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Jennifer Lopez: amfAR Gala Gal

Jennifer Lopez: amfAR Gala Gal

Jennifer Lopez arrives at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS 2010 benefit gala held at the Hotel du Cap on Thursday (May 20) in Antibes, France.

The 40-year-old actress, who was joined by her husband Marc Anthony, wore a stunning Roberto Cavalli dress, Judith Leiber clutch, Le Silla sandals, and Chopard jewels.

Also spotted with JLo was Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock and designer Roberto Cavalli . The star-studded amfAR event helps support the organization’s goal to end the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez arriving at the benefit gala…

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Credit: Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • tahlo

    What happened?Are we again in 2000?She looks damn SEXY!

  • lagun

    I can´t believe she is 40 years old. She looks back in her golden days, if not better

  • jade

    She is gorgeous. I love the style and color of her dress.
    She is happy with Marc and their children.She has a peaceful look about her, that I have never seen before.

  • olle

    Gorgeous woman! I love her dress and her look.

    Only wish she stopped colouring her hair blonde, I prefer Jen with a darker brown colour.

    Other than that, LOVELY!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please this hag is hanging on to her final 15 min of fame! Her movie flopped, album flopped, so now she’s pretending to be charitable.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please this hag is hanging on to her final 15 min of fame! Her movie flopped, album flopped, so now she’s pretending to be charitable.

  • trina

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Dreads

    Oh Gosh, Jennifer looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! Woah… I mean, WOW. The hair, skin tone, everything looks stunning. I LOVE the dress. It’s sooo beautiful. I want my future wedding dress to look like that XD ….. She looks GORGEOUS.

  • http://travelandliving gingerBread

    absolutely stunning in many ways…..lucky Mark

  • http://twitter Shiela adams

    shes reali pretty shes gt style

  • EB

    Gorgeous dress, but what’s up with forgetting to do her hair?!

  • what a joke!

    Her movie bombed, dumped by her record company, got rid of the clothing line, all failures, because she can’t sing, act, or design clothes. She’s also a rotten mother, only trotting out her ugly kids for a photo opportunity.

    Now, she wants us to believe she cares about AIDS? Oh please, she is the biggest self absorbed egomaniac. She continues to be fake. I’m sure she’s plotting a divorce, so she can go jump on some other guy to further her pathetic career. Its over J-Trash, just get J-LOST already!

  • sandia

    ^omg your comment is so mean…You must be a very sad person.

    I don´t know which movie are you refering..because if you are talking about The Back Up Plan the movie is doing good! She had a bad patch, and what? Nobody can´t be all the time in the on the crest of a wave, she has a life too and the last years she was dedicated to her children.

  • Sandra

    She looks amazing.So young. love her dress.

  • ken

    Amazing, amazing. I always loved and missed the old sexy jlo. If she comes again with the old attitude+def jam i wouldn´t be surprised if she has a music hit again

  • Cassie

    The Backup Plan stared out with OVER 3,000 theatres, and has now been reduced to 1,079 theatres in its 5th week and could never top Date Night and the Dragon movie at the box office, which were at the end of their run. That shows JLO’s movie is more of a failure than a success, so now her only option is to still try to make herself relevant by dressing up all this week, posing for the cameras and bragging about how her “music career has just begun”.

    She also has her few “staged” photographs of her ALWAYS immaculately groomed while holding her children, but most of the time those kids are being seen held and handled by other people. I can see why! She probably doesn’t want them to muss up her attire for those photo-ops of her promoting herself as a “good mother”.

  • Inaru

    She looks fantastic, that icy pink dress looks great on her. So glad Marc stepped aside and let her pose alone, he has a tendency to stay in the frame a bit too long.

  • David Peet

    fantastic look!!! love her in this long dresses. the only miss is feet of course, they’er hidden ((

  • tre

    She didn’t forget to do her hair! That’s a wig you silly fool! ;) And its a pretty one to boot….

