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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Botany Bunch

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Botany Bunch

Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, attend a house party on Saturday afternoon (May 22) in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The couple was then seen making a quick stop at the Brentwood park to visit her kids Ava and Deacon.

Reese and Jim were also spotted making a small purchase at Botany flower shop at Brentwood Country Mart.

FYI: Reese is toting around a chic Alexander Wang handbag.

20+ pictures inside of Botany bunch Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

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reese witherspoon jim toth botany 01
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 02
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 03
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 04
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 05
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 06
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 07
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 08
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 09
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 10
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 11
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 12
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 13
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 14
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 15
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 16
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 17
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 18
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 19
reese witherspoon jim toth botany 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • zippy


  • Rose

    He’s wearing a Pitt hat my sister goes there!

  • Rachael

    Ugh…is it just me or does she seem uber phony?? Toothy tile, anyone??

  • michelle

    is it cynical of me to say that i find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that after all her years in hollywood, she hasn’t figured out a way to not get photographed everyday? i mean, usually celebrities who hate getting their pic taken find a way to avoid it after dealing with it for so many years. there are places you don’t go, things you don’t do, and precautions that you take….but you go through it all because you don’t want your picture splattered everywhere. if she hasn’t figured all that out after all these years, there’s only one conclusion—she wants her pic taken but pretends she hates it.

  • Kelly

    @michelle I know…it’s just a little TOO weird…I don’t know…maybe I’m wrong but she seems to not try to hide….I don’t get her. Shes fake

  • wtf


    obviously she knows how to avoid getting papped, which is why we rarely see “candids” with her kids. she does a decent enough job keeping them out of the limelight, but seems to take advantage of the of free photo ops when she’s alone with her boy toy. i guess she figures its a way to stay “relevant” seeing as how she hasn’t been in a movie since forever.

  • JH

    @wtf yuppp! The last movie she was in was Four Christmases…and that sucked, really bad. Maybe her career will get better with the Robert Pattinson film??

  • wtf


    good god…no! i hope that movie bombs!!! a world with less robert pattinson can only be considered an improvement.

  • JH

    @wtf: LOL true

  • happy girl

    rich people don’t stay single for long. i mean she just broke up with jake and boom! so not like real life. lol.

  • Jill

    Reese is working hard for her photo ops. Pushing the perfect romance angle and the exercise angle. Everyone knows she arranges her photo ops why does she still do the “I’m so annoyed to have my picture taken” routine? Makes her look so much more phony.

  • Her hair

    Looks like straw! She knows too, see how she keeps it covered.

  • pickles

    #11, jill, nailed it!!! I think she is a complete phoney and she’s an expert at manipulating the press! Also very predictable. I hope the paps ask her if she’s taking her kids to see Prince of Persia! The billboards are all over they’re hard to avoid! LOL!
    Her Fug “boyfriend” is more like a “P.A. with benefits.” Loser.
    Don’t care about her movies. Won’t be seeing any of them any more.

  • mom of the century

    who are the kids with? She was just visiting them at the park and then going off to party after working all week?

  • Jimmy

    THEM again! And again and again and again. It must be a bitch when you have to date your agent.
    “I need a date now for publicity purposes”.

    “Sure, no problemo. After all, I work for you, don’t I? Just call and I’ll always come running.”

  • Melissa

    PITT!!!!! I never really liked this man before until I noticed the hat! =]

  • M

    Ha ha ! I thought the title said “BOTANY BUTCH”!

    Well…she is!

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    you are all retards. Im sure none of you live in LA. If you live here you know that the paps camp in front of houses, grocery stores, parks, etc. they wait with cameras and stalk celebs and follow them all over town….and out of town. they are parasites with cameras and they make everyone is LA miserable. no body invites them along….no one really calls for free press. that is a myth of the mid-west . they only way to avoid it is to lock yourself at home…and then the d-bag wannabe photogs win. they need to be banned or beaten….or they should get real jobs. In any case, the celbs you call media whores are victims of scum bags.

  • Nome

    @The Real Facts:

    Thank you!!!! Finally someone with some common sense. I couldn’t believe all the dumbass comments people were making. Just because you don’t see Reese screaming at the paparazzi, that doesn’t mean she isn’t botherd by it. What the hell is she suppose to do? Lock herself in her house???? Grow up people!

  • SheDevil

    I guess it was nice of her to stop by the game since she’s been so busy shooting her new movie. Way to make time for your kids Reese!
    The new guy looks like a douchebag. He’s no Jake G.

  • Jimmy

    I can imagine her calling him up and saying “I need a date; get over here and do the job I am paying you for.” He probably says “Yesum yesum. Any time you want; just ask and I’ll be there.”

