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Rachel Bilson: Melrose Place Pretty

Rachel Bilson: Melrose Place Pretty

Rachel Bilson walks back to her car after lunching with a gal pal at Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (May 24).

FYI: The name Blu Jam was taken from the location’s original history, where it was used as an underground blues and jazz club where patrons would enter through its secret entrance to listen to musicians jam.

20+ pictures inside of Melrose Place pretty Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson melrose place 01
rachel bilson melrose place 02
rachel bilson melrose place 03
rachel bilson melrose place 04
rachel bilson melrose place 05
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rachel bilson melrose place 09
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rachel bilson melrose place 14
rachel bilson melrose place 15
rachel bilson melrose place 16
rachel bilson melrose place 17
rachel bilson melrose place 18
rachel bilson melrose place 19
rachel bilson melrose place 20
rachel bilson melrose place 21
rachel bilson melrose place 22
rachel bilson melrose place 23
rachel bilson melrose place 24

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • 3209

    was it cold on Melrose Avenue today? she wasn’t wearing gloves or earmuffs so I guess not…

  • Lynn

    I live in Bama and its 90 and been in the pool today..Its California May 24 and she’s wearing a sweater and boots whats going on.

  • Observation

    Those jeans are about two sizes too small for her, they hug her in all the wring places, any fashioista should know better than to wear jeans that create seran wrapped sausage legs and hips.

  • vox

    c’mon, really? again?

  • Worthless

    Next I’ll expect to see a kellan lutz aka vain bitch post. JJ seems to especially love their worthless asses.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Kellan at least has a job! She’s been so happy to see the paps lately. I have to give her some credit for finally giving up on the charade and pretending they annoy her!!

  • Josie

    for the last time what does she DO?

  • njf

    why no ring?

  • Observation

    She looks like that Linda Blair chick who played the possessed girl in The Exorcist movie, especially when she smiles! LOL

    The ring is probably getting cleaned, it will be back on, it always is. LOL

  • brightside

    She’s not fat but she does have quite substantial hips. In a country where most Americans are obese she certainly couldn’t be called fat so I’m wondering if that’s just her body shape….you know the broad-hipped child bearer pear type. More wide beamed fishing vessel rather than a racing yacht. Those trews look too tight for comfort though..

  • deshaun

    Yikes – look at the saddlebags of this ever-desperate to be “blonde” girl – looks so “swollen & about to burst”…!!!

  • Reality Check

    She has very bizarre legs and long back, being obese is not an issue, I’ve seen “obese” women with nicer shapes than thin women. RB’s hips are not wide, childbearing hips, it’s the TOPS of her thighs that pop outwards…last time I check babies did not pop out of thighs…

  • brightside

    I like the model’s legs in the pop up….that’s exactly how a girl’s legs should look when wearing skinny fits…

  • LYNN

    the girl is gorgeous and talented and nice theres not to many gorgeous actresses out there that are as nice as rb theyre all stuck up and rude rb is a nice girl your all just jealous cause jj posts her alot and why because shes very well loved and its working she gets a huge amount of posts keep talking



  • Lake

    @14, who told you she was nice? I’ve read accounts online about what a b*tch she is. And I’ve heard stories about how she throws horrible temper tantrums any time she doesn’t get her way. She’s said to be rude, really harsh to fans that want her autograph if there aren’t any paps around to take her pic at the time. Truly a monster. Poor Hayden, he seems like a nice guy, wonder what in the world he sees in her.

  • brightside

    Yes, I saw her, she’s beautiful, thanks :-)

  • juniper

    The oc-smurf’s (apparently) new-looking hair dyed-color “fails” to draws attention away from her saddlebags & (boundless) triviality.

  • Alias

    @17 – yeah if beautiful means looking like garbage

  • @ 16 Lake

    You base your opinion on gossip you read as fact about Rachel being rude all the time? Everyone has an off day, but stories are just stories, and when you don’t know a person, it is just gossip. Hayden’s mother and family like Rachel, and if his mother likes her, there is a good reason why. My mother was very picky about my brother’s fiancee, until she got to know her. When I asked her why, she said his fiancee would be taking her place as the main woman in my brother’s life, and she wanted that place to be taken by someone she trusted to make him happy. Hayden’s mother would be no different, I am sure. Also, there were plenty of random twitter reports when Hayden and Rachel were in Vancouver about how nice they both were, also different interviewers say how nice they both are. So don’t assume she is “a monster” based on gossip, just because you don’t like her.

  • cigarette smoking man


    I’m with you. I believe all the stories I hear. I believe everything I read on the internet too because why would people make stuff up. I’m gullible, therefore I believe.

  • class act

    shes a gorgeous girl and very sweet and everyone likes her youe all just jealous especially BRIGHTSIDE we now see what the other ppl post of you is true you only bash RB for what? if you dont like her get off her thread and go to someone else forever!

  • blunder

    she NO talent whats so ever, except call the paparazzi

  • Lake

    So what’s up Jared, no pics of your darling Rachel getting crossways with the law in LA, getting yet another parking ticket. She obviously thinks she’s above the law and the rules the rest of us have to live by don’t apply to her. Go to X17 videos, she’s right under Jackee Harry. She sure looks PO’d, guess she really doesn’t like being told what to do. Even when it’s regarding the laws of the land. Spoiled rotten little b*tch.

  • @24
  • ha ha

    So, from your comment, anyone else that has ever gotten a parking ticket is a soiled rotten — , also? LOL, some of you have nothing better to do than find pictures of Rachel and complain about her getting a parking ticket? Ha Ha, that is what is pathetic! Who cares if she got a parking ticket! Get a life!

  • Viper

    Granted ppl get parking tickets everyday idea here is JJ only sell this woman in only postive ways telling how wonderful we are to see her. Guess he will post now that she got a parking ticket a day later I think she believes she is above the law when it comes to such things as no parking zones or how long to park. We saw that she surely can’t read when she parked in a no parking lots maybe, she figures that she would get out of it just by saying she is some celebrity.

  • Clémentine

    She’s just perfect ! LOVE RACHEL <3

  • justsaying

    you know often mothers will let their children make their own choices even if they dont approve of someone in their childs life and let them make their own mistakes you know. to be honest rachel is hardly ever seen on the christensen farm and she does not spend much time around them so his mother may not know her that well or even approve so she may be lettinng her son make his own choices and being there to pick up the pieces afterwards hayden himself has said that his mother has always supported him in all his choices even if she didnt agree including him becoming an actor something his father did not support at all when he began but his mother supported that choice so it seems to me rachel avoids his mother and his farm and his family is just waiting to see what happens in the end which to be honest doesnt look as if it will end well he seems like a nice guy just lets people walk all over him for some reason but everything in life they say happens for a reason sometimes a bad thing is needed to cause a good thing to happen and maybe he’ll learn his lesson