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Rachel Bilson: Cannes Comes to Completion

Rachel Bilson: Cannes Comes to Completion

Rachel Bilson arrives back at LAX airport on Saturday (May 21) in Los Angeles after a brief trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Meanwhile, her fiance Hayden Christensen has been busy in New York City, promoting The Lazarus Effect, a film that hopes to increase awareness for its efforts to fight AIDS in Africa.

Watch Hayden on GMA below!

FYI: Rachel is wearing an Autumn Cashmere Ultralite Cashmere Boxy Scoop Sweater.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson back from Cannes…

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Credit: Ida Mae Astute; Photos: GSI Media, ABC
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  • anza

    what is she doing in cannes????????eating and shopping and take a walk?????????

  • @anza

    She was supporting an Aids function and like others was invited to a few parties.

  • thetruthdoesntstingitburns

    funny thing i noticed while she was in cannes she took off her engagement ring on more then one occasion at more then one event…. interesting guess she wanted to be a real “free” agent for the festival. I mean a pesky ring like that might get in the way of future casting interesting that she put it back on before it was noticed… again.

  • blunder

    omg AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! shes like a cocaroach, she keeps coming back.

  • omg…Jared

    …I want to smack you hard while Ive got to shave the head of this little twink with the use of a “chainsaw”!!!

  • @3

    Funny, and you have noticed it more than once? You must have gone thru all her pics while she was in Cannes?

  • drewlard

    Too bad having (real) talent and beauty passed her by, but somehow got too obvious that some “repulsive connections” are still licking & sticking. As everything do come and go, this “gnomish crap” shall surely pass too. It’s the most “inevitable” thing to happen no matter how long & far it would take.

  • monreal

    This “Pathological MediaHO” is a big butt joke.
    An extremely vile & a sick one.
    A true blue a-p-e.

  • realactress

    Somebody ought to tell Rachel and her handlers that being on JJ on a 24/7 basis concurrently with being a barely employed actress can be detrimental to one’s career. People, and this includes casting directors and producers, might start thinking that you’re a reality star.

    And it’s poetic justice that Rachel’s post is preceded by a Mila Kunis post. They look alike but their approaches to their careers couldn’t be any more different.

    Rachel is all about fashion icon and daily wardrobe changes. And a you scratch my back and i’ll scratch your back relationship towards the paparazzi . Kunis on the other gets press for managing to book one acting role after another. You barely read about her love life. She’s not a pap darling either; parading herself in her wandering aimlessly but still stylishly dressed outfit of the day. And I bet you’ll see Kunis in Cannes only when she has a movie to promote there.

    Guess whose career strategy is working better? Aspiring actresses, take note. And that includes you Rachel.

  • Tia

    Lord, leave Jared alone. Her PR pays him handsomely to make posts about her every time she sneezes. If I was in his position, I’d do the same thing too. We all have to eat, and this is what he does for a living. Deal with it. You wanna complain, track down Rachel’s PR and tell them to stop shoving her down everyone’s throats. That’s who you should really be mad at.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! What do Rachel’s new people want us to think she has a body guard?? She’s such a joke!!
    It’s pretty sad that the girl who robbed her is more famous than her!! Maybe Rachel should try and be on the robber’s show!

  • Such hate

    gosh.. I guess every celeb has stalker haters..

    boy I had no idea you people dislike her so much. But I think some of you spend all your time online writing nasty things about everyone.

    I don’t know much about her and just read this thread.. I see the same vial things being said about other celebs too.

    Some of you need to get a freakin grip.

  • lexy hates bilson

    blah, blah, blah…..and that makes you what?? a “stalker” of celeb stakers haters?? nice of you to take time out of your busy schedule to preach on your soap box!

  • crapshack

    And I told you all so – that “before, during & after” Crapchel’s Cannes trip, everything’s all reported by JJ.
    And as always… she looks WHOREndous as she’ll ever be!
    JJ stop mentioning someone who is always visibly NOT around (or more like consistently feeling-ashamed to be in the picture w/ her whether if “he’s” somewhat working or not.)
    A mediaHO would always be a media-ho at any given time no matter what she’s doing, where ever she is & whomever she is with.

  • typical

    @ #3 the truthdoesn’t Rachel was at three events in Cannes that she was photographed at, she wore her ring at the Blue Valentine after party, and at the Paradis party on the ship, the ring is visible in the photos at both those events. She did not wear it at the AMfar gala, she had on a huge ring on her left hand at that event. Were you at Cannes following her around watching her take her ring on and off? Where would she stash a rock like that, so she did not lose it, while walking around? Give me a break, she would put it in the hotel safe when not wearing it, and she has gone to events before without wearing it, this is not the first time. This is the first time in a long time she has not worn it to an event, though, but it is on her hand in the above photos

    Nice piece of Hayden on Good Morning America speaking about the RED campaign to raise money for AVR meds for HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. Gee, everyone is so focused on complaining about Rachel , they have nothing to say about the GMA spot on Hayden? Oh, right, it might be crass to bash a cause like RED being promoted, so just don’t say anytning at all, heaven forbid it might sound positive! But that is what gossip sites are for, making fun of people you don’t know, and being as nasty as possble–please continue!.

