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Alexis Bledel: Let's Do Lunch!

Alexis Bledel: Let's Do Lunch!

Alexis Bledel walks the streets of New York City in a chic trenchcoat on Monday (May 25).

The 28-year-old actress caught a cab and met up with a friend for lunch!

Earlier this month, Alexis was spotted out at the Independent Filmmaker Project spring gala at DVF Studio and attending a Valentino-hosted cocktail party!

FYI: Alexis‘ bag and shoes are made by H&M!

10+ pictures inside of Alexis Bledel grabbing lunch with a friend in the city…

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alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 01
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 02
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 03
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 04
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 05
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 06
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 07
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 08
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 09
alexis bledel lunch friend nyc trenchcoat 10

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108 Responses to “Alexis Bledel: Let's Do Lunch!”

  1. 1
    missal Says:

    I love her!
    She is beautiful and adorable.

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    Love her outfit!! too cute and sophisticated!!

  3. 3
    miss infamous Says:

    She looks so young! Isnt she almost 30!

  4. 4
    Di Says:

    Woouah ,she is the real LADY out there!
    It’s amazing how everytime you look at her you wonder how much more beautiful she got since the last time you saw a pic of her.
    She is sophistication and class incarnated.

  5. 5
    cute Says:


  6. 6
    ck Says:

    Love the Alexis :)

  7. 7
    Halli Says:

    Such a beauty but terrible actor.

  8. 8
    Exa Says:

    Wow is she already 28? I still have a young Rory Gilmore in my head haha

  9. 9
    Wow Says:

    Dam she is so pretty!

  10. 10
    kay Says:

    so pretty!

  11. 11
    kay Says:

    and very chic!

  12. 12
    Lara Says:

    She has the most beautiful eyes. *beeing jealous* :)

  13. 13
    Jason Says:

    I’m sorry, but she is not sexy, beautiful or hot. She’s cute at best.

  14. 14
    Mike Says:

    I would much rather have Lauren Graham candids as she is the more talented, hotter Gilmore.

  15. 15
    M Says:

    @Halli: True, this far at least. I’m giving her another shot. I guess she was quite good in Gilmore Girl (she was playing the role good to begin with but as she grew older it got worse).

  16. 16
    Josie Says:

    lol at people saying “Omg i can’t believe she is almost 30!!” as if 30 is sooo old. I’m 21 and even i know a person doesn’t change much from 20 to 25, and from 25 to 30, in a drastic way.
    I think she looks her age. and she doesn’t look “Old” because she isn’t Old, she is only 28!!

  17. 17
    David Says:

    I love her, she’s cute, sophisticated and she’s smart.

    She’s my kind of woman :)

  18. 18
    Emma Says:

    I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls re-runs – I;m not used to see a grown up Alexis. When is she going to be back on my TV on a weekly basis??!

  19. 19
    charlotte Says:

    Yay Alexis! We don’t see enough of her. She is gorgeous <3

  20. 20
    lila Says:

    so chic! like her so much

  21. 21
    junixx Says:

    I lover her and her fashion statement here… and yah I agree, she’s very chic & savvy here…

  22. 22
    @Jared Says:

    Loving her candid but listen up… dont “stalk” her that much as she’s NO, NOTHING & NEVER will be like your tabloid pets like Rachel Bilson, Olivia Munn, Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth etc. You know yourself that she’s much much prettier & classier than them!

  23. 23
    beabi Says:

    She is such a natural beauty. . . I just love her, she’s soo classy, looks almost noble – that is so refreshing to see in Hollywood.

  24. 24
    monreal Says:

    Whoa a CANDIDs of the very elusive Alexis… so surprised here as it so very rare…

  25. 25
    niles Says:

    Alexis rocks… she is one of the only people in Hollywood who does not play into the media. I love her and can’t wait for her new movie…

  26. 26
    suelei Says:

    Love it…she’s so stylish…

    beautiful and i like her personality…

    Go Alexis!!!

  27. 27
    roe Says:

    I think she looks so pretty.Her face looks gorgeous!

  28. 28
    tennille Says:

    @ 22
    Alexis is better than some so-called actresses who just shopped & media-whoring all the time. I admire her simplicity & sincerity – Bless and keep her safe.

  29. 29
    tennille Says:

    @ #22
    Alexis is better than some so-called actresses who just shopped & media-whoring all the time. I admire her simplicity & sincerity – Bless and keep her safe.

  30. 30
    chaddy Says:

    ON-screen / OFF-screen… W/ or NO make-up on…
    This gal is still looking like a goddess!

  31. 31
    chaddy Says:

    And I love her natural-auburn hair, it really goes perfectly w/ her pale skin & ethereal face…

  32. 32
    riley Says:

    Stunning / Gorgeous….love the trench coat (very New Yorker style) and everything else…

  33. 33
    rafferty Says:

    Let’s all BOW down to her Royal Beauty!!!

