prefer dark haired men, but he definitely has something going on. Not only is he beautiful but he has a great personality and a love of life. He is also good to his fans. He wants to be known for his acting, not for who he is dating. Why are people so obsessed with a stars personal life? When these celebrity bloggers post these pictures, they put their own spin on things. You will get 3 or 4 different stories. Why not believe what the man himself says instead of all the lies and sensationalism?

  • Justin Sane

    @Betty 215
    Actions speak louder than words!!!!

  • Brown hair???

    Why couldn’t Alex just put blonde highlites and then color his hair back to the color for strawdogs retakes, It would not have taken a long time to do that and actors are contantly changing their hair color for other projects. If the color of brown hair has nothing to do with the storyline of TB( ex disguise )perhaps it is just laziness that he did not want to have blonde highlites in his hair but he needs to understand that Eric is Known as a blonde, and he looks way.. better as a blonde!!! If Anna Paquin has to be blonde for Sookie why is he not held up to that as well. Steven Moyer as well worked on another movie and he dyed it back to the color it was on trueblood??????? It is just annoying lol.

  • Nogoodbrownhair

    Let me just say I am a trueblood fan and when I saw this screencap at first, I was like they are showing a new character! I did not recognize it was the Eric character, I was like I thouht he was a vampire and he was blonde!!! Brown hair is definately a NO. It makes his head look small and his face look harsh!!!

  • dancer

    @me to: I saw him on One Tree Hill and wasn’t really impressed but no one on that show is that great. I’m also surprised that he looks better than Eric. Maybe he’ll have good chemistry with Anna? Growing his hair did him wonders.

    I think Alex’s hair is too short and too brown.

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you #173. In season one he looked more muscle bound. Now it looks like everything has gone from him including his looks and his body. This picture of him is not his best one thing the set puts to much makeup on him. It . The new werewolf guy runs rings around him anyday. The fact that people have said he has a great body has gone to AS head. He really can’t act. Bill is more of a vicious actor than BIll. All I can say is that Bill plays his part of a vamp that can kickass when he wants to. Sometimes AS character can be boring because all he does is sat back give orders and act like a prettyboy. ITHe new guy that will play Alcide is already being noticed. Once you get over exposed then no body will be interest in you anymore. Watch the new guy be on a magazine cover and you will see how the fans flock to him because no one will be interested in seeing AS with his clothes off anymore when the excitement is gone. It won’t be long for he won’t be known as the TB sexiest man someone else is coming to take
    his reputation.

  • Carla Nelson

    I also agree with you #22 because his body is not hot. He has lost a lot of weight. When you are tall like that it pays to be muscular but solid also. Now because of the weight lost he looks lanky like the guy that plays shaggy on Scooby Do. Iv’e seen some mens bodies that will put AS to shame. He looked better with the long blond hair. It’s notning wrong with losing weight if need be but remember it can also take your looks away in some cases.

  • NE1 Who Disagrees is Hans

    I think he’s hot, so ready yourself to refresh the page over and over again in order to give me multiple thumbs downs.
    I feel bad for him and Bosworth. She’s been messed up by HWood to think she’s got to be that d*mn skinny to be successful. You can tell when someone is freakishly skinny by nature. She’s not. She just doesn’t eat. She’s obviously worried enough about what people think to starve herself–what bugs me is that she tries to come off all together. It’s okay to worry about what people think–we all do it. But you gotta be honest with yourself about it. IMHO she’s not trying to be snobby but it comes off as fake and superficial. She’s got natural beauty but she’s killing it with malnutrition.
    And everybody is transferring their hate from her to Alex. I think it’s hilarious that it keeps going back to CM/GP. “omg, Kate is a homewrecker!” and shit like that. If you really believe that went down, why not come down on CM? And if you think GP believes it too, then why aren’t you pissed she’s not a stronger independent woman in her reaction to it? It’s okay for Kate to threaten lawsuits and not follow through but CM/GP’s people didn’t follow through either.
    The people who post on here do the same stuff over and over. If you disagree, you are automatically Hans. It’s an easy out. Anyone they don’ t like is Hans. I can’t think of a better way to avoid dealing with people who disagree with you. I’ll be Hans too. Just watch.

  • Aries

    @NE1 Who Disagrees is Hans: Paltrow has more to lose by following through on a lawsuit and prolonging interest in the affair. She and Martin have two young children to consider. I’m not a huge Paltrow fan but I’ll give the woman credit for not flying off the handle and immediately dragging her kids through an ugly and public divorce. They’ll probably eventually and quietly separate but for now, GP seems to be lying low and doing her best to keep her husband, and children by association, out of the tabloids.

    Agree, Askars is still a good looking guy but he looked much better last season.


    @snooze button: @hanna 2: The “skarsgardnews lady” was referring to not liking the crap that was going around, she didn’t say she didn’t like Kate. I know because I post there all the time and I posted in that thread. There’s also more rumors going around about that post she made but most of it has just been twisted around.

  • Kim

    Was a total hoax. there was no true blood promo. thank god only wasted a little time fast forwarding and not wasting two hour on lost. unless i was blind.

  • formercmfan

    Chris Martin is getting flack too when there is a post on JJ. I for one was a fan but I will not listen or buy his music anymore!!!! I do not blame Gywen for staying in the marriage because she should not let her backstabing friend affect her children lives as well…………….

  • Get real/sane

    Listen Hans/jam/ justin sane /alan or who ever you are next,
    You had your crazy rant against Evan Rachel Wood right! Lets face it she and Alex were indeed hooking up, because one does not fly all the way to loiusiana to visit him on the set on SD. No one accussed you of being a fatty fangurl the way you do to people who do not like KB. So please stop being pathetic by throwing fangurls excuse because then you would be a fatty fanboy yourself right with the way you were hating on Rachele E Wood???

  • Totally fed up

    @Get real/sane:

    You funny beellcomptonfanboy, can’t you read. This is TRUE BLOOD thread. Go to whine to EWR/AS/KB topics and try to get some proff help. Your obsession is getting really scary..

  • Gatreal/sane

    ^ @Wannabe Totally fed up,You again Hans/jam justin sane do not like it when people do the same sh*t you do. LMAO your the one who gave me the -thumbs down pathetic fannyboy. Try to learn how to spell you idiot before you start posting under different names agian!!!!

  • Carla Nelson

    When you start dating people that work on the same set you do you will not be able to do certain scenes. Your scenes will be limited because or your dating, that includes sex scenes and sometimes they wil use a body duoble to fill in for those that don’t want to do them.

  • getting sick and tired


    the hee, what “agian” means, you master of spelling aka obsessive funnyboy of beehlll lmao

  • black uggs

    Keep up, waiting for you have more good works.

  • mara

    Alexander Skarsgard you are defiantly the sexiest man on the planet. You look soooooo hot with long hair or short hair. Y ou look hot either way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx