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Wentworth Miller Looks Dirty -- And Sexy!

Wentworth Miller Looks Dirty -- And Sexy!

Wentworth Miller looks dirtier — and hotter! — than ever in this new still from his upcoming movie Resident Evil: Afterlife, in theaters September 10.

In the movie, the 37-year-old former Prison Break actor will play the brother of Ali Larter and of course Milla Jovovich will be returning as heroine Alice.

Last month, Wentworth admitted that he’s “still working on his tree trunk arms.”

You can follow Milla on Twitter @MillaJovovich!

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wentworth miller dirty 01
wentworth miller dirty 02
wentworth miller dirty 03
wentworth miller dirty 04
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Credit: UGO; Photos: Screen Gems
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  • Jamie

    Loving the new pics, thanks JJ

  • depth

    @Harry Fn Potter:

    Because I choose to. Clearly you’ve got issues that I’m not interested in.

  • lee

    Thanks JJ for Went’s news pics!

  • Filomena

    He has lost weight!


  • Anna Lisa

    @Filomena: Are some new pics? please give the link.

  • old fox

    Yeah he´s with the babes. NICE. A queer eye for the straight girls. A big LOL on that.

  • Runter

    @old fox: Aha hahahahahahaha couldn´t have put it better my self

  • Mariana de Souza

    The joy of knowing that Wentworth exist makes me strong to bear the grief of his absence. But when he appears in new pics, the joy is too great. The distance prevents me to see him, but it doesn’t leave my love go away. Went is surprisingly stunning.He makes my life to have sense. I admire him very much and I really miss him.Thanks JJ.

  • Germain

    He is so cute, love him so much..
    Wish I can meet him, just for one day.
    In 1 week I fly to Los Angeles, hope to see him!!!!
    Wish him al the best for a happy live.

  • Atli

    it will be a huge hit fangurl cute.

  • old fox

    Oh how I´d like to be a fly on a fat fangurls wall if he ever decides to do a Ricky Martin.

  • Icy

    Wentworth you hottie. Just out of curiosity: Who tied the thigh-straps, did you do them all by your self or….What a way to bring on the delish!!!Thumb up for the Gak, big boy ;)

  • Erynne


    There is something about Wentworth Miller with dirt on his beautiful, sexy face that makes me go all weak in the knees!!

    Thanks for the pics Jared, and please, MORE!!

  • Y.C.

    @Erynne: O o sexy face O o
    Thank you! About time someone talked about his awsome face on this board.
    Yes MORE pics! Thanks!

  • Rasmus Sorensen

    @Y.C.: I must correct you.Someone has talked about his face before. Mimi 78 talked about his face and she wants to lick it so it has been talked about before, so it´s not right it has not been talked about before as you said.So you are lying to us all saying it has not been talked about before.But good for you to ask for more pics, well done.

  • Ryan Hunter
  • nina


  • nelly

    @Ryan Hunter: already saw it on Excom.

  • Ryan Hunter

    @nina: Not long to wait now! The anticipation is killing me too!

  • nelly

    @Ryan Hunter: Good to hear. Lets hope for the best.

  • nina

    @Ryan Hunter: :D WENTWORTH MILLER IS GOING TO KICK ASS!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Norma´s worm

    @Ryan Hunter: This is pure gold. You go to the Excom website’ the very same you´ve been puking all over’ to get some news to publish on here! LMAO

  • Rena

    Thanks Ryan Hunter for the new pics!
    It’s great to see more Went!
    Went is hoooooooooooooooooooooot!
    Can’t wait to see RE4!

  • Jamie

    @Ryan Hunter: Loving all the new pics, hope there are still more to come. Thanks Ryan.

  • Mariana de Souza

    Ryan Hunter…I like you because I think you is a great Went’s admirer. Your words make me very happy. It’s so good read what you write.Thanks.

  • Icy

    @Ryan Hunter: The anticipation is killing you, ok, but what about sexy?what about little butterflies in the lower tummy. Do you want to lick his face? do you ever have fantasys of him?
    why are you so excited about seeing RE you like sombies or just droolin over the pretty? ;-)

  • justjohn

    Jared, I love your “get the look”!!

    If I want to look hot and sexy like Wentworth Miller,do you think it would work for me??

    I could put dirt on my face too, but somehow…NAAAAH.

  • Reginald

    @justjohn: Yes it works I do it all the time, So when I do this one you can lick my face @ mimi78 lol!

  • A doll

    I´m sure Went is looking great cos he´s forever handsome. But since the RE pics are shooped & taken last year I´d really like to see some new once. JJ?

  • Hep H

    @A doll: Couldn´t agree more. Thank you!

  • Hep. H.