  34. 34
    everleigh Says:

    She’s sooo my girl-crush! Goddamn she’s gorgeously-chic here!!!

  35. 35
    shuellen Says:

    She’s stunning… i love her smile.
    Look how pretty and lovely she is…

  36. 36
    i-said-so Says:

    Alexis Bledel’s natural beauty is soo/too effortless…

  37. 37
    wow!!! Says:

    Such a beautiful & gorgeous specimen of a woman…

  38. 38
    devinne Says:

    IMO, she looks like an English or an Irish beauty walking in the streets of New York.

  39. 39
    devinne Says:

    @ 25

  40. 40
    montyceth Says:

    Alexis looks young, stylish and beautiful. She has the most lovely skin.

  41. 41
    latina Says:

    She’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love her!!!!! She makes us Latinos proud. :)

  42. 42
    mamamia Says:

    She always looks good! Nice to see a smart, talented and classy celeb on this site.

  43. 43
    kenzie Says:

    She is so cute!!! She’s one of my favorite celebs! She always looks good and even here looks fashionable! Love her!! More Alexis posts pleaseeee!

  44. 44
    mercier Says:

    They should just bring back Gilmore Girls entitling Book 2, so that we could all see her on a regular basis; same goes w/ Lauren – calling Amy Sherman Palladino…

  45. 45
    Mae Says:

    IMMORTAL! lol she’s so beautiful

  46. 46
    trueish Says:

    I love her. I think she is absolutely/amazingly beautiful and REAL!

  47. 47
    mraz Says:

    She’s so pretty delectable in her movie, Post Grad though the movie sucks…

  48. 48
    reidell Says:

    She has more grace, class, talent and beauty in one finger than some young & old Hollywood starlets have in their whole, stick thin, drugged out body. Hope she stays this way.

  49. 49
    sylvian Says:

    Gorgeous, ageless, healthy, happy looking, and awww she is so adorable in these pics, and not jutting bones of protruding veins how refreshing…

  50. 50
    @46 Says:

    She is so beautiful and charming – I love her too!

  51. 51
    robekz Says:

    Gorgeous lady. Her smile is truly radiant.

  52. 52
    cherubee Says:

    IMAO, when we all see some rare candids of Alexis, we all that it is NOT photo-ops as she’s no & never ever will be a mediaho.

  53. 53
    missus Says:

    Love her. She seems “sane & grounded” unlike those young Hollywood stars…

  54. 54
    dayum Says:

    This girl is the meaning of true classiness & sweetness.

  55. 55
    jeannaire Says:

    I love this girl. I will always be a fan of hers. I always think there is just something genuinely great & genuine about her and I love it!

  56. 56
    skylark Says:

    @ 51
    So friggin’ stunning!

  57. 57
    rainie Says:

    Can’t believe she is already 28 going 29, she looks fantastic and could easily pass as a 10 years younger.

  58. 58
    spanglish Says:

    OMG! que diosa ke es como la amooo♥ I LOVE U BLEDEL♥

  59. 59
    krell Says:

    Actually the dresses aren’t the best. But Alexis is forever beautiful. I love her hairstyle here…

  60. 60
    krell Says:

    Actually the dresses aren’t the best. But Alexis is forever beautiful. I love her hairstyle here……

  61. 61
    Now... Says:

    … Now that’s a beautiful woman!

  62. 62
    rune Says:

    She’s not that famous but her bashfulness & classiness is what makes her so endearing up till now…

  63. 63
    jaeger Says:

    Outfit schmoutfit… she could wear a trash bag and her beauty or just those eyes would still captivates me.

  64. 64
    yesiree Says:

    @ 25
    Yes, I’m very excited about seeing The Conspirator too. It has been too long since Redford and McAvoy have been seen on the big screen. It will be interesting to see many of the new, young actors would fare in the movie such as – Justin Long, Alexis Bledel, Toby Kebbel, Johnny Simmons and Jonathan Groff.

  65. 65
    morris Says:

    She’s truly a FACE IN THE CROWD…

  66. 66
    leimore Says:

    I like Alexis. She seems to always have a sunny personality and doesn’t take life so seriously. She’s enjoying her life. Good for her…

  67. 67
    pyt Says:

    Beautiful, Soft, youthful, delicate, and she’s not trying too hard. Super classy, I love this!

  68. 68
    heartman Says:

    Wow she looks really beautiful here, but she always does so it’s no surprise! :)

  69. 69
    Thunderstruck Says:

    [b]She Looks Like Helena Bonham Carter In Some Pics Isn’t She?[/b]

  70. 70
    lough Says:

    This girl continue to shock me with her awesomeness & cuteness.

  71. 71
    I think... Says:

    - that she could still play Bella Swann..