  • Jimmy

    @4 The Real Facts….: I think you can avoid the paps if you want to. Take Meryl Streep. She isn’t constantly being photographed. She doesn’t need the publicity and avoids it. Many other stars ditto. When you get snapped as much as Witherspoon you are asking for it. Grow up and think.

  • Pattycake

    @4 The Real Facts….: No, I don’t live in LA, but my kids do. I’ve been there many a time…never saw any paps. The only photog’s in the street were VERY posed, their subject would walk back and redo a pose for them. There are places you avoid if you want to avoid the paps, everyone knows that. Sometimes you can’t because they particularly love some medical buildings and clubs. And they’ve been known to hang out in some parks that celeb’s take their kids. But once again, I never saw a herd of paps. What my kids say is that those who get their pix taken, WANT their pix taken. That’s not always true, but for the most part, yes.

  • Radetzky March

    Fake,ugly, setup, fake

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    Jimmy- you need to grow up and think. I know the facts. And you are off base miserable!!

    First of all, Merryl Streep doesn’t live in LA. She lives in Connecticut and has for years. If your point is that celebs should move out of LA to avoid having their picture taken, then you have to check yourself. If you want to rebut my earlier point, then I suggest you choose an example of someone that lives in LA and escapes the paps.

    Then consider age….all you have to do is look around this site. Find anyone in Streep’s generation here and you win a prize. The papas stalk young celebs. Just the way it is. Happens all over my neighborhood and it SUCKS.

    So, Jimmy…grow up, think, and be sure to wash your double wide.

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    pattycake….your broke ass kids don’t live where the paps stalk stars. simple as that. if I’m wrong, then please tell us where they live. I will admit if I’m wrong, but I’m not.

    I will admit that some may pose for the paps… the retards on the hills, or wannabe stars. Not people that get invited to the White House.

    send you kids some $$ and figure it out.

  • superman

    I thought boyfriend ment sex partner maybe thats just me. ummm hollywood is full of this crap even not well known actresses do this even though they say they want privacy.

  • ace11

    reese seems like a ho to me

    and this guy she is with seems weird

    does the girl ever think what she does to her kids by introducing them to all these men?

  • She’s a ho Darlin

    Let’s say she knows she is going to be followed. She could send her assistant to Brentwood Country Mart to pick up whatever it is that she stops there to purchase FOUR TIMES A WEEK. She could shop in Orange County, North of LA, anywhere for that matter outside the the 30 mile zone and she could avoid some of this attention. She knows where they photographers are (they swarm BCM), she doesn’t avoid those spots, and she brings her boyfriend along for the ride.

    Don’t say she’s not playing the game. She’s not Tory Spelling calling the agencies saying “meet me here” but she plays the game just as hard.

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    @She’s a ho Darlin:

    good call….lock youself in the house or drive an hour to buy a candle. You are a f’n]ink genius! I will call you anytime i need horrible ideas to deal w/problems. maybe we could just exterminate the paps and everything will be better. they have ruined it for the real photogs. bunch of dudes that live with their parents and F up my city.

  • Pattycake

    @4 The Real Facts….: Oh, we have a snob here. I’m not talking about where my kids live, none your damn business. But LA is not that big of a place and I’ve been all over, even in the elite neighborhoods. Not any gated communities I admit. But in the Hills? Many times. My kids, unlike you, have friends in all income brackets who are NOT snobs, even some I’m sure you’d recognize on this site. And once again, no herds of paps.

  • goldie03

    She is very competitive and looks as if she is desperate to keep in the lime light particularly now that it is Jake’s time to promote his film.
    She really is quite insecure to the point she makes certain she has her pic plastered wherever possible. She is predictable and a bore. Its like Lohan- always there whether u want to see her or is relevant.
    Why do u think Jake has been so happy these past few months?

  • goldie03

    just ignore the bitter poster. My sister lives there. She is a great doctor who hears this type of angry drivel regularly. And yes- I agree with you about the toads (Why glorify the paps?) they r often tipped off more than they r stalking. Besides how much $$ do u really think a pic of rw is worth? Not much which means on slow days rw is a last minute effort to fill thier pocket.

  • 4 The Real Facts….


    The fact that you say LA is not that big a place is the stupidest thing said in a long line of stupid things. It is (by area) about as big a city as you get in the world. with no traffic it takes about an hour to cross in all directions…..and this is no secret… everyone know that LA is enormous and simply saying it’s not big is clear proof that you are an idiot and that everything you say is wrong. Look it up….LA is MASSIVE! Dallas is the only city in the USA that may cover a larger area.

    Get a map and study it. think before you type. and put down that doughnut!

