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Sandra Bullock: Austin with Baby Louis!

Sandra Bullock: Austin with Baby Louis!

Sandra Bullock goes out shopping with baby Louis on Friday (May 14) in Austin, Texas.

The 45-year-old actress held on to her four-month-old son as they spent the day out together, visiting a clothing store and two baby stores.

Eyewitnesses said Sandra was smiling all day, even letting a man in the store hold Louis!

Sandra announced the happy news of Louis‘ adoption to the world just over a month ago.

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  • dani

    What a cutie.

  • Carol

    They look so cute together !
    Congrats Sandy !

  • Cj

    She always holds him in such an awkward way.

  • Supergirl

    Thats awesome! What a cutie pie Louis is.

    SO happy for Sandy. :)

  • Shawna

    CJ – You obviously are not a parent. That is exactly how parents hold their children. She has something in her hand which is why the hand isn’t right against him. Seriously, go find something legitimate to complain about.

  • http://j ivanka

    the baby looks like big mike in the movie when they show the baby photo, he is so cute:)

  • guy

    Sandra’s looking rough.

  • camila

    She does hold him in an awkward way, perhaps she should get a baby carrier/sling. But he is one adorable baby!

  • Denise

    She’s looking a lot older right now, hopefully the stress will wear off soon. Sandra is very lucky to have such a cute baby too!

  • Wes


  • Pandora

    Too cute, He has intelligence in his eyes as opposed to that glazed over vacant stare most babies have. Awwww!

  • Jasmine

    Louis is so adorable!! I’m so happy for Sandra. I just wish the paps would leave her alone!

  • happy girl

    awwwwww. he is so cute.

  • Mia

    Awww.. Louis such a cutie. I hope Sandra is much happier now.

  • Cayenne

    I hope he grows big and strong to protect Sandra like the Football Player in the movie! I wish them the best! Sandy has given us so much. Good times!

  • KC

    Sandra Bullock is super cool!

  • Puffin

    I’m glad to see her moving on with her life!

  • Inaru

    Awwwww! Louis is a cutiiieeeeee!! I’m so glad that Jesse James creep is out of their lives..good riddance!

  • Yoga_Instructor

    This baby is going to be a big fat slob when it grows up.

    I can tell.

  • nancyplen

    This baby is white under its feet.

    That means he’s going to be REALLY black.

  • jo

    Seriously, what does his skin colour matter? He’s her son now. Period. I’m happy for her and with them both the best. This is one woman who doesnt do the talk show circuit playing the victim role with her crocodile tears while trashing her ex for money and fame…unlike some others.

  • offtheproperty

    Has anyone ever seen a really beautiful white baby, one like it seems safe to assume Sandra Bullock might be fortunate enough to make? There are fewer and fewer of them being made all the time.

  • anon

    Leave it to the Oprah or Sherry off the View for that matter to ask Sandra how she thinks her son will feel later being raised by a “white” woman, of course while touting the teachings on Tolle and phrases like “to label me is to negate me”…wee bit hypocritical and stereotypical.

  • annab

    That baby is so cute. You can tell he is well loved.

  • Gui

    Sandra is awesome! She deserves all the best things in the world! And it doesn’t matter if her baby is black, white, blue, purple, pink, yellow… Love is beyond colour.

  • attention ho

    What an attention wh*re , is she going to pimp up this kid for PR constantly??? usuing that babay like that, goes shopping with her as if this innocent baby will choose clothe or something…poor kid exposing him like a circus to the paparazzis selling him in people magazine, he didn’t ask for that he didn’t choose that, im sure he suffer whene he will grow up and see all his life and pictures of him on all tabloid magazine , he can’t even choose a regular job out of hollyweirds….

  • karen

    He is really cute.. lucky for Sandra she is not being accused of pimping her baby..

    I thought they were in NOLA.. I saw these pics a while back and it said at that time it was NOLA..

    Not sure what is what.. I hope she and the baby are happy.. Jesse is an idiot.

  • WTH


    I guess you are pro Jesse.. Dumb idiot.. I see white babies all the time.. turn on the television or click on a blog. Never see children of color often.. but I guess that is what you like

  • bm

    I can’t stand this actress for some reasons:

    First, she was a homewrecker , she get with Jesse while he was married to his wife and his wife was pregnant whene he left her for Sandra , Karma is a b!tch.

