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Hayden Christensen: 'The Lazarus Effect' Airs Tonight!

Hayden Christensen: 'The Lazarus Effect' Airs Tonight!

Hayden Christensen is trying to to raise awareness of the value of 40 cents – the cost of antiretroviral medicine needed for people with HIV/AIDS in Africa to survive. Here’s an excerpt of what the 29-year-old actor penned for Larry King Live‘s blog:

“One of our initiatives is to raise AIDS awareness through The Lazarus Effect. This inspiring documentary airs tonight on HBO (at 9PM ET/PT). If you miss it there, you can see it on YouTube afterwards.

The Lazarus Effect addresses one of the world’s worst epidemics—AIDS in Africa. It focuses on the transformative effect of antiretroviral medicine and shows us how someone who is severely suffering from AIDS can regain their health in as little as 40 days by simply taking two pills a day that only cost 40 cents. The narrative of the documentary is told from the perspective of patients and doctors who are battling AIDS in their every day life. The story that unfolds in this documentary does not focus on the devastation and despair, but on survival. It shows what the human impact of smart aid programs has been…”

WATCH: “The Lazurus Effect” Promo Video!

“I hope people watch the documentary and are inspired to help raise funds to support the incredible programs that ultimately save lives. I urge people to visit JOINRED.COM and learn how they can get involved.”

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  • Ryan

    It’d be interesting to see how much money he contributed compared to how much he has.

  • leslie

    Thank you Hayden.

  • F*CK

    That is hilarious b/c we got an anorexic looking guy that utters only two words mowing down on a sandwich. I’m sure the dude never eats a healthy meal. A ciggy he should have been smoking since, he is a walking chimney. LOL!

  • johan

    yeah and Rachel Bilson was spotted on target buying pop-corn for the movie for sure

  • this

    I admire and respect his passion for this project.

    And the comments above are simply embarrassing.

  • olivia

    Seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t comment. Hayden seems like a nice guy and there is no reason to hate someone you don’t even know..

  • callmewhatever

    Hayden is gorgeous and this is obviously a worthwhile cause.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think it’s nice he’s doing something charitable but aren’t there other celebs who are part of the project?
    @ Ryan – I’m sure Rachel gave him a few bucks to donate but she couldn’t let him donate too much of their money. How would she afford her paparrazi stunts or constant shopping sprees?

  • chris 23

    He’s a good guy doing a good thing. I hope this documentary draws much needed attention to the AIDS epidemic in Africa and around the world. Good for him and other actors/actresses who joined this campaign.

    P.S. He’s a hottie. He he.

  • jolene

    hayden looks gorgeous!!!
    he is conscious of his social role!!! this is really nice!!!
    he is THE guy!!!!

  • silly people

    For christ sake, some who posted comments(first 4) about this-did you stop and actually look at what the organization does? you should be ashamed of yourself, who cares what money Hayden Christensen may or may not have given-he has been involved more than others.

    @Lexy I can assure you Hayden does not need Rachel’s money, nor permission to use his–what fricken planet are you on–sorry your from planet anti-Rachel, I forgot for just a moment.

  • Ahari

    He’s trying to make a difference. Will it matter? Who knows. At least he’s trying. That’s a whole lot more that *some* people do. Hayden is a good guy, cut him some slack, I think this is a great thing he’s trying to accomplish.

  • Reality Check

    I’m sorry, but, didn’t Rachel and Hayden accept a free luxury safari trip, worth 35K per person, from an AIDS foundation in Duabi a few years ago? And wasn’t part of them accepting that gift that they choose from a list of charitable foundations and each endorse one of them?

    I mean, I don’t mean to sound negative, but, endorsing a charity is a small price to pay for a 70K gift. I’m sure Hayden cares about AIDS, but, I think you people are too quick assume that they are both involved in charities becasue it’s something they are passionate about, maybe they are, but this is part of a business agreement that was made years ago.

  • @ reality check

    Hayden said in an interview done by RED that he lost an aunt to aids, so I think that would qualify as having a reason to be passionate about helpiing people who have aids with this RED campaign! Who cares what they did a couple of years ago in Dubai, this is a worthy cause he is supporting now, that will help people who need it now. There are alot of celebs behind this campaign, are you going to dissect everything they all have done over the last couple of years as well? Just be glad people will be helped, and do what you can by buying “RED”, or support the charity of your choice!

  • brightside

    One and a half million people have AIDS in my country, almost one hundred and fifty thousand of them are children under the age of 14…there have been ninety six thousand deaths from AIDS since 2007. Everyone knows someone who has died of the virus. It’s not talked about and is hardly ever written on a death certificate. Government information is sporadic…and it’s almost impossible for people to get help…
    Please, this is a very good cause….

  • lexy hates bilson

    I agree this is a good cause BUT we need to be realistic! There are some celebs who do charity work b/c they sincerely care. Hayden MAY be one of them but Rachel certainly isn’t. Her phoney attempts at charity are a joke – see her expensive bracelet where proceeds go to charity! I agree, these stars can afford to foot the bill to do their charity work but many do insist the charities PAY for their endorsements (flights, hotels, clothing for appearances) – that money can be used for those in need.
    And I agree, HC doesn’t need Rachel’s money…how much money could an unemployed woman have??

  • Alias

    @8 & 16 – first you say Rachel gave H a few bucks to donate THEN you say H doesn’t need Rachel’s money???? Good grief, I haven’t posted in awhile but I still see you’re the same idiot you always are and always will be. LOL

  • LOL

    Money? How? I don’t see Rachel making a movie two years ago! LOL

    - Rachel need Hayden’s money.

  • leslie

    @Reality Check:

    It only takes a minute to look up stuff on the internet.

    The “goodie bags” handed out to a lucky 100 celebs at the 2007 Dubai Film Festival were pure marketing of brands with the goal of having those brands associated with the stars.

    The goodies included a Safari trip to Kenya and was widely reported but no mention about it being in association with any AIDS foundation in any article I found.

    Hayden and Rachel did both attend the AmFar event at the DIFF which does have something to do with AIDS. [wink]