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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Split

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Split

Joe Jonas has pulled the plug on his relationship with fellow Disney teen sensation Demi Lovato, has confirmed.

However, Joe, 20, and Demi, 17, will still tour together this summer for their Jonas Brothers/Camp Rock 2 concert. interviewed both of them last week — in separate rooms — but neither looked edgy. Demi smiled throughout, played charades with us and even pretended to bark like a dog. Woof!

Video coming soon to JJJ!

FYI: Back in October 2008, Joe dumped Taylor Swift over a 27-second phone call.

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  • nyop

    It was bound to happen…she was alot more into him than he in her

  • Jen

    Well, he’s gay, so that would explain a lot

  • Cecile


  • xx

    Joe’s such an ass

  • xoxo

    that lasted like what…a month, maybe 2??? should be some great songs bashing each other for our pleasure in the next few months…

  • Alaia

    Who cares about this hipster douche and his beard?

  • ALE





  • thatGirl

    Who cares? The whole relationship was a publicity stunt.

  • DramaQueen15

    too bad :/

    though it was predictable too. these couples don’t last long.

  • tiff

    they didnt look like they liked each other anyways ( i mean joe didnt atleast) Joe is the ho bro :}

  • Mattie

    Demi deserves better than that. Cant understand how she fell for this?

  • http://fueledbygeorgie georgie

    are you gonna post the interviews with them?

  • Magical.

    Joe is too good for Demi.. Fact.

  • Riley

    i knew this was going to happen.. its been a long time coming. mostly i known it was going to be joe that breaks up with her. can’t we all just accept the fact joe cant stick to one girl. i hope demi move on, she can find someone way better.

  • http://j ivanka

    i knew it, demi was so pushy lol fail for jemi fans

  • rebekah

    i swear he is never in a relationship for long

  • http://natiMeschi Mery

    On Demi’s press conference in Chile she put the condition that she couldn’t get asked about Joe and about camp rock 2… maybe this is true :(

  • MAxA

    Jemi? WTF PEOPLE. Quit taking the names of celebs and combining them. There NOT the same person.

    Jesus I hate that!

  • Dylan

    Joe is not as cute as he used to be, Nick is still gorgeous tho :)

  • tiayahii

    Over the phone again but via his father apparently?! Really Joe!p

  • Tori

    GREAT! now he can finally come out!!!!!

  • Getlin

    Finally. Even Joe realized that the relationship is a dead end.
    It’s kinda funny, cause when you look at what the two of them have tweeted, Demi is kinda sad, but Joe… he looks like he doesn’t even care.
    PR, I tell you. All of it was for PR.
    There will be no tension between them during the shows, cause the love they have, it’s platonic.
    Although, it will be fun to observe them going to interviews etc, cause they’re gonna ask about the feelings and the tension between them after the break-up. If it built up any anger in one of the JoBros or Demi or whoever.

  • http://www. allie

    @Tori: His brother Kevin (the newly ‘married’ one) is gay, not Joe….

  • callmewhatever

    Anyone who cant see this kid is gay is delusional I do think you are born gay, it has to be a gene because I can always tell not only by the mannurisms but the face and eyes and everything about him screams gay which is awesome. Hopefully one day he wont be afraid to be who he really is.

  • callmewhatever

    I do not think Kevin is the one thats gay. Its JOE ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Jake

    @allie: They ALL ping my gaydar.

  • kailee

    okay…..i officially hate joe, him and demi had one of the best friendships and he led her on and did this to her. Joe stop using poor defenseless girls to hide the fact that your gay, if your gay your gay come on man. Untalented bastard!

  • Sean

    17? Can’t this fool be charged with rape? Like these 2 never had sex.

  • yvette

    Why does everypone bash on joe? So what, he can dump who ever, whenever. Chill. And believe me, no jonas is gay. And grow up people!

  • ma ling

    he can do better she is trash.