  • reedley

    @ 10
    There’s a very “thin” line between this oc-relic and her PR gurus. She is undeniably & religiously pay her publicist & those gossip webmaster a whole lot of money to keep her in the news as her (whatever) career is built on “99% all-publicity & hype w/ just 1% actual work load”.
    And… hear ye… hear ye again to this mini CON f-ass-hionista…

  • kroq

    I agree that she’s a poor man’s Mila Kunis.

  • callmewhatever

    Hayden looks so handsome there. He has such boyish good looks no matter how old he gets. Rachel is definitely lucky cause he could have anyone.

  • tennille

    Actually its a “disservice” to Mila Kunis just to be even compared to her. Mila is also once a TV starlet but now an emerging movie actress due to obviously what an “actress” should must be doing. And its a NO brainer that Mila could easily get a (acting) job its because she’s a 3x much much much prettier & talented than this Jared’s tabloid pet.

  • unreechy

    Ms. BilHO’s so-called popularity is/are mostly due to her regular featurettes on these rag tabloids where she always written in a good light in most of her tabloids write-ups, obviously these tabs were fed, bribed, paid by her publicist. Unfortunately, networking and nepotism is the key to HW’s (whatever) popularity (yet certainly fleeting) today. You don’t have to be gifted to be on the headlines, you just have to be well-connected. So why do you think the publicist get an almost 3-5 % cut in every deal their pet-celebs get. They are paid big becoz of their connections to the media. The whole celebrity business are so corrupt and w/ BilHO keep dipping on it, it gets more gibberish & absurdly corrupt – lol!

  • Nadia

    Hayden is too hot for her.

  • @21

    whereas some men think, Rachel is too hot for Hayden…

  • Deborah

    I think that they are pretending to still be together even though her actions and his actions say something different. Hayden was in Brazil last week while she was in L.A. and Cannes. She was in Cannes while he is doing something for charity in New York. They will never get married if it continues like this, Hayden had a movie being promoted in Cannes but he never went there to promote it, while Rachel didn’t have anything to promote and she was in Cannes. Where is their priorities these days? And everytime she is asked if she is getting married this year, she keeps on saying no, and last year too. I saw her in a picture hanging out with Ryan Gosling when she should be with her supposed fiance. And that’s says a lot to me.

  • brightside

    @Such hate:
    It’s vile, not vial, you idiot! Vile means repulsive, base, disgusting etc, whereas a vial is a smallish glass bottle with a stopper in for holding liquid, like a vial of perfume.
    Why are RB fans so stupid? Sure, support her if you like her, but be coherent about it and learn to spell.
    I guess you think Kate Gosselin is one of those celebs about whom people make vile (not vial) comments.

  • Oh Brother

    This isn’t even about Hayden. As much as Bilson is nothing at all in HW really just a reality press celeb, rarely works, endlessly pressHO-ing herself out, trying to make herself far more relevant and popular than she is. He is even less than that, with his last 4 films failing and him now and international joke as far as acting is concerned. His name *means* rotten actor. He cleans himself up from time to time and fets spa treatments but there is ample photographic evidence to show that his usual look is unshaven dirty and wearing the same clothes for days running. Hayden has the look (when not cleaned up to promote himself) of a drug addict or AIDS patient himself. He’s been known to show up for work high or drunk or both, fax in a performance and collect his inflated paycheck for nothing more than breathing and being once famous for ruining Star Wars. Directors know this or I’d they don’t and are stupid enough to hire him they find out fast. Film editors describe him as lump on film or wooden as a plank. In Jumper he was just plain boring and obnoxious. He ruined that franchise too.

    Don’t kid yourself. Hayden cares nothing about AIDS anywhere. This new promotion is all about rehabilitating his image with HW and fans after three years of bad films, Bilson and looking like hell while arrogantly spewing whatever crap is in his head true or not.

    Hayden and Rachel totally deserve each other. They are both no-talent stupid self-promoting zeros with nothing but their looks and hubris. That will get you by for a while but neither has any actual talent.

  • brightside

    @Oh Brother:
    That’s actually quite depressing because this is a good cause that needs international support. Although I have to admit that HW (and Americans in general) simplify both the crisis and it’s solution. There isn’t one solution to the terrible problem of AIDS in Africa, and, no matter how good and well-meaning this campaign of action, if other problems aren’t addressed alongside securing relief for AIDS sufferers then it stands little chance of success.
    For those who are interested, the link below highlights many of the problems that need to be solved in order for an AIDS relief program to become a program that truly benefits African people in many different countries;

    However, it’s still a good cause.

