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Suri Cruise: Let's Go See A Broadway Show!

Suri Cruise: Let's Go See A Broadway Show!

Tom Cruise carries his daughter, Suri, out of a theater in New York City after seeing a show on Tuesday (May 25).

Mama Katie Holmes also attended the show and carried Suri‘s teddy bear out to the car. Aww…

Yesterday, Suri and Katie went out for ice cream together at NYC’s Sundaes and Cones!

FYI: Tom is on the cover of Esquire‘s June 2010 issue!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri leaving a theater together…

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tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 01
tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 02
tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 03
tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 04
tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 05
tom cruise katie holmes suri see a show nyc 06
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  • pinkydoo

    mmmmm..Tommy Boy looks hot! I usually don’t find him like that, but me likey very much

  • Tom Doesn’t Raise His Kids

    Oprah asked if Tom has talked to Connor about girls. Tom stumbled around saying that he takes Connor’s calls and just listens. Then Tom said, “HE’S BASICALLY RAISED BY” and then stopped himself. Shortly after HE told Oprah that we need to commercial.

  • FM

    suri looks afraid :(

  • ….

    The heels are back…

  • Suri’s Stimming!!1

    Why do they put an autistic child through this?

  • Mismatch

    Is Kate going to the beach with a senior citizen group?

  • http://justjared eric


  • omg

    OMG do you know what’s weird? In the pictures especally the first on the right, Tom looks like Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    She is wearing high heels yet again … and notice, no straps on the shoes either which makes it that much more difficult to walk in them.
    I really feel sorry for this little girl. All that opportunity and it is going to be wasted. Poor thing.

  • dani


  • pr person

    And so it begins…

    Where is that childs carseat?!?! Morons for parents!

  • pr person

    Oops… car seat?! Still… morons for parents!

  • Poor Suri!

    I hope they get her help and I hope they get Kate a hair brush.

  • Question?

    Did Suri tell Katie to wear that?

  • Dasiy Duck

    Why is Tom grinning ear to ear when his little girl is clearly upset? Meanwhile Katie Bot just states into space. WTH?

  • Amber-louise

    No car seat and everytime I see a pic of Suri, they are taking her for cookies, cupcakes or ice cream. Nutrition is so important for growing children and Suri never seems to be eating any nutritious snacks. Also the fact she is never with children her own age is disturbing. She must be one lonely little girl and that’s not fair to her. She never asked to have nutjobs for parents after all.

  • ka

    tom is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good looking

  • susie#1

    @Daisy Duck: I think Tom is grinning from ear to ear because he’s playing to the cameras. Obviously the guy isn’t sensitive to his daughter’s feelings.
    As to Suri in heels again, neither parent has any sense.

  • mimi

    What happened to Tom’s skin color?
    Why the orange/ tan?
    What’s wrong with natural skin color?
    Somebody tell Tom Cruise we are not in the 80s anymore and people are not tanning like crazy.

  • Zoom in on suv

    zoom in pic of the suv…look at his hand no wedding band hmm…what does that mean?

  • Double Standard

    I bet all of you who are criticizing that little girl are rapid JP loons who go ape-shite when one of their kids gets a negative comment.

  • Go Ask Alice



  • So Not Fun

    Tom is carrying his miserable date and Katie is carrying hers.

  • Finanas

    @Amber : how do you know that she NEVER has healthy snack… you’re with them all the time ? I mean Tom & Katie seemed healthy, not fat, not too skinny… isn’t that a proof that at least they eat healthy food ? Those parents are just spoiling their daughter with pretty clothes, shoes, teddy bears…. and cupcakes/ice creams !

    BTW, I’m sooo not a Cruise fan but some comments where just bothering me. But sure @Amber you’re right on one point : she must be very lonely…

  • Ok, here’s my comment

    WHY does Tom always hold Suri under her dress?

    I know it’s no weird stuff (don’t do there), but they both always hold her bottom or legs under her dress. I’ve carried children for years and always smooth the dress down, then hold the child on top the clothing.

    Just an observation. I noticed they both have done this since birth.

    At her height and age, if they continue to carry her like a baby, under her dress, soon it will look very odd and NOT in a good way.

  • Sam

    Sheesh! Suri is 4 and quite tall and probably has a booster seat. She doesn’t need a baby car seat anymore. Tom is likely smiling so Suri will feel his mood/feelings and not be as scared. I think she is hiding her eyes from all the flashes – that’s got to be so hard on little eyes. The shoes are adorable for the evening out all dressed up. It’s not like she’s walking a marathon! Hmmm, lets see, what else is everyone whining about…………..