    Second, she was living with this nazi and his ugly tatoos for some quite time, and if there no scandal recently she’ll keep living with this kinda of persona…

    Third, she is a manipulative media hoe, and the way she is manipulating this child is low.

  • http://hotmailaustralia zana

    Louis is just so adorable, I wish Sandra well, and I am sure she is a great mum.

  • Ijalode Ade

    Dear Sandra May the heavenly Olodumare Bless you. A mother is not the one that carries a child for 9 months, but, the one who loves, feeds and has endless nights looking after this little person uncapable of looking after him/herself, The fact that you have this beautiful child now with you is a simbol to Olodumare that this was the time for you to have it. And to grant you the gift of motherhood which you have been longing for so long.
    My heart and best wishes are with you in this very lonely time. Don’t give up and most of all enjoy your son as he grows up, fullfil your destiny and be happy and healthy. Women often need the strength of others who have been there. My dear doll you are not alone many of us are with you.

  • christine

    I wonder how Sandra Bullock was so, so, so ignorant and blind to the fact that her husband was a F**K UP!
    I mean… maybe in your 20s or younger… you make these ridiculous mistakes of choosing your partner.
    And I know she’s the daughter of an opera singer or the sort… probably she lead a reserved life… so maybe being a prude in her life, this man was something exciting she didn’t experience before.
    But, jeez, how could you be past the age of 35 and make such a bulls**t decision in picking a man?
    Men like this are sooo good at being bad and PASSIONATE at the same time… they’re the best con-artists… they know how to bulls**t women like it was their night job. They come off as being ‘really real’, and come up w/ every excuse in the book for their bad behavior and brush off their past behavior as if it were nothing… trying to reassure the woman that deep down they’re a “good guy”.

  • christine

    … all in all.. the woman looks likes a fool.
    I mean, come on… look at that show “Basketball Wives” on VH1… these women come off as tryin to be smart about their men… but they look like the biggest fools of them ALL.

  • wtf

    adorable. wish them the best. BUT–please sandra! SUPPORT HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Sandra is awsome, the baby boy is so cute…

  • mov

    awwww sooooo cute! Congrats Sandy!

  • Jazz

    Nancy Plen; Go and get an education……….for heaven sake!!

  • Ma Wong

    What is really interesting to me is why stars never adopt PuertoRican children. It is as though they are embarrasses to adopt a Rican baby for some reason. They can go to Loiza, PuertoRico where they are so poor and starving, yet it never occurs to celeb’s to go there.

  • Jamie

    Baby is too cute.
    Everyone should mind their own business, it’s her life.
    Great actress……
    We always watch her movies, over and over again……..

  • Shawna

    @wtf: He is 4 months old – you don’t have to support their head at that point. Obviously another poster who doesn’t have children.

  • upanina

    trop choubidou troooop mignon c le plus mignon du moment !!loool

  • uh huh


    Oprah and Sherry are women in love with …themselves.

  • ♥ Depp ♥

    Congrats Sandra! At least now you have a REAL man in your life. :)

  • emily

    I don’t know why but I always freaking tear up these days whenever I see a Sandy post….she is just……such a nice person…..ugh………God! :’ [ Her eyes still look like she’s been crying for days.

    Her baby boy is adorable…and she seems like one of the few celebrities who is still grounded and lovely……. I really genuinely hope they have a happy life……. <3!


    Sandra and her baby look lovely together. I feel really bad for Jessie’s kids that she has been raising / helping to raise for the last 5 years, especially the younger one that has only known Sandra as her mother. FOR THE RECORD, SANDRA DID NOT WRECK ANYONE”S HOME. SHE GOT INVOLVED WITH JESSE WHEN HE SINGLE. He is just a selfish, self centered pig for thinking of only himself and not what damage his actions would have done to Sandra and ALL of the children. Class act that Sandra is, I’m sure she’ll try to continue being involved in their lives.

  • Laia

    so beautiful little boy with the most amazing actress mum!

  • Fanofsandra

    This is not the first time I see the baby witout socks!
    Need to buy him socks Sandra.

  • Fanofsandra

    I love sandra, but I don’t think the baby and her look good together.
    I don’t know why, but I have this feeling. Ever since I saw them together, I don’t feel so good.

  • Don’t favor ether side!

    @guy: dude she looks fine! For celeb her age and wearing no make up.. She is pretty… I think Sandra Bullock looks better without make up!

  • Malaika K.

    @Ma Wong: Why don’t you adopt one??