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Will Ferrell & Brad Pitt: MEGAMIND Men!

Will Ferrell & Brad Pitt: MEGAMIND Men!

Check out the first official trailer for Megamind, Dreamworks’ new 3-D movie!

Stars including Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill all lend their voices to the film, which hits theaters November 5!

Here’s the plot synopsis from IMDb:

“After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He creates a new foe, Titan (Hill), who, instead of using his powers for good, sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life.”

Megamind Trailer

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  • Rita

    Not a big fan of Dreamworks. When’s the new Pixar masterpiece coming out?

  • Some Bunny

    Ohh I can not wait to take my little one to this. Brad’s voice is so unique and sxxxy!

  • releka

    Looks good.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @Some Bunny: sound like a nut. ahahahahahahahaa..
    …this might be the funniest thing will ferrell has done in years. so good for him.
    …you can tell the hero’s going to be annoying and everyone will go for the bad guy, even though he’ll keep losing. .

  • Liz

    That seems fun!

  • Cassie


  • teri

    I’ll go see it just because of Brad.

  • Jaye

    Brad’s character gets killed off again???? Sheesh! The Trailer does look and sound good though.

  • Passing Through

    Congrats, Jared! It only took your minions 1 day to get this thread up. You’ve cut your response time in half. Well done.

  • MB likes the JPs

    Great Brad is finally doing something kids like. His own kids will love it. Not alot of good shows for the younger crowd so this should be a big hit.

  • LYNN

    I want to see this movie. I hate that Brad will be killed off. I think he does comedy real well. I did not like that he was killed off in BAR, even though all the other actors in that film were very good. I think they will have to pay him a whole lot of money to appear in the whole movie. This must be for his kids. I just think Brad can be so funny.

  • sharon

    The trailer looks great. I can’t wait to see it.

  • NY

    Looks very funny.

  • fin

    oh here comes another brad pitt ass licking , if it was another actors oice everyone will trash it , u fat chiks in basements should stop worshiping that media whore , its like he has u people on his feet , losers , stop worshiping famewhores

  • happy

    Brad’s voice is sexy.

  • Kate

    He did it for his kids. What a wonderful dad.

  • fyi

    X17 online has new pix of Brad. Jolie Pitts is back in LA.

  • fyi

    Yesterday one tweet said Brad and Angelina had dinner at Cut restaurant in LA.

  • ohwell

    JPs are back. Brad must be working on pre production for Moneyball.

  • Kim

    I guess no vacationing in France this summer.

  • Kim

    Since they are in LA no pics of kids esp twins. I don’t there has ever been pic of twins in LA

  • US mag

    Twin Viv Jolie-Pitt Is Just “Like Angelina,” Says Grandpa

    Wednesday – May 19, 2010 – 4:46pm

    Adorable twins Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt remind their grandpa Jon Voight of two very special people: their Mom and Dad, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!

    “One takes after Angie and one after Brad, they are really amazing,” Voight told of his 22-month old grandkids at Monday’s Hollywood premiere of Prince of Persia.

    “But the twins are very distinct, they really are themselves,” Voight, 71 explained.

    “The boy is very quiet, he has this calming, relaxed personality that Brad has,” the Oscar-winning actor said.

    “And the girl, well, she’s just stunning like Angelina. Just beautiful.”

    The Midnight Cowboy star joked that the twins get their good looks from him: “Good genes!” he laughed. “But Brad and Angelina are just incredibly good parents,” he added.

    Voight spent time with the twins, their parents and four elder siblings in Venice this February, following the end of his seven-year rift with daughter Jolie, 34.

    Since Jolie wrapped shooting The Tourist with Johnny Depp in Venice, the Jolie-Pitt clan were last spotted May 10 on the Greek island of Santorini. The family of eight stayed at the Suite of the Gods, a luxurious hotel that sits next to a winery and the Aegean Sea.

  • gg

    Like I said yesterady it looks very exciting. Ofcourse as always I will go see this one for Brad but to be honest, I like the will Farwell character because of the way he is impresented to funny as hell.

  • Passing Through

    It seems THE FAMILY IS BACK IN L.A. Or, if you’re a troll, Only Brad and his God-awful beard are. BBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • gg

    Well come back Brad and Angie. We have missed you.

