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Lindsay Lohan Must Wear Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan Must Wear Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet

Lindsay Lohan heads to her court hearing on Monday (May 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The judge ordered the 23-year-old actress to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet, to attend weekly alcohol education classes and to submit to random drug tests.

Lindsay‘s lawyer explained that Linds is supposed to be in Texas shooting a film and wearing a bracelet would interfere with the project, but the judge said she would have to postpone work – Lindsay needs to have her drug tests in California, not Texas. The judge also explained that the only way Lindsay can miss an alcohol education course is if her random drug tests interfere with classes.

Lindsay Lohan Clears Up Rumors
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  • Athina

    They just seem to go after this poor kid. Other people drink. Do they have to face all that Lindsay is going through? And to say she can’t go to work to make a living? That is ridiculous. They themselves are going to ruin her career by forbidding her to go to Dallas and making her wear that stupid ankle bracelet preventing her from working.

  • nooo

    She is to be sentenced.
    She is guilty.

  • ka

    cant she just die or just quit working in hollywood

  • jeep

    oh, my…I would not wear such a low cut top if I were going to court. that’s just me..

  • Ally

    Maybe she needs to go to jail. It’s the only way she’ll ever learn.

  • ja

    Why is she lying.. is she trying to fool herself or us in those pics you can actually see she has been there for a long time and not just for taking pics…

  • Scallywag

    According to TMZ Lilo is currently besides herself and is crying to the possum god to come down and save her. So mortified is Lilo to the sudden realization that she is actually human she’s being looking at empty beer cans with a woeful longing. If the wicked witch Marsha does make our little possum go cold turkey you know the minute after those terms are set there will be a huge richter earthquake north of Malibu beach as Lilo’s tears begin to flood unsuspecting passer bys.

    Sadly all we can do is pray that our little possum is saved the humility of her suddenly unbearable existence.

  • Josh

    I’m pulling for Lindsay Lohan. She seriously needs help, I think it would do her justice if she just served jail time. Lindsay Lohan has so much potential such a good actress. It’s such a shame she’s not willing to get help to save herself and her career. Get it together Lindsay stop wasting your potential.

  • Dieter

    This judge is destroying her work !!! She does not have the right to do this !!! This girl has been working so hard. She drank slightly too much when she drove a car like three years ago. She did not committ any crime, What kind of country is that???? Shame on you America!!!!

  • izzy

    wow, that was bad. no wonder she’s not considered a good acress. She’s not even average. What a pathetic attempt to “clear up” rumors.
    Sorry, but the world has proof your were partying honey…unless ALL the pictures were set ups.

  • Tomo

    She lies like a 4th grader.. Damn this is what you sounded like when You thought you were slick as a little kid..she’s got some shifty eyes too. She can’t seem to focus Either *cough crackhead cough*… Seriously though this is saaaaad…

  • Allie

    She looked like she had NO CLUE what he was talking about when he mentioned her little brother’s graduation. I honestly believe that Lindsay Lohan thinks she is okay and she has not done anything at all. Whether or not that’s the truth, only she knows and only time and the alcohol monitoring bracelet cant tell.

  • memememe


    umm…..last i checked, drinking “slightly too much” when driving a car is not only a tremendously stupid, inconsiderate, selfish thing to do – but it IS in fact committing a crime. And yes, a judge DOES have the right to impose the law on Lindsay – it’s kind of part of the job. And by the way, Lindsay has been PARTYING hard, not working hard.

  • Status Quo

    Yeah, girl needs help.

  • Bar

    -LIE TO ME – … is a good show , she should watch it .

    – The Truth is Written All Over Our Faces -

  • Dieter

    Are you idiots silly or what ???? This girl cannot work with the silly ancle thingie because she is an actresss. Are you to silly to understand ???? These judge makes it impossible for her to do her work !!!!! Why is that !!!!!!

  • Anon

    athina must not have seen all those pictures of Lindsay falling down drunk or know that she has had 2 DUI arrests from which is on probation for…failing to go to her alcohol classes and for thinking she is special and doesn’t have to follow the rules. By going to Cannes where she partied like tomorrow, where cocaine was once again present and the prosecutor seen the pictures, her own mother admitted they told her not to come back until they got her bailed out…her lawyer brings up in court about the uncle’s funeral, thank goodness the judge asked if Lindsay went.
    Lindsay’s “friends” now are trying to get her to do photo shoots, not because it helps her career…but because it will put money in their own pockets if she dies or goes to jail….last photo shoot of Lindsay. Some friends. These same friends are now telling tmz that Lindsay cannot quit …she wakes up and has to satisfy her cravings.

