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Demi Lovato Confirms Joe Jonas Split

Demi Lovato Confirms Joe Jonas Split

Demi Lovato has taken to her Twitter to clear up some rumors and confirm her split with fellow Disney teen sensation Joe Jonas.

“There are so many crazy rumors flying around today,” Demi tweeted. “I’d like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn’t over the phone.”

She continued, “Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already.” (Certain websites speculated that she’s dating Wilmer Valderrama.)

Demi ended her note, saying, “Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans. Just thought you guys should know this.”

Joe also released a statement to People: “Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one. I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now. It was my choice to break up but I love her as a friend. She’s been there for me when I needed her. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her.”

Wishing you both the best, Joe and Demi!

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  • nonymous

    did anyone think this would last? demi is uffed in the head and joe jonas is a manwhore.

  • Hanna

    They were so cute…oh well at least they stay friends

  • clara

    nao queria ah ):

  • Ella

    god, they’re both such publicity whores.

  • justme

    WOW..Im shooocked!!…NOT!

  • marissa

    why do people take every fauxromance he has seriously?? these are kids who are walking advertisement for Walt Disney.

    as if

  • haha

    joe just wants to date every teeny bopper out there. all the girls that date him ends up with broken heart. i’m so glad camilla broke up with him. i bet that must have hurt.

  • shell

    Isn’t this why you have a second site Jared? For those celebrities that appeal to the little kids.

  • reba

    I’m sad for Demi. Joe is a loser.

  • Laml

    As if anyone cares? Celebs are ridiculous to release statements as if the world is hanging on by a thread until we find out about their lives.

  • Jason

    “It was my CHOICE to break up” this guy comes off as a total di.ckhead.

  • Bibi

    Did he have to mention it was “his choice” to break up? Nicer way to say “I dumped her”. Oh, how very gentleman-like of him!

  • offtheproperty

    the only True Love is that between A Girl and Her Fans

  • um

    weren’t they supposed to go on tour together?

  • Jennifer

    he just had to tell everyone it was he who dumped demi, he couldnt keep that between them??? i’ve always said this. joe jonas has NO freaking class or respect for the girls he dates, he really wants people to think he’s the most popular one in the band even tho most girls would f-k his jailbait little bro over him. he legit thinks he’s some chick magnet. PLEASE! you’re nothing but a cowardly douchy poser joe.

  • Allie

    We all know Joe Jonas dates all these girls to cover up what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes. He should just come out and be done with it.


    @Laml: Their millions of fans wanted to know, and even I had some interest though I’m no fan of either.

  • Kevin

    @Jennifer: Or gay :) COME OUT JOE

  • madison

    joe was so nice when i met him this week… and my friends who work in the industry think he’s a complete gentleman. did he really say, “it was my choice to break-up w/ her??” i bet someone is putting words into his mouth.

  • Riley

    ugh i never liked joe. the “ho bro”. i bet the only one he was ever into was camilla, too bad she left him..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …so, they’re fcuking kids. hahahahahaha..

  • Impulse Magazine

    I will definitely date her if Joe does not want her

  • Alyssa

    I looove how he couldnt just say that yes we split up but he just had to add in HE was the one who broke up with her.

  • Jessica

    This was one of the biggest publicity fails that Disney has tried to engineer. No one cared that they were ‘dating’…so when everyone realized it wasn’t going to be press, they called off the sham so that Demi and Joe could stop pretending (and they’d get a few more minutes of fame with the break up story)

  • andamentothat

    Joe Jonas needs a few lessons in chivalry..

  • http://@mellz89 Mellz

    I knew it !!! Gosh Joe always dumb a girl lmao..
    Poor Demi :( :(

  • cindy

    Whatever…it was mere PR hype for Camp Rock 2. Demi is going find a way better dude. And Joe….eventually will be a “Ricky Martin.” Period.

  • cari

    He is just looking for a fag hag.

    She can and will do sooooo much better.

    He is not all he thinks he is….he looks like a loser, can’t sing or act.
    about as useful as paris hilton. meaning useless.

  • Amy

    The fact that Joe commented to the public that it was his decision to break-up makes him a self-centered jerk. I hope Demi never dates that butthead again. Everyone is better off without a Jonas brother.

  • cacey

    He is just a MINI D bag like John Mayer. Who goes to People MAGAZINE to announce their breakup let ALONE divulge that he did the breaking up. I guess the young shall grow or never grow. Always let the girl do the announcing first and let it be her choice to say who broke things off MORON.

  • Alissa

    Golly, I hope that Joe’s purity is intact.

