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Grey's Anatomy Finale Shockers, Ratings Domination

Grey's Anatomy Finale Shockers, Ratings Domination

The shocking season finale of Grey’s Anatomy last night pulled in a massive 15.0 million viewers. SPOILERS ahead!!!

“It hurt to write this finale. It literally hurt me. Because in order to write these episodes, I had to walk in the shoes of Gary Clark,” series creator Shona Rhimes wrote on her blog. ” I had to think like a shooter. A person who would shoot Reed and Alex and Charles. A person who would shoot Derek. By the time I finished writing part one, I was sick. And depressed.”

Click inside for more spoilers from the season finale!!!

– Meredith finds out she’s pregnant!

– Shooter Gary Clark, who we’ve seen before, comes back to Seattle Grace looking for revenge from the death of his wife. He is on the hunt for Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) but kills Dr. Reed (Nora Zehetner) in the head and shoots Karev (Justin Chambers) in the side.

– While in Mandy Moore‘s room, Gary finds intern Charles in the closet and shoots him. Bailey watches Charles die in her arms.

– Gary shoots Derek in the heart and later interrupts Derek’s surgery, where he also shoots Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

– Meredith discovers she had a miscarriage from all the stress.

WHAT A CRAZY EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • miss_aveiro

    fucking love the epi !

  • Sasha

    I watched it and I was practically screaming “Don’t die”
    i was so happy that Derek didn’t die nor Meredith …even Lexy since she was almost shot…
    i can’t wait til the other season
    …the finale was depressing to watch it gave me goosebumps but i love when there is lots of drama,tragedy so it was one of the best finales i have ever seen XD

  • Melu

    I loved it!!! Grey’s Anatomy is a great show! So sad Reed died! I liked her a lot…and that Lexie and Marc did not end up together! Hope they’ll get back next season!

  • hailey

    Best season finale!!!!

  • curiositykilledthecat

    I haven’t watched Grey’s since the first season. But when watching last night’s finale, it was as if I never left. Very action packed, very dramatic, very STFU, very “OMG, NOOOOO!”. Just very damn good. If people want to know how to write a finale, they definitely should watch Grey’s last night and take some tips. I did know that Derek wasn’t dead when they said he was. That was too classic ploy for my taste. Especially when they were just standing there basically. No dramatic “we have to save him, I don’t care what that monitor says” kind of thing.

    I know that with Mer’s miscarriage, it was harsh. However, he walked away with his life. They can ALWAYS try for another child, which they probably will BUT he will LIVE FOR ANOTHER DAY. That’s what matters. That’s all that ever did, really.

  • shamrock

    WOW!!! This episode truly made a HUGE impact on my attention and kept me hanging on until the bitter end. Amazing story and acting by all the characters involved. It took me a while to get settled into my cozy bed after this show.



  • lisa

    I was so ANNOYED!

    Lexie and Mark have got to get together by next season.

  • Annette

    Her name is Shondra Rhimes, not Shona. Just FYI :)

  • heather

    I held my breath when BAILEY was almost shot. “No.. i’m a nurse!”

    And when LEXIE was almost shot i almost cried! A+, so close. The shooter was literally like ‘I came to kill Shepherd, Webber.. and you.” and then she holds her breath, and then a shoot comes.

    intense ep, kudos to the writers

  • Annette

    @Annette: Sorry. Shonda Rhimes :)

  • Starla

    WOW.. It was clearly the best finale ever.. Probably the best grey’s ever!!

  • Amy

    “but kills Dr. Reed in the head”

    She gets shot in the head a lot on TV, huh?

  • Tessa Liu

    I love the finale!!! I love 30 Rock’s finale as well!

  • M

    15 mil viewers is massive? Isn’t that what they normally pull on average or did it go down this season?

  • josie

    better than the crap that is private practice.

    why that show is still alive i dont even know. addison is so annoying.

  • ghfztzzt

    woow that was good!!! sad that meredith are not pregnant anymore….

  • Sean

    What a joke. They just copied ER.

  • Liz

    She killed McBaby!!!!! SO sad right now…

  • josie


    no, if you’ve notice since the past two years or so the ratings in general have gone down. Its not 20 million anymore, like in the 90s, because people miss it and watch it online instead, or record it.. these numbers are based on live viewings, I believe.

  • gretchen

    THE best show.

    i was holding my breath the entire timeeee!

    there were just so many things going on at once!! and bailey was the best in this episode!

    what’s going to go on with alex?

    why is teddy still in this show?

    make mark and lexie be happy again!

    give callie and arizona babies! i love them.

    make cristina and owen happy for at least ONE episode!

    meredith’s cry was so unconvincing in this episode. i actually laughed.

  • Vivien

    Shonda Rhimes finally turned her attention back to Greys Anatomy for this epsiode … see the difference? It was excellent. Get rid of Private Practice and focus on GA … bring it back to its former glory. This season finale was a step in the right direction!

  • Nicole

    These were the two awesomest (is that even a word?) episodes of Grey’s Anatomy ever!!

  • loverducky

    This was the best freaking episode ever!..I bawled for the entire two hours!

