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Clay Aiken is a Lad in Plaid

Clay Aiken is a Lad in Plaid

Clay Aiken arrives at LAX airport on Monday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old singer is gearing up for the release of his new album, Tried and True, on June 1! Clay and Ruben Studdard will also be hitting the road this July for a summer tour featuring classic songs!

Forbes recently ranked the top earning Idols of all time – Clay came in at #9! Check out the complete list at and see where your favorite Idol landed!

Also pictured inside: Clay and a friend visiting a bakery in Santa Monica on Tuesday (May 25)!

10+ pictures inside of Clay Aiken in California…

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clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 01
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 02
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 03
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 04
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 05
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 06
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 07
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 08
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 09
clay aiken lax airport santa monica bakery 10

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    how is this old man (woman?) relevant jared?

  • Terri

    ……..what is he wearing. lol.

  • huh

    Isn’t he a nobody?

  • Jennifer Y.

    He is so UGLY! :3

  • Jason


  • shiva

    Flop Idol lmfao

  • emily brown

    ew jared i never expected to see him on ur site

  • V O G U E


  • Dasiy Duck

    He has a beard now? How ironic!

  • Ian

    So this tw*t is pretty much extinct in the music world. How much are his publicists paying you to promote his tour and cd JJ?

  • RuPaul

    “Clay Aiken is a LAD in Plaid”

    lol. ouch.

  • NEXT

    ugly, gross, irrelevant

  • Kendra

    He looks cute.

  • cheeseball

    His voice and ‘music’ is horrible

  • Sandi

    Thanks Jared. If he has Quiana with him he’s performing somewhere.

    He’s one celebrity that hasn’t let fame go to his head.

  • WTF

    Is he pregnant??

  • brooke

    @Sandi: he HAS no fame

  • gag

    @Sandi: are you delusional, he is so full of it

  • lisali


  • DB

    Thanks, Jared. His new cd is out on June 1st so I hope he is there for an appearance.

  • Dixi

    :) Can’t wait for his CD!!!! Thanks!

  • Jess

    Jared, you have the nastiest people following you. 3/4 of them are probably glamberts/sparkle cows/lambskanks who didn’t listen when Adam told them not to be dissing other idols. Hope you are proud of all these nasty people making these nasty comments. They are turning your site into trash no one will care about.

  • kallie

    Glad to see Clay in LA. Now where is he performing?
    ETA: See the glamerts are out in force living up to their rep.

  • Mimi

    Love Clay Aiken……….love his voice and can’t wait for his new album next week.

    If I owned this board, I would sure not allow the hatred that is here. Who wants to come to place where idiots say things to get attention.

  • Oh please

    Looks like he just likes to travel comfortably, probably just like you. What matters is that he cleans up nicely and man can he sing. Wonder if he’s starting to promote his new CD dropping June 1. Hope so.

  • lulu

    Hoping he may be on tv to promote Tried and True.

  • Ari

    Love the casual pictures and how the cameras continue to follow him around everywhere he goes.

    Nice to hear that his new cd is out next week. Looking forward to seeing him on television next week.

  • parker1234

    It has been fun reading all the positive reviews of Clay’s new CD. The REAL music critics know a good voice when they hear it.

    Thanks for posting the pictures. Clay certainly loves to dress casually when he travels, but always has his act together on stage.

  • April24

    Thanks Jared. So glad to see Clay back in LA. Looks like a TV appearance this week.
    Looking forward to the new CD.

  • Jeff

    He really looks good. Exciting to see him out and about. I hear he has a PBS Special coming up in August and a new CD dropping June 1st.
    I think he is relevant. He and Ruben are touring this summer also.
    He does have a great voice.

  • adon

    Very excited to get Clay’s new CD Tried and True June 1
    He looks happy . I heard his PBS special is amazing . saw the snippets on You Tube tried and true
    He is a good humanitarian too. Glad he is using his celebrity status for agood cause

  • Leeza

    Most of the world? Ok, whatever you say. You proved right there you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.

    Have a nice day.

  • Quiana125

    Nobody sings better than Clay Aiken. His voice is amazing. Yes, Clay is in LA to perform. You will be blown away.

    It is so cool that people in the know are impressed with the new CD. Even if you don’t like the genre, it is impossible to honestly say he can’t sing.

    Clay’s TV special will be amazing too!!

  • Sarah

    okaaaay at some of the comments on the 1st page :/ i don’t know what glambo has to do with this post. i’m not an idol fan, i do love me some kelly, kris, adam and jhudson….but i never watched any of their seasons full so i don’t know about fanwars ?? or wtv, but not everyone whodoesn’t like clay aiken is another idol fan. and i’m not hating on this guy, i don’t even know him. just, please don’t generalize, you make yourselves look silly.bye

  • dj2001

    If Clay & Quiana are both in LA they must be performing somewhere.

    Clay looks great. I love the long hair.

  • Lily

    I’m hearing a lot of former idols are in town. Maybe he’s part of the finale tomorrow night. Thanks for the pics JJ!

  • Joan

    Thanks for the photos Just Jared! Clay looks so cute! I hope he’s in LA for a performance. Can’t wait to get his CD on June 1st! It’s going to be awesome!

  • Allisanna

    Thanks for posting the photos. I’m glad to see that Clay and Quiana are in LA obviously to perform somewhere soon. I can’t wait to purchase Clay’s new CD next week. I’ve heard previews and it’s really great.

  • Joyce

    Thank you so much for the pictures, Jared. It would appear (from Quiana125) that Clay is there to perform and I can’t wait. I can hardly wait until next Tues. when the CD comes out.


    I see the Aholes with keyboards are in full force!

  • Llana

    Wonderful to see Clay Aiken so happy, I love his smile, can’t wait for the CD and the PBS special.

  • Judy

    Thanks JJ for the pictures of Clay. It’s nice to see him out and about again, getting ready for the release of his next CD “Tried & True”.

    I love how he just dresses to be comfortable. He’s a great guy, with the most fantastic voice ever….


    Thanks for the pictures of Clay Aiken. He’s the most talented one to ever be on AI. Love his voice and am looking forward to his new CD. The snippets are up at iTunes he sounds wonderful!!

  • Anna

    I love Clay. His voice is amazing!!! And his backup singer Quiana, who is pictured with him, is awesome, too. “Most of the world” does not hate Clay. What a silly thing to say. What irritates me is that people would bother to go to a website and say that they hate someone or that they make their flesh crawl. There are a number of popular celebrities whom I have no use for at all, but I would not waste my time going online to say so. Go do something nice for someone instead.

  • Francie

    Thanks for the nice pics of Clay !! Looking forward to the new CD and performances!!!!!!

  • JOJO

    I see Quiana (Clay’s friend and back-up singer ) is with Clay in one of the pictures…she is a wonderful singer in her own right.
    I will be glued to my TV to see these 2 perform.

  • claire

    woo hoo ! My handsome scruffy bf is back . Can’t wait to hear him sing again .

  • FreeThinker

    As anyone can see from all the posts here – Clay Aiken is definitely worthy of a mention. As long as he has haters that care enough to comment he is relavant as a celebrity of the first order. It is when the haters disappear that will be cause for concern!! These types have been coming out of the woodwork ever since Clay appeared on the scene – and they just can’t help themselves.

  • Carm

    I love Clay and Quiana too!! Clay’s voice is amazing and can’t wait for the CD. Quiana too, is amazing! I agree with Anna, instead of posting such hateful comments, the haters should try doing something nice for someone and perhaps that might make them feel better about themselves!!! Love you Clay!!

  • Becky

    Clay and Quiana look so good! Thanks for posting the pictures!!!

    They make me smile.