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Christina Aguilera Cancels Summer Tour

Christina Aguilera Cancels Summer Tour

Christina Aguilera has canceled her plans for a summer concert tour, which was supposed to kick off in July.

Her rep says, “Christina Aguilera‘s summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film, Burlesque, and to the promotion of her new album, Bionic. The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour date this wasn’t possible.”

Christina will still release her new album Bionic on June 8. Hopefully her second single “Woohoo” will overtake radio soon!

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  • Ryan Mayberry

    Bionic is going to be a sick album. Christina has one of the best female voices and styles in music.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …ahahahahaahahaa.. “prior commitments” means her material hasn’t generated enough interest, and the label’s in fear her project will not sell enough records… thus making a tour pointless.
    …RCA records is a major.. they wouldn’t make the mistake of setting up a tour if there were “prior commitments”. just except the failure.

  • Mike Harris

    Floptina knew her concert would flop so she postponed it because everyone wants to see Lady Gaga. I feel sorry for her ugly son and her ugly husband for marrying her in the first place but he didn’t know Floptina was a Lesbo.

  • anon

    Pity she looks like a drunk and/or drugged up whore in that photo, though…

  • anon

    Pity she looks like a drunk and/or drugged up *hore in that photo.


    OMG Just hear BIONIC Album! Simply EPIC! Totally going next year!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    postponing a tour is the same as postponing an album.. it goes done when there’s no buzz and there’s a fear of a flop. nothing wrong with it, tons of artist are forced to do it. no reason to lie as if the public’s stupid. hahahahahahahaa..
    her album is coming out soon and she has no music in rotation on the radio, not even on satellite. is it even being played in the clubs?! does she even have a video on VH1′s Top 20 Countdown?!? hahahahahahahahahaha..

  • erik

    she should go back to being a housewife. yawn.

  • Dasiy Duck

    Too bad!

  • MsNJS
  • Jamie

    Lol, her music bombed.

  • mailey

    she seems super busy.

  • miss infamous

    Her new album sucks!

  • Debbie

    Could it be the pre sells of her Cd are doing bad or slow ticket sell of her tickets? Really Sad..But what did she expect no new music in 5 years after a double album with 3 ok singles…Teens that are 15 now were 5 when Genie in a Bottle came out and were 10 when Back To Basic came out..They know her has the woman Perez said copied Lady Gaga they don’t remember her Fighter and Dirty videos or her crazy photo shoots..and for the fans that did love her just got tired of waiting..She will go down has the first Pop Star that Killed her Career due to lack of work..Her movie will probably go straight to DVD.Lame accused.and this is coming from a fan that’s not buying her Cd.

  • Dooley

    Perez and Lady Gaga are laughing there as*es off…They took out the competition…I thought it was bad she was doing Amphitheaters. I guess will be seeing her at State Fairs and Amusement Parks..Christina there are no Vocal Gymnastic in dance music..I have to say I’m shock she’s bombing international.

  • OMG

    This not good for promotion for her album!

  • Bosie

    IT SANK! The tour was ignred because we have all moved on from those sounds…Beyonce and Rihanna will be next. LADY GAGA is here and she is a true artist…sings, dances, art, and no ashamed of her gays.

    Funny, when they need attention they use gays bars, but the minute you ask them a political point of view regarding equal rights…they don’t have an opinion..>LADY GAGA ALL THE WAY!! I’m a monster.

  • bae

    I am actually kind of glad she is going to take her time with this album. I hate when artists release an album and go out on a tour right away. They dont do promo for the album when they tour right away

  • Paulie

    Yeah this definitely translates to poor ticket sales.

  • Xtina_wins_at_life

    Christina Aguilera doesn’t need hits or number ones. She’s still the best, most extraordinary talented versatile singer of all time.

    The haters don’t get it. LMAO.

    I can’t wait to buy BIONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    (Note to JustJared : Nobody knows if WooHoo is indeed the second single.)

  • dvnovert

    I just love her so much. It’s a bummer that I won’t be able to see her so soon, but I’ll be the first to buy my tickets again next year.
    She’s simply a gorgeous artist in every way!

  • Lin


  • Boo

    Floptina strikes again!
    Her album and Tour failed to gain any interest from the public.
    Her record label HAS to make up an excuse for her.
    She is sad

  • Lamb

    Single = FLOP
    Video = FLOP
    New Look = FLOP
    Tour = Canceled
    I thought 2010 was “Christina’s year” ?!

