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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: CANNES Couple

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: CANNES Couple

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony enjoy dinner aboard Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana‘s luxury yacht during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on Sunday (May 23) in Cannes, France.

The happy couple was accompanied by their 2-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Yesterday, Gerard Butler and Israeli model Moran Atias were spotted enjoying a little quality time on the boat.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Emilio Pucci!

15+ pictures inside of Cannes couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

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  • pat

    he is digusting in every way… and how do either of them make money these days?

  • dea

    You just read my mind comment 1. I was just gonna say, how can they afford all these trips and this lifestyle if she’s not making movies anymore or selling albums? I just don’t get it.

  • unhappy

    He’s like a rat and her thighs look huge even with heels.

  • SO

    Unfortunately, those kids look like their UGLY father.

  • miami

    I see that the girl looks more like Jennifer than the boy

  • jen

    So weird how he is never with his other children from his previous relationship.

  • Cheyenne

    Her little girl looks like a little old lady and why can’t they hold their own children some of the time? Even Brangelina holds their kids own when doing photo ops. Poor kids. They should try dressing in kid friendly clothes and if the kids happen to throw up or something, so what. JLo (and Marco is fast becoming just like her) is so self absorbed, they only think of themselves.Terrible parents.

  • celine

    they are so disgusting , her because of her obsesion with fame , him because ..i don”t know , he is nothing without JL , just a little singer of salsa.
    her comments.

  • Athina

    I think they’re good parents. They seem to take their kids with them wherever they go, even on a boat where there are no other children. They could have left them behind in a hotel room. People who make the nasty comments are obviously losers with crappy lives=jealous.

  • Jay

    Where are his other children. It really makes me sick. You think Jennifer would be completely turned off by a man that can flip a switch so quickly.

  • yo sista

    Not intending to be mean but those kids are () well let’s just say not so cute.

  • Annie

    Aw max is so cute. And j.lo makesa lot of money, and doesn’t spend a lot(probably)

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Will ppl get off their cases already? At least their relationship is going strong, so stop picking on their kids too.

  • slambang

    Those kids look just like Marc…the poor dears. LOL

  • isabella

    max and emme are cute. And J.LO can afford those trips because she has $$$$$$. JLO is known for been a business women. She has made money out her movies, albums, clothing line, etc, etc. And mark does not have the fortune Jlo has but he is rich too. So they can afford those trips and more.

  • Hot couple

    Marc is a fantastic singer and known internationally-not just a salsa singer. J-lo does it all, fabulous jet setting couple and always with their kids. A very blessed family. The children are lucky to have these two mega talents as parents and are going to have a dream life.

  • Yoga_Instructor

    These kids are NOT Cute one bit

  • Miss Tolerance


  • mailey

    this couple seems solid and happy. always together, always with the kids.
    nice to see.

  • RJ

    but I’m sure those kids have tons of personality!

  • Leslee

    is she a scientilogist?

  • paula

    The kids are getting cuter they look their dad though.

  • um

    Jlo and Marc Anthony have tons of money and I’m sure they invested some of them. Marc espcially has been famous since the late 80′s in the Latin AMerican market which is bigger than the genral American market. Back then he was paired with a singer named India or La India. I’s hard to explain how huge he was and still is in that market. Jlo capitalized on the whole J.Lo era with all kinds of things and global merchandising and her restaurants. Even if her moveis aren’t hits, she’s still paid a salary. Remember because they are high profile they get everything free in hopes the media will name the name the company/designer/etc..

    the kids are adorable and they have kids face. They will grow into their looks later on. I mean no one looks like what they did at 4 or five. You don’t stat looking like your adult self until 17

  • Pathetic

    A lot of you have a lot of self loathing. I mean really, making fun of children?

    I guess bullies never grow up.

  • nick

    @Ms. Anonymous:

    Not people is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s PR. and they blogg too. Specially Jennifer I used to work for that mean biatch.

  • Bordeaux

    I am happy to see Jennifer is having the time of her life with her family. Her movie ain’t doing that bad either, it has already collected over $45M between the US and Brittain which is more than the $33M it cost to make so that is good news for Mrs. Anthony..

