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Gerard Butler: Pool Boy

Gerard Butler: Pool Boy

Gerard Butler enjoys some time with a bikini-clad woman as they sit poolside at the Eden Roc hotel on Sunday (May 23) in Cap d’Antibes, France.

Is that Israeli model Moran Atias from yesterday’s yacht ride?

A few days ago at amfAR’s Cinema Against Aids gala, Gerry shared on the red carpet, “I’m not exactly Mr. Values. Life is about enjoying yourself and that’s what I do.”

Indeed, it is!

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gerard butler pool 01
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Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Fame Pictures
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  • Trying to figure it out

    JJ – Can you please let me get through the other threads before you start a new one?

  • Just Jared

    @Trying to figure it out: Hurry up and catch up, geez. So slow.

  • Cindy Lu


  • Fritz the Cat
  • GoodGirl

    Don’t know why, but i can’t stand this guy!

  • Manny

    *calling out to GB*
    Oh Cabana boy… the one with the great legs… yes you with the thick thighs… could you get me a drink?

  • annie

    My Lord he is HOT!
    Morin left Cannes – pics of her leaving last night. I guess Gerry is on to the next conquest and why not! When you are this damn hot and rich you should be able to just do whatever and he does whatever effortlessly! Looking Good Gerry!

  • redOctober

    @Trying to figure it out:

    Wow!!!…this guy is fast…lol !

  • chicks buffet

    all he can eat! why would he ever want a needy, middle-aged has-been when he can have an endless supply of beautiful, young women? it’s not like that delusional hag can help his career, if anything, it’ll hurt it.

  • gossiphound

    I approve of the beach attire. I was looking for a cabana boy.

  • gossiphound

    @annie: You got pictures of her boarding a plane then?

  • Stinkylouise
  • Trying to figure it out

    OK, already. I admit I’m slow getting through these threads, it’s because I have a life! This site isn’t #1 on my list of daily things to do, it’s about #10. I try.

    @Fritz, saw your comment on the OTHER thread. Good for you getting over the hump!

    Shouldn’t it be: Hey cabana boy, can you take your shirt off?

    I think JJ should limit his GB threads to one a week. That way I can get caught up.

    How about it JJ, Please, pretty please?

  • just sayin

    He sure colors his hair alot. The gray at the temples is sexier,

  • mimi

    It kinda looks like her, but it’s hard to say. I wish they had a pic that would show her face.

  • Stinkylouise

    @mimi : It’s not Moran. The pics at the other site show a woman with hair down past her waist. Moran’s is only shoulder length.

  • Stinkylouise

    ….Meant to say past her shoulders……………
    JJ we need an edit button.

  • Manho’

    Gerard Butler is clearly a sex addict. No one is w/horing around that much without it being an addiction. He should go to sex rehab NOW.

  • redOctober

    “Cabaña boys are typically viewed as scantily clad attractive men who cater to their clients’ every whim. ”

    …waaaahhhh…when things start to get interesting I have to go….not fair…lol!

  • Nuts


    So blonde companion=beleagured assistant?

    And, he’s going for a farmer’s tan with the short sleeves.

    C’mon Gerry…let’s see that chest!!!

  • Gigi
  • blonde

    Is that blonde the same woman who showed up in several of the photos from Brazil? And the same one that was in one of the pictures from the carribean – the ones where he looked so overweight? Maybe this is the hiding in plain sight thing. She is pretty, looks age-appropriate, and clearly is not an attention seeker. Good match for him, it seems.

  • Blonde in Miami (Heiress)

    Moran left THANK GOD. This woman is another…he has a type. He may take a blonde when there is nothing else cute available…but he sure is into dark hair — and olive to dark/ebon skin obviously. To each his own.
    As a blonde woman (although dishwater without the colorist!), I prefer dark-haired and olive-skinned men…dark Italians make me swoon. Gerry with a (real, not orange) tan is sublime!

  • Cabana Cutie

    Its not Moran.

  • Hannah “REAL TALK” R.

    Moran wants a man with MORE $$$ and everything — like Naomi Campbell did.
    Gerard is just for play. Women like Moran, Campbell even Bianca, Jasmine, Priyanka and most likely even that fitness tart he was messing with go for BILLIONS not meager MILLIONS. Money hungry b*tches like that.
    Sorry try again phanpharts.

  • Hannah “REAL TALK” R.

    Naomi is probably all of those women’s hero. She came from nothing — and she “did it, you can too” kind of thing. LOL

  • Belle

    “I’m not exactly Mr. Values. Life is about enjoying yourself and that’s what I do.”

    C’mon, Gerry. Even you could afford to more honest than with that quib. Also, there are other ways to enjoy yourself without philandering around and shoving it down the average person’s throat. Talk about narcissistic and hedonistic. It’s official, I have no respect for the man. Not that he cares what any of us think. His comments just prove he doesn’t. He goes going to go around doing whatever the hel.l he wants because he’s Gerard Butler.