  • Nome

    People are idiots. To say Lady Gaga is a true artist is laughable. She’s talented but nowhere near being a true artist and the same goes to Christina Aguilera: talented? yes but a true artist? Hell no. Christina Aguilera will be okay, if Britney ” No Talent-Lip Syncing” Spears can make a comeback then a great singer like Christina Aguilera can to but she cannot take four years to release album.

    For the record: I like both Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga and the fact that people are pitted them against each other is just sad. However, like I said, neither of them can say they are true artists.

  • Eric

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…:

    I think you mean “accept,” not “except.” Sigh.

    Apparently, some of the audience *is* stupid.

  • Ellie

    Her “new look” is a tired recycled look. It’s boring. Her sound is boring and tired. I’m not trying to be harsh, but rather stating the obvious. That is a terrible picture of her, is she purposely trying to look like one of the “Pink Ladies” from Grease???

  • In The Know

    This board and others like it is/are being false positive spammed by the label.

    Acts at this level do not make these kinds of mistakes. They simply know from market research that interest is simply not high enough for sellouts.

  • BadBoyDevon

    I don’t know why people listen to that ugly fat ass Perez? I love the youtube video of him crying because his mouth finally made him get his ass kicked. I don’t get the Gaga comparisons as they don’t look or sound anything alike? I don’t know why someone that has sold over 30 million albums is called a flop? Didn’t Gaga only sell 6 million? She has a lot of catching up to do and I don’t think she can do it in 3 albums like Christina.

  • slambang

    LMAO @ Floptina

  • hmmm

    what sucks is the fact that Not myself tonight is honestly the worst song on the album. The rest of the songs are fun and sweet. the uptempo are fun and the ballads are gorgeous. This is one of her best albums if not the best… if only Not Myself Tonight was left off or not released as the first single. She should release one of the lovely ballads. She is still the BEST singer of her generation.

  • B. J. S.

    Boycott Perez….Christina haters are not Monsters there Britney fans in disguise..I wished Christina would have listen to her label and put out that single they said was a huge hit..You start with the music and build a video around it not the other way..She needs to stop with the Theme Albums..and the Vocal Warm Ups and learn to hold a note…The Back to Basics tour first half was boring and lame with how she change her songs to fit that era but the second half was great..If she had Madonna Money and would listen to people she would be a Great Live Performer.

  • Syn

    More rehearsal time= low ticket sales

  • Jj

    Christina knew about the promotion for the movie LAST YEAR!
    You don’t just all of a sudden cancel a tour …..
    Her record label canceled it due to poor sales.
    Floptina’s karma is coming back to bite her after all the nasty things she has said! (not to mention her nasty diva behavior)
    that’s what she gets!

  • Jumbo

    Ya’ll don’t know what true talent is. I’m amazes by how many haters care
    about xtina and feel the need to dis her.
    Shame she isn’t going on tour yet…. We are the ones who are missing out!

    Love xtina!!!

  • Ba barakus

    LMAO! Well, Well , Well, Looks like somebody wasn’t as “big” as they thought they were.
    Sorry Christina, Your fans may think you are some king of legend but the rest of the world thinks you are just another cookie cutter “FlopTart”
    I hope her flop single, video and low selling tour sends a message to Christina AND her fans.

  • lellola

    i think most xtina fans are just waiting for the album to come out and i think the album will do well. xtina peaked with ‘stripped’ thats been her best album so far and i don’t think she’s gonna top that but i do appreciate that she tries to do a different genre of music with every album

    i really wonder what would have happened if xtina had released this album two years ago when it was finished and before gaga came out?

  • mash

    xtina isnt getting much promotion wich is proberly whats causing her low sales, i hardly hear the song on radio and its hardly on mtv and vh1 all i ever hear are lady gaga, rihanna, and that dry ass kesha song!!!!
    get it together radio!!!!

  • Ms. Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…: Stop being a dick you ass.

  • Josie

    Christina looks god awful in that picture!
    The hair, the clothes, that goofy look on her face and her wonkey eyes… WTF?!
    She’s always been the ugly step child of pop music.
    If she wasn’t such a b!tc# I would feel bad for her.

  • Ke$

    I can wait for the proper time to watch her tour.

  • Helen

    Pregnant maybe???

  • Goombajr

    She has spent her whole career trying to be taken seriously. But that doesn’t come from desperation. It actually comes from some kind of artistic vision, which Aguilera has never ever demonstrated.

  • Dasiy Duck

    She might flop with this CD but her talent will get her through in the long haul. She still has a lot of great songs in her. That’s the difference between being trendy and being legendary. Watch and see how things unfold with time.