  • brightside

    Actually JJ should have made HC and The Lazarus Effect the focus of this blog rather than leading it with RB returning from Cannes!
    The charity and those who support it, genuine or fake, deserve more recognition than some part-time ‘actress’ returning from party-time at a French seaside resort!
    Shame on you, JJ!

  • ATLqueen

    Who’s ever said Hayden has shown up to a set high or drunk. Boy, ya’ll make up some of the craziest…….

    I wish some of the stuff you guys said was actually true. I don’t mean post up some tabloid link. I mean true authentic results. Other than that all of this is just opinions…… They both are still around and don’t plan on leaving. There is no need to raise your stress level about it guys. Take a chill pill. If it was meant to be that they leave, they will fade off into the background. Until then, stop visiting their websites, googling their name and Even leave JJ alone for a while (since you blame him so much). Cause honestly you look crazy stalking someone you hate. And that goes for any celeb or socialite.

  • Alias

    @25 aka sh!thead – “Don’t kid yourself. Hayden cares nothing about AIDS anywhere. This new promotion is all about rehabilitating his image with HW and fans after three years of bad films”

    WTF, he lost his aunt to aids!, you effin bitter moron! So next time you make anymore stupid, misinformed comments, do some research before using that pint sized brain of yours to post.

  • brightside jealous of rachel

    BRIGHTSIDE SHUT UP AND STOP POSTING WITH ALL YOUR ALIAS AND DONT EVEN GO THERE WITH THIS AFRICAN AIDS RELIEF THE USA has giving that country millions and millions and millions of dollars more then any other country but theres no cure as of yet because the Africans keep spreading it we never heard of this disease until Africa started it known fact

  • sister knows better

    @ 25 Oh Brother, alias Vendredisoire, you are spewing hot air again about Hayden, because you are an ex fan who has dedicated herself to hating him. You should check your facts, Hayden did lose an aunt to aids as #29 says, he talked about it on the RED campaign interviews. He has been talked about by directors as being great to work with in interviews, check Doug Limon’s interviews, was talked about being very nice by the real news crew on air when they made Vanishing on 7th Street. In the video on GMA, Robin (the woman interviewing Hayden} at the end says “in the words of my mother, such a nice guy”, and one of the other women in the background says “cute, too”. They would not have to say anything about him being nice or cute, he gave the impression that he was in a short interview. You love to spread rumors about drugs and trash talk. You are way too bitter and obsessed about someone you do not even know! Why not spend time on a celebrity you like, it would be much healthier. People know what is in your posts before you even write them, they are pretty much the same, and that is weird.

  • quebecquois

    Hayden does have drug problem has had since AOTC. Does coke + heroin. Nice enough guy. Too bad about his career. Never got off the ground not seen as talent.

  • yeah


    Not sure about heroin but he and his brother smoked a lot of weed in hs + drank JD. Both did coke too when lived in LA.

    Hayden is gay everyone knows this. Guy adores his mom and mom likes Rachel so he doesn’t want to hurt her. She’s been hurt enough. He has bfs but very low profile about it when at home.

  • @ 32 & 33

    And you know this, how? Because you do it with them? Everyone does not know Hayden is gay, anymore than all the other good looking men in Hollywood are gay–just read this blog, they’re all gay, Robert Pattinson/Tom Sturridge, Chris Pine, Jake Gylllanhaal, Tom Cruise, Daniel Radcliffe, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, etc, etc., lol!

  • jolene

    hayden looks absolutely cute!!! I’m so proud of him!! he’s a very good guy!!!

  • Miles & Miles

    I went to hs with Hayden. He was a major pot head. Pot is legal in Canada and drinking age is lower than US so it was legal for him to be drinking + smoking. Guy is def NO GENIUS.

    Okay guy doesn’t like to talk 2 people or hang out with more than a few people. In hs it was all guys no girls everyone thought he was v fem + gay. Not generous with anything so prob not doing charity work for free like the other poster said.

  • ATLqueen

    And we are supposed to believe you because…….. Like I said some up with some proof and maybe some of us will believe you.

    Or else I could do something like this (it’s an example of how you look).

  • ATLqueen

    And you know this because……… like I said come up with some proof and some of us will believe you. Or else you end up looking like this.

  • Flying Saucer

    Have met Bilson a couple of times she is as stupid as people say. Talks constantly about fashion and how much things cost and what clothes and shoes she has. Pretty but very short and dump like a cement truck. Flat chest. Greasy 2 tone hair. Makeup makes her look like a racoon. Voice like rusty door hinge. Don’t know what H sees in her but whatever. They don’t spend much time together so don’t know why they’re engaged.

