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Gisele Bundchen & The Brady Bunch

Gisele Bundchen & The Brady Bunch

Gisele Bundchen goes makeup-less as she visits family with her husband, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, and their adorable 6-month old son Benjamin Brady, on Saturday (May 22) in Los Angeles.

Last week, famed photographer Mario Testino was at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to promote his new book, “Kate Moss by Mario Testino.”

He recalled meeting Gisele at the end of the grunge-waif era and trying to convince editors to use her. “It was, ‘Uh, no, the nose, the waist, the breasts.’ They saw problems everywhere,” he said. “A year later, everyone wanted her.”

And now, Gisele is the highest paid model in the world!

More pics at X17!

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  • kate

    She is ugly

  • Courtney

    correction Justjared baby ben isn’t officially 6 months old for another 16 days until June 9th at least get his age right

  • anonymous

    aww…Ben is so cute! John was there as well, he’s in the red shirt. Gisele looks amazing even without make-up, her clothes look so comfy!

  • overrated model

    Gisele is not aging well she looks like 40s and shes makeup-less face is awful.

  • Bela

    I love how the fashion people are trying to convince people that Gisele is ‘curvier’ than Kate Moss. She is just as skinny and boyish/androgynous as Kate. They both lack hips, butts, breasts.

    Gisele also has the face of a man and that German nose.

  • dawn

    gisele is gorgeous. wow one of the few celebs to have enough confidence to not go without makeup. I think she is a natural beauty. knowing how photographed she is, she dont give a F*** love her!
    what a rare thing to see in a celeb. and dont compare her to other mdoels, they dont get photographed much outside of modeling shoots so of course they always look perfect. who do you see the most un-dolled up: the most famous ones Kate,Heidi and Gisele. all the others you just see in magazines. *sigh*

  • #1

    the son is a cutie! he is half and half awww.

  • pleasantry

    I think she is a natural beauty. not superficial and gets ready just for paps. she looks great! I dont like fake plastic looking girls so maybe thats why…

  • grrrrr

    she should put make up on, doesnt look good with out it, not hatin but when all women reach a certain age they just need make up, she doesnt need much because she is pretty just fundation and blush…and i get that john was there you dont need to convince people you post that in 7 sites already!

  • Marcelle


  • stephanie

    I love this family <3 gorgeous!

  • lol

    Tom and Ben look cute but Gisele is mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • grrrrr

    @Bela: i agree to a certain point she isnt curvy but she has a great models body, bar is curvy so is doutzen but they are not great models

  • Boston

    You can not be half of a nationality stupid. Little Ben is American like his dad. Ben was born here and his German mother will probably become nationalize too they all want to.

  • Dude looks lady…..

    but in this case, the other way around….That, that, lady looks like a dude!
    people wakeup
    – open your eyes, she’s ugly

  • #1


    kelly osbourne said the same thing about christina aguilera, and who is the cuter one? LMAO fat chubby girls all say the same thing about rich successful beautiful people. ugly girl syndrome. do somethin about it and get off the internet! get lost, kate moss has 2 things gisele doesnt have. MUSCLE tone and HEIGHT. you cannot even compare one of the hottest bodies in fashion to one of the worst! ugh…they do both have stunning,amazing cheekbones though. they photograph impecably. lemme guess youy are a fan of obvious in your face cheap plastic beauty? LMAO gross.

  • may

    she is a harsh looking German woman
    they all look like men

  • please

    @Dude looks lady…..:

    everyone has opinions but I like thin faces. espcially on models LOL. what is attractive about a fat round pudgy face with a double chin? eww. no thanks. so not wanted. and so seen everywhere..

  • heart

    Ive seen giseles haters, talk about UGLY. lol now wonder they love this place….they cant get a date! let alone a hot quarterback hubby. lol
    gisele haters have you looked in the mirrors? you can think you are cute all you want, but nope sorry. average at best. get a clue!

  • joke

    are you kidding me she doesnt get photographed outside modeling? lately she there are more pictures outside her work than in1 she should be careful with that its not good when that happens to celebs

  • Greta

    Gisele is German and Tom is Irish so little Ben is Irish and German like me. Good combination.

  • ppl

    why do people call her german? you think it pisses her fans off? cuz it doesnt lol. it just makes you look real ignorant. she didnt grow up speaking it,eating sausages with pigtails in her hair did she? no she grew up on the beaches of brazil drinking coconut water in bikinis all day. she is brazilian through and through. like duh. brazilians have all different looks, that is obvious, which is waht makes them so beautiful. I prefer the ones with thin faces though. no bloat and double chins for me.

  • mkay

    I get told I look like her so I think she is gorgeous, cuz I sure know I am. lol trust me if I wouldnt feel such a compliment feeling if she were ugly. I would be offended but im not. in fact it makes me get a big head if anything. who wouldnt like to get told they look like the biggest supermodel in the world?

  • lily

    no one is asking you to like or think she is beautiful. in fact thats why she is so famous, she doesnt fade into the crowd or sea of pretty model faces. she stands out in both look and personality. There are tons of models out there, and each one has admirers and people who think they are nothing special. she is only human and ALL humans, even the model kind are not always gonna look their best. so what. but for me if a person can take a stunning picture, then they are stunning. and Gisele has made many breathtaking photos. while most average girls could never.

