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Katie Holmes Never Turned Down 'Sex and the City 2'

Katie Holmes Never Turned Down 'Sex and the City 2'

Katie Holmes dons a sheer Bird by Juicy Couture top and a Madewell blazer as she gets out of her car with a security escort in New York City on Monday (May 24).

The 31-year-old actress and Victoria Beckham reportedly were turned down for guest spots in Sex and the City 2 but it’s not true.

“I have never had any negative [interactions with Katie and Victoria]. I didn’t turn down Victoria, and I never turned down Katie Holmes,” director Michael Patrick King recently told MTV. “As a matter of fact, I bumped into Katie Holmes the other night, by accident, and she said to me, ‘Tell me Carrie doesn’t cheat on Big with Aidan.’ So that’s all rumor. They’re both fantastic actresses, and it would be nice, but [I] never had a thought of it.”

FYI: Katie is wearing Current Elliott straight leg jeans in Moody.

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Credit: Ant Griffith; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Liz

    Umm, Victoria is not an actress.

  • meee

    katie is such a charlotte

  • Iffy Miffy

    Victoria Beckham is a fantastic actresses?! Really?! I mean, really?! Katie Holmes is a fantastic actresses?! Oh wow… that he managed to stay alive after uttering that monumental idiocy is a major miracle.

  • Nic

    Goes to show how many lies is out there, vicious lies!! I think he meant that VB is a nice person because they have met at fashion parties, and share a similar sense of humor. But since he mentioned Katie he said they are both actresses, clearly a mistake on his part.

    However VB has said herself, its all lies, she never wanted to be in the movie, and was never offered anything.

    As for Katie i think she could work for it!

  • Sophie

    Why would Katie and Victoria even be CONSIDERED for roles?! Victoria isn’t an actress (mind you I wouldn’t consider her a fashion designer but apparently she is) and Katie is too busy doing high kicks and trying to be the next Ginger Rogers.

    This is such a none – story.

    It’s bad enough Miley Cyrus has a walk on part, enough of the ‘celebrity cameos’.

    The films are good, but a million miles from the quality and credibility of the TV series.

  • Popou

    Katie Holmes is a GREAT actress. Victoria Beckham what?? An actress? She’s more of a fashion obsesive compulsive person with no official profesion. This guy is an idiot!!!

  • mousse

    I cannot remember when she didn’t have that bitter fish mouth.
    She looked happier, a long time ago.

  • chaos

    Posh Beckham a fantastic actress??? Clearly he is delusional.

    And yes, no doubt Beckham’s people planted this story to get publicity, her being such a fame whore. After all, in what planet would her name even come up in cameo, much less film role??? Too obvious, Posh. Try again. Or better still, vanish into the thin air.

  • Ryan

    she never turned down tom… that was a mistake.

  • What’s strange body

    Ughhhh……..HER BUTT SO FLAT, THIGH ALSO THICK AND SHE HAD SHORT LEGS, this type of jeans is not good for her.
    She claim that she is a designer, but she don’t know how to make it fit for herself.

  • NY Girl

    Why the hell is she dressed for winter? It’s 75 degrees here today. What a weird person. She dresses for winter all year long and dresses her kid for summer in the dead of the winter. Shes a freak married to a lunatic. Feel sorry for her kid.

  • Kaka Homely

    @What’s strange body:
    So true! If you look at her profile, her behinds are so so WIDE, double Wide and FLAT!!
    Even the pants that tight cannot show any curve or contour of her!! Amazing isn’t it.
    As for the sheer top, what a joke!!
    This piece of KAKA seems to prefer black bras, trying to shift the attention from her double WIDE hips?

  • Kluge

    What a deep observation NY girl. It probably took you a complete day long to make that comment on your own. Get a life and stop hating peple who have the life you only can dream of. You seem quite shallow as many people aroun here who have nothing better to do as to waste time on peple they dislike.

    Another Katie Holmes fan in here.

  • Kaka Homely

    Funny question to ask should be: was Kaka ever invited in the first place?



  • @ kluge

    Whats your frickin problem biotch?? I don’t hate anybody moron. I was just making a comment about how hot it is here. Besides, she is a frickin cult looooooser to get over it. You must belong to the same cult you freak.

    I may be shallow but you’re a disgusting hater piece of garbage you delusional a ss whole. Shove your katie holmes up your sandy tight vajayjay.

    Free country baby. I can say what I want. Now drop dead. LMAO

    By the way, I am richer than you will ever be. You probably live in some podunk down in Ohio. LMAO. Die biotch.

  • Mary Myers

    I used to be the ultimate Katie fan up until very recently. Now I can’t even look at her. It breaks my heart to see what has become of my beloved Joey. When she married Tom Cruise she changed completely. She’s a miserable former shadow of herself. Also, it is very warm here in NYC but Katie’s clothes are the least of her problems. I hope someday she realizes what Tom has done to her and takes her daughter and leaves him. I wish her parents would intervene and help as well.



  • Lyn

    Katie is as good of an actress as Posh!! PERFECT!! I couldn’t agree more!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missy

    @Mary Myers:

    “I hope someday she realizes what Tom has done to her and takes her daughter and leaves him. I wish her parents would intervene and help as well.”

    And what exactly has Tom done to her??? I always hear people going on and on about how horrible Tom is how he’s ruined her life, but I just don’t get it. She’s not a child who was kidnapped and locked up in the basement. She’s a grown woman who met a grown man and decided to build a life with him. She has a faithful husband, an adorable precious daughter, and two step-children who seem really sweet. It’s not as if she’s been forced to give up her career and become a stepford wife who has no life of her own. She has several projects coming out. She travels around the world, sometimes with her husband, sometimes without. She appears to do whatever she wants. Sure, she may look a bit serious in papparazzi photos, but there are plenty of photos of her looking happy as well which people ignore. I just don’t get why people insist on making her out to be some sort of victim.