    I hope the Lohans or these friends get her medical treatment when she gets the DTs or worse from going through withdrawal if she doesn’t go to jail first. Addiction is horrible. Wake-up Dina.

  • Sierre

    Athina quit being stupid. Lindsay Lohan is not a baby, she is a big girl (look it up) now and she is responsible for her OWN actions. Yes people drink, but most of us have to be responsible about it. We can’t club hop all hours of the night and turn around and get up for work the next day. You know, work.. those things that allow us to support ourselves and our families. I can’t get into all kinds of trouble, miss work, get fired and think “Oh well thats ok, I have millions to fall back on until I get my next role.” Life is not fun and games, if Lindsay expects to keep a real career in HW, and more importantly, her ass out of trouble, then she needs to start behaving herself and act like a responsible adult.

  • retrobanana

    she is an idiot….she needs help. she won’t get it because she dosn’t want it….so there is nothing anyone can do…i don’t think we will see anything good from her in the is all downhill from here it has been like that for a while. she is washed up..she should be taken out back and be shot. she isn’t going to recover….she has no career..she’s done.

  • yo sista

    it’s time to grow the Fu%k up lindsay.

  • aeg



  • Kelly

    what a trainwreck

  • mln

    she needs to take a page out of the Nicole Richie book on how to turn your life around.

    and to the idiots who think the judge is targeting lindsay- um dui’s have consequences. AND lindsay was the one stupid enough to not show up to her court date.

  • [marie]

    Completely worthless… All this chick was doing in Cannes was coke.. Your career is done Lindsay.. No more excuses…

  • Puffin

    I’m glad to see the judge isn’t cooperating with her excuses!

  • Lynn

    If she keeps aging at this rate the only roles she’ll be up for are old lady roles.

  • nata

    Where are the pictures where she is seen with the coke? I didn’t hear of those pictures.

  • Zey

    All you guy talking about the DUI are forgetting the bag of coke found in her pocket upon being booked for DUI… Any regular person from the hood is seeing jail time immediately.. Granted if you have money for a good lawyer you’d probably get the same sweet deal she did..and she still couldn’t comply.. What a trainwreck ..Seriously..

  • Marisa

    Based on that little interview, I think she truly wants to put this mess behind her and focus on the work again. I don’t think she’s completely being honest about things like the drugs and partying (there are undeniable pictures and video). I have a feeling that in doing those things, she’s crying out for attention but in a way that will make people actually help her. Her mother keeps saying her daughter’s fine, I think she’s ignoring the problem. Her father explodes every situation so he can continue receiving press. I’m not defending Lindsay, it’s her fault as well that she’s in such a terrible situation but she’s mixed in the wrong crowd. She needs to get out, be by herself and focus on her status as an actress. My advice to her is to focus on the work because that’s why she started out in this business.

  • kitt

    RIP lindsay.

  • dani

    @ athina and dieter

    It is folks like you who have enabled her to get away with her boozing and drugging over the years. You excuse it as not serious.

    What is it going to take? Her OD’ing and dying or her killing an innocent person while she drives impaired?

    Also, serious question–when was the last time she SERIOUSLY worked. Everyone around her enables her behavior so that the money train doesn’t stop.

    And BTW, that movie in TX? She doesn’t have the part for sure. I believe this is the movie the producer and director said that she is not yet cast.

    Lindsay needs to clean up her act and quickly or else she won’t get any more work and she’ll be dead from an over dose.

  • Toni

    First off she clearly needs help that she keeps denying. I think they should do what they did with RDJ which is send her to jail. Stop giving her chances if she can’t even accept them. As a fan of Lindsay who is sad about her troubles, she needs jail, not rehab but jail. Shes gone tO rehab three times and still isn’t sober. She also needs to sadly stop communicating with her mother father and enabling friends and definitely leave Hollywood until she’s sober. Those people and this city is too much for her and she can’t control herself in this city. Also to people saying leave her alone she just had a little too much to drink before she drove, she had 2 DUI’s in the same year she broke a law and should be punished for it.

  • Dieter

    This girl is crying because she missed her brothers graduation !!!!! Leave her alone !!!!

  • happy girl

    Looking bloated and old: Lindsay please get help. You are way too young for this kind of life. And get rid of the enablers. Now. Take hold of your life and best wishes to you.