  • George

    I think that she’s beautiful with or without make!

  • cindy

    For those who call her Germany: Brazil has 12 million germans descendants, 25 million italians, 5 million japanese, 5 million portuguese, 10 million arabic, just to name a few…
    For the ones who call her ugly: Post your pics and lets decide who is the ugly!

  • ale

    cindy no go on social networking sites and you will see some of the girls who call her names. trust me you dont want to see! not one has been beautiful lol. go figure right? Truly beautiful people are rarely internet bashers. its always the jobless,short,chubby,pimple faced people who are so miserable and love to call out ugly any chance they can get. I dont know one beautiful girl (tall,thin,striking face,perfect skin,etc..) who is a mean nasty which. its always the average try hard girls who think they are cute when really they would never stand out in a crowd and would be shunned by the whole celebrity world because they are so unnoticable and/or ugly. its sad. get happy people!

  • brazil


    you are so right. Almost every Brazilian person is of mixed heritage just as America. and many of the models are too. Aline Nakshima is of japanese heritage,Isabeli fontana italian heirtage,Raquel Zimmerman also of german heirtage..etc…but are they referred to those ? NO. they are 100% Brazilian girls. why are some people so dense? its astonishing lol. go get some education. get off the computer, its obviously messing with your brains!

  • paula

    think what you want about her. (I have my favorite celebs/models too) and ones I dont think are beautiful that get much hype. cool…

    BUT this is not the face of an “ugly” person!!!!!!

  • karoline

    let me guess all the bashers are bar,lima fans, or tom brady groupies? LMAO. we get it you despise gisele. no one really cares!! you dont have her money or fame. and sure as he** dont have her beauty im sure. get a life,quit hatin, go occupy yourselves with a dead fishes.

  • Caroline, Brazilian

    Gisele is not German…..she is Brazilian!!!

  • cindy

    @brazil: The haters are very busy ( hating, getting fat and uglier) that is why they dont have time to get some education!

  • European

    To call Gisele Bündchen ugly is sooo ridiculous. Seriously! Tastes differ and everybody has a right to their own opinion but I suspect that to some Americans anybody who does not look like a plastic barbie is ugly.

    GB is cool enough to go out without plastering her face with make up and I think that says a lot about this lady and her attitude. Great move, fab woman!

  • Courtney

    She isn’t German she’s Brazillian and yes you can be half a nationality as you can be half a religious persuation as for instance Paul Newman was half Jewish Half Christian as his dad Arthur was German Jew and his Mother Theresa for whom his first daughter with Joanne Woodward is partly named as in Elinore for her mother and Theresa for his and nicknamed Nell do your research before you post

  • Nic

    A natural beauty, always looking great!

  • pw

    You guys are crazy! Gisele is Brazilian, she grew up and was educated as a Brazilian citizen, otherwise she would not have the charm of the Brazilian woman! the Brazilian people are different and special, happy and beautiful, because the mix of breeds! If you can see it, I imagine you’re an ugly and fat! who hates the difference, and is afraid to leave the “conventional”!

  • Dasiy Duck

    She actually looks better without makeup. He features are strong enough without emphasizing them with makeup and contouring.

  • Dasiy Duck

    She looks older than her age due to her smoking.

  • MJ

    Gisele is beautiful, with or without makeup. Can’t believe some people can say she’s ugly. Don’t know what they are comparing her to. Surely not themselves…..hehehehe….

  • Bebe

    Gisele is the ugliest VS model I’ve ever seen.

  • K

    Why is Mario talking about Gisele,when trying to sell a book about Kate? Does he think thats going to help sell his book. Nobody wants a book about a druggie pencil thin Brit!!! Go Gisele

  • Sammy

    How do you know?

  • vivi

    when I see people calling her names, it only makes me wonder what they look like LOL. rarely you will catch the happy,pretty,successful people on internet sites bashing celebrities and models. (they say nice things) its always the unhappy people who do it, because they are so miserable and it makes them feel better about themselves. sad to have to live life that way. I cant relate. Gisele sure can’t either! lol.
    she never bad mouthes anyone in the media, she leaves her house natural with no makeup,etc…CLASS ACT all the way!

  • WE

    what a gorgeous family

  • christine

    what an adorable little fam. gotta love them and wish them all the best!
    so precious. Gorgeous family!!!

  • harry

    exotic face

  • francesca

    gisele is from brazil not germany…
    she is stunning with no makeup

  • http://google DeCe

    i think gisele tries to fit in and not intimitate people with her alter, working self. so she dresses down and doesn’t wear make-up,just to be a regular person, to fit in, in any case tom loves and adores her, she’s his dream girl and the love of his life and that is all that matters. they are a beautiful, loving couple, with a gorgeous family.

  • gia

    I’m so sick of Gisele saying she’s Brazilian when she’s really got German blood flowing through her veins. Yeah she’s born in Brazil but that doesn’t make her Brazilian. She really is ugly too. I always thought she was beautiful but then took a good look at her and just realized that she’s just a hreat model who undestands how to pose. You want to talk about a beautiful model? Gia Marie Carangi. She died when she was only 26 but was the most beautiful of them all.

  • facadestilladser

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