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Just 5...Tearjerker Movies!

Just 5...Tearjerker Movies!

Dear John is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, and has picked five awesome tearjerker films that are as heart-wrenching as Savannah and John’s story.

5) Million Dollar BabyHilary Swank admitted she cried after reading the script, and she took home an Oscar for her portrayal of a boxer with big dreams and an even bigger heart.

4) A Walk to Remember - Mandy Moore makes Shane West promise he won’t fall in love with her (he fails!). Even when she tells him her devastating secret, he stays by her side.

3) My Girl - Anna Chlumsky plays a girl dealing with her mother’s death. Her close friend, played by Macauley Culkin, is “allergic to everything”. When he gets stung by a bee…

2) Titanic – Neeeeearrrr, faaaaaarrrr, wherever you aaaaare…Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio fall for each other just before the boat sinks. You do the math.

1) The Notebook - Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling‘s characters fell for each other despite their differences – and audiences bawled by the end of the movie!

FYI: Amanda Seyfried is wearing a sonyarenee “Love” Pendant.

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  • Carrie

    Good choices! I’ve been dying to watch a really good chick-flick, is Dear John worth it?

  • asdfjkl;

    Agree with you five Jared….but DEAR JOHN (the movie)??? Really??? They had no chemistry whatsoever and the acting by Tatum and, sometimes, Seyfried, was not good.

    Now DEAR JOHN the book…that was good and I cried my eyes out reading it.

  • Ella

    Loveeeee DEAR JOHN !!!
    I also really love the soundtrack Little House

    I cried everytime i watch Million Dollar Baby, it reminds you that even though you try something so hard, in the end fate always play role in your life. And sometimes fate is not a fairytale

  • Alaia

    Terrible list. Dear John was horrible.

  • Dreads

    I haven’t seen Dear John yet. But I do agree with the list. Titanic has always been my all-time favorite “tear-jerker” movie and it still is. So my list would go : 1) Titanic 2) My girl (I love classic movies like that! :p ) 3) Million Dollar Baby (I actually cried like a baby by the end of it) 4) A walk to remember (I cried too…… such a beautiful and heart-breaking love story…..I know, I’m such a sentimental) and 5) The notebook (Hmmm I never understood the hype for this….I mean, yeah the story is very sad and I wouldn’t wish to be one half of this couple but… it didn’t make me cry as much as the others. Still an excellent movier though!) …..Hmmm cool list but maybe there are other films who are more tear-jerking..?

  • mailey

    I dont see how The Notebook is a tearjerker.

    The finale of Lost was tho. That was brutal.

  • miss infamous

    I never get tired of watching the Notebook!

  • Jo

    I like Notebook…but love A Walk to Remember.

    Dear John..well I prefer the book..sorry!

  • Yasmina

    Love “A walk to remember”!!!!

  • Ash


    I cried so hard at the ending of Notebook

  • Violet

    The film that makes me cry the most is Pearl Harbor, kills me every time!!

  • Aylin

    I have seen all in the list except for My Girl. Titanic and A Walk to Remember are first on my list then Million Dollar Baby & The Notebook.

  • emma

    i saw a walk to remember a milion times!! i love very much this movie!!

  • dd

    Steel Magnolias to add to your list

  • Jen

    Seen all of these except for Million Dollar Baby!!

    A walk to remember and the titanic are some of my all time favs… soo good!

    The notebook on the other hand, i didn’t like too much, preferred the book.

  • Tammy

    People forget “Terms of Endearment” as a tear-jerker. The scene that ALWAYS gets me is when Debra Winger is saying good-bye to her child from her hospital bed as he is trying not to cry. As he leaves the room he looks back at her and she says, ” I think that went rather well, don’t you?”, and the kid begins to cry as he leaves the room. I bawl like a baby when I sse that or even think about it.

  • http://amcarcamo anna

    I LOVE all movies in the list!! the notbook is one of my all the time fave and definetly the movie I cry the most watching!! great list!

  • dani

    Jared these are all “young” movies. There are a lot better tear jerkers out there if you want to sob.

    Kid Movies like “Old Yeller” and “Bambi” or “Where the Red Fern Grows.” What about “The Yearling?”

    Girl Movies like Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnolias being great tear jerkers. Not to mention the awful “Love Story” with Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal. “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Or “Beaches” – wow.

    Guy movies like “Brian’s Song” and “Bang the Drum Slowly” or “Pride of the Yankees.”

    The classic “An Affair to Remember.” “Brief Encounter.”

    Serious movies like The Pianist, Philadelphia and My Life is Beautiful. The Elephant Man.

    War movies like The Deerhunter, We Were Soldiers Once, and Saving Private Ryan. Schindler’s List.

    Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain, Dead Poet’s Society, Field of Dreams.

  • ELSA

    My list:
    A Walk to Remember, The Notebook , Titanic..

    I cried in all these movies and are in my preferences list.

  • Butter_Fly

    Oh, I love Cold Mountain. But the one movie that I always end up crying at the end is The Color Purple. But it’s obviously not your typical love story. Still, it gets me everytime when Celie and Netting reunite.

  • Butter_Fly

    Haha, *Nettie* not Netting.

  • Dear John

    Dear John is a must see movie and purchase – RECOMMENDED.

    First movie in a long time to make me cry and I felt much better than the Notebook.

    I like JJ list of choices too.

  • Halli

    Awww. “My Girl”!

    That’s such a sweet movie of my early childhood. Glad you didn’t forget it!

  • Jasmine

    Really? The Notebook as number one? It was a pretty decent movie, but definitely not the best. And Dear John sucked major ass. Pretentious storyline with mediocre actors. At least Jared had the right mind to put A Walk to Remember and Titanic on there.

  • ali

    I love Titanic, A Walk to Remember and The Notebook!

  • Paloma

    i LOVE A WALK TO REMEMBER! i bawled like a baby1 i really didn’t enjoy The Notebook. Beaches and Titanic slayed me too. haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby. i couldn’t get over Culkin’s death in MY GIRL! i loved them. I’ll give Jared 4 out of 5 stars for this list with a few re-arrangements! lol!

  • Johanne

    Titanic, A Walk to Remember & The Notebook are sooo beautiful. Love this movies so, so much <3

  • Jenna

    Love all the movies. I haven’t seen million dollar baby yet but i will. Also i think ”Marley and Me” is a pretty good tearjerker. Because everytime I watch it it brings bach the memory of when my dog died.

  • Abigail

    They’re all nice movies but somehow I like watching If Only by Jennifer Love Hewitt. That’s what I call a tearjerker movies. I cry every single time I watch that movie. It’s not a blockbuster movie but I love it. :)

  • lindsaaaaay

    nights in rodanthe.

    i sobbed. literallly sobbed.

    titanic, is clearly an obvious choice, love that movie <3

  • peanutbutder

    Who wants a tearjerker during the summer??? Summer’s for fun! Killers was fun! Loved it!