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Alexander Skarsgard: I'm A Drug To Myself

Alexander Skarsgard: I'm A Drug To Myself

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard joins fellow drama actors for an Emmy Roundtable at Chateau Marmont on April 26 in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Reporter organized the sit-down, which also included Lost‘s Matthew Fox, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston, Men of a Certain Age‘s Ray Romano and White Collar‘s Matt Bomer.

When asked if he watches his own show, Alex shared, “I do. I’m like a drug to myself. (laughs) I did movies in Sweden before I came over here, and I would never watch dailies because I didn’t want to see myself in the character. But that obviously had to change (on a series) because I couldn’t wait seven years until the show’s over to go back and watch it. I still don’t watch the monitors; but when the season airs, I do watch it.”

Click inside to watch the roundtable. It’s great interaction between all the guys!

Emmy Roundtable — Drama Actors Part 1

Emmy Roundtable — Drama Actors Part 2

Emmy Roundtable — Drama Actors Part 3

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  • true blood

    That was funny. Good interview.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • I like Alex and all but…

    You have ALL of those great guys in the room and you choose to focus on Alexander??? Why not let it be a general blog…about the men in the video. Or Matthew Fox as LOST just had it’s finale last night. Alex is NOT the only actor in the world. He’s cute but, geesh, so is Matt Bomer.

  • Vera

    Nice to see Skarsgard…..but Matt Bomer HELLO!! I just IMDB him I gotta watch his show White Collar!! ( his sexual preference…… I could careless!!)

  • Jenny

    Alex is such a sexy giant!!!!

  • Great vid!!!!

    M. Fox, Bomer and Hamm together!!!! THANK YOU :)

    Alex : You look better with your mouth closed.
    :S …He says the dumbest things.

  • HellzBellz

    I think Alex is quirky funny. He makes jokes about himself, and I like that. He is a talented actor and hot. Bomer and Hamm are too. Ray Romano is like a lovable muppet. All these guys are great.

  • Cheery

    F-ck that shit. Where’s Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds?? After his performance in the 100th episode that Emmy should be HIS.

  • Rachel

    I like that Alex is self deprecating…it keeps him normal.

  • Carol

    Alex has a great sense of humor! He’s very charming.

  • lake86

    I’m at my cottage on my blackberry and I can’t view the videos. If someone finds them on you tube I would greatly appreciate it if someone could post the links in the comments section. BB really needs to get flash capabilities. Thank you sooooooo much.

  • dan

    Matt Bomer makes the others look older, he looks like so perfect

  • Lovely

    Why wasn’t I in that room :(

    Nice interview and I love Alex’s self deprecating style.

    Bomer is cute but he looks too perfect, like a Ken doll which isn’t sexy…

  • Willow

    LOL That Alex guy has such a small head, does not look good with brown hair why is he no longer blonde? Matt Bomer looks hot!!!

  • Alan

    Ummmm Alex and Matt Bomer would be a hot couple! Would not mind to hit either one of their asses!!! Yummy………

  • karey

    Alex is funny! Great video of the guys

  • Exa

    Jon Hamm is HOT!
    Nice and funny interview.

  • Alexa

    I think the focus here should be on the OTHER actors around the table. Alex is a baby compared to what Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox and Ray Romano have achieved.

  • dots

    Matt Bomer is so gorgeous! <3 That’s all I have to say, lol.

  • BBW

    What a great gathering. Really interesting stuff here and in the transcript.

    Romano was very funny.

    Bomer is so beautiful there are no words.

  • mailey


  • http://JustJared irish

    @Great vid!!!!: I know it is silly, but the shine is off him now..he has made too much of a jerk of himself in RL!
    What a shame, I really can’t appreciate him anymore.

  • R&M

    So sick of Alex and his fakeness. What about the 2 Matthew’s? They’re hot!

  • Subliminal Snark?

    Well I guess Alex IS a great actor after all…not even one flinch at that “Griffith Park” comment…too funny indeed !

  • nicole

    Why always focused on Alex?? I agree the shine is off him now after his Bosworth problem and all his other douchebaggery. Why not focus on other actors?

  • malepower

    @Great vid!!!!: oh come on, nobody at the table sitting said things that were of any substance in this interview. I like the fellas, but Hamm did a few sly one-liners, Fox spoke about his distress, and Bomer said a few intellectual words. At least Alex contributed with humor, a glimpse in the eye and his wonderfully silly laugh.

    and please not the “alex is a douchebag” again, get over your obsession with Kate! He’s supernice and he’s got lots of integrity irl and you are always judging him based on pap-pics of him and Kate. He does have a life and a personality outside of pap-pics with Kate on Just Jared..

  • malepower

    @Willow: matt bomer seems like a very nice guy but he looks like a ken doll. his eyes saves him though.