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    specific proof that Patty is an idiot:

    LA = 469 square miles of land area
    Dalls = 342 sqm
    KC = 313 sqm
    NYC = 303 sqm (all 5 bouroughs)
    Chicago = 227 sqm
    Denver = 153 sqm
    new orleans = 180

    The only thing this poster is bitter about is that so many of my fellow americans are so stupid! makes me sad.

    Im out. Have a nice day.

  • los angeleno

    The parts of LA that paps and stars inhabit is tiny. The urban sprawl of neighborhoods like Compton probably wouldn’t attract Reese Witherspoon. She is so obviously seeking attention only a blind fangirl would refuse to see it.



    Pattycake, your “Kids” don’t live in Brentwood.

  • LuckyL

    God, she always has her b*tch face on.


    @She’s a ho Darlin:

    Listen up idiots, I know Dr. Witherspoon and I know Reese.

    Reese doesn’t have a full time staff. She does her own shopping and all her own cooking. If the lady wants to go to neighborhood market to shop, that is her natural right as a mother, an American, and a cook.

    Sure, she has a housekeeper, a part-time nanny, a yard service, etc. EVERYONE does. I do too.

    But posting all this nonsense about not going to the grocery or not walking out your own front door to jog in the neighborhood you’ve lived for ten years is such utter nonsense you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Huns, it’s summertime, the children are at their Daddy’s house when Reese is filming.

    The reason Reese is being stalked is because she is young single, cute, successful and filmed with that Twilight boy,

  • los angeleno

    Well Nashville idiot tell Reese that there are 100 other places besides Brentwood Country Mart to shop with her boyfriend when her ex’s are getting press that would allow her to have her privacy.

  • 4 The Real Facts….

    @los angeleno:

    Nashville is 1 million % on the money. everyone else is just hating for the sake of hating. that;s the saddest part of it all.

    And Los Angeleno….your not a native are you? no you’re not. now go back where you came from and take a few more with you.

    Nashville….have a great Sunday!


    los angle@los angeleno:

    Oh, do hush up, fool.

    Everyone shops at their favorite neighborhood grocery. Reese shouldn’t change her life because her husband had an affair and placed in the tabloids a few years back. That girl has been shopping there and jogging the same roads for over a decade.

    Reese is self-made, she pays enormous property taxes and it’s HER neighborhood.

    The filthy paparazzi should go back to the middle east and fight for thier countries, not exploits people’s privacy for a quick buck.

  • slambang

    B I T C H

    Team Jake!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid L

    Reese wants the publicity no amount of shouting down from her fans can change my mind about that. She has options. Only a fool would refuse to see that. She carefully orchestrates what you see and what you don’t see. How naive are people who can’t see that?

  • Pattycake

    @4 The Real Facts….: Clearly, you have only lived in LA if you think it is a big city. Yes, many, many miles of sprawling row housing. But not even a city to my mind, just a large bunch of residential neighborhoods with single family housing encorporated together. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the neighborhoods with their narrow streets and cracked and bulging sidewalks. It’s feels very welcoming. But you make my point for me, to avoid the paps, just avoid the center of town.

  • Pattycake

    Go onto x17oline and watch the video of Reese being papped. Now THIS gives me some respect for her…calling the photog a f”in pedophile and pervert for chasing her kids. It’s the same guy who took Ryan’s pix in the park with the kids, I recognize his voice. He seems to want sympathy for “doing my job.” Then Toth let’s go at the end too. Live by the pap, die by the pap Reese. But I do sympathize with her now.

  • wtf

    @4 The Real Facts….:

    please get off your soap box. actually i live in la. what’s more, i live in westwood so when i go out i do see paps. and i’m not saying that she should NEVER show up on justjared and should never have her pic taken. sometimes it really is unavoidable. yes, the paparzzi do stalk celebs and its gross. but usually celebs figure out how to go at least a few days/weeks without having their pic taken. think about it–if you have paps stalking you EVERYDAY and you don’t like it, eventually you will start changing your routine a little bit to throw them off. for example, you could go running in the canyons or other random place instead of the middle of a neighborhood where you’ll be in plain sight! if the rulers of the tween world (zac efron, rob pattinson, etc) who are stalked 24/7 have less pics of them than you, you’re doings something very wrong.

  • jim’s not too bright

    one question about the x17 video….why couldn’t Toth drive up the driveway and drop her off and then go back and park the car instead of sending her through a gauntlet of paparazzi?

  • anon

    visiting her kids in a park, makes them sound like zoo animals, are they with ryan this weekend? as for pappz so annoying, obviously asking nasty personal questions and her is super platinum jean harlow style 30s blonde look for new movie, give the girl a break

  • anon

    visiting her kids in a park, makes them sound like zoo animals, are they with ryan this weekend? as for pappz so annoying, obviously asking nasty personal questions and her is super platinum jean harlow style 30s blonde look for new movie, give the girl a break