  • sloane

    I think it’s really great she agreed to do this interview, the guy, as any interviewer in his position should be, is just not giving her a break. I do believe the drugs weren’t hers and I feel bad for her especially considering her family situation. She is very talented and cool (love her top, btw, anyone know where it’s from?) and I hope people stop attacking her. That being said, she may have some sort of alcohol problem, she seemed visibly uncomfortable when asked about rehab.

  • Who Cares

    I LOVE watching these videos of her. It’s really bizarre to hear someone talk about themselves for the press like this.

  • ONO

    Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman, was part of the OJ defense team in that first trial when OJ was found not guilty. What a despicable human being. Glad the judge didn’t listen to her crap.

  • may

    i just hate her
    when i look at her face, i just want to punch her

  • honeybear

    She needs someone in her life who actually loves her not just using her

  • Jasmine

    @Athina: She should feel damn lucky that there are still people who care enough to help her. Other people in her situation get f-cked over much worse with the crap she pulls.

    And I find it despicable that her and her lawyer tried to use her uncle’s death as an excuse for missing court. But of course that didn’t get her out of anything BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T EVEN ATTEND THE FUNERAL. She clearly has mental issues.

  • Lydia

    How does she still have money?

  • Marion

    Lindsay Lohan has the potential to develop into a great actress. Clearly, her progression is stymied by her two manipulation, conniving parents. It’s sad that people only criticize her for her mistakes. Sure, she’s no saint, but she’s trying to get by on what she knows. Based on this interview, she seems to be rather intelligent. At least she uses some advanced vocabulary in her sentences and doesn’t use the word “like” a hundred times in her responses. The girl just needs good role models to get her stuff together.

  • meli


    she also needs to lose the enablers around her… too bad that she thrives on them. To quote a movie line: She can’t handle the truth (About herself), shre really thinks she is all that.
    Poor woman, she will lose her looks very soon with her hard life. She’s already losing them and she’s not even 25. She will never become a truly respected actress, only remembered as a cute child actor, promising teen who threw her life away because of drugs and parties. She has lasted this long in the public eye just because of this being the era of internet, paparazzos. The media really wants another show like Britney’s or PAris’.
    This schemer here is a bit more intelligent or lucky, but she’s heading souh faster than many.
    PAris may have had tougher, but beside everything, I think she is actually really smart and not really addict like others.
    NIcole really overcame her troubles and matured thanks to her family.
    Brit was not so lucky, her family was not enough. She got better because her father threw away her enablers and blood suc*kers around her.
    RDJ and DRew are very talented, and really hit rock bottom. They are examples, HOpe they continue sober.
    I donot have any hopes for LiLo.
    She seems too shallow and narcisitic to even listen.

    born in 1986:
    GEma atterton
    CAmilla BElle
    Megan Fox
    The Olsen twins
    Emmy Rossum

    just to show some of the women same age as LiLo.

  • Danae

    She looks a little fake. Kind of like that rubber suit they made for Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man.

  • Sala

    it’s very disappointing that the judge didn’t put her @55 in jail. the girl freaking missed her court hearing and all she got was random drug testings and that stupid bracelet that she has to wear. she better be thankful (which she probably isn’t) that the judge was very gracious to her. if you and i were lindsay the judge would have definitely sentenced us to jail. celebrities have got it made.

  • @Marion: Clearly neither you nor Lindsay have ever heard of something called RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Goombajr

    I think she did a decent job with this interview. The problem, unfortunately, is that she continues to put herself into scenes where it appears that she is living a life of partying. If she would recognize the image that she is creating and stop clubbing every night, then she would be a lot more believable.

  • Jokergurl

    Man does she bloated from the booze and the cocaine. Lindsay needs a shrink there’s just no getting around it. She’s got too many issues that she seems to be dealing (or not dealing with ) through drugs and alcohol. Sure we’re picking her apart but remember when Robert Downey Jr. had the same problem with drugs? If she misses her parole meetings she might go to jail and it might be the best thing that happened to her in a long time. It might get her to wake up and start behaving like a normal sober adult. If not, I see her heading towards complete disaster route (River Phoenix, John Belushi, Dana Plato, see a pattern here?)

  • sarafina

    SHE DESERVES ALL WHATS COMING TO HER………..She looks a Mess……….Old Old Face……

  • oy

    If they don’t send Loho to jail soon so she can dry out, they’ll be sending her to the morgue later.