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Simon Monjack: Dead at 39 (Brittany Murphy's Husband)

Simon Monjack: Dead at 39 (Brittany Murphy's Husband)

Simon Monjack, the husband of the late Brittany Murphy, was found dead Sunday night (May 23) at his home in Hollywood Hills, Calif.

The Los Angeles Police Department says Brittany‘s mother, Sharon, found Simon unconscious in the master bedroom at 9:24PM.

The 39-year-old screenwriter died at his home of Rising Glen Road just five months after his wife died of pneumonia complicated by anemia, an iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication..

The cause of death remains unknown. RIP.

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Credit: Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty
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  • lucas


  • Tina

    I think he committed suicide :/ he was probably really depressed.


    WOW !??????? R.I. P.

  • Matthew


  • andrea

    how sad!, R.I.P

  • Aani

    @lucas: that’s a shitty thing to say .. u don’t know what really happened no one does so be more respectful

  • mailey

    that’s sad.

  • Vsh

    He probably killed her in the first place, so his remorse got the best of him.

  • joyce


  • MJ

    OMG! RIP

  • Lyl

    such a tragedy :(

  • Celia

    WTF?!!?!?!?! What happened???

  • Sarah

    OMG… I feel really sorry for Brittany’s mom. First she finds her daughter dead and now she finds her son-in-law. Awful :(



  • ann


  • emma

    the poor mother :( finding both of them dead

  • Geezus

    Death is always unfortunate and tragic, but that guy sure had a knack for coming off as a total creep.

  • Susana

    WOW! didnt expect that.

  • Tee.

    wow… I know that he had the tendancy to come off as creepy to people, but I felt like he was very depressed over Brittany’s death. I just keep thinking about Brittany’s mom, because he was all she had left to help her through losing her daughter, and now he’s gone… RIP Simon and Brittany.

  • fauna

    He did really seem totally lost after Brittany died!!! Very, very sad.

  • Atrium


  • D.

    @Geezus: I agree! Probably died from a guilty conscience

  • Music 101

    May his soul rest in peace.

  • bob

    How strange is it that it was the mom who found Brittany and now she finds the husband.
    Plus the mom and Brittany’s husband had been living together in the same house for the last five months. The same house where Brittany died.

    It’s so so strange.

  • holyman


  • Lilly

    @bob #24

    I agree. How strange that the mother would find both of them dead in the house where all 3 of them lived. I don’t think that he killed his wife but I do think that someone else killed both of them. I just hope it wasn’t the mother…….

  • gio

    So Sad. Sharon lost her daughter in December, her mother last month & now her son-in-law yesterday, all while undergoing excruciating therapy for cancer and being unable to even get out of bed for days at a time..
    Can’t believe it. Dear Sharon, she is in our prayers.

  • Cheery

    I’m pretty sure he had a hand in Brittany’s death, so…um, yeah.

  • common sense

    Look at it this way, it will be making money, you will buy into it. Plain and simple.

  • gina

    wow! I knew there wasn’t something right between their relationship and Brittany’s death ran suspicion on drugs and fingers were pointed to Simon. Such a tradegy though for Sharon to find both dead! Hopefully she can overcome these losses … because i don’t want to see headlines of her passing either! so sad !!!!

  • Rai


  • Chris

    Heart attack there saying.. No statement released by Sharon as of yet..

  • Lydia

    This is so sad. I feel for Brits Mum. Having to find her daughter dead and now her son-in-law? Its just terrible.
    The whole thing is terrible. 39 is too young.

  • http://yahoo kefilwe

    Rest in peace dear brother. I wish he could have consulted a clinical psycologist after his wife’s death. Depression kills….

  • c

    probably died of a broken heart. so sad. :(

  • brightside

    Appears to have had a heart attack. Apparently suffered from seizures and had a cardiac event in the past. Could be some underlying problem with a weak heart….

  • http://@princefrederic Frederic von Anhalt

    He was a nobody and only was using Brittany Murphy to become famous. Brittany was a very nice girl. I met her several times. She came to my home in Bel Air and had dinner with me and Zsa-Zsa and some other of our friends from the Hollywood. We found her to be charming, lovely and natural. So sad that she died. Simon Monjack was not even a scriptwriter. He blackmailed the production company through his attorneys to get his name attached to the movie “Factory Girl”, but he did NOT write the story! It’s all a big lie and he was a con man with a lot of personality problems. Brittany Murphy would not be dead today if it was not for him, und he got what he deserved, call it karma. Ich sage es nochmals: Er war eine Null!!! A complete nobody in the Hollywood.

  • sundus

    that is so sad!!RIP

  • zippy

    I know that guy was a creep and I never cared for him. But wow, this is bizarre.

  • joneblaze

    Guess he couldnt live without her or maybe he couldnt live without her cash

  • Southern Belle

    @Frederic von Anhalt:

    Pot meet kettle.
    You are not a real Prince so you & Simon Monjack had a lot in common.

  • JEN

    so sad…..

  • katelyn

    May he rest in peace..At least his soul is at rest now and he is with Brittany. He did seem a little odd but that does NOT make his death any less tragic than Brittany Murphy’s

  • paul

    i think somebody hit on it, the mother is a killer!

    This is her second murder!

  • Gemma

    @Frederic von Anhalt:

    Er war eine Null!!! A complete nobody in the Hollywood.

    Just like you. Genau wie du.
    A loser calls another a loser, great.

  • GPS


  • hrhkat

    ……thats gunna be one helluva house to sell now…..

  • Gab

    Karma? Revenge? A broken heart? Perhaps we’ll never know. It’s all very bizarre and Hollywood-like. I don’t presume to know where he’s going, or if Brittany will be there, but I guess the proper thing would be to hope that his soul finds peace.

  • Dana

    Someone should check the house for some sort of toxins that might have been a factor. She was sick before she died. Doesn’t mold spores cause health problems?

  • Dasiy Duck

    This is creepy and sad at the same time!