  • Sam

    Oh, wait, my favorite – why is Tom holding Suri under her dress?? This is by far the BEST comment to date (most ridiculous comment too). . Anyone?

  • well duh…

    i don’t get the whole issue with wearing high heels, little girls love to dress up, i remember when i was little i would walk around in my mom shoes, and run around in tap shoes. i think they need to put suri in pre school or a dance class or something so she gets to meet kids her own age. i feel bad for her, because they don’t know what theyre doing… with all the sugar they give her, shes going to grow up with weight problems or an eating disorder, where she equates food with happpiness(i know this because it started for me at a young age, four actually).. i hope the best for this little girl..

  • Pac Man

    Why do you keep posting this, #2?

    She’s not autistic, #5.

    Opportunity for what, #9?

    She still needs one, #10?

    Help for what, #13.

    She’s not (or at least doesn’t look) upset, #15. And what would be the benefit of him being visibly angry and actually upsetting her or upsetting her even more.

    You can’t judge what her typical diet and who she plays with on a couple of paparazzi photos, #16.

    Read my response to #15, #18.

    They’re not splitting up like the last hundred times they’ve been accused of doing so, #20.

    You don’t know her or who she plays with to assume she’s lonely, #24.

    Good thing TomKat doesn’t care about what other people think, #25.

    She’s already in ballet classes and you don’t know if she’s lonely or not, #28.

    It’s silly to assume what her diet is and play doctor when you’re just judging from a few paparazzi pics.

    Don’t just hope for the best. God mind your own kids.

  • darla

    @Pac Man:

    mind our own kid. Our kids are not children of famous people if we are indulging them we don’t do it in public. as a matter of fact we treat them like children with boundaries and values and etiquette. This child is very spoiled and her parents is letting her get away with it. She’s not properly parented and in fact its bordering in child abuse. She’s thin she was allowed to walk in heels abusing her undeveloped calf muscles and whenever we see her she’s munching sweet treats all the time. I think the department of child and welfare should look into this. Suri doesn’t look healthy for a child her age. her head is to big and not proportional to her body. plus having her blanket all the time seems a little bit off unless Suri is convulsing or shivering. don’t they know that that blanket had been exposed to dirt and disease .

  • annie

    A really beautiful family. Katie looks really cool , love her outfits , and totally love her hair out.
    Everybody I know , me included buys sweets , icecreams etc, for their kids when going shopping, and the coffee shops are packed with little kids having sweets and babychinos
    So every now and thenSuri wears little kitten heels, she is such a girly girl and so adorable, it’s not that she wears them all the time
    Ithink Tom and Katie are great parents, and Suri probably has the time of her life. We see only a minute of her day.



  • autistic haters

    autistic haters are so pathetic..go back to commenting on autistic jolie-pitt kids.

  • annabell

    cutie doll suri!!:)

  • Baby Buddah

    @pacman you need to get a life!!! It’s so simple, this kid is the biggest spoiled bratt!!!!!

  • ++Logan++

    Beautiful family

  • Kaka Homely

    How pathetic!! This is how JJ put down the headline, addressing this Freakshow of the century than her pathetic, imbecilic pimps.

    Suri Cruise: let’s go to the ….

    TommyGurl is really pathetic. He really believes that nobody will pay any attention to him or his stinker without dragging his feral pr stunt out.

    The faces of the 3 of them are really telling.
    The freakshow herself, pathetic.
    The kaka wannabe, blank.
    TommyGurl, grinning like an imbecilic maniac.

  • Green Eyes

    I agree with you completely, ‘Ok, here’s my comment’. Also notice in this pic of Suri – she has on heels (and she was NOT coming from dance class) plus she has her blankey.
    This really shows age and expectation confusion, from her parents’ point of view. It is a strange combo: heels + blankey.

  • to 5

    Why do they put an autistic child through this?

    just curious, what university did you get your medical degree from? do you have a recognized degree in any other discipline that would allow you to correctly diagnose an autistic child? have you had any direct access to this child through which you could personally observe her behavior in relation to others? from where i sit, which is a from a legal prospective, what we have here is you engaging in supposition.

