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Miranda Kerr: Miraculous at Millennium Park!

Miranda Kerr: Miraculous at Millennium Park!

Miranda Kerr strikes a pose in front of the Millennium Park Bean on Thursday (May 20) in Chicago, Illinois.

The 27-year-old model chatted with the press about Victoria’s Secret’s new Miraculous bras. Miranda also hung out at the Victoria’s Secret store on Michigan Avenue to met fans!

If you missed it, check out Miranda‘s super sexy shoot for GQ!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr in Chicago…

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miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 01
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 02
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 03
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 04
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 05
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 06
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 07
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 08
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 09
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 10
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 11
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 12
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 13
miranda kerr miraculous millennium park chicago 14

Credit: C.M. Wiggins; Photos: WENN
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  • Natalie

    27? wow, she looks 21!

  • Ryan

    Umm… I’d hang out with Miranda Kerr.

  • the Count

    she’s smokin’ hawt!

  • RT

    It must be heavy having such a giant pumpkin head.

  • sickofher

    Yes, she looks like a pumpkin head with down syndrome eyes, who had her nose smashed in years ago and forgot to have it mended. Even all that make up and professional styling can’t make her look good. But somebody has a weird obsession with her, no JJ?

  • I have no talents I’m French

    She’s gorgeous

  • wow

    beautiful, wonder if she is back in la now?

  • sara

    probably NY for work.

  • true

    Such jealous bitter twits! The girl is drop dead gorgeous!

  • @5

    Bitter, party of one.
    Your table is ready.

  • @5

    Sure, she’s so hideous that that there was a line of people wrapped around the block waiting to meet her yesterday.
    She’s gorgeous, successful and loved. All of the things that you will never be.

  • lol!!!


  • J

    her boobs are fake right?

  • @J

    it’s the bombshell bra!

  • fashionista

    Great look with an in your face t shirt lol!!!!!

  • not a fan

    get out of my city, you slut of a hobag skank!!!

  • Angiee

    shes so fabulous! & pretty :)

  • pinkangel

    I think she is reallt stunning ! love her hair and her outfits really fit her !

  • LD

    I didn’t think she was especially pretty when I first saw her, but needless to say her looks have grown on me as I’ve seen more and more of her photoshoots. She has very exotic eyes – and such a beautiful brilliant blue. And those adorable dimples. Her looks aren’t exactly ‘cookie cutter perfect’ – but so what? She combines sweet and innocent with an exotic allure. I really like her.

  • so funny

    Much to the chagrin of the haters, the girl is becoming more famous, more successful and more beautiful every day.
    She has crossed over to HF, and the haters just can’t stand it. She has proved them wrong over and over. That’s why they have flown off the handle and are posting such ridiculous insults.
    It’s laughable, really.
    In fact, i like to point at them, as I laugh. Makes it more fun.


    She needs to get her tan back, she’s looking a little unhealthy and washed out.

  • I like her eyes.

  • wow

    Just gorgeous!!!

  • jane

    omg, her eyes, they’re killing me.
    but i prefered her when she was starting with VS, with her long caramel hair and sun-kissed skin. that was miranda at her best ; she was beyond stunning. she still looks very great, but less than before.

  • mailey

    wow, 27, really? gettin long in the tooth there. well, she looks it.

  • @25

    Too funny.
    That was one of the original hater lines of insult from when she first started dating Orlando.
    They claimed that if she hadn’t “made it by then”, at the ripe old age of 24, then she never would. Of course, they were ignoring her contract with VS, and still, to this day, claim that all of the Forbe’s lists are fake.
    Now at the ancient age of 27, she is being signed for not one, but TWO HF labels. She is gracing the covers of HF magazines, and walking on their runways.
    Not bad for an old broad, huh?

  • LOL!

    Oh the haters and their hypocrisy.
    One minute they are saying that she looks so young that only pedo’s would be attracted to her.
    The next minute, they are saying that she looks too old.
    Gotta love em.

  • @25

    She is being signed by more then two fashion labels, actually. You will see soon. ;)

  • @28

    Such a tease!

  • k

    She looks amazing!

