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Chris Brown: DEUCES Video Debut!

Chris Brown: DEUCES Video Debut!

Check out the new “Deuces” video from Chris Brown and Lil Wayne protégé Tyga featuring Kevin McCall.

The song is from a collaborative mixtape, Fan of a Fan, which is both artists’ dedication back to the fans (it was released online last week).

“‘Deuces,’ it’s about you getting rid of this girl. You try to make it work, but you gotta move on,” Tyga explained to MTV. “So you basically put up one finger, then another and say, ‘Deuces.’

Watch the video below!

Chris Brown: DEUCES Video Debut!
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  • Aspen

    I love the content and the texture of the video.

  • jessie

    the rhythm of deuces is the same as Rhianna’s te’amo song !! evrybody know he talk about rihanna “liars” but sorry Mr brown if u not hit her last year she not liar after that !! ok she says she not heard changed man!! all ppl understand her…she fall in your person “it’s embarassing…” (rihanna voice) u sucks that’s all ! and he is nominated to bet award grafitti big flop -_-’

  • blahh

    Justin Bieber has replaced him

  • jessie

    the rhythm of deuces is the same as Rhianna’s te’amo song !! evrybody know he talk about rihanna “liars” but sorry Mr brown if u not hit her last year she not liar after that !! ok she says she not heard changed man!! all ppl understand her…”I fall in love that this person “it’s embarassing…” (rihanna voice) u sucks that’s all ! and he is nominated to bet award grafitti big flop -_-’

  • gab

    Chris Brown is such a waste of time! pathetic!

  • muffstar

    This song was produced by KMac and CB is not talking about Rihanna, he is talking about a video chick he was dating and he stopped seeing her.

  • marissa

    as much as he tries, the more he sucks and fails.

  • SHopaholic22

    @jessie: What in heaven’s name are you even trying to say??????? Did u miss every possible English class? Education is key …ALWAYS!

  • ***

    Ok really?…what on earth are u guys on about? If CB’s talking about Rihanna, then its about FREAKING time!!!! He messed up, she should move on, n so should he, n so should you guys!!!!!

  • 3209

    I don’t have 4:44 minutes to watch Chris Brown

  • Channy

    Didn’t watch video and *** I’m not moving on and going to look at it as “mistake” and I don’t know y anyone else should, beating a woman is unforgivable, you obviously haven’t seen or talked to someone who has been through it besides the shows you see on TV dramas. Chris Brown=scum

  • Ian Bar

    People who abuse women should NOT be forgotten. Chris Brown is a coward bcuz he used excuse after excuse how he had a a terrible child hood and his father was a constant abuser. Please. People can change. It is not a person’s past that defines who they are but the character that defines a person. Chris Brown CHOSE to HIT Rihanna. Chris Brown CHOSE TO PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN. People he is a SCUM and washed up Brotha who thinks He’s HARD.

  • SAlmon

    DEFINITELY didnt watch the vid. could care less about chris brown…. He’s pretty much worthless to me… Please stop posting about him JJ.

  • monica

    omg i love this video
    chris brown killed it
    you see the back flip??? AMEN
    nice song, isnt about riri is about her video chick like @muffstar said

    what he did in the past dont have nothing to do with his talent
    so i love this video ♥♥

  • What?

    @Ian Bar:

    You made several contradictory statements.. how can you say 1. that it shouldn’t be forgotten… but 2. people can change.. and 3. it is not a person’s past that defines who they are.. you are clearly categorizing him as a woman beater. He did it, clearly made a mistake, i think he has paid for it much more than most men do, not that he didn’t deserve it. But now it’s over… so why don’t you figure out what your real ideological stance is before you throw out a sundry of cliches..

  • JJ

    I love how everyone here is making judgements and saying what he did was unforgiveable…i can bet 1 million dollars that none of you guys were there when the incident with rihanna happened so none of yall know why he did it…i’m not condoning his behavior but every action has a reaction sometimes negative or positive…if any of you guys have never done anything wrong or made a mistake in your lives then shout out I’M A SAINT!!…..yea thought so!!!

  • Haydane from paris

    i love it

  • Cj

    The title should be douches…..not deuces

  • Likjhhh

    No one cares, he tried to kill a human being (he beat herbad and threatned her life), he’s not worthy of my time or money.

  • gia

    As much as I wanted to not like it…I did! I actually liked the song and the video. He’s still talented no matter what he did. I’m not going to judge him, I’ll just judge whether or not I like his music.

  • Adam

    Auto tone too much !!! I don’t like it

  • happy girl

    girlfriend beater, woman abuser, domestic violence poster child, all around screwtard. I will boycott this and all his work. chris: you are a pathetic waste of human life. women everywhere: boycott this guy. he is a creep!

  • Bruce

    Hot Shiz! Chris keep doing your thang. To all the negativity…Dueces!

  • char char

    @gab: you are a waste of star ass.
    keep hating it wont even add a dollar to your account.
    hey do you know he sold all tickets in Brazil
    Breezy the best.
    take it or leave it

  • char char

    jessie is your name really that funny?hahaha
    this guy is making good money and sold out all tickets in Brasil
    he is making it.only few haters like you who are all broke asses keep worrying your dirty minds about chris and saying trash about him
    please repent and see what we call real talent in this boy.he is cute too
    rihana remains a big liar for life

  • char char

    hahaha am sure you must be 16 years or below.
    justin will never repalce chris.
    oh my God we are talking about this talented chris bieber started music even by copying his with you which made him popular
    justin cant dance and he has an imature voice.
    love him but he will never replace Breezy
    justin B cant even dance

  • char char

    you are a waste of pathetic.nobody you are called
    he has sold out all tickets and fans are growong wild in Brasil
    take your lazy and unknown ass to bed

