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Michael Vartan & Lauren Skaar: Kissing Couple!

Michael Vartan & Lauren Skaar: Kissing Couple!

Michael Vartan and his fiancee, real estate worker Lauren Skaar, share a romantic kiss while strolling through the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Friday afternoon (May 21).

Lauren likely spent a pretty penny… she can be seen carrying around a New York City downtown shopping map!

FYI: Michael, 41, proposed to Lauren, 29, in the same city back in March.

10+ pictures inside of kissing couple Michael Vartan and Lauren Skaar

Just Jared on Facebook
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 01
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 02
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 03
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 04
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 05
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 06
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 07
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 08
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 09
michael vartan lauren skaar kissing 10

Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
Posted to: Lauren Skaar, Michael Vartan

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  • ck_always

    Good looking couple. She has big boobs.

  • jj

    She’s got a rocking body!

  • happy girl

    I despite her for taking my MAN. lol. He is hot.

  • T pain

    have met both of them (serperatley ) and i must admit they are really cool down to earth people…Micheal more so.. :)

  • me

    1. he’s 41? wow
    2. the tattoos don’t suit him, imo
    3. she has a great body
    4. good for them, seem like happy couple

  • sam

    She’s very plain looking and I seriously doubt that she’s 29. She looks like she’s been turning 29 every year for the past 10 years.

  • Bill

    she looks hotter than all the Raggedy Ann’s he has dated before.

  • Keith

    Girl is fine, she’s got great t*its and As*s

  • giselle

    Oh My! new fiance is rockyn Michael Vartan’s girl. Just look at the smile on his face, I am sure he walks around with a hard on.

  • Brody

    I am glad mike has finally found a good looking girl with a body to match. Congrats buddy.

  • holt

    I see Jessica is posting under multiple names and leaving comments about how great her boobs, or should I say implants, look. Next time ask your surgeon if he can carve out some semblance of a waist.

  • Laura

    he sure doesn’t like them pretty, does he? gives hope to all the homely girls out there. just buzz around Whole Foods parking lot in LA for a few months and you too might convince a gullible actor with low standards that destiny brought you together.

  • niko

    She looks like a less attractive version of Juliet from Lost. These pics look very staged, in the tradition of Heidi and Spencer.

  • seriously

    Id love to see what you look like

  • Leon

    He’s very cute and should be a bigger star. She’s not Hollywood beautiful but she’s nice looking, certainly better than Jen Garner. That’s a pretty big age difference though.

  • mimi

    I find her pretty, I wish them a lot of happiness!
    Micheal Vartan is a great guy, It’s always good to see him.

  • kate

    She always looks like such a slob so I was pleasantly surprised at these pics. That was before I saw the stain on her knee!!! FAIL!!!

  • sunshine1

    Oh thanks for these photos. She is very pretty, beautiful clear skin and has lovely eyes. They really do look very happy together. Cannot get enough photo’s of Michael and now his Lauren. Keep them coming.

  • Pippi

    Are you sure she’s a real estate worker because she looks like something he picked up on one of his many visits to the playboy mansion. She is Michael’s type though, blonde with big boobs and no brains.

  • Cherie

    Cute couple.

  • justme2cent

    She is very unattractive all the way, she doesnt have a body, because she has no curve, instead her waiste goes straight down and then on top of that she has those too big implants. She doesnt look like 29 but like 30 something. I guess that shows on what level he is..

  • Cora

    Hmm she’s a looker! And most importantly, she has an actual job and is not a wannabe model/actress.

    Good for him!

    Best of luck to the happy couple :)

  • Atessa

    Michael hasn’t been on Just Jared for like 2 yrs then he gets engaged, his girlfriend can’t handle the pressure and now he’s on 3 x???? STAGED!!!

  • Sally

    This is the first real picture of her and we now know what attracted Michael to Lauren. HER BIG BOOBS. She’s pretty plain and she needs to eat a sandwich because she’s too skinny. Her legs are skinny twigs the only thing she has going for ther body are her boobs, she probably gets hit on a lot because of her boobs.

  • Cheyenne

    Ican’t believe he settled for a such an ugly girl. He’s 41 and should have chosen a more wholesome girl if he wants to start a family. Their kids will definitely miss out in the DNA (gene pool) department. Best of luck anyway. Besides, too much emphases placed on looks nowadays.

