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LOST: Season Finale Recap & Spoilers!

LOST: Season Finale Recap & Spoilers!

The 2.5-hour Lost series finale aired on Sunday night (May 23) after six seasons and some 120 episodes later. It was one hell of a ride — especially the final five minutes!

Click inside for an entire episode recap and spoilers!

  • Jack becomes the new Jacob and protector of the island, the antagonist to the “Man in Black” / Smoke Monster in John Locke’s body
  • Jack and “John Locke” go to the heart of the island / tunnel of light with Desmond – bc he is a weapon to the island’s magnetic existence. Desmond drains the light/heart of the island…and the island starts to sink.
  • In order to make that parallel universe happen, Jack believes he must kill John Locke and save the island.
  • Jack and John Locke have a showdown on the rock cliffs. As John Locke stabs Jack and is about to kill him, Kate shoots and kills him, and Jack kicks his body into the ocean.

In the Flash Sideways:

  • Desmond is reuniting all the characters and is helping them remember their time on the island.
  • Ben Linus is Alex’s teacher and mentor. Alex invites him to dinner where he shares a romantic connection with Alex’s mom, Danielle Rousseau.
  • Desmond works for Charles Whitmore, and connects with Penny through the charity concert the Whitmores are planning.
  • Hurley and Libby reconnect through Desmond, and Hurley begins to help Desmond reconnect everyone.
  • Hurley and Boone help push Sayid and Shannon back together. Sayid and Shannon remember.
  • Daniel Faraday connects with Charlotte at the charity concert event.
  • Kate helps deliver Claire’s baby, Aaron – backstage at the Driveshaft / Daniel Faraday concert. They both remember.
  • Charlie and Claire come together backstage. Charlie remembers.
  • Jack and Juliet are both doctors in the same hospital, used to be married, and had a son together.
  • Jin and Sun are pregnant. Juliet is their doctor. As Jin and Sun look at the sonogram, they both remember.
  • Jack gives John Locke spinal surgery, it works, and Locke remembers. This LOST recap is by
  • Sawyer and Juliet meet in the hospital. They both remember and reconnect in mutual tears of happiness.
  • Jack goes to the charity party and runs into Kate. She looks familiar to him, but he only slightly remembers when Kate touches his face.

Back to the island:

  • Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard Alpert, and Pilot Lapidus leave the island on the plane.
  • Jack, Hurley, Desmond, and Ben Linus go back to the tunnel of light. Jack gives Hurley the responsibility of being protector of the island. Jack puts back the magnetic stone while Desmond is pulled out. Hurley asks Ben Linus to be his helper on the island.

Back to the Flash Sideways:

  • All of the islanders meet back up at the church where Jack was supposed to have his father’s funeral.
  • Just outside the church, John Locke forgives Ben.
  • Jack goes inside the church and remembers everything about the island when he touches his father’s coffin.
  • When Jack opens the coffin, it is empty.
  • His father is standing behind him. Jack figures out that he must’ve died himself. Jack’s father says everyone eventually dies “at some point, at some time”.
  • All the characters “move on” to what seems to be heaven all together because they needed each other.
  • The episode ends with Jack dying of the knife wound in the bamboo forest on the island. He is joined by Walt’s dog, Vincent and smiles as he watches the plane with Kate, Claire, Sawyer, and the other survivors flying away – and then he dies…at the exact place where the show started.


WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Lost finale? Sound off in the comments!

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84 Responses to “LOST: Season Finale Recap & Spoilers!”

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  1. 1
    Kelly Says:

    Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping it would all turn out to be a dream.

  2. 2
    Just Jared Says:

    @Kelly: You and Letterman alike.

  3. 3
    Angie Says:

    Daniel Faraday, not David Faredy.

  4. 4
    Just Jared Says:

    @Angie: Thank you so much!

  5. 5
    Zazaman Says:

    Sucked balls this show was just **** on top of ****. Who the hell liked this must have voted for george bush. That was ment to call people stupid.

  6. 6
    Rose Says:

    I’m LOST because that ending answered nothing just more questions

  7. 7
    kris Says:

    Dissapointing. Was expecting something a ltitle better

  8. 8
    B Says:

    @Zazaman: Work a bit on becoming human (this was only a TV show). Try some civility in your language (s*** b****). Get help for your anger problems (President Bush). Maybe work on your spelling too (ment),Good luck.

  9. 9
    jackie Says:

    Everyone is dead. Oh this was a 4 hankie episode. I cried!!!! The Sideways world represented purgatory but they all didn’t die at the same time. Some died right there at the crash, some later on in life but the stuff on the island was real..

