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Ellen DeGeneres Launches Record Label, Signs Greyson Chance

Ellen DeGeneres Launches Record Label, Signs Greyson Chance

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres announces that she’ll be signing “Paparazzi” Youtube sensation Greyson Chance off her new record label, eleveneleven.

The 52-year-old talk show host shared the big news while taping her show, Ellen, which will air tomorrow, May 26th.

On the show, Ellen welcomes back Greyson where he performs his original song “Broken Hearts”. At the end of his performance, she announces that she’ll be starting a new record label with Greyson as her first artist. Madonna‘s manager, Guy Oseary, and Lady Gaga‘s manager, Troy Carter, have also signed on to co-manage Greyson.

“It’s crazy thinking about 30 million people,” Greyson shared on the show, speaking about his sudden stardom. “It just makes me happy. It really just hasn’t sunken in yet. It has been two weeks and it still hasn’t sunken in yet. It’s awesome.”

As previously announced, Greyson will be signed jointly with Interscope Records.

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  • what?

    wow she let judging American Idol get to her head. Congrats to her and to young Greyson.

  • Sydney

    Damn. Madonna’s manager and GaGa’s manager? That’s impressive. But Ellen starting a record label? That’s almost as lame as Perez. I guess anyone can start one these days.

  • wut.

    I’m so confused by this whole situation. Everyday it seems there is a new person that has “signed” Greyson Chance. I feel sorry for this little boy. I hope he isn’t pulled into a million directions with so many people hungry to make a dollar off him.

    Beautiful talent though, doesn’t seem he needs all those people, he has the star power to do it on his own.

  • Amber-louise

    I think kids should just get to be kids. You’re only young once. In ten years he’ll be washed up and on Celebrity Rehab if he’s not careful.

  • emmaa

    I think way too many young kids are getting signed at too young an age at the moment. It’s like a trend, it’s going on that much. And what does Ellen know about the music industry?

  • Jasmine

    I adore Ellen, but I don’t really see her with a record label…the closest she gets to music is interviewing musicians and pop stars, not signing them. It would surprise me to find out that she has the knowledge to keep a record company going…I hate Idol and try to avoid it as much as I can but I know she’s a judge, which doesn’t make much sense either.

  • Impulse Magazine

    I am looking forward to see if this is actually going to be a hit or miss for Ellen Degeneres

  • Donovan

    This kid has two managers? Ok, so he’s never gonna see a penny.

  • Mel

    I have a feeling that his kid was already signed and this whole thing was a big publicity stunt by Interscope and Ellen. And he’s just pretending to be unexpectedly famous. And someone else writes his song too, probably. Haha.

  • Rattlesnake

    OMG how tragic , the whole story ….. and people wonder why there are so many tragedies in show biz….. the puppets, the products and the greedy proliferators , huh

  • Lucille

    What a manipulation. Now we know why Ellen has been so relentless in her hyping of this young boy.

  • ****

    A woman who looks like a man and a boy who looks like a girl? Fabulous! I hope this little homosexual teenager becomes a huge star under Ellen’s label.

  • iFellytone

    Yay, the next Bieber. Just what we needed

  • David

    @Donovan: The majority of artists have more than one manager.

    I agree with the person who said kids should be kids. The music industry is a cut throat business so why expose an 11 year old to that? I believe the right thing to do would be to wait a few years until he’s older.

  • Whamo

    Great! another person who hasn’t a clue about music starting a label to sign up people most people are going to be sick of in 6 months.
    This is what’s wrong with the industry! Ellen with a label…what a joke.
    I thought Ellen had enough money but even she see’s the Bieber dollars and can’t resist..This doesn’t make her a music mogul it just makes her greedy!
    Music has become this souless industry were fashion and sizzle is somehow mistaken for talent.