  • gg

    jared , this is the older trailor you put a link to .lol

  • karen

    Well the family is back in LA.

    Let the hating trolls begin their rants.

    It has been boring without them..

    We all know.

    Look at the BUST Cannes was.. nothing to even mention or talk about

    Gosh I missed Brad/Angie on that Red Carpet. Remember last year when he went back to get her.. Was there anything that sexy this year..

    no.. no.. no

  • anustin

    maniston is suckxy in that water
    she look like miss peggy.i mean her noze.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb

    Glitzy Google Gathering Launches Green-Product Institute

    The Green Products Innovation Institute, formally announced at Google corporate headquarters here, builds on a 2008 state law that seeks to establish the nation’s first “green chemistry” program. The institute is meant to serve as a clearinghouse for chemicals in the state, register chemicals and help advance a standard or seal of approval that the groups’ leaders hope will be codified into widespread use.

    The institute’s “founder’s circle” and board of directors is as high-profile as its glitzy launch, including actor Brad Pitt, celebrity environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr., and Chad Hurley, the founder of YouTube. Its board is headed by Bridgett Luther, director of conservation for California, and was co-founded by Will McDonough, the designer of “cradle to cradle” certification in a book written with the chemist Michael Braungart.…green-product-91373.html

  • lulu

    anustin @ 05/21/2010 at 6:48 pm +6

    maniston is suckxy in that water
    she look like miss peggy.i mean her noze.


    LOL. ITA.

    She was almost unrecognizable in one of the ad. her big nooze was shrink to the size of little Shiloh nose. so fake and so weird. so was the lip and Leno like chin, the lip is either restylane or photo-op to fuller lips , Leno chin was make shorter and softer. Her major asset ” Big snooze, paper thin lip, Leno long chin and mega mandible” were all reconstructed, which make her completely unrecognizble. I think the only thing not hange in that ad is her name and hair.

  • neer

    Angelina Jolie: Incognito or Just Photoshopped?
    Denise McGuigan
    Angelina Jolie is practically unrecognizable on the newly released poster for “Salt,” a drama-thriller directed by Phillip Noyce to be released this July. The film stars Jolie as a CIA officer who is forced to go on the run after being accused of being a Russian spy.
    The 34-year-old mother of six is only recognizable beneath her bangs since her nose and cheekbones seem to have been photoshopped. But why would Sony Pictures have dramatically changed the features of one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women?
    This photoshopped technique is often applied to older actresses who have more visible imperfections, though the process is sometimes controversial. Warner Bros. received some negative reactions when the cast members of “Sex and the City 2” were retouched by Photoshop.
    Perhaps, as the NY Daily News put it, Jolie is merely playing her character to the extreme, and remaining incognito even on her movie poster.

  • awwww

    @Passing Through:
    Glad Jolie Pitts is back.

  • MuchBlessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    `God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    “God Bless the Jolie-Pitts


    PITT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neer

    (Re article

    Angelina Jolie: Incognito or Just Photoshopped?……)

    IMO, that line (”….This photoshopped technique is often applied to older actresses who have more visible imperfections..”) really referred to X.
    Probably, the writer of the article just didn’t want to name X.
    You know, X is the epitome of ‘photoshop’ as she is mosly known to rely on this.
    The person who hates X more than anyone else is none other than……X herself.
    She can’t bear to see her natural self, be in photos or in the mirror as she feels bad, really bad.
    Hence, she evades her natural look in every way possible.
    So what a better way to look her own self in photos & to feel good but through the help of photoshop.
    I dare X to attend RC or any event without make-up as well as AJ. I am sure AJ will gladly do it. X will not. She will probably make excuses. She just can’t be seen in her natural look, period.

  • Love Them

    Love Brad and his family.

  • Love Them

    Wish we had pix of them having dinner at CUT.

  • JJB

    Dave90027: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie having dinner at Cut in Beverly Hills about 16 hours ago from UberTwitterand earlier a sighting of Angie & Z at Babies R Us at Los Feliz (very close to theur house):

    Xoxnicoco_gmail_com_c041c67a_normal xoxnicoco Just peeped Angelina & Zahara. (@ Babies R Us) about 23 hours ago from foursquare

  • catherine

    I support every Brad and Angelina film.