  • kansas

    Must be nice to have friends like Dolce-Gabbana.

  • twilightdude

    Wow! So many mean comments on the kids. Be careful for what you wish upon your own kids. God is watching you!

  • sienna

    awww, they are adorable together. jen looks amazing as usual and i loooooove those nicholas kirkwood shoes!! <3333

  • David Peet

    her legs are getting even better than i expected)

  • makina

    The girl looks just like her mother

  • KIM VO

    Her children are so plain and unattractive. The girl’s head looks like a skeleton covered with skin. She is going to be such an ugly woman. This is what happens when you marry a Heroin addict I suppose. And why are both children darker than the parents? Oops, I forgot, JLO bleaches her skin to look lighter but the true color came through with her nappy haired daughter and her Progeria son.

  • hey idiot

    @KIM VO:
    Do you know wha’st even uglier?? Take a look in the mirror looser

  • Chola Sista

    Her kids are ugh! She wanted Ben in order to have white children with blue eyes and blond hair but her plan back fired on her so now she has these kids and I’m sure she is mucho disappointed. Karma baby.

  • Gross

    Her latest movie bombed like all the rest. AWESOME!
    J-LOW’s thighs are so flabby and her legs look like sticks.

  • darla

    Hey thats not only his kids. I never see him with his other children with Dyanarra Torres The former Miss Universe. II saw them before his marriage with Jlo. and thank they inherited their moms good looks. Is Jlo preventing him from seeing his other children? just asking.

  • Inaru

    Love Jennifer’s look! TBUP wasn’t a huge hit but it is not a failure either, i think Jennifer has proven to CBS films that she can still get people to go to her movies so maybe next time they’ll give a better script and a better known leading man. For a movie that she was carrying alone after a long hiatus it didn’t do badly it certainly is not a a failure of Gigli proportions. Who knows what kind of parents Marc and Jlo are? Good? Bad? Average? time will tell, let the children grow up and we’ll see.

  • LISA

    ugly kids like his daddy……

  • 7seas

    publicity,publicity ,publicity ,publicity ,publicity ,publicity

    How does she afford it? She doesn’t it was all paid for by her famous friends.She had money ,not now because she has to keep Marc’s cocaine habit .And Marc doesn’t have anything because he has to pay Child Support for all those bastard children he has

  • awwfull

    her husband and her kids are ugly
    I said it

    sorry to point out the obvious, someone had to

  • rotten mother with huge thighs

    Look at those gigantic thighs! Gross! She’s such a pig.

    Her movie bombed, dumped by her record company, got rid of the clothing line, all failures, because she can’t sing, act, or design clothes. She’s also a rotten mother, only trotting out her ugly kids for a photo opportunity, just like here. Her poor children must have Progeria, they look like little old people.

    She is the biggest self absorbed egomaniac. She continues to be fake. I’m sure she’s plotting a divorce or sleazy affair, so she can go jump on some other guy to further her pathetic career. What’s Diddy doing? He could use some press. Bet he starts banging her again on the side, just like the trash she is…its over J-Trash, just get J-LOST already!

  • Rocky


    Which Jennifer — G or L?

  • Rocky


    ITA! Talk all the crap you want about JLo and Marc, but leave the kids ouf of this. All you ‘mean’ people sound like Perez Hilton! Children should NOT be talked about in such a horrible way as some of you have posted. Just not nice people!

  • Marisa

    Well it is a fact, the baby girl is very ugly…

  • Habanero

    Sorry, but like most comments here…they are not cute kids at all….
    want to see cute native Puerto Rican kids??
    …check ot Ricky martins kids..

  • denise

    Marc has three other children. A daughter by a former girlfriend, and two sons by his former wife, yet you never see them with him anymore.

  • willow

    Where is that little girl’s smile?

  • justin beiber

    @nick: They should try dressing in kid friendly clothes and if the kids happen to throw up or something, so what.

  • CNA

    This couple seems solid and happy. always together, always with the kids. nice to see.