  • Confused

    @malepower: Several of the men contributed with humor not just Alex. How do you know he’s supernice and has lots of integrity irl? True integrity is seen consistently not just irl . And for the record my questions and comments have nothing to do with Kate.

  • Marcia Shaunessy

    Great interview. Thanks. Would have liked to hear from Bryan Cranston, he didn’t say a word.

  • billismine

    Great interview, thanks. Wish we had heard something from Bryan Cranston, he was very quiet. Love him in Breaking Bad.

  • heidi

    Thanks for posting this! So interesting to hear actors talking shop. Love seeing Askars included in this group.

  • Emily

    people need to stop ragging on alex about kate i hate her as much as the next person but people arnt who they date they have whole other personalities……….alex is not kate

  • I have no talents I’m french

    GOsh!! thanks for making me known Matt Bomer, he seems like a smart guy, his word seems thoughtful (plus he is cute with his glasses), it’s a shame, you don’t show him that much JJ.
    I hope he won’t be the new AS, because frankly, I’d hate to think he is as dumb as him.

    I’m disappointed because we haven’t seen Thomas Gibson (he should win an emmy) that is one real actor, and disappointed to not have heard bryan cranston whom i loved in malcom in the middle and breaking bad. These two actors are amazing because their ability to morph into characters completely different is astonishing.

  • Di

    Mr Fox seems very classy and wise, I really enjoy his absolutely not narcissistic side.

  • Lamsie


    You are so right! I’m tired of all the Alex hate. Give it up you morons. Like a few fans upset about his girlfriend will ruin the guy’s career. Did you notice in the interview how one of them said “oh, so and so (online fan) is upset with how season 3 is going.” and they all laughed. yeah, they would laugh at you too.


  • nicole

    Face it!! Alex is considered pathetic by lots of people now. A total sell out, pap-loving, famewh*re!! End of story.

  • @Lamsie

    You know, you may be right. They may not read online sites (human nature being what it is, I highly doubt it though), but producers, execs and writers sure as hell do. They mentioned that very fact during the interview. One of them stated that one of their writers/producers viewed that aspect as part of their responsibility to the show. They need to see both good and bad buzz out there on the net. So yeah…trust. Someone on the inside is reading up on things. As for the “few” fans as you put it, I’m betting it’s more than you think. For a hot show that’s about to premier in less than 20 days, the “lead” doesn’t seem to be generating as much positive buzz as he did before, and it’s not limited to this site. So, what gives? Oh, and by the way, what happened to the papp feeding frenzy that was going on? You think that just spontaneously stopped becasue they ran out of film for their cameras? Maybe somebody thought it would be a good idea to stop chumming the water before they ended up as shark bait, so to speak.

  • JustJoanie

    Thanks JJ. Love Matthew Fox and Jon Hamm Yum!

  • sarah

    great interview! love alexander!

  • Betty

    @Alexa: Not in Sweden

  • heidi

    #36, writers and producers keep an eye on how their series are being received, but they aren’t hanging out on JJ’s, seeing if folks like Kate Bosworth. So far, advance word from television critics on the new season of True Blood is very good and fan response to the movie nights is very good. And apparently, Askars’ performance on True Blood is considered notable, given that he was invited to this gathering.

    A few obsessed people posting negative stuff about Alex because of his girlfriend is sad, but it’s not going to derail True Blood. It is a good example of why actors should never read stuff on the internet, though.

  • leah

    It’s not about Kate. She’s not on the show. Alex is. He’s the one being criticized and he’s the one shouldering the majority of the publicity this season. I think Alan Ball would have gladly stuck with Stephen and Anna in the spotlight if possible. IA though, none of this should derail True Blood. I guess we’ll have to wait and see about Alex.

  • Muse

    I love Matthew Fox! So sexy, classy and intelligent!

  • heidi

    @leah, When the majority of the negative posts about Alex are that he must be a famewhore because the poster believes Kate B is a famewhore, and that Alex has let down his fans because several months ago he said he was single when he may have been dating Kate B., then much of the negativity is about Kate B and the posters’ reactions to Alex dating her. Given that we’ve only had snippets about the new season, the negativity isn’t about Alex’s performance on True Blood. And is not likely to be, since he’s going to have a bigger role this season and the early reviews of the first three eps have been very positive. I’m not delighted with the brown hair myself, but the shade of his hair is not going to make or break Alex’s performance as Eric.

    That Alexander is such a prominent part of the promotion shows the producer’s confidence in him, despite many of these same negative posters having said on several different occasions that their negative reaction to Kate B would make Alan Ball rethink any decision on his part to increase Alex’s role this season. Alan Ball is not reading JJ to see how to write his show. That Alex was included in an Emmy round table discussion for dramatic actors is a much better indicator on how Alex’s portrayal of Eric is going over.