  • Miles and Miles

    “I went to hs with Hayden and believe me he was a serious pothead. He was so gay too. I remember one time the rumor was he sat around and smoked the fattest bl^nt and he got so high. He was high as a kite.”

  • ATLqueen

    That’s exactly what you sound like. Oh and Hayden isn’t generous? Jessica said he brought a batch of cupcakes to the set of Awake. Oh that evil summamma b!tch! Even though you may have gone to school with him you still don’t have any proof of anything you said. It’s just stupid. I don’t believe he’s an alkie or a druggie. He doesn’t appear to be to me. He isn’t spaced out and it isn’t in the papers anywhere. The most we see or hear about is him hittin a cancer stick. Period. We haven’t even seen him drunk since like 2006! Not to mention it was on his b-day.

  • LOL

    drug problem? hayden? really? I thought that natalie portman had a drug problem, not hayden LOL

  • brightside jealous of rachel


  • H Likes the Weed

    Nothing wrong with the weed its legal in Canada. Coke is no big deal in HW. his brother was doing it before he was. H does shots of JD + can do it all night go through a couple of bottles by himself before he passes out.

    H is gay it’s no secret to anyone except Bilson.

  • kaleigh

    Mr. C, you are engaged to a very YUCKy girl (as in terms of physically, emotionally & mentally, don’t even see her as a woman) – good luck w/ that!

  • LOL

    Hayden, Pattinson, Jude, Ewan, Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine…
    any man in HW are considered gay LOL

  • couple

    i think hayden and rachel make a beautiful couple they always look so happy together and hayden is always saying such sweet kind words about rachel so sweet luv them

  • Outsider thought

    Somebody is very upset they got caught out and mentioned..and is now posting over and over with different names same story… guess what.

    I KNOW Hayden he is so bland and boring the kids I went with in HS would not give him the time of day, he was a total geek always reading during lunch or running off somewhere after school–he never went to the HS Prom, never hung around the mall or local food joints.

    Us girls always thought he acted like a young kid-sort of like your younger brother–yuk. More than one told him to F*ck off, years after a few regret it–jeez they would love the money now.

    See————anyone can type a story, which is why the person changing usernames is so pathetic.

  • broughttosadness

    You know it makes me very sad to see the direction people in his life as of late have taken him. He seems to be a very trusting person and has seemed to have put his faith in the wrong people. Who hasnt done that? My feeling though is that he seems to be beginning to see this, his refocusing on his work once more I believe is a sign of that. He signs on for films because his brother is producing as of late to help his brother out and that to me shows alot of character he signs on for films that may not be the best for his career but do help his family so he does so. Actions and images speak louder then words after all and his seem to be of putting his family members first. I think what he doing with the PSA is wonderfull, he promoted aids research rather then went and partied in Cannes, again he didnt have to do that to be honest he did it because he cares about the cause. Im saddened to see him used as of late by others outside of his family, some of the obvious photo ops in La were not also a part of his life and I hope one day they will not be again nor will the person or people guiding him to do those things be in his life any longer. I believe he is very talented, Life As A House is powerfull movie for those that have never seen it they should .In a way because of that performance I could understand why a death of a family member would stay with him. Ive lost loved ones to cancer and death before their time and if I could help to raise money to provent that fate for others I would and I think its good that he is trying to help a cause, after all I dont hear anyone bashing the other people in the PSA he was in, I guess their reasons are assumed to be good as his to be for attention and thats sad that because of recent years and those in those years that now if he does try to do the right thing, no one will believe him, I hope to see him overcome all this and get his career back on track, maybe if he changes his agent publicist etc and got away from those people hell get back on track to where Life As A House should have always lead him and not down this road hes on. As the old sayings go if something smells funny something smells funny if you have a bad feeling bad something or someone there is often a reason for that a voice trying to warn you I just hope he listens to that voice again…I do believe he is a good guy maybe a little to good for his own good you could say and therefore easily to play its sad to see and even more so pictures speak thousands of words and he does often seem to look unhappy and he didnt always look that way. So personal opionion hes being used by someone that claims to love him but at the same time hes letting them use him and thats the sadest part of all .I hope he gets away from her and some of those working for him and finds his path again. I really do.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…it seems ALL attractive men in HW are supposed to be gay! Notice no one ever says unattractive men are gay…you don’t hear anyone saying Adam Sandler, Kevin James or David Spade are gay. Nor do you hear anyone say James Gandolfini, Russell Brand, Nic Cage, or Seth Rogan…only the unattractive men are straight…LOL! And why is it no one ever claims J-Lo is a beard for that ugly husband of hers??