  • leigh

    Some of you are stupid. I believe Greyson was discovered from his family taping his performance of Paparazzi and putting it on Youtube. He IS TALENTED, extremely so for his age. Greyson’s brother said he sent a copy of that video to Ellen producers and at that time, it didn’t have many views on it on Youtube at all. Then people like Guy Oseary tweeted for people to go check it out and Ellen let people know she was having him on her show and then of course the video went viral. How is that manipulated. The video was real, it just got quite a boost when more people found out about it via twitter and Ellen and Yahoo, etc. His talent is real. The performance he just did this morning on Ellen of his original song “Broken Hearts” was beautiful and moving… he is amazing and I wish the best for him.

  • popoki

    Actually, Rachel Maddow played his “You Tube” clip before Ellen did……………… she was really the 1st to discover him……….check it out. It’s true.

  • Eric Shinn

    Ellen is such a money grabbing lezbo – she don’t care about the kid!!!

  • Kathi

    He is lame. I don’t know what everyone likes so much about him. Go find real individual talents if you feel like starting a record label. That guy is 11, he might get bored of the whole thing within a few months and quit. Then those important people are arsed :D

  • muck


    Colin Farrell was also in this show! And he has say:
    “to be tollerant for gay ppl”

    Please JJ, be fair!

  • vanessa

    I thought he was signed to Interscope?

  • In The Know

    The whole thing with this kid was a set up from the start. …..ITS ALL OVER THE MUSIC TRADES…….THE VIDEO WAS A SET UP.

    he is a talented kid however how he got 30M hits was orchestrated by professionals. THE TRUTH IS ALL OVER INDUSTRY BOARDS.

  • The Phoenix

    I think this is something he wants to do. He mentioned focusing on his career. The record business is very shady but I don’t think Ellen will do wrong by him. He also has his parents who I would hope make sure he does not get taken advantage of. I think he wants to make music and give something to people but I hope that around all the hype he puts out a good album and people truly embrace him. Not because he sang Gaga and was on Ellen but because he has talent.

  • bambinoitaliano

    These days owning a record company does not mean you personally run it. It’s Ellen putting some of her money and using her celebrity status to start the company. It’s a crap shoot. She can sign as many or as few singers. It’s not that difficult a few of the singers would make some sort of a name for the company for a few short years. That’s all it takes to establish. It’s all about publicity.

  • greyson loves evil

    PROPER NAZI (sung to the tune of Paparazzi)

    She covers one eye,
    She looks like a spy,
    She tortures us all, til we all want to die
    From exposure to her Evil.

    A boy only twelve,
    Who worships himself,
    Ready for Ellen,
    Cannot imagine the Hell he’s in,
    She’s closing in.

    Giving the Devil its due.
    Doing what boys are told to do,
    By Lady Gaga and the illuminati.

    I cannot escape the feeling she’s a Nazi,
    A proper Nazi,
    Sex, drugs, rock n roll,
    Lady Gaga kills the soul,
    She’s a Nazi,
    A proper Nazi.

    She’s the girl next door,
    Dressed like a whore,
    Blood on her lips,
    The altar is lit for a sacrifice,
    From Oklahoma

    His own mother drove,
    Him to Bohemian Grove,
    They ate out his heart,
    and they drained all his blood
    In a ritual,
    It’s so habitual

    Never has a young boy been so willing,
    For this kind of killing,
    Can’t be a mistake, he’s a poisonous snake.

  • facadestilladser

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  • Eric

    wow all you haters can’t just be happy for the kid. Just because you’ll never see the world past the trailer you were breast fed in isn’t anyones fault but your own. oh and I love people who pick on Ellen for being a lesbian yeah that’s original, she rich successful and she’s got a hot wife. look at your lives we should be picking on you you losers!!!!!!! Me and my wife and kids watch her show everyday enjoying life. While you all it home and self loathe while wishing you could half of her great life drop dead losers. Oh and let me clear this up, millions of people saw greyson first on youtube, but she gave him a chance.