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Tokio Hotel: VIVA Comet Awards!

Tokio Hotel: VIVA Comet Awards!

Tokio Hotel keep it cool at the 2010 VIVA Comet Awards on Friday (May 21) in Oberhausen, Germany.

Joining Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer on the pink carpet was teen singing sensation Justin Bieber, who recently hit his head on a revolving glass door at a hotel. If you haven’t already, check out the hilarious video!

Looks like Tom has recovered from his Viagra incident!

FYI: Bill is wearing a Dior Homme hoodie.

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  • Rys

    WHO ?

  • Emily

    ………..they look different. older……or something.

  • OBLIG.

    “teen singing sensation Justin Bieber, who recently hit his head on a revolving glass door” LMFAO!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Did the guy on the right seriously straighten his hair ?

  • Anorexia
  • wac

    bad hairstyle post ? bieber’s bugs me the most

  • l

    @Taylor: Did the white guy on the left seriously get cornrows?

  • Jillian

    Jared, Tokio Hotel also won Best Liveact.

  • hmm

    @Jillian: How does that work bearing in mind the fact that they can’t sing and are terrible live?

  • monkey


  • Alien

    Love them. They’ve won Best Live Act!

  • Melissa

    Tokio Hotel ALWAYS own the red carpets.
    They also won “Best Live Act” that night, Jared :)

  • Surviver

    Lead singer is so hot it’s not even funny -.-

  • moni

    I love Tokio Hotel. We have nothing like them in the states! They also won “Best Live Act” witch was very well deserved. These guys know how to give their fans an incredible show.

  • youko

    they looked to stunning on the pink carpet! *_* (as always)

  • Maeve

    They own the Comets. No Tokio Hotel, no Comets.
    This is their twelfth. Can’t stop now! :D

  • Maren-Norway

    I’m so happy that Tokio Hotel won! :D
    We fans did it again!

  • balloonboy

    Bill is so beautiful <3

  • LovelyMasochist

    Wth is wrong with you people? BILL Kaulitz is a GUY! And one hell of one, too ^.~ Beautiful, talented, excellent live = Tokio Hotel deserved that award. :D

  • Eli

    We did it, aliens! Tokio Hotel’s 12th comet :D

  • Karin

    Thank you for posting about Tokio Hotel again, Jared! I missed them on your blog.

  • Mary

    You forgot to mention that they won ‘Best Live Act’ that night, Jared :D
    They truly deserved this award because of their latest tour “Welcome to Humanoid City”. This tour was filled with many surprises and great stage effects. Pyro, burning piano, huge motorcycle, touching Kaulitz-moments, Tom’s guitargasms, Bill’s crazy outfits and AWSOME MUSIC! I absolutely love their charisma and stage presence. Here are some memorable moments from the Humanoid City-tour:

  • andreas

    Amazing band, I’m so happy they’ve won.


    We did it again!

  • Ana
  • squaraus

    Completely a fa*got!

  • emily

    YUMMM, they are so HOTT. OHHH by the way the won that night…..again….and they ROCKED that night…..long live TH and their fans…..ich liebe dich Bill und Tom Kaulitz<3333 AND Georg and gustii

  • Somebody


    None of the members in Tokio Hotel are gay.
    You should stop judging people by their looks, you make yourself look ignorant, immarure and old fashioned.

  • FloOw_Kaulitz_TokiiTa

    OmG !!

    Tokio Hotel are the best than ever !! ♥ ♥

    Justin Bebe Sucks for ever !!

    The TH’s guys look so HOT !!


  • Xander

    @hmm: Have you seen them live? I have. They’re amazing.

  • ABD

    This award fits perfectly to Tokio Hotel: Best LIVE act. They are the best live band I know. So loud and charismatic.

  • Jackie

    Bill Kaulitz is GORGEOUS! so PERFECT!

    And i’m so happy Tokio Hotel won ‘Best Live Act’!!! Tokio Hotel has the record of most Comet won, they have won 11 so far!

  • zee

    My boys!!! I’m so happy they won – they’re fantastic live. Too bad the music snobs won’t give them a chance.

    But what in the granny knitting hell is Tom wearing?


    I love how the Gs don’t have hades and their expressions are hilarious :D

  • mariTHfan

    Congratulations Tokio Hotel 12th winning Comet <3
    And more to come awards :)
    Bill is beautiful, it hurts my self-esteem :D

  • ORIGINALHoustonTHfanteam

    Congratulations to Tokio Hotel for winning ANOTHER Comet!! We love you!

  • Toni

    Tokio Hotel is amazing!

  • GSI

    Gorgeous as always. And they won another Comet!

  • Oh No

    Oh no girls, this guy is gay and there is nothing wrong with being gay. It’s just time to accept that this guy has been gay since birth. You can still have a crush on him ;0) But seriously, the constant “He’s not gay, you’re just jealous/ignorant/homophobic/dumb” comments are beginning to make feel sad. I will say however, as a woman, I am jealous of how pretty he is.


    @Oh No:

    Yeah, you know the best he is gay or not. No one is homophobic here, unless you call Bill homophobic himself since he claims he is straight and is tired of accusations.
    Not every feminine boy is gay.
    All Korean nation would be gay then.

  • DurchDenMonsun

    @Oh No:

    And how do you know that Bill is gay? Because of his looks? Please answer.


    I’m still trying to figure out what Bieber is doing in this blog post. *scratches head*

  • same


    Me too. Btw, his performance was really weak. His voice is changing.

  • Jerry

    Bill is the style Icon of the decade!

    BTW, if Bieber has a bump on his forehead how would anyone know?



    Yes, I couldn’t listen to him singing. He shouldn’t
    sing when his voice is screeching like this, should wait till he hits puberty.

  • Claudiaclaudiaa126@

    Gorgeous as always! And they won yet another Comet award Congrats guys you deserve every single one!

    Thank you for posting about Tokio Hotel again Jared, but what does Justin Bieber have to do with Tokio Hotel? I really think you should keep each celebrity on separate blogs.

    Thanks again!

  • veestone

    I would give up my breasts to have Bill’s wardrobe.

    Congrats, Tokio Hotel!


    Oh yes!. Thanks, Jared!

  • Eiri

    Cutie pies .

  • KarenA

    So happy they won! Best Live Act: That award is perfect for them.

    And these pics, *fans self*. They look so amazing! I love their individual styles. They own.

    I’m off to faint now.