  • sickofher

    How cheap that every time somebody says anything against MK they are automatically haters and losers. Well, I am not any of those two. I just find her extremely weird looking and I am free to express my opinion. I for instance find Heidi Klum, Salma Hayek and Cheryl Cole the most beautiful women in the world. I am sure there are others out there who disagree but that is fine by me. So if you want to go on worshipping Miss Frogface do so and don’t get so wound up about some of us finding her absolutely revolting!

  • @sickofher

    You know everyone is entitled to there opinions! It’s fine. If you fin her unattractive, that’s your right to think so. But there is a huge line between giving an opinion and making hateful comment. It’s fine if you just said you find her extremely weird looking but “frog face” and “absolutely revolting” ?? That’s just rude.

  • Baby face

    Actually, she looks YOUNG for her age – she’s got that sweet ‘baby face.’ Bet she’ll still look hot in her 30′s. Most ‘baby faces’ age gracefully.

  • @31

    Oh that’s funny.
    You pretend to be this innocent, random poster who just wanted to give their opinion on a thread that they just happened to come across.
    So funny.
    Your posting name, and your use of “frogface” and “revolting”, brands you as a hater, as well as you accusing anyone who likes her as “worshipping her”.
    You’re a hater by your own actions, not because anyone just gave you the title.
    Get over yourself.

  • alabaster

    I love how how her fans are so happy about her becoming “more famous every day”……. really?????!!!!!
    Because here in Europe most people still don’t know who she is (except the Bloom fans who hate her)!
    It seems like she did some défilées during the Fashion Week, but so did another 1,200 other runway models….. so nothing really special about it.

    I also think she’s getting uglier and uglier every day. When I was living in the States 2 years ago I saw her on the VS Show and she looked ok, now she looks extremly old and ugly.
    Eating lettuce and green tea is healthy….. but when that’s the only thing you eat it makes you hideous, LOL!!!!!!!

  • @35

    Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.
    But she is gorgeous, healthy and successful.
    And how can you deny that she is getting more famous every day?
    She is now landing covers of high fashion publications, and has walked the hf runways IN EUROPE.
    Sure, Bloom fans know her. But so now do fashionistas. And when her Prada and Jil Sandler ads hit the magazines, even more people will know who she is.
    You can bury your head in the sand, and deny it all you want, but that won’t stop Miranda. She is hitting the big time in full stride. And I am willing to bet that we will see even more HF in the future.

  • Leslee

    she is pretty

  • Miranda an actor?

    Is it true? Will she be trying her hand at acting? Who does she think she is? I can’t wait till she makes a bloodly fool of herself on the big screen because I suspect that she would be one of those really really really bad actors that everyone laughs at……Paris Hilton comes to mind. Stick to modelling little girl coz acting actually takes TALENT unlike being a coat hanger

  • @38

    Many actors model and do ads, some even dare to try to do music. In the entertainment industry, the experimenting with other arts is common. In general actors that become musicians are terrible and the same goes for models that try to act. I’d say MK’s case won’t be an exception but it’s no big deal. I doubt she wants an Oscar, she knows she’s not a professional actress.

  • alabaster

    well, same applies to you….. keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better…..
    I do live in EUROPE and I can tell you that she’s very, very far from being big over here.
    Anyway…. who needs Moronda Kerr when we have a stunner model/actress called Vanessa Hessler?!!! She’s not yet known outside the old continent but she’sone of the prettiest faces around….. Even though I rekon it’s kinda easy to be better looking than MK, LOL!!!!

  • @40

    You laugh that Miranda isn’t that well known in Europe, claiming that her fans are delusional. When all we are saying is that she is getting MORE popular, not that she is well known already.
    Then you go on to laud this other woman who NOBODY knows outside of Europe. Double standard, much?
    None of Miranda’s fans have to stretch the truth to make us feel better about her career. We have PROOF that she is on her way up. Signing with big name HF designers is all of the proof we need. So you can keep on pretending that what you believe is true. Miranda will continue to prove you wrong.

  • http://whatabeauty... Beautiful

    and she was so nice when we met her last year.

    We’re so happy for her continuing success! Go Miranda!