  10. 10
    Ryan Says:

    This episode was amazing. It wrapped everything up quite nicely

  11. 11
    . Says:

    I’ve never seen one episode of this show. Maybe I’ll watch it one of these days.

  12. 12
    sweeper Says:

    The finale wasn’t all I’d hoped it to be. Ever since about season 3 or 4 I jokingly said they were in purgatory and turns out my joke was right. That’s why I’m disappointed. It seems they took the easy way to end it. When really I was expecting something more.

    Either way, the series was good, not great cuz I was pissed at all the questions at the end of every episode, and now I’m just left with a so so ending.

    Oh well.

  13. 13
    SoSad Says:

    Sooo… does that mean they were in purgatory the whole time?? That’s what I figured.

  14. 14
    mailey Says:

    The ending was ridiculous sad.

    Richard and Jack, so hot :) Had to be said. They should’ve brought little Jacob on Kimmel. As well as big Jacob.

  15. 15
    Steve Says:

    @sweeper: @mailey: @sweeper: Did you people even watch the entire show?? They weren’t in pergatory the whole time. They were alive on the island, and all that happened there was real. The flash sideways was the pergatory, and when they alll came the realization of what happend in their lives (on the island) and how important they were to each other, they all moved on. Boy, and they say that the show has an intellectual audience. Guess not. That ending was amazing!!

  16. 16
    B Says:

    Gee, ya think there was a little Judeo-Christian propaganda stuffed in there? Talk about taking the easy way out – this was just plain sub-par writing. I feel sorry for all those who spent the last 6 years watching this baloney. You got had.

  17. 17
    B Says:

    Gee, ya think there was a little Judeo-Christian propaganda stuffed in there? Talk about taking the easy way out – this was just plain sub-par writing relying on the same old cliches. I feel sorry for all those who spent the last 6 years watching this baloney. You got had.

  18. 18
    LittleHaze Says:

    It was great. Answered enough questions to call it a finale, but left enough so that we’ll talk about it just a little bit longer. Greatest show EVER!

  19. 19
    B_Duke Says:

    @Zazaman: “Meant” not “ment”…. But we’ll excuse your Bushism… Oh sweet irony!

  20. 20
    Matthew Says:

    The key is Jack. It was his eyes that we basically saw the show through at the beginning, and end. The reason they were in the timeless “now” (not really purgatory…just a place they created to meet) even though some characters died in the past, and some weren’t yet dead, was that JACK died at the end of the show. It was his time…and his view. To all the others, it probably seemed different. Boone had to get Sharon back from Australia in their sideways-world…and was probably doing so from the moment the plane came free on the hillside.

    In the sideways world, they were all the people they thought in their hearts they SHOULD have been. Sawyer was twisted by his parents suicide in life, and became a grifter…but in his heart he always knew he should have been someone protecting others. Ben, in his sideways world, was a teacher, a gentle person who was finally able to be a good father to Alex. Someone gentle, and giving. That he was so far from that in reality is why, despite the grace of Hurley and the forgiveness of Locke, he could still not go with them. He could not forgive himself.

  21. 21
    Darius Says:

    quite a disappointment. it was a good finale, but definitely not as good as six feet under’s series finale. jj abrams always failed to go out with a bang (the other example is alias).

  22. 22
    Helen Says:

    I knew the whole complete ending would disappoint me perhaps if I stayed and watched, and thought about backing out at the time when I saw what I needed to see, but unfortunately I ended up watching the last 12 minutes and I didn’t enjoy the ending…

    Before the last 12 minutes it was great!

  23. 23
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    I like your description Matthew!
    I expected to not have all my questions answered. That’s what this show DOES.
    And honestly, what explanation could satisfy everyone? Expectations and speculation is so high!
    The ending was fitting, not great, but not horrible either.

  24. 24
    Steve Says:

    Great ending for even a greater show, Jack was the hero from the start until the end. Sawyer’s was the best story overall. At first I didnt like the sideways especially after just finishing the time traveling, but I now know that it was the right thing to do. Bravo to all the actors and writers and producers, now what do I watch?…..really. What?

  25. 25
    Steve Says:

    That was cool that Vincent laid down next to jack at the end, that was a good way to let Jack know he wasn’t alone, and to see the plane go by overhead was acknowledging Jack did the right thing. This will stand the test of time, you’ll see…..Ben also had a nice redemption, that was a good way for him to ask lock for forgiveness.

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