  • oh no

    Why does Brad’s character get killed off? Not good for your kiddies, Brad. The movie looks like fun for all. Brad’s a stud-muffin but a good daddy to all those little Jolie-Pitts.

  • YEP

    I don’t think the movie is good for his kids. Happy Feet 2 is better, it is coming out next year.

  • Rose

    It going to be rated G, that means it is going to be for everyone including kids.

  • hmmmm

    Why did they come back so early? Is Moneyball going to start earlier then planned?

  • Friday Box Office

    ‘Shrek 4′ Opens To $20M Friday For $70M Weekend; ‘MacGruber’ Bombs
    By Nikki Finke | Friday May 21, 2010 @ 11:50pm PDT

    FRIDAY PM: Sources have shared with me the following domestic Friday numbers as well as estimated weekend and cume figures … Analysis coming … Numbers will be refined in the morning:

    1. Shrek Forever After 3D (DWA/Par) NEW [4,359 Theaters]
    Friday $20M, Estimated Weekend $70M
    2. Iron Man 2 (Marvel/Paramount) Week 3 [4,177 Theaters]
    Friday $7.8M, Estimated Weekend $27M, Estimated Cume $251M
    3. Robin Hood (Universal) Week 2 [3,505 Theaters]
    Friday $5.5M (-57%), Estimated Weekend $17M, Estimated Cume $54M
    4. Letters To Juliet (Summit) Week 2 [2,975 Theaters]
    Friday $3M (-40%), Estimated Weekend $9.5M, Estimated Cume $22M
    5. MacGruber (Rogue/Universal) NEW [2,551 Theaters]
    Friday $1.6M, Estimated Weekend $4.5M
    6. Just Wright (Fox Searchlight/Fox) Week 2 [1,831 Theaters]
    Friday $1.3M, Estimated Weekend $4M, Estimated Cume $12.3M
    7. Date Night (Fox) Week 7 [1,869 Theaters]
    Friday $1M, Estimated Weekend $3M, Estimated Cume $90M

  • Some Bunny

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…:Blah blah blah… go back to your bottlewater genie and keep rubbing.

  • Ellen

    I will be in theatre to watch the movie. It looks fun.

