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Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless sexy in this exclusive new clip from the first Season 3 episode of True Blood.

Or is Eric naked??

To see the clip, viewers need to DVR Sunday night’s Lost finale on ABC and during the True Blood promo, look out for the special QR code (example). To access the clip, take a picture of the QR code on your smartphone (this will only be available in NY, LA and Philadelphia). This will require a QR code reader, here are the preferred apps: Inigma and NeoReader.

ALSO, as the June 13th Season 3 premiere draws near, HBO will host special screening events to be held in 50 theaters across the country on June 1st at Midnight/EST (9:00p.m./PT). Doors open at 11:00p.m./EST (8:00p.m./PT) on June 1st. Fans can enter to win VIP passes through a True Blood Facebook Sweepstakes, where they will be asked to register by “coming out” as either a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf or fangbanger.

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231 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!”

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  1. 126
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Justin Sane:

    hmm, I’m little bit disapointed now. 125 messages now and I still don’t know why these haters hate so much Kate and AS and especially them together. I want to know the whole awful truth but not rumors, opinions, beliefs and other fictional things. Bring on FACTS, plz! X”D

  2. 127
    TeamPam Says:

    zee-Yeah I wanna see a slow build up of E/S. I wanna see this happen because I am a fan of the books and love them in the books. But I want it to happen in a similar fashion. I think he will prove himself this season. From the trailers we see that he actually tells her that her life is too valuable to throw away and we see that he will protect her and help her find Bill. So Eric is starting off on the right foot. I just want enough of a friendship and attraction to go into S4, actually this needs to happen right before S4.

    Mimi-I have no idea but we have seen all the other characters in trailers. They also won’t show that much of Bill bc his storyline is the big secret so alot can’t be revealed.

  3. 128
    CC Says:

    Do you not see what’s going on?? If JJ post about Alex/Eric it gets 200 comments, if he post about other cast members they get like 12, go back and check. If you want to see more post on other cast member then suport them, BUT AS I SAID THIS SITE HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY HATERS WHO COME HERE TO HATE. JJ does posts about Anna and Stephan alot….they get 12 comments. who do you think is gong to get the most attention

  4. 129
    heidi Says:

    @mimi, HBO is the one which released this spoiler pic, and I have no doubt there will be more to come which feature other characters. That’s what happened with the minisodes. And I expect they are starting with Eric because besides being a popular character, Sookie is going to have interactions with him before Bill, because Bill has been taken. And Sookie is the central character when all is said and done, because that’s the way the books are set up.

    I think Team Pam made an excellent point–this is a True Blood thread. There are the AS/KB threads if that’s the point of interest.

  5. 130
    reallythebest? Says:

    I say bring on the other characters! I think Joe Manganiello is going to be really good. All 6’5″ of him! ;) Can’t wait to see what Lafayette is going to be getting into. Jessica’s storyline looks like it’s going to be taking some interesting twists and turns, and Pammy is just my fav! LOVE her!!!

  6. 131
    zee Says:

    @TeamPam. Yeah. Show Sookie is a bit of a goodie goodie two shoes so it will def take time for her to get into someone like Eric. I cant wait to see how Ball plays this thing out.

  7. 132
    TeamPam Says:

    There is also another reason why we keep getting so many Eric promos, pics and spoilers in general.

    ***book spoilers***

    after the third book Bill, is not in the books all that much. Even in the third book he is kidnapped most of the time and since it’s all from sookies POV you dont see him again until she finds him. But from book 4 and on, Bill is barely in some books, he’ll appear a bit more in others but many times those scenes are with Sookie and Eric. Eric becomes the main character well next to Sookie. Even though they’re not in a relationship most of the books and only recently they are, Eric is still there alot for her. He saves her numerous times, protects her, does things for her and she even saves him too.

    Now AB said that Bill’s character won’t disappear in the same way he did in the books and will still keep him as a main character on the show and come up with other storylines for him but it still doesn’t take away the fact that Eric becomes a big focus. Even AS said he was told the first season he would just be introduced, then show a bit more in S2 and then after that will become a bigger character. Even Pam on the show, she said she expected to really be shown in S4 but AB said he will do it this season instead.

  8. 133
    heidi Says:

    I also expect we will get a lot of Alcide promotion because he’s the most important of the new characters introduced this season, I believe. And yes, Joe M is very hot, so HBO is not going to ignore that. (-:

  9. 134
    TeamPam Says:

    @zee-I am real curious how AB will play out the E/S thing too. I hope he doesn’t take it too far from the beginning of the show because it won’t be believable. He needs to gain her trust first and I hope towards end of season that we will see Sookie warming up to Eric. If anything will happen, I hope it’s just a short kiss or maybe just flirting. Save it for S4

    I am also extremely interested in the king of Mississippi storyline, and this whole V dealing.

  10. 135
    Justin Sane Says:


    Hmm, do you guys think that AB sort of favors Bill in storylines bc he’s Sookies hubby IRL? I’m not sayin this, but I know there are tons of fans who think that AB gives better storylines to Bill.