  72. 72
    effortless fashionista Says:

  73. 73
    beatsme Says:

    Alexis should be more famous… damn Hollyweird!!!

  74. 74
    sterling Says:

    What a breath of fresh air especially after seeing so much of Rachel Midge(t) Bilson and all her worthless look-alikes here…
    Thanks for keeping on rocking pics of Alexis Jared…

  75. 75
    chloe Says:

    Alexis is always looking exquisite and graceful – mwah!

  76. 76
    obviously Says:

    She looks more and more beautiful as she ages. Oh wait, she hasn’t even aged!

  77. 77
    miabelle Says:

    Lovely, down-to-earth, and so likeable. Alexis seems like a genuine sweetheart.

  78. 78
    a really good girl Says:

    I really like her. She actually survived being a teen star without damage. I’m happy for her =]

  79. 79
    sofitel Says:

    She looks stylishly lean and classy. Perfect weight. I could stare at her endlessly…

  80. 80
    joone Says:

    She looks amazingly gorgeous, I love her outfit . Thanks for pics JJ, keep them coming…

  81. 81
    maire Says:

    I thought Alexis was w/ Blake Lively here… another galpal aside from being always w/ Amber Tamblyn
    But na-ah….

  82. 82
    maire Says:

    And so Alexis is (somewhat) a “red haired” missy huh – I just knew it now…

  83. 83
    finickee Says:

    I have zero hate for Alexis. She never whored herself for the red carpets, paparazzi, interviews, etc. She’s extremely classy & private – really a “keeper”.

  84. 84
    ricci Says:

    She’s just awesome. Her, Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams are my three favorites who are really beautiful, classy, admirable HW women nowadays…

  85. 85
    ricci Says:

    She’s just awesome. Her, Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams are my three favorites who are really beautiful, classy, admirable HW women nowadays……….

  86. 86
    skyler Says:

    Since Gilmore Girls, she’s one of my favourites. She’s gorgeous, beautiful, slim, stylish and sophisticated without or never ever been an arrogant & superficial b*tch.

  87. 87
    skyler Says:

    And her Post Grad movie only made me miss my beloved Gilmore Girls that much more. Someone needs to do for Gilmore Girls what they did for Sex and the City and bring them to the big screen – ASAP!

  88. 88
    noelle Says:

    her elegance and grace truly reminds me of audrey hepburn! :)

  89. 89
    me me Says:

    @ricci: I absolutely agree with u!

  90. 90
    kaleigh Says:

    So awesome seeing Alexis catching a cab though when you’re in NY, having a car is really not that necessary. Alexis got a cool car (Volvo CX-90) when she’s still living in LA…

  91. 91
    trellis Says:

    She’s the epiphany of a beautiful & decent woman, kind of truly rare in HW. Plz Jared more & more of (whatever) post of Alexis!!!

  92. 92
    cute girl Says:

    she looks nice…

  93. 93
    nm Says:

    Alexis is a natural beauty. So gorgeous.
    I miss dreamteam Lorelai and Rory.

    Love you Alexis.

  94. 94
    jamie Says:

    WOW she is so naturally beautiful and gorgeous and intelligent! that is what a classy lady looks like!

  95. 95
    trevine Says:

    She’s looking like a “Hot Smart Chick” w/ that trenchcoat – very nice…

  96. 96
    amirick Says:

    @ And her Post Grad movie only made me miss my beloved Gilmore Girls that much more. Someone needs to do for Gilmore Girls what they did for Sex and the City and bring them to the big screen – ASAP!

  97. 97
    peyton Says:

    She’s looking so cute, young and fresh. Love the coat on her! She looks great. A nice role model for young girls. Kudos to Alexis!

  98. 98
    jules Says:

    Alexis is simply tres tres tres gorgeous. Love her. So happy to see her on JJ more often! : )

  99. 99
    jeezzer Says:

    Alexis’ absolutely pretty – and so sweet and normal looking. She must be one of those lucky HW girls who can chow down with no worries and still stay slender and looking younger.

  100. 100
    poshie Says:

    She’s a perennial class act all the way!

  101. 101
    Alexis is... Says:

    … really a CUTIE-PATOOTIE…

  102. 102
    drewlard Says:

    Her get-ups is somewhat worn-out (or is it just faded?) but imho that nothing would turn out that face to be that homely-plain even if she’s wearing rag sack LOL

  103. 103
    Abigail Says:

    I actually like her a lot after I’ve seen her in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2. Quite a nice movie. She looks so good and young! :)

  104. 104
    martin Says:

    A classic Alexis-Look. Cute and casual, and I must say I find er shoes extremely pretty.

  105. 105
    schnickels Says:

    Its a “rare & true” candids of her indeed…

  106. 106
    facadestilladser Says:

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  107. 107
    laterne garten Says:

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  108. 108
    ogloszenia londyn praca Says:

    so much great info on here, : D.

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