  • well

    @Friday Box Office:
    Robin Hood won’t make $100 Million domestic.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Good Morning Neleh here.
    Top of the Morning to ALL JP+6 Fans Lurking & On Board Now. Morning My dear/s. Hello.
    Goood Morning World, Im ready 4 you. Come what may. Im happy 2 be here haha…Watch out Im contagious lol
    Cant wait 2 see Mega Mind & SALT. Boo yaah…Love a great Animation & Action Flick with Angelina & Brad but of course..
    Anyhoo only here a bit, headed out 2 do a bit of exercise- bicycling, w. Then bruch. I had the best breakfast, Omelet with white cheese, green/yellow peppers – a bit of tomatoes, chicken strips haha..soo delish.
    I miss Jill & hope she is well. I do & I know every1 here feels the same. Holla out & hugs 2 Jill.
    Soon LIL sweet dumpling Shiloh will be 4..Cant believe time has passed so quickly a bit. What a personality Shiloh has – she reminds me much of Angelina, such sweetness/goodness from both parents-Countdown 4 Shilohs 4th Birthday.1.2.3…..
    Id like 2 sat this 2 a bit of fans. Ive notice that some of the Loyal, Intelligent fans are getting thumbs down- 4 a bit of their comments ect. Dont let that sway you fans 1 way or another, I value your opinion.
    I dont know who is doing this, Id like 2 think its a trollop. Remember whoever – that theres a Real Live Person behind the PC- taking the time 2 relate/ share/ look up or give info & is a fan of the JP+6, they have feelings, { whether this is a blog or Not}.
    Discouraging a bit when you log on Jareds & want 2 post with your peers & then you get the thumbs down over & over -when you are only posting normal posts that are like others.
    If this is happening 2 any fans & not be discourage- I read you- & your Opinions are Important. I hope Im clear as Im multi tasking- . This is not 2 say 1 cares or not- its what I feel 2 say. We are all humans with feelings.
    Morning my dears & Do Not Let ANy1 Steal your Joy or try 2 make you feel less than you are…
    On Jared & the Megas fans are Important- its all FANS that make up a Community & keep Jareds & the Megas alive.
    Blessings 2 Beverly Hills on Mega4.
    Blessings 2 you Beverly Hills, it will be okey. From what Ive read youre a lovley person very fun, keep your faith my dear. As you know Life is full of ins & outs..Muaah
    A lil fun & love -1 of my fav Animation..Im posting my posts on the other A&B threads as fans are spread out I see a bit;
    I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Morning Ellen &Some Bunny.Morning my dear/s.
    Ot Strictly:
    Blessings 2 Beverly Hills on Mega4, Blessings 2 you Beverly Hills, it will be okey. Youre a lovley sister/daughter, keep your faith my dear. As you know Life is full of ins & outs..Muaah
    Morning 2 Ladylurksalot.Gracie.Ana.Jill.FALP.Catsup.Biloux.Josie Nova.Nenu.IMBA.Austin.LLM.Ms.Beth.Marina.LYNN back at you my darling, so lovely words 2 me thanku my dear. Neer.Orchid.Sssshi_baby. jOKERGURL.100mPH.CARRIBEAN.Aqualine1.Marlyn Macey.Voe.PS.Premalee.Clinqau.Shar.T.M.Delafonda.Andamen2that.Jorge.Arican.Girl.Mongo.
    Lylian FALP.Orchid.GroundControl. Voe.I learn much from you all. I am 1 who loves 2 read your discussions. Many diverse opinions. Learning Experience 4 me.Thanku Much
    Oh did I say Im in heaven. Weve got our NAN & Anustin posting-haha..they are the best.Anustin IA- the photoshopped nose looks like a piggy
    1 more thing some say these are just blogs. & yes these are just blogs 2 some. But Ive met some of the kindest, smartest, lovely people on these blogs, who have toched me in much ways. Thats a testimony 2 Angelina & Brad, these are the type of people they attract.
    A lil laughter-Bon Qui Qui- Shout out 2 the Dk & Canada- boo yah
    My other lists..from last time- same sentiments- Holla out 2 you all..Frenchy Muaah-Pardon repeats..
    Holla 2 Jslin.Jaliha. Lylian.Brisesi. Voe. Orchid.FALP.Premalee.PSA.Shar.Dianad1968.Feline.A2B.Mongo.tlol1365.the real tita.Tijen.Niko.Ms.Beth,Catcup.Ana.Angel2.Marina-Muaah. Gracie.Anustin.Shiii_baby.Ground Control.BeverlyHills.Dulci.Gogo.Anjolie.Sweet coconut.LadyLurksalot.AndAmen2that.Ebmo.Anoble.Vickie.Jill.Neer.
    Frenchy.Estelle.Besane.Beremy girl.ManlesstonIlikely.Youknow who Pot.Elliot. Marieme. Busted.Danny,Neil.Cook.QQQQ.Obsevere2.Maha.Nenu.Cecile.LLM.Foxcroft.Zarja.
    Kleo.Dark Angel.Teri.African Girl.Jaye.WhataBeauty.Cee.Lucky Charm.100Mph.Yoco.Elizabeth.Guli.Kim.Noelia.Kuky.T.M.Delafonda-Muaah.NAN.ROSA.LYNN.N.O.L.A. Caroylnlee. NHT{Now hear this}.Pt.
    An oldie.Tabitha.Piper.PittLap.Ianorchid. Thomas Howard. Juju.Niwatori.Aqualien1.NothingtoSay.Yoco.Marlyn Macey.Gg.Queen Bee. Cassie.Just saying.Lulu.Irene.Eloise.Truth is.Keep1.
    Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thoughts.
    Im sure Im 4getting a bit of
    Muaah Later Neleh, going 2 repost then Im offf…yaay..
    Aunt Soopx1, Senior, Irma, Ate Char..Im much better this morn..Much Muaahs..Hi Aunt Dina#1..Ebmo Hugs 4 you always & What up Anoble& Vickie-my peeps..Anoble you are 2 fun..

  • Angie fan

    Welcome back Jolie_Pitts.