  • kizbit

    Oh why oh why is Katie the only “star” in our fair city that thinks she needs a bodyguard with her 24/7?? What is she so afraid of???????

  • emma#2

    The other people in the pics are dressed warmly too.

  • @ missy from Mary

    Are you serious? Since Katie has been with Tom, she’s been treated like a laughingstock! People make fun of her constantly!! It also doesn’t help that he is so involved with Scientology and got her involved too!! Have you read anything about that religion?!?!?! Oh. My. God. They are being investigated by governments all over the world and the US government as well!! Did you see the recruitment video Tom made for them? He sounds like a complete crazy person! Missy do some research. Its not a matter of freedom of religion! I’m all for that!! They are being investigated for crimes like stealing money, hurting people, mail fraud and all kinds of stuff AND Tom is best friends with the head of the whole thing!!!!! Its so scary its not funny.

    If you don’t think being with Tom hasn’t damaged her career, I would have to say you are kidding yourself. Yes she has films coming out but so far 2 out of 3 don’t have distribution deals!! Thats a fact! They’re tiny little films! If she wasn’t with him, she’d be doing much better! Instead alot of people can’t stand her, she’s involved with some group thats all over the internet for being sick and crazy and people laugh at her.

    I do agree with one thing you said though. It is Katie’s doing, She is an adult and she signed up for this and I guess decided to join that crazy religion on her own. I just hope when they start arresting people, they don’t arrest her husband too!!

  • dani

    @@missy from mary’

    Well said. Although it would be a nice if Cruise was arrested just to prove you can’t sit on the side lines and support a “religion” that abuses people. Cruise has got to know what is going on and he just doesn’t care.

  • debbie

    Love Katie Holmes! God bless her beautiful family as well.

  • @ missy from Mary

    Of course he knows what’s going on dani!! His best friend and best man at the wedding is the head of the whole thing and an object of the investigations! There are whole blogs out there talking about how Tom has all Scientology people working for him for free and how they are being abused and hurt,. So many of them have come out and talked about it!! Its not one or two people. It’s HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS.. They are leaving Scientology and telling all about how much Tom is involved and how he is involved in the mistreatment of people. They can’t all be lying!! Governments would not be investigating them if none of it was true. The Italian government just raided Scientology headquarters in Italy and the FBI are investingating them here! I’m scared for Katie and her daughter! The whole thing is a scam and its dangerous. I know its her own fault like missy said but I can’t help but believe that she didn’t realize what she was getting herself in to!! I just feel like this is not going to end well. I predict a divorce under bad circumstances within a few years.

  • @ debbie

    Scientologists don’t believe in God so save your blessings, dear. It’s Xenu bless them.

  • Pac Man

    How is she a miserable former shadow of herself, #17? She’s more famous than ever and seems to be having a great time.

    Quit blaming Cruise for every single thing Holmes does or doesn’t do. There’s nothing for her parents to intervene in.

    Exactly, #20.

    Afraid of freaks like you, #21. Trying to kidnap and ‘de-brainwash’ her.

    If Holmes wasn’t with Cruise, she wouldn’t be near as famous, #23. She’s already doing great.

    Respect other people’s beliefs.

    His religion is his business and has nothing to do with what it does, #24. He can’t nor should be arrested for just believing in its doctrine. Fight Scientology all you want but leave innocent people out of it.

    Cruise has never been prosecuted because he has nothing to do with Scientology’s abuses, #26.

    Watch them not divorce as everyone has been mis-predicting for years.

  • annie

    Katie looks very pretty and modern in these pics. Love what she’s wearing.

  • annie

    The Romantics has been picked up by Paramount
    Don’t be Afraid of the Dark by Miramax. Read it has a Nov release
    Extra Man is coming out soon.
    Everything is so magnified when it comes to Katie, even just getting out of a car. Must be so depressing!

  • missy

    Mary, I get what you’re saying about Scientology, but I honestly don’t think that Katie’s being abused. I mean, if Tom is really so high up in the organization, then his family shoud be treated well. There are plenty of scientologists in hollywood, but I don’t hear anyone expressing concern for their safety? So, I don’t get why everyone worries about Katie as if she’s a little kid who was kidnapped.
    Having said that, I do agree that she didn’t know what she was getting into. It must be weird to go from living a relatively low key life and then all of a sudden find yourself involved in a controversial religion and have to deal with your every move being criticized. However, I do believe that she’s happy with her life.

  • annie

    There are so many pics of Katie hugging ,laughing, kissing, many,many people, but she really has no time for the paps, she can barely tolerate them , it’s very very obvious, nor does she try to hide it!

  • Alissa

    Not one of the lovely Katie’s better moments:

  • Pac Madam

    Kludge: What an idiotic comment.

    NO ONE in their right mind would dream of having the life that Katie has!

    That would be a sick fantasy and you are either an idiot or sick wacko!

  • Pac Man

    Right, #30 and #31 and #32.

  • Pac Madam

    missy- adorable previous daughter ?

    are you outta your freaking mind ?

    the parents of suri have created a sorry sight of a very spoiled brat that has quite a few issues. Don’t see it getting better!

    Sad life

  • Poo Poo Packy Man

    honeybunch- Pac Man.

    Will you just shut up with your die hard fan nonsense!

  • Mower Jack

    Victoria Becham is an actress? Fantastic actress? Was that dude high or just trying to be a gentlemen?