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Halle Berry Gets Down And Dirty

Halle Berry Gets Down And Dirty

Halle Berry gets a little dirty while taking a few home improvement items and a few personal items out of a storage area on Monday (May 24) in Burbank, Calif.

While moving, the 43-year-old actress leaned a beam of some sort up against the wall, which then slipped and hit her Lexus.

Last week, Halle declared herself to be a fierce lioness when it came to protecting her daughter, Nahla, from the paparazzi. Gabriel Aubry reportedly wants full custody of their daughter now that the couple has split.

25+ pictures inside of Halle Berry getting down and dirty…

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halle berry gets down and dirty 01
halle berry gets down and dirty 02
halle berry gets down and dirty 03
halle berry gets down and dirty 04
halle berry gets down and dirty 05
halle berry gets down and dirty 06
halle berry gets down and dirty 07
halle berry gets down and dirty 08
halle berry gets down and dirty 09
halle berry gets down and dirty 10
halle berry gets down and dirty 11
halle berry gets down and dirty 12
halle berry gets down and dirty 13
halle berry gets down and dirty 14
halle berry gets down and dirty 15
halle berry gets down and dirty 16
halle berry gets down and dirty 17
halle berry gets down and dirty 18
halle berry gets down and dirty 19
halle berry gets down and dirty 20
halle berry gets down and dirty 21
halle berry gets down and dirty 22
halle berry gets down and dirty 23
halle berry gets down and dirty 24
halle berry gets down and dirty 25
halle berry gets down and dirty 26
halle berry gets down and dirty 27
halle berry gets down and dirty 28

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  • Anon

    I’m kinda over her. I think she’s a cold b*tch

  • mslewis

    How is this woman still relevant? When did she last release a movie? Does she even work in movies anymore? I’m really over her and tired of seeing pics of her “shopping” everyday. Does she do anything else? Poor Gabriel. He put up with this thing for five years. I don’t know how he did it but at least he got a beautiful little girl out of it. Maybe he can save Nahla from turning out like her Mama.

  • Dee

    I hope I look like her when I’m 43 years old. Halle looks great. She just needs to get back into acting again.

  • elle

    love her, she looks gorgeous as always

  • Marlane

    I love her sweater.

  • jane

    @mslewis: well, she was pregnant and then she had a baby – that ought to explain what she has been up to the last few years
    Also, she is now at this age where actresses don’t get many roles

  • ……

    Next it would be halle berry taking the garbage out of her house just wait and see….breaking news! im still waiting for halle berry going to the toilette…

  • David Peet

    Look what a stylish flip flops she has on) I liked it as well as that black color on her nails! Fantastic!

  • Butter_Fly

    Cool sunglasses.

  • happiness

    why should he ask for full custody? women do?

  • truth

    Her career is over, she is over, her last movie came out in 2007 it’s been 3 years, she’s been in a movie, her last crappy movie Frankie and Alice ‘ the one she is running naked her nippels in the air)is completed since 2009 but didn’t came out in theater no one want to buy this crap, it’s going straight to DVD, and that has nothing to do with age, you can keep this lame excuse ,also Naomi watts, Kidman, Aniston, Bullock are all around the same age if not some older than her and are still getting offers, plus her fans keep repeating she doesn’t look her age blabla, she is just a talentless actress and a has been, no one is fooled by her.

  • Dreads

    She looks great, per usual. I LOVE those mirror-effect aviators, where can I get them?! As for Gabriel wanting full custody of Nahla, WTF? Why would he want that? Does he think Halle wouldn’t be able to raise the child properly? Ugh, that’s sad. Poor Nahla. She had two gorgeous beauty Gods as parents and now they’re both fighting each other for her custody!

  • ?

    Is there a day without a Halle berry post?? like seriously she is everyday here wow. And for what?

  • ss

    She is now just a tabloid ho, thats where she is limited to. wh*ring out her privacy, kid…to ” exist”.

  • mousse

    Yes, she looks great! Natural beauty.
    In her glasses you see there is no crowd of paps tho. Only one car.
    Maybe one pap?

    Is she in need of attention?

  • Talk Sense Girl

    LOves iT

  • anon

    I think she’s very pretty but she has been coming off a little bitter. She finally gets a guy who treats her well and she can’t deal. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

  • Dasiy Duck

    She looks so sad and lonely. Doesn’t she have any friends who can help her move that stuff?

  • Mery

    She’s sexy, very sexy woman!

  • a realist

    # 7…If you don’t like the Halle threads, don’t click on them.

    #17…How do you know Gabriel treated Halle well? Were you a gnat on the wall in their home?

  • Shaline

    Why would someone with mansions, need a storage unit to story extra stuff. Surely she has room in her mansions.

  • jojo

    Looks like a lesbian.

  • Karen

    She’s looking for papers so Gabriel can’t see Nahla, see the flashlight. She is pretty, but a pretty witch. He does not know what he is in for at least he is not lying down and taking it. I don’t like her anymore, remember when she didn’t want to be seen now she is out everyday to be seen. She has people who could have done that for her. I do not like her anymore and what is up with her hair lately, too busy yelling at Gabriel to care I guess.

  • nasty ho

    shes a nasty ho and b—- thats why she couldnt keep a guy and thats why shes alone and shes looking pretty chunky there look at those thighs and legs ugh

  • Eddy

    Some of you poor unfortunate women are extremely jealous of the beautiful Halle Berry.

  • roberto

    Ahhh…..i luv Halle

  • its Halle betch

    Halle: “I wish they’d get that damn camera outta my face. All I’m here to do is move some stuff out of my storage unit. Dang, can’t go nowhere without the paps following me. Hey, hey, hey, paps. . . I plan to take a crap in about 30 minutes . . . ya’ll wanna follow me into the stall and take pics????”

  • LOST END:(

    She is probably unhappy because of all the ppl taking pics of her but no one has offered to help her. I would be mad too if I were followed around all the damn time!

  • jamie

    shes a looser whats to be jealous of? and she is looking pretty chunky lately look at those thunder thighs

  • CanadaGirl

    I love the dirty look she gives. Like she didn’t go shopping for renovation supplies with the sole purpose of getting your picture taken. As if Halle Berry does home renos.

  • Frog Legs Anyone

    dyck alert fugly short fat legs! why is she even relevant! she is a psycho who hits and runs and gets away with it! she is a bad breathed lunatic who likes to blame her husbands for wanting to have sex with her!
    ask dave, eric and now gabriel – she never wants to have sex with anyone bc she is FRIGID and has major jealousy issues! it drives men away!

  • Thunders

    she is too short to rock legs like that she is like 5’2
    and short people are kinda disgusting

  • Tabloid WHORE

    Get a clue, Halle and stop selling your “moments” to JJ hoping people will still be thinking of you and your shi**y collection of movies.

  • Effortless

    Effortless….very nice and simple.

  • hanoon86

    how did gabriel put up with her all those years