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Wentworth Miller Looks Dirty -- And Sexy!

Wentworth Miller Looks Dirty -- And Sexy!

Wentworth Miller looks dirtier — and hotter! — than ever in this new still from his upcoming movie Resident Evil: Afterlife, in theaters September 10.

In the movie, the 37-year-old former Prison Break actor will play the brother of Ali Larter and of course Milla Jovovich will be returning as heroine Alice.

Last month, Wentworth admitted that he’s “still working on his tree trunk arms.”

You can follow Milla on Twitter @MillaJovovich!

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wentworth miller dirty 01
wentworth miller dirty 02
wentworth miller dirty 03
wentworth miller dirty 04
wentworth miller dirty 05

Credit: UGO; Photos: Screen Gems
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  • [marie]

    I’d hit it… twice…

  • nenee

    Beautiful! Can’t wait! Kiss for him <3

  • Italyfan

    Wowww!!! Thanks for pics!!!! Wonderful Wentworth!!! :)

  • ShyGirlsMadness



    He’s lovely.

  • setenay

    omg…he looks so yummy!

  • “BB”

    I was such a “Prison Break” junkie I was devastated when it went off the air…But I understood a person can only break out of three prisons before a show called “Prison Break” would have to end…I am so glad to see Wentworth coming out in the movies…Not a big fan of Resident Evil movies, but I will see this one cause he is in it….” Yummy Hottie”

  • Sweetness

    He’s cute but he’s a one trick pony actor..doing the same Michael Scofield Prison Break face…this movie will tank.

  • Mari

    OMG! The hottest man alive!
    I love you, Went!

  • callmewhatever

    My baby is back lookin sexy!

  • Horned Puffin

    his uniform grey is perfectly suited for a mechanic, thumbs down for the costume… can a man with no tree trunk arms pull it off?
    Hey Went here’s an idea for you, could you set up your own Official Website so you can provide your fans with your stuff, Zachary Quinto has a pretty cool site you could mold off of. Think abou it, or just have the lazy ass people, the ones that work for you, do one up for you, it’s time and I’m sure your publicist gets well paid, give them the task. Think of all the people you would make happy, get off your ass and do something.

  • Caroline

    Yummy! Can’t wait for the movie!!!!

  • Yazzie

    Oh that is so easy ?
    Someone said we don`t get anything about him and his work and even the RE promo was a flop and wohoo we get some pics ?
    Ok here is my wish list …. latest photo of a trip to Starbuck`s and don`t tell me he stops to go there. Next point ….. rofl.
    Ok thank you sooo much for the RE pics …. and don`t forget my wishlist ;-)

  • esther layu

    wau, so glad to see him agian.Cant wait for his new movie…..May God bless him in everthing he does

  • esther layu

    So happy to his new pictures and hope to see more of him agian…have inlove seen I have watched PB

  • marissa

    looove him (:

  • Just me…

    Ooh Dear, I’m soo happy to finaly see some new (A W E S O M E ! ! !) pictures of him, because I really missed him.

    Wentworth, the words “I miss you” can not display the depths of how I care.

    Words just can not explain how much I love you.

  • kay

    SEX!!!!! i mean SEXY!

  • Heba

    Ohhhhhhhhhh finally new pics.Thanks so so much jj.U made my day:)
    Went looks awesome as hell.I wish for him best of luck in this movie & other ones.

  • Dutch girl

    Good to see him!!! Nice pictures from a nice men!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  • embla

    This is Michael Scofield all over again. Some compromise for all who crave for PB 5 LoL

  • Courtney


  • Ryan Hunter

    Great new pics! Loving the Gak! I hear there are still a few more promo pics to be released a little closer to the premiere. September can’t come soon enough!!!

    Oh and for those of you who didn’t like his new hair…it’s gone! ;-)

  • tailz

    simply stunning.

  • Tomas

    I´m in loving with the Gak mostly the straps in the crotch.It bring out the manly hotness of the great actor.

  • depth

    It’s about flipping time!! Does this guy have any idea how torturously long we’ve waited for this?? I wonder if his PR people go on the sites to check what fans say, and how badly we crave news about him and his projects, movie promotions etc. Anyway, it’s fantastic to see him!! Thanks Jared!! Oh @Ryan Hunter – is the hair gone for real? I suppose these pictures were taken during fliming. Have you seen him around lately?