  • Oblioo

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Emily

    that was so intense…the first hour was sooooo intense!!!!! ahhhhh…but im super glad that hunt “chose” christina…YAY!!! anyways last night reminded me why greys is my fave tv show!!!!!

  • youmeanitlkeme

    i bawled the entire episode :( seriously that shooter is messed up. he shot derek and he almost shot lexie, that seriously scared me when I thought she got shot. and when mark was proctecting her i was like they got2 get back 2together

  • Ali

    Derek deserves an emmy nomination for this episode, as does the whole episode. Riveting tv.

  • Barnadian!

    There will be no better finale than that of Season 3.
    This finale was okay. But it was still missing something. It was dramatic without the fine touches. Liked it. didn’t love it.

  • SayWhat?

    Oh please. It wasn’t that great. As someone already mentioned, they basicially copied the episode from ER. Derek has become so annoying as the Chief that I found myself yelling at the TV for Gary Clark to shoot him and for him to die so that Richard can be Chief again. Of course they were gonna kill Reed and that other dude who basically have no story lines too bad they didn’t kill the annoying girl who has a crush on Derek too. Bailey was the best thing in the whole episode.

  • Claudy

    Holy Crap! Just watched the episode and oh my god. I would have had a miscarriage just from watching! Crying, Laughing, Screaming…ROLLERCOASTERRIDE!!!

  • Puffin

    I watched it, and it was so intense! Great season finale!

  • Carol

    PD, EP & SO should get Emmy nods. First decent epi Shonda has written in years. Can only hope they come up with a season 7 that isn’t dark and has some worthwhile story lines.

  • G

    Look, I know it’s television, but can we please stop having mass shooting for entertainment value?


    Let’s get to the real drama in people’s lives.

  • stacy

    @Sean: GROW UP!!! Who cares about ER!!!!!!!!!

  • Realistic

    The finale made up for the whole season and kept my attention everything was great from the writing to the acting to the scenes itself.

    Sandrah Oh (Cristina), Chandra Wilson (Dr. Bailey), and Meredith (Ellen P.) gave great performances. The finale brought me back to why I enojyed this show in the first place.

    When Alex (Justin Chambers) got shot and then Mc Steamy had to help him I was saying to myself don’t let him die lol he is my fave male Dr. left on the show.

    Cristina and Meredith are gangster. Cristina kept doing surgery at gun point, and Meredith kept helping with surgery while miscarrying.

    I know they suppose to be different but Greys A. finale sh*ts all over Private Practice, it was like Shonda said whatever to Private Practice rushed it along and concetrated on Greys. lol Now I can’t wait for Grey’s new season.

  • Lei

    The finale was amazing. I’ve missed a couple of Grey’s episodes this season because it has honestly been a little disappointing lately, but this episode was so intense and very emotional. Best season finale yet.

  • Shar

    15 Million viewers is in no way massive for GA, esp. when season 1 premiered with over 16 million and went up, it stayed in the 19+ – 26 million throughout season 2-3, but once Dr. Burke left, Season 4 premiered with 3million less viewers and get dropping to under 10 million, maybe that why JJ thinks 15 Million is massive for this show.

  • Shar


    …and kept dropping to under 10 million viewers.*

  • Ann


  • Laura

    !5 million is big for any scripted show. Network tv never fully regained their audiences after the prolonged strike and no ss is getting that 19-25 mil. Many viewers DVR, tape or watch on their computers after the show so live viewership has been slashed. ABC posts the episodes the next day and makes them available free @ “On Demand TV”. CBS does not so their viewer #’s are higher, but GA usually leads the all important 18/49 demo for thir slot, which sets the ad rates. The lower numbers have little to do with the departure of Burke, and everything to do with Shonda’s lousy scripts, inflated casts, dark story arcs and the changes in the way people watch tv.

  • honeybear

    I think I had like five heart attacks from watching this episode! It was soo good!

  • kay

    please take owen of this equation. his selfish annoying caveman attitude is tiresome. cristina deserves someone who can handle her brilliance. teddy deserves better too. callie & arizona are thoughtful and i appreciate their complexity as well as their endearing and light-hearted moments. the finale was gripping, with some jolts of small classic grey’s humor to temper the tension. good finale!

  • sonia

    I miss Burke

  • Guest

    I loved the epi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for next season!

  • sarah

    Last year Rhimes annoyed us with a post-it, this year she killed the fans with a miscarriage. This woman hates Meredith Grey with passion. She should kill her too. MerDer fans are sick and tired of this crap.

  • T.

    the creators name is Shonda not “shona”

    The finale was AMAZING, i really thought weber would be dead by the end but im kind of happy hes not. I am a little disappointed because all the hype was about a major player dying and i dont think any of the people who died were major players…

  • Leslee

    wow, i wished they shot katie as well

  • susan

    Déjà vu….didn’t a shooter hurt Dr. green in ER and kill someone? what a bad finale – they can’t even be original. shame.

  • George

    Are none of you curious to whether Clark shot himself or Dr. Webber?

  • Elmedina

    If Derek or alex or any one else dies it would be horrible I will never watch it again