  • Sarah

    Marc Anthony looks like a skinny goon in pictures standing next to her. She should be embarassed at a formal event and photographed with that little twerp in dark sunglasses, when they are not even outside in the sun! Her career has been in the dumps since she married him, but she has to put on the persona that she’s so happy with that little mongrel in dark glasses because he dumped his wife and kids to make a life with her, so she’s stuck with him.

  • lUCY

    She’s definitely had some work done. Lots of filler in that face. Hey, I think she’s pretty, but I hate when celebs claim to be all natural when clearly they are not.

  • fashionista

    This is classic Jennifer. She’s one the few who gets glamour. She’s in her 40′s so she should know how to dress. The color is pretty against her skin. This is a winner.

  • leon

    You can hate her , you can love her but you can`t deny she is GORGEOUS! She is actually sooooooo hot i would rather do her than some 20 year old( hm hm Megan Fox)…..!!!!!


    Nose cut down to the bare nostrils….check!
    Trashy blonde hair….check!
    Facial bleaching…check!
    Whiter than white makeup!…check
    And many other operations to EUROPEANIZE her features….check!
    Only ended up with a PuertoRican man because the WHITE guy dumped her!…check!

  • elle

    No offense but the one and ONLY thing Mrs. Lopez cares about is Mrs. Lopez. It’s sad to say but some people have no soul and she’s one of them. And with fifteen pounds of makeup she has on you could look good too, don’t be so naive.

  • John

    Sorry Leaon but there isn’t a drug on earth that would make me say she looks better than Mrs. Fox. Lopez isn’t even in that category. I’d take Megan over hippo ass any day.

  • Ayaz

    Glad Ben came to his senses and married a real white beauty. Ben’s mom did not approve of her and I don’t approve of interracial relationships. Now Ben is where he belongs and so is JLO.

  • KIM VO

    Poor dear looks so unhappy. Her career is over, her husband is a 100 pound drug addict and her twins are ugly and suffer from Progeria. her last movie bombed like all the rest but she simply will not accept that her career is over. She wanted Ben Affleck because she wanted white, blue-eyed children not children like her own. She needs to stay home and give up the hopes of a comeback because the public does not want her back. After all of the cosmetic surgeries and skin whitening is this the best she can do. Poor thing. She actually thought that Ben was going to marry her, instead he tossed her aside like a used tissue when Garner came along.

  • makina

    oomg she looks like JLO again!!!!!So beautiful. I love her

    Can´t wait for her album

  • makina

    and c´mon the comments above me are all of the same person!lol talking about garner. C´mon, some people is insane with this woman


    It is a shame that Sharon Stone was not there… she always MC’S
    the event and it use to be a Weinstein Brothers charity..event
    Even Ben use to show up in the ol days.. Now we have Jlo stealing
    the show again.. Didn’t the Fashion experts hate that dress when
    someone wore it to the Awards show.. Canary Dress is what they
    called it.. Even Cojo hated that dress..But he love Jlo..As for Ben
    and Jlo again type in Ben’s name and your will get Jlo in it…!!
    He married Jen Garner because they both came from similiar back
    grounds..!! See how fast Ben had a child with Jen G.. right away..
    Not like Jlo…Jlo’s movie met the budget but her co star Alex has something to do with it.. too..

  • gloriaad

    Agree with number 24, where is the proud latina, Jlo have practically changed most of her features to look more European and still her career is down in the dumps. Her latest picture have bombed all she is doing now is dressing up like a maniquin, remember the millions she got for her babies pictures she was supposed to donate the money to charity, but so far what? Two Latina’s who have kept their Latina look and heritage is very successful in the movies, Penelope Cruz is the latest installment in Pirates of The Caribbean, and Selma Hyak is doing well.

  • violet

    Selma Hyak is Arab/mexican. Penelope Cruz is European Spaniard, worlds apart from P.R’s.

  • alex p

    she looks so much younger…. and really hot…, she could have done without ALL that make up though, she’d still look good.

  • loli

    @gloriaad If you were a little bit smarter you would know that Jennifer Lopez is more `Latina` than Penelope Cruz considering Penelope is not Latina at all! She is Spanish witch means she is white!!!!!