  • A doll

    Question: Why would someone working in the ‘industry’ be writing on this board, claiming to have more knowledge about Went than the other bloggers?
    Answer: To show off !!! ;-)

  • Heba

    I like him with or without hair.He’s so cute either ways ;)

  • Ryan Hunter

    @depth: Yes, he has been spotted around L.A. over the last couple of weeks sporting short hair once again.

    @A doll: Is everything a competition with you? because green is really not a nice color on you.

  • Ryan Hunter

    @Heba: I agree, besides it’s not the hair that makes a person, it’s whats underneath and Went is an intelligent, thoughtful, and humble person.

  • mimi78

    Let. Me. Lick. Your. Face.

  • P*s

    Such a cutie ! Love ya Wenthy and we can’t wait for your new movie!


  • depth

    @ Ryan Hunter – Thanks. Was just curious about the hair, that’s all. I agree 100% with you and Heba. We appreciate the person he is inside. Just wished he would grow the hair longer than it was :) I know most peeps hated it but I wasn’t bothered. You lucky people get to catch a glimpse of him in person, while some of us that are thousands and thousand of kms away, just rely and greatful for technology. Question? How big is the RE franchise (if it is), and will he doing promos there and in the states and overseas any time soon?

  • A doll

    @Ryan Hunter: Your new soft approach is almost breathtaking.- Makes you look so less arrogant( but not less boring.) LoL.
    According to color analysis, I should wear green all the time cos it does so much justice to my cocky character ;-)

  • maria mel

    he is so sexy

  • Vivian

    @Ryan Hunter:

    Thank you almighty for your explanation. Without you we were totally lost.
    I prostrate myself before you, overflowing with gratitude.
    ( If you find sarcasm, you can kept it )
    Jesus! Everyone can have a own opinion, some like him with buzz cut others with longer hair.

    Btw, your poor attempt to pretend to know him or know something about him is pretty embarrassing.

  • Icy

    Btw, your poor attempt to pretend to know him or know something about him is pretty embarrassing.
    Agree with everything you said :)

  • xxxman

    He is one those who get paid to make sulky mood on public boards.

  • Vivian



  • Ryan Hunter

    @depth: You’re welcome! I honestly have no idea what is being planned as far as promos go for the film. The franchise for Resident Evil has always been labelled ‘hugely successful’ but in terms of numbers i’m not sure where it sits. The Resident Evil gaming franchise usually places in the Top 20 gaming series in the world which gives you an idea of its popularity and the films have always been a financial success.

  • janelle

    @[marie]: you & me both, lol. he’s sooo sexayyy!

  • Harry Fn Potter

    @depth: Why you questioning Runter when it takes you less time to google it your self?! :/

  • Kijuju

    @Ryan Hunter: I love the RE games. They are much better than the movies.

  • outrageous

    I love the RE games & Chris Redfield but hold on… This horrid outfit is scandalous or a dead serious joke at best. Must have been other ways to hide his lifebelt than dress him as a craftsman with firearms! It is outrageous to ruin the image of CR like that!!!!

  • nina


  • Umbrella

    @Ryan Hunter – i’m a game fan but I think this movie will be awesome. They adapted it to the game a lot more & Went as Chris Redfield wil ROCK & Boris Kodjoe not a bad choice to.

    @Kijuju – love the name RE5?


    Looking good Went….but then that was before those last pics of him came out. Can only hope he got the hint and is back to his old sexy form. Movie will do fine as Sept. is a good spot with few big name movie at that time.

  • Harry Fn Potter

    Love the Miller man and he´s a really nice guy n’ all but YO the dude is doin Chris fn Redfield and gurls are talking how CUTE he looks and how stuffed he´s with inner beauty!!!!
    What´s with’ the hair does not make a person’ revelation!!! The guy had hair SO WHAT he shaved it off SO FN WHAT!!!! Please take your period problems elsewhere. Take a nap or something.

  • Icy

    @xxxman: Thank you! Please comment more often we need people like you!!!

  • Tomas

    @xxxman: Hombre,you shoud have spoken about this more sooner. So this is what he ment for saying I could never be a professional troll? This is very embarassing for me if true. you made me see I have possibly been fukced by a professional troll when I was thinking he was only a ugly house wife with very much hobbytime and into for Wentworth Miller.
    .I´m a busy man and do not need this anyway.