  • CamCam

    Seriously everyone, doesn’t anyone think it’s just a rumor? (I like them, but I’m not a big big fan)

  • vamplover

    that boy can’t hold onto a relationship even if you paid him . i will always love joe. but really? advise to furtue joe girlfriends : pray.

  • Lixxy_B

    Joe is NOT gay… that is all you gay guys out there WISHING it were true. However, if Joe did get his father to break up with Demi on the phone then I’m done with the Jonas Brothers. Joe will be labeled a JERK FOREVER!!!

  • Kate

    i knew they would break up someday, but not THIS soon…..awwww :’(

  • Blair

    Joe is so gay! And Perez Hilton’s claims on this are even more pathetic than the 27-second phone call that ended Joe’s preview relationship with Taylor. He’s such a douche. And such a baby. I honestly do not see what some girls think is so attractive about this closet case. Come on, girls. He’s clearly gay, he’s a jerk, and he’s completely immature. I don’t get the hype over these guys. They are not even good-looking. They are (at best) average looking. I so wish for them to come out of the closet. And then maybe Taylor Lautner would do the same… We can only hope…

  • lena

    my goodnes that sucks what they lasted like a month. in pictures she always looked more into him than he was to her. man i feel bad i hope they stay friends

  • Kyndra

    Whaatt ? Already.. hmph. Not too happy about that, they were cute..

  • RJ

    we love u, joe!

  • abbyd

    @thatGirl: youre so right it was only obvious since theyre new movie and tour is coming up they need some type of publicity since thyre both pretty boring people.

  • Chelsea


    I totally agree with you! Like I am a big fan of them. but it’s like everyone believes this & yeah it might be true but it also can be a rumor!!

  • pinkydoo

    all 3 are gay to the brim, no??

  • n_n



  • forever56

    I feel like my sister’s marriage just broke up or something. This is a sad day. I hope they will work things out on the tour. If they were in a real committed relationship, I’m sure whatever squabble they had they could’ve got past it… Just a week ago they were saying how awesome it was to be on tour with eachother. :((

    Don’t forget the past, Jemi!!!! Don’t lose it all!!!

  • cindy

    Like OMG?! (in a teenager girl’s voice) Not surprised. Joe is way “prettier” than Demi. Soon he will show his true colors. Oh well….

  • Ash

    Yeah besides the simple fact is JOE CAN’T GET A GIRL cuz he’s gay i mean he broke up with girls in such sad ways BUT i goota give props 2 CAMILLA she slammed him GOOD!!!
    Also they weren’t a good couple anyway,i mean seriously not even 5 months dating & BAM nreakup…sad if you ask me!!

  • val

    Joe is too good for Demi??????

    Apparently joe is too good for EVERYONE because he dumps every single one of his girlfriends.

    Cmon, i used to love Joe, but whats up with that? cant he hold on to a girl for more than 2 months?? Either he IS gay (i really hope not but everything points that way) or he’s a player.

    Either way, he’s bad news in lterms of love

  • True story…

    That was such a gay man move. Like what a gay closeted man would do to his beard. I’m a girl and my best friend since kindergarten is a gay man and he pulls stuff like that with girls before he came out… Jus sayin’

  • well duh…

    It was soooo sad to look at this relationship, she was soo into him, talking about how great touring with them wwould be because the can be together all the time… and he was like meh.. she liked him WAAAAAY more then he ever could like her. i don’t htink he’s gay, i think he gets bored too easily and can’t make that connection with girls, like camilla had him wrapped around her finger… he needs a strong mature young woman.. not a little girl..and demi is still very much a little girl.

  • paige

    the relationship wasent a hoax and joe isnt an A** or a dusc* or gay, he wanted to end it so he did, obviousially something wasent working, joe is alwasy called the bad guy cuz he ends it, mabye him and demi were ment to be friends…i love and support them both!! and callmewhatever..kevin isnt fricken GAY!! so stoppp!!!!!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    @Sean: Ummm they dated 2 months not 2 years so its very possible they didnt have sex. Besides 17 is the age of consent so how could it be illegal?