  • makina

    OOOMG she looks stunning. Like she is back in the game again

    The person who is saying the movie failed doesn´t have any idea!First, the movie is still in theaters and doing money. Second, The numbers of teathers you are saying it´s fake. Third, It debuted nª2, only because How to train your dragon had 3D tickets and 60% of their box office came from the 3D. In mojoboxofice they said in terms of audience TBUP was 1, you can find the article in the web. Four, The budget is 35 millions and in USA it has already passed it in 3 weeks. The international numers are 15 millions in 2 weeks, and still there are big countries where it has to be still released. So in 3 weeks in USA and 2 worldwide 50 millions, so probably it will end in the 90 millions. A flop, i know lol

  • m

    She sucks

  • justLikeapill

    she looks incredible!!!!!!!

  • tre

    Ben Affleck is soooo over Jennifer Garner. Talk about used tissues. He already has plans to trade her in for a younger model! Blake Lively to be exact. Garner will end up used the exact same way she used Scott Foley…You know what they say, what comes around goes around…

    And JLo is way better off without Ben. JLo is beautiful and charismatic with beautiful adorable children. Garner is so blah and dull in comparison to JLo.

  • Twinkle

    That is the ugliest prom dress.

  • true

    The media was interested in Ben and JLO because they were a HOT item. When Ben got with Garner, it was a yawn, a sleeper. Nobody took a second glance. It had nothing to do with them wanting more privacy. People just didn’t notice them, hence the lack of covers and attention…

  • gloriaad
  • me

    Haters, at least Jlo pulls her own weight, unlike other celebrities they have to work with 20 other actors in order for a movie to do well. Look at Zoe’s movie with all the hoopla and promotion she got she couldn’t pull it off!!!

  • frances

    incredibly gorgeous dress!

  • Jannie

    I’m apalled by the lack of culture shown by some people here. “Latina” comes from the word LATIN. It refers to ANYTHING that comes from the Latin (Romance) language. Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and even ROMANIAN are descendant from the latin language. Thus the people from these countries ARE ALL LATINOS. Oh! and Marc Anthony may be skinny, ugly or whatever, but he’s got one of the best singing voices on the whole planet. He is also the biggest-selling salsa artist of all times.

  • rodrigo


  • Pot

    @FASHIONISTA: I don’t know why you’re always on here bashing JLo with racism. Are you that jealous? She has had some skin treatments and fillers and probably botox because she had wrinkles a few years ago that are no longer there. But she does not seem to have had any more work done. If you look closely at her, she has a big dent in her nose and some acne scars. If she wanted to get that taken care of, she could. But she doesn’t….she keeps it real. I think it gives her look some character. You also say she bleaches her skin which is pure BS. If you look at old In Living Color clips, she naturally has fairer skin. She gets a bronze spray tan to look darker! She never had a boob job, tummy tuck, or lipo to conform her body to celeb standards. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons she became so famous was because she kept her body real. So what if she likes to get some highlights in her hair. It looks beautiful with her coloring. All of us women, no matter what race, do things to improve our image….we exercise, diet, some of us tan, we get hair treatments, skin treatments, manis & pedis, wear makeup, etc. Unless you are 100% au naturel, why don’t you STFU and stop being so racist! Really!

  • lisa

    Thank you for explaining Latino.It gets on my last nerve when people mix it up.Especially when they’re Hispanics themselves!
    Ruben blades is the best selling salsa singer.Marc is famous now because he’s married to JLo Period.You think middle America would his name if he wasn’t married to her.NO!Even Hector Lavoe considered him loser for being a hanger on.Plus he ruined the Hector Lavoe movie.At least they could’ve used a better actor

  • marc fan

    Marc Anthony is the best Salsa singer in the world. Check out all his concerts especially the one from Vina del Mar 2009 the man has all of Latin America swooning and singing all of his songs.

  • California Dreaming

    Jenny from the block looks absolutely stunning! Love love love the dress.