  11. 136
    zee Says:

    @Justin Sane I read an interview where Alan Ball said that he read the books and fell in love will the character of Bill – that Bill is a tragic romantic figure or something to that effect, so i think that’s what we’re seeing with True Blood. Based on what Ball himself has said i suspect that no matter what happens during the show’s run, at the end Sookie and Bill will end up together . But that doesn’tmean i wont enjoy whatever Eric/Sookie storyline he throws in. At least it looks as if we’re getting the triange so……

  12. 137
    heidi Says:

    @zee, mind you, he also knows television shows develop organically, so he may not end up at the same point he thought he might in the beginning. It’s probably even in his mind too early to tell where the show ends up. I agree with you that he definitely sees Bill and Sookie’s love as genuine and possibly tragic, no matter what happens.

  13. 138
    Justin Sane Says:


    Thanks Zee, thats what I think too. Its good that show differs from books, imo. I haven’t red the books, sounds too Harlequinesque but maybe I’m wrong?;)) I suppose that books are a reason some Eric/AS fans are angry at AB lol

  14. 139
    karey Says:

    i really want to see this promo asap

  15. 140
    pretty in pink Says:

    His chest looks strange. Maybe photoshopped. Doesn’t look real.

  16. 141
    Passingby Says:

    I quess the crazies from (the purse forum) have returned.They are superduper in love with AS that they cannot remain objective, it is soo pathetic!!!! ie justin sane or is it hans how old are you??? AS is really a nobody from a cable tv show get real!!!! Have you noticed that Alex started getting more attention when he started hanging on to Kate Bosworth look back to before the the PR spectacle happened, not that I hate her I just do not care about that but lets get real Alex does not have that much talent, strawdogs has been pushed back soo many times I cannot count now. He has been turned down for Thor, Super Hot Chris Helmsworth got the part and Captain America and other movies. People have there right to voice there opinions here without you accusing them of something that is not true. If you go to the other sites no one even cares about those two losers lol. By the way Alex head is small in proportion to the rest of his body has anyone else noticed that???

  17. 142
    Sleepyhollow Says:

    LOL yeah I have noticed that his head is kind of small reminds me of the movie Beattle Juice, small head with huge body!!!
    Speaking of Thor it must really suck to visit his dad Stellan on the set. His dad got a part in the movie and he did’nt esp for being Swedish that is like a dream come true, Oh well ………..I can see why they chose Chris Helmsworth, he reminds me of a buffer younger version of Brad Pitt!!!

  18. 143
    AMAZING Says:

    @AMAZING: AMAZING @ 05/21/2010 at 10:30 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Read more:

  19. 144
    L Says:

    Geez. What’s with all the hate?

  20. 145
    AMAZING Says:


    Yes, we noticed that AS was perfectly imperfect. His irregularies were what drew many to him. He’s tall, somewhat dorky at times but still takes awesome, beautiful pictures for the most part. He has an ability to seem almost like a different person in most shots. He still has that THING. There’s no disputing that , it just doesn’t do anything anymore more for me , personally. I wish him the best of luck and hopes he gets back to his old gorgeous self from last year this time.

  21. 146
    TeamPam Says:

    You know I usually don’t come onto these type of sites but was given a link to come on here to find out about a new TB promo. Now I remember why I stay away from these type of sites. This celebrity obsession or celebrity hatred is pathetic. Justpassingby and amazing, do you realize that you are just as bad as those who obsess over a celebrity, maybe even worse. At least they spend time on something they enjoy but you spew hate and waste your time on someone you can’t stand lol, do you realize how stupid that is. You think he is a loser but meanwhile you waste energy talking about him and waste your time even knowing everything he does. WOW I’m a fan of his on TB but you all know everything he does in his life, where he goes, where he eats, who hes with and everything he says and you’re not even fans. It’s like you look for opportunities to put people down and be negative, usually this is a sign of your own misery, so much time on negative energy. Who has the patience to focus on everything they hate lol. It’s funny and pathetic but if this is what makes you happy ok.

    You can continue to sit on websites, tracking every little thing AS does and spend your day talking about him but remember that your dedicating your time to him just as much as his fans lol. His life is important enough to be written about in articles, talked about by so many people. He has accomplished his dreams and living the life he wants to live. Nobody is sitting around talking about you.

    Anyways, have a nice life everyone and thanks for reminding me why I stay away from gossip sites. Try not to be so negative and focus on things that actually matter to you lol

  22. 147
    AMAZING Says:

    But sweetie, you’ve written a dissertation about losers like me voicing our disappointment that the Wizard of OZ is just a flawed human or our idols has clay feet. What’s your impetus for being here?

  23. 148
    Katee Says:

    @Passingby: @Sleepyhollow: HA!HA!HA! Alexander’s head is tiny! LMFAO!!!

  24. 149
    Rena Says:

    Gorgeous! Kan inte vänta på juni.

  25. 150
    JustJoanie Says:

    @TeamPam: Bub-bye : D

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