  • honeybear

    All girls know that if a guy breaks one girls heart, he’ll probably break yours as well…I’m sorry Demi and Taylor

  • duchessduchie

    So they broke up for now. Let’s take a step back and look at the situation from business perspective. Although some people called Jemi a PR stunt it (which it wasn’t), Joe and Demi being together could actually have negatively affect their careers. Single stars generally sell more. They have to seem attainable to fans. If a star is VERY publicly dating someone the star is no longer appears attainable and a fan may move on to another star that appears attainable. More than a few star couples have “broken up” before a new record/movie/tour and then got back together after it. Does anyone have any idea how well the JB and Demi tour is selling? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the tickets start selling at a much faster rate now that Jemi is broken up. Also think about the media that can be generated from the tour which two ex’s are going to be performing with each other night after night after night. Think about the people going to the shows just to see if something good or bad happens between Joe and Demi during the show. Does anyone remember the video of Joe crying at a show after his breakup with Camellia (sp?)? The Taylor slight? That is the stuff that makes a good show great. Also, think back to the press stuff about the tour. The media didn’t focus much on the tour but they ALL asked /hinted at if Demi was going to be sharing a bus with Joe. Those types of questions and hints didn’t give the tour the type of press that JB-business-side and Demi-business-side would like. One, it looked over JB and Demi’s amazing music ability and two it hinted at major impropriety. The impropriety being possible sexual relations with a minor and an adult (which is called statutory rape and is majorly illegal-Demi isn’t 18 until the end of August) which would also mean that they were lying about the purity rings. The business approach of JB and Demi is very similar because they share a manager. How convenient. Let us not forget that both are actors and anyone who saw Demi on GA knows that girl can act. Not that I am saying that the breakup is a PR stunt. The important thing is that they are still friends and there is a VERY good chance that they will get back together . People do not risk that long and strong of friendship without a very good reason and maybe they just need to get a little older and then explore it again. It is extremely important for Jemi fans NOT to hate on Joe or Demi. You loved them together and you love them apart.

  • julie

    First of all who cares. And second of all, if he was a gentleman, he wouldnt feel the need to make sure the world knows HE broke up with HER and not the other way around. You’re 20, not 17. For f*’s sake.

  • Malia

    Some things in a relationship should be kept between the two people in that relationship. Not blabbed to the entire world. It would have been best to keep the relationship quiet till they figured out if they were compatible. She was telling everyone who would listen how much in love she was and that probably scared him off.

    And why would he want everyone to know HE ended the relationship. That in itself tells you he’s too immature to even be in a relationship

  • n_n

    Yeap, he is gay!

  • anne

    wow, that was really really low for joe to say that!
    i don’t think i’ll be thinking the same way again about him…
    o well. :) go demi!!

  • w11

    Funny how all his “relationships” last a mere months. They’re always highly publicized and never last long. BEARDING at it’s best. I mean, it’s so obvious now.

  • usilang

    And the guy has the gall to issue an statement that he’s the one who initiated the break-up. He could have confirmed the break-up without stating that. What does he want to prove? Talk about being ungentleman…

  • Lixxy_B

    No longer a fan of Joe Jonas. I think Nick is the talented one of the group. He needs to drop JB and go solo for GOOD!

  • linna

    you guys are so freaking bad people.. i mean you dont know why they split so shut up.. i mean its better to split up than to split up in a half year and after this they hate on each other.. like taylor swift and joe did .. and stuff..

  • lkia

    What a gentleman..not. I thought I’d just write this bullshi*t to let you all know it was me that dumped her cause my ego wouldn’t be able to take it if you thought it was the other way round.

  • mailey

    they went out for like 2 weeks, that doesn’t count as bf-gf. lol. that’s soo funny.

  • http://flattsfan04 Kari Leann

    Joe Jonas is really hot… Who cares if he said that he dumped her? I don’t think that this will hurt their careers because they are both super talented… And for the record Joe Jonas is a christian man so I don’t think that he is gay…

  • Catherine

    Joe and Nick have serious girlfriend problems! I mean come on they can never keep their GFs, WTH. They seem like crappy boyfriends, they always break-up.

  • Helen

    oh please. he just had to go and say it was his choice, didn’t he? douchebag.
    anyway, why am I nto surprised? this whole thing looked weird from the beggining.

  • Jenny

    I swear they were really all-over-each-other-happy-as-anything-and-in-love last week? Ahh; obviously not eh.
    I love her dress! Where is it from?

  • Jime

    did someone believe this relationship was true?

  • nisa

    I Think Demi Lovato has the most beautiful voice out of all the teen stars out there ( My Little Cousins Bought Her Album and i was actually Blown away ! ) Her voice could win any boy her heart desires ;]

  • http://facebook nikki

    i knew it wouldn’t last between them