    @A doll: Totally agree with you like always xxx ;)

  • http://ccarolain caaro

    he is the hottest guy eeeeeeeeeeever

  • monica

    Yummy new pictures love his stare!

  • embla

    @monica: It´s the Michael Scofield stare. Just Mr Scofield all over again but with some dirt on his face this time LOL

  • monica

    @embla: It’s unfortunate that you are unable to see his versatility as an actor. Sex-Symbol aside, I believe Wentworth is a very talented actor. It’s not a ‘Scofield’ stare it’s a ‘Wentworth’ stare and dependent upon a scene can be interpreted in so many unique and different ways. I believe a lot of people will only ever associate Miller with his Prison Break role which is a shame, I guess that is why actors want to break away before they become typecast.

  • hallo

    …the actors will become well be known also depend on films they attached too.If movies not attractive….. who want to watch it?

  • hallo

    Hai, Wenty…..Happy birthday to you and may God bless you in everything that you do.

  • heba

    Happy Birth Day my sweetheart Wenty :)
    My best wishes for u darling for today & every day in ur life.My prayers for u for the best in anything u do.
    God bless u Wentworth & make u always happy,adorable,successful in ur personal life & career,beloved & surrounded by millions of fans who loved,love and will always love u,who support u in anything u do or any decision u take,who admire u as an actor and as a person.
    Have a great BD dear.Again best best wishes for u,may most of ur dreams come true.I’m not saying all’s imposible for any human to achieve every thing he dreams about,right ? :)
    Went pls take good care of ur self and always remember u r very important to us
    I’ll always keep saying We r so lucky to have u in our lives
    Love from ur biggest fan

  • marymi

    HEY JARED!….wentworth miller turns 38 today, quietly and with little (or no fanfare) no thanks to FOX ( and we don’t mean “megan”) cancelling prison break last year! ……HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENTY!!!!

  • maria mel

    happy birthday WENTWORTH i wish you all the best thanks for all these years

  • Mona

    Happy Birthday, Mr Miller!
    Best luck all the time!

  • Mona

    Happy Birthday, Mr Miller!
    Best luck all the time!

  • Lee

    Wentworth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Waiting to see your Chris in RE4!
    Wish you all the best!
    and we could see you more!

  • embla

    @monica: Sweet pajamas!, a Went stare LOL Yes,every great actor has his own stare to use use ALL THE TIME….WHAT!!!!! I guess you mean like the Brad Pitt stare and the Morgan Freeman stare!!!!!!!!! Are you sure you´re OK?

  • Germain

    Happy Birthday Went, wish you al the luck of the world!!!

  • http://ccarolain caaro

    Happy Birthday Dear W! my very best wishes for you today and always :) you’re SUCH a great actor besides your looks and i REALLY,REALLY like the way you construct your characters :) all my prayers to you and i hope you have a great great birthday (:
    with all my love from Argentina !

  • Mariana de Souza

    Happy Birthday to Went!
    I would like to honor him because he’s a very special person. I consider his work noble because he’s worthy and dedicated. Furthermore he’s a talented actor. I know that in his day-to-day difficulties and disappointments happen because the Hall of Fame is sometimes harsh and ungrateful. I would like that he know that many people value your performance and thank him for sharing his talent and dedication to his career.Sometimes painful and full of thorns, but thank him for his unbridled stubbornness that won’t let him quit. He’s very important and I am proud to be his fan. I am grateful for him provided moments of pleasure and happiness in my life. He’s a godsend! He’s part of my existence and makes it better. This is only for few … that are very good at what they do!

  • A doll

    Hope you had a swell time on your birthday big boy, and wish you will have a swell time as often as possible. As we know we make our own ‘swell times’ and of course our own success,with a little help and luck,you know what I mean, ‘with the blood sweat & tears’ LOL
    Just put your sun glasses on cos your future looks bright ;) Hope you´re having lots of fun & love & lots of ‘getting some’, you handsome hottie;)

  • cocoa lux

    He’s probably the main reason I’m seeing this. I know.. shallow. It’d be interesting to see him in the Mourning Portrait or the MMOC.
    I don’t know a lot of the RE franchise. But I do know the character he’s playing is pretty WWE looking. And Wentworth has always been more on the slim side regardless of bad pap pics here and there. So good luck with that Went.

    And Hollywood has a habit of typecasting actors. His film projects show a little more variety. He can pull serious pretty well but imagine if he was in a romcom… that’d be interesting

    And happy belated bday to him. Does not look 38 at all.. whatever a 38 yr old is supposed to look like.

  • Horned Puffin

    ‘Official Website’ , how long must one wait… is it that difficult Wentworth, just fu-ck-n do one :D