  • Soffie

    How can Tom tell Oprah that Suri “just goes with it” when referring to all the paparazzi? She clearly DOES NOT “just go with it.” The cameras are scaring her; she usually hides her face in her mom’s shoulder. Does he think we’re idiots? Tom, just because you say it is so doesn’t make it so. You are just trying to sound like you care…clearly you don’t, or else you would leave your apartment from an underground, private parking area.

  • Kaka Homely

    They should simply change that PR feral child’s name as “Most Pimped”.

    Tommy Gurl doesn’t care how this feral child is scared and intruded and flashed by his ardent urge for attention and limelight.
    He doesn’t care.
    Both Kaka Homely and the most pimped work for him. They are bound by contracts for the outings and exposures in exchange for apparels and shoes and sugar.

    Once you adjust your perspective, then you’ll understand this big charade better.

  • Planet Xenu

    “WHY does Tom always hold Suri under her dress?”

    I think it’s part of the contract. Tom gets paid to dress Suri in certain brands and Tom has to ensure that the paparazzi are called for the photo ops and he has to properly display her outfits for the cameras. Of course it does make him look like a creepy pedo who exploits his own kid, but that just makes Tom’s deranged fans love him even more.

  • ?

    WHY does Tom always hold Suri under her dress?

    I know it’s no weird stuff (don’t do there), but they both always hold her bottom or legs under her dress. I’ve carried children for years and always smooth the dress down, then hold the child on top the clothing.

    Just an observation. I noticed they both have done this since birth.

    At her height and age, if they continue to carry her like a baby, under her dress, soon it will look very odd and NOT in a good way.

  • de Cosmos


    Just plain creepy

  • Soniaintown

    Tommy Gay Midget does look from time to time very pedo around the “most pimped”. << I like the new name!
    And the MOST PIMPED looks very uneasy when held by him.

  • Gaia

    Maybe, just maybe Suri is tired. I wouldn’t visit a theatre with a four year late.

  • Just My Opinion

    The Daily Mail has an article on them and says Cruise is leaving for London this weekend to attend some award show and there are reports that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are presenters at the MTV awards which will be held on June 6th. Cruise already LOOKS TIRED and he seems to have adopted this new “look” of very casual wearing Outsider shirts. He wore a similar shirt to the Hollywood Walk of Fame award last week when everyone was wearing a tie and suit (and he stood out like a sore thumb), then he appears in this “look” on this magazine. He also appeared in a casual shirt when he made his appearance in that horrible dance number with Katie, Whatever Lola wants. I guess someone told him he looks younger, more approachable looking casual. I think this is a mistake. I think he should get some REST, and make his appearance in nicer clothes. Clearly this movie Knight and Day is going to critical in his career. His latest movies have NOT been the box office hits of his glory years. The studio he bought United Artist is almost bankrupt and he’s not making big hits. I don’t say its his age because if you look at Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Al Pacino, Roberto DeNiro, etc. they are all over 50 years of age and still working.

  • troi

    @just my opinion

    I think the difference between this joker and the other actors you mentioned is that his off screen antics and opinions are overshadowing his marginal talent as an actor. Ford, Gibson, Pacino, DeNiro are all wonderfully talented actors who can play a multitude of parts with believability. Tom’s range is very limited, plus his off screen antics have people seeing Tom Cruise rather than a believable character. Gibson due to his off screen issues is probably going to have the same problem, but he is a much better actor and probably can overcome being seen as Mel Gibson on the screen instead of a character he is playing.

    Cruise has had hair plugs (his receding hairline has receded forward) and some nips and tucks in order to remain young looking in an industry that caters to youth. He doesn’t realize that he is only looking foolish running around trying to look like he is in his 20′s instead of “acting” or being his age. Whatever he has done to his face, he is starting to look more and more chiseled instead of a handsome masculine look.

    A friend of mine met him while she was working at a television station that he was being interviewed at. She said he has to be one of the most insecure actors she has ever met. He was very friendly in an almost manic way, but would become almost visibly upset if everyone wasn’t “worshipping” the space he walked on, i.e. stood up and took notice of him. She said a few of the employees didn’t care for him and opted to actual work instead of fawn over him–and he made a point of going over and interrupting them to introduce himself. So if he is that insecure on a walk to the TV studio for an interview, I imagine it is very hard for him to accept the fact that he is almost 50.

  • Baby Buddah
  • pinkypoo

    This brat is getting way too big to be carried like that..,.and with a stuffed animal or two along with her blankie.

    Classic sign of a spoiled brat not getting her way.