    The “sex symbol” part of the fan furor over Alex last year may have been a help in making internet noise over him, but that kind of attention inevitably waxes and wanes because the kind of attention it generates is fickle. It’s just fantasy fulfillment and since the actor is real and not a “TV Boyfriend,” eventually he will do something that mars the fantasy, especially if he lives his own life. Fortunately, Alex got a lot of attention for doing a good job, as well, both in Gen Kill and on True Blood. That’s the kind of attention that will help him in the long run.

  • @heidi

    I don’t think anyone thinks that True Blood will fail or that Alex won’t give a superb performance as always. Using Alexander to promote the show was a pure business decision because of the reaction from fans last year not just on his acting ability. Anna as Sookie rubs alot of people wrong and she really doesn’t do alot of promos because of that. Alex’s role on this season had been set and no one thinks that will change as shooting is almost complete. But you along with everyone else must accept that this is a business and if Alex’s or anyone’s reputation takes a nose dive for whatever reason and they are not bringing positive publicity to your show/movie then how much they promote it could possibly decrease.

    Alex being at the emmy round table was nice but I agree with most posters that he really didn’t fit as this stage is his career in the US regardless of what he’s done overseas. There were many other actors who would have been better suited.

  • heidi

    However, as you say, it’s a business and Alex would not have been at the round table if his performance on True Blood was not generating good buzz n the industry. And that kind of attention carries more weight and lasts longer than a group of fans angry at who he dates. If he does something along the lines of Jonathan Rhys Meyers with his drunken racist rant, then his personal life will be in danger of superseding his professional life (I wish JRM all the best). Choosing KB as his girlfriend doesn’t fall in that category.

  • @heidi

    I disagree with your reasons why Alex was at the round table- I think it is the result of his new PR rep which is not a bad thing. Alex’s performance in True Blood will always generate a good buzz because his is extremely talented. However, he still should not have been grouped with these actors- they are in a different league than him and to me it showed in the clips. He is not getting as much attention as some people on this board seem to think. He is good but he is not a household name like the other actors in this group- most people still don’t know who he is (yes even in the industry) and whether you want to agree or not it was his fans that got him the notice on True Blood and GK more than the critics did. Without fans who cares who you are in this business. So while he can receive kudos from his acting peers if no one else wants to see him then he will not go far.

    Who you choose to associate with both male and female can affect your career. Fame is a fleeting thing and he is on the cusp but if you turn off the people that wanted to see you then your marketability becomes nill. So yes his behavior has been off putting as of late and if the public see her as the cause of this change then that’s their right. Alex has a relatively small fan base right now and his alienation of them will be detrimental to his career no doubt about it. This is HW and you can be replaced very easily so he needs to be careful of what he says and does. If Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton can date for a year and have a child then let’s be honest you can keep your personal life private with no issues in HW. However, if he dates a woman, who is a D list actress at this point, who invites the paps to catch her at the grocery store then hewill not have the privacy he claims to want to have in his personal life. So he can’t complain about the lack of privacy because by dating her he invites the paps into his life- not because of your fans but because KB wants to remain relevant.

  • PR Hound

    I wouldn’t classify Anna’s “rubbing people the wrong way” anywhere near the same category as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but you don’t see her front and center for True Blood either. Although that could change. Business is business, and if actors are out there as the “face” of a show or movie, everything will be scrutinized from talent to looks to likeability. I may not like the way your hair looks or the way you talk and something that trivial could be taken into account in certain test markets. It isn’t personal, it’s just business. People who are making decisions regarding their franchise probably wouldn’t look twice at his personal life in any capacity if he were just another actor on the show. If the lives of actors and who they date did not matter as you state, then why are there any closeted actors left in Hollywood? Fact is it does matter. That aside, I don’t think it’s all about who he is or isn’t dating in this case. I think it’s about perceived behavior. You could argue until the cows come home about whether or not that perception is justified at this point. Some apparently think it is.

  • Are u joking

    Skarsgard had no business being included in that. The other actors have years in the biz and are accomplished and respected. Matt Bomer was the only new actor who should have been included because he carries his whole series himself. He works very hard. Skarsgard on the other hand, is the only one out of the group who is known more for his off-work activities. When has he been at work? We’ve seen him partying, lunching, holidaying, going to fashion shows, and generally famewhoring around the world with Kate Bosworth, definitely not working. That scene in the trailer is probably the only one he has this season. He probably accidentally wandered in from the Chateau Marmont bar.

  • good publicist

    His new publicist is earning her big bucks if she managed to get him in on that. Ryan Kwanten would have been a better choice and he actually deserves to be there.

  • where are the paps now?

    The paps found Alex and Kate in a grocery store in Stockholm, yet they went unnoticed at two international airports? And these paps who chased them to the other side of the globe aren’t chasing them around Los Angeles? Why did the media instantly decide to stop chasing them and posting the pics?