    Of course, judging by his past, he’s pretty much exhausted those other (unsophisticated for me, stupid stuff he bought into) ways of enjoying himself (drinking, smoking, drugs, getting arrested). What’s left?

    Yes, the man thinks who in the hell he is. Just look at the way he talks to everyone. Earth to Gerry – you’re an actor, not a brain surgeon. A lot of people are capable of memorizing lines and redoing scenes. You can’t redo cutting someone open on an operating table.

  • Belle

    @Hannah “REAL TALK” R.: There are only 729 billionaires according to Forbes. Some of them are women, so there are really only 600+ male billionaires. Most of them are already taken. And all of these models think they’re going to marry a billionaire? Talk about naive.

  • Gigi

    @Blonde in Miami (Heiress):
    Umm…sorry for this very stupid question but your name, is that someone GB has been with (blonde in miami, heiress) or is it you? LOL, I just had to ask ;)

  • N.

    Manho said: “Gerard Butler is clearly a sex addict. No one is w/horing around that much without it being an addiction. He should go to sex rehab NOW.”

    So you can see him having some of the addictive sex in these photos? Interesting. I see a fully clothed man hanging out with several male and female acquaintances – if that. It’s amazing how much some of you jump to conclusions. This place is pure comedy sometimes. :-)

    I do miss the gray hair though. Hopefully the coloring is just for a role.

  • Yolanda

    That’s Moran for sure! About the hair being longer – she has probably just has some extensions in her hair, the clip-on sort.

  • @N.

    @N.: The only reason why you are posting anything is to advertize your website.

  • TB Fan

    Very well said! I totally agree. When I read that comment he made (values) I lost even more respect for him, well, the little respect I had left. He’s just a dirty over-sexed player and he makes me sick.

  • N.

    Actually, I have posted here at JJ for a very long time (longer than I’d care to admit) – just under a different name. I do have a site, and sure I’d like to promote it. But obviously my site is not the same type of site as JJ’s so I don’t think it’s going to hurt.

    Clearly I am interested in some of the posts that JJ makes – ie, Gerry, the rare Jensen/Jared post, and other people that I think have actual talent like Diane Kruger, Sandy Bullock etc. And please, you people and the things you come up with are much too interesting/funny to not come over and check out once in a while. :-)

  • Hannah “REAL TALK” R.

    Gerard is not worth 100 of millions right now is what I mean, hun.
    Those women don’t want men like Gerard…they want the men who sign Gerard’s checks. It’s the naive bottom feeders that want gerard.
    Those women might be models whatever, but you can see a strategic “thinking” in the way they date. Its like a climbing thing. I have noc clue, but naomi did snag two big ones in a row. Gerard has nothing on the one she is engaged to.

  • Swift
  • Debonair

    You are an idiot.

  • MissKiss

    @Hannah “REAL TALK” R.:
    Wrong. Bianca was going to marry actor Tony Schiena and he is not even half as famous as Gerry is or has the money G has. Jasmine has dated lots of regular guys.

  • Dawn

    The bard makes Gerards nose more expansive

  • Yolanda

    And exactly why am I an idiot if I may ask?

  • that is all

    Can’t wait to see this wasteful life-living idiot on the Sleep Number Bed or Buy Real Estate in Texas commercials when when his 15 mins. are up (which will be soon). One of the most f’d-up celebs ever (still no match for Lindsay, but hey, he’s working on it).

  • Well…

    …it does look a lot like Moran.

  • Debotroll

    Fcking rude.

  • Mr. Giggles

    When I first saw this pic I thought ….
    ……….How nice of G to buy his child-date a glass of milk !!!!!!! ………..

  • LidaConnie


    I agree with your entire post. I am losing respect for Gerry B U T T hole. He’s becoming more unattractive and unappealing by the day with all his galavanting. He is really full of himself. Never really saw it until recently. The Serbia posts made me think twice about him. And the charity work doesn’t really make up for it either.

  • that is all


    Charity work is BOGUS to him! he works about 10%, if that, of the time and parties like an a-hole 90%. And man is he full of himself! P.O.S.! He looks old and rough.

  • Cazima

    What did Gerrard do to Martina from Serbia??? I’ve heard from friends that he really hurt her. Has anyone said what he did exactly? I wonder if she will tell the truth about what really happened. I hope she will and maybe she will feel better afterwards. Poor girl :(

  • Too Beautiful

    I see the jealousy is still here…

  • Fritz the Cat


    What did Gerrard do to Martina from Serbia??? Has anyone said what he did exactly?
    He left.

  • realitycheck

    The Mr. Values comment was in print. Don’t believe everything you read.