  • char char

    check him in know nothing about him
    you no star and unpopular ass

  • char char

    big watched already
    why did you even click on breezy
    this guy is still making money you junk

  • char char

    i wish the person who got you trash could have cut your hands so you dont type trash
    leave breezy alone.if you dont like him dont comment about him
    he is makin more cash in brasil
    all tickets sold out.woah
    so you take your lazy ass to bed

  • char char

    @Ian Bar:
    and so what if he hit that big headed liar rihana
    leave this guy alone
    he is still making good money
    check him out in Brazil
    he still has fans and is still popular

  • char char

    thats what you cant understand.this boy is a star
    jj can give a damn about you not about Breezy
    you stop checking Breezy out.
    cos jj will never stop

  • char char

    you have 4:44 minutes to smoke a cigaret and go to toilet for you have running stomach

  • char char

    @Norma Stitz:
    perfect hater die in hell and burn forever.
    who are you to judge him you sinner

  • char char

    dont mind some dull asses.they cant even think but can criticise

  • char char

    which one have you sang or produced so people can like it?

  • char char

    @happy girl:
    people should rather boycott you.
    but people are not boycotting him
    check him in Brazil.all tickets sold out

  • char char

    love you breezy.this shit goes hard.
    hater go burn in hell

  • Lmao

    Chris brown is the greatest he is the best…
    I feel bad for the one hater/fan in denial u keep changing your name to post the samething over and over lmao u sound stupid people like u makes me feel good that he whoop he big ass forehead.

  • Kaye

    smh u don’t have 4.44 min to watch his video but u find time to click on his post and comment hhmmm

  • Ashley

    lol! Have people notice. The way people comment on here (the whole JJ general) shows the level of people’s maturity? smh!

    As for why I clicked in here in the first place. To see this video. It’s actually nice and artistically done. The song is nice too.

    I will never judge someone I don’t know, never met, never talked to. People’s personal lives is there’s. Just like I don’t want be judge, I don’t judge others. There are a lot of celebrities that I don’t know about their personal lives and done worse possible things. I really don’t care for because that’s not why I started to enjoy them. I like certain celebrities for “Craft.” In Chris Brown case as an ARTIST as to why I enjoy music. I enjoy it because of the feeling of what makes me grove. I just enjoy down right GOOD music. Whether it’s from Chris, Maxwell, Rihanna, lil Wayne, T.I, Miley, Beyonce, Gaga, Britney, JT, Usher, etc.. I don’t care what they do in their PERSONAL lives. As long as they continue to put out good music that I can bounce my head to. I’ll listen and enjoy. At the end of the day that’s the reason why I listen to them in the first place. It’s for their “Craft”, “artistically talent”, “creativity”, “entertainers” etc.. Keep putting out good music, movies, shows. I’ll listen and watch.

  • happy girl

    It’s amazing how celebs get away with things. If Chris was the guy who beat your sister, mother, daughter to a pulp – whatever prompted the beating – you would not be defending it. But because Chris Brown is famous, biting a woman and turning her face into a punching bag is ok? Whatever his talent, engaging in that kind of violence is unacceptable. What if that was you? And what will you all tell your daughters if they come home with a bruised face, swollen lip and bite marks? Domestic violence against women is very common. There are enough talented celebs to follow instead of the ones who bite a woman and beat her to a pulp. Why does he get a free pass? What a sad commentary. And having sold-out concerts in Brazil means what? He can’t get airplay in his own country. That’s what you get for thinking you are so rich and famous that you can bite a woman and think people will just accept it. Disgusting.

  • Jessie

    Why does Charlie Sheen get a pass for what he does. Why did Sean Penn get a pass for what he did. Why did Tommy Lee? Why does every drug dealers, killers, sex offenders, shooters, etc rappers, actors, singers get a pass for what they do? I can go on and on and on. If you’re going to judge and dig out every celebrities past history then do so. Don’t just be a hypocrites and pick and choose. If we’re going to call out and single handily ban/ignore every single celeb that has done wrong and probably worse. Than there won’t be a lot of artist on the radio/actors/actress/etc.. If one gets side cast. Do it for all.

  • Jessie

    @Jessie: Correcting. **Why does every drug dealers, killers, sex offenders, shooters, etc that are rappers, actors, singers get a pass for what they do?**

  • Macchiato

    goooooooo awayyyy

  • Courtney

    GREAT SONG and VIDEO!!!! I can’t believe i’m saying this…. GOOD JOB CHRIS BROWN! I love it :)

  • Docbnd91

    @happy girl: Why aren’t you talking about Charlie Sheen as well?
    Anyway, I love this video and song. Thanks for posting it. For all of the people who don’t like the fact that they post on Chris Brown, don’t visit this blog. Find another blog site. JJ can post whatever they want to post. Too bad if you hate Chris Brown. He’s not going anywhere, so deal with it.

  • Lana

    You people have some serious problems were you there when he hit her? NO. Do you know why he hit her? NO. Has he said he’s sorry 10000 times? YES. Is he making good music? YES. Has he changed? YES. you people say he should burn in hell or something. I am sure you have made mistakes in your life… he deserves a second chance! He released 57 new songs in 2 months and at least 30 were not published! he is trying to be better and he is working hard…

  • SFg

    Jessie @ 05/23/2010 at 11:21 pm
    “the rhythm of deuces is the same as Rihanna’s “te amo” song !!”

    << Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rihanna already did that music, you are late Chris!!
    Sad for you but you are finished man and all because of you only!!! wow you managed to do that!! lol

  • 123

    @Ian Bar: yeh i agree bt give the guy a chance at least hes making an improvement and realises his mistakes, if u dnt agree that, that’s what life’s about then maybe u nd to get a life. ps am a woman!!!