  • Cheyenne

    I always wondered why Jen G dumped him. He always seem to like it when she wore blonde wigs on “Alias” and he probably wanted her to get implants too. That’s explains a lot.

  • Atessa

    nice implants…not!

  • Cherie

    Some people are pathetic. Saying she’s ugly, Michael only “settled”, blah, blah, blah. Get a life people!

    I think she’s pretty, and I’m happy that Michael found someone. Judging by what he’s said in recent interviews, I’d say he is head over heels for her.

  • Boob

    I like Michael’s fiance she is very attractive and not homely looking like his previous homely lady Jennifer Garner. Unlike Jen, Lauren looks very femenine and sexy.

  • Mel

    Lauren is a step up from Jen garner she is cute, flirty and blonde. Jen is too masculine an has a very ugly face(too angular) and a dude’s body.

  • UrPippi

    I can tell this time around he is completely inlove. They look adorable together awww…

  • Lilly

    Congratulations to the lovely couple, I am sure Michael understands the best comes for those who wait.

  • Newyorker

    I’d say he is head over heels for her.

    The only thing Michael’s head over heels for is her big boobs, guys like michael are shallow like that. She’s a step down from jennifer garner who was prettier and real looking. Lauren looks like a blow up barbie doll.

  • May

    I’m not surprised he’s with this girl, I saw him in vegas a few years ago and even then he was with some tall blonde with big boobs, he definitely has a type.

  • Allie

    who cares, they’re both losers

  • Amy

    He’s very handsome but she looks very plain to me. Every picture I’ve seen of her she’s not wearing any make up.

  • Cherie

    Amy, why is it a issue that she isn’t wearing make-up? If anything, it shows she’s not vain.

  • Allie

    @Cherie: sure she isn;t vain, clearly who haven’t seen her Facebook, jeeees

  • Jen

    he’s hot. She is lucky.

  • Cheyenne

    Bet if Jen Garner wanted Michael back, he’d break his neck trying to get back with her. This girl is being used (but then she is also probably using Michael as well). She seems like a girl who wants to be featured in *Playboy* or something and hopes her connection with a celeb will get her noticed. I think they deserve each other. BTW, even with her massive boobs, she can’t hold a candle to Garner.

    Jen definitely fared way better than Michael did in her love connection. My advise to him is to keep looking.

  • Leslee

    what a licky guy

  • Surrey


    Jealousy blinds you so you can’t see reality. Jen garner is a plain jane, ugly face and body and sounds stupid when she talks. Lauren is beautiful, tall, blonde and educated. Michael has made the right choice. I am sure somewhere Jen Garner is crying herself to sleep because Mike got himself a beautiful fiance, she wanted him to marry someone homely and ugly like herself

  • Matty

    Laurn reminds me of Julia Roberts circa 1990.

  • Sam


    Surrey – you must be blind . She looks stuck up and COLD brrr- not nice at all- check out her facebook page. Also have a look at their body language- him, stiff & uncomfortable – her, “posing” and territorial. And why do you say Jen sounds stupid when she speaks ? Have you heard this girl speak? She sounds worse.

  • Allie

    @Surrey: Educated? Are you on crack? Any idiot can get a BA in Psych….it just means you can’t get a BA in anything else!!! BTW (I can’t stand Jennifer Garner) but she does have a degree. So please give it a rest ok? I really doubt you are going to get invited to the wedding by sticking up for her on “JustJared” By the way…next time Matt Damon’s wife, Julia Robert’s husband etc etc have their faces plastered on their Facebook page, you let me know- Ha ha, she’s just looking for fame with her fake, way too top heavy boobs!

  • Illie

    By the way, who kisses like that anyway???????

  • Illie

    By the way…I bet she didn’t pay for her own plane ticket!!! And what is a “Real Estate worker anyway? Guess she is a secretary…what a catch!

  • Surrey


    Nope, but you are. You are on crack and Jealous JG fan or friend.

  • ???

    big boobs = pregnant. :)

  • Allie

    @Surrey: Hey Braniac, I can’t stand Jennifer Garner and I’m certainly not a friend of hers!