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Suri Cruise: Sundaes on Mondays

Suri Cruise: Sundaes on Mondays

Katie Holmes (in a Madewell blazer) takes her adorable 4-year-old daughter Suri Cruise out for some ice cream at Sundaes and Cones in New York City on Monday (May 24).

Just prior to stopping by the ice cream parlor, the 31-year-old actress enjoyed a nice dinner with her husband Tom Cruise and Suri at the Italian eatery Ristorante II Cantinori.

Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted enjoying the day in the city.

FYI: Katie is wearing Current Elliott straight leg jeans in Moody.

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise enjoying some ice cream on a Monday…

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suri cruise sundaes monday 01
suri cruise sundaes monday 02
suri cruise sundaes monday 03
suri cruise sundaes monday 04
suri cruise sundaes monday 05
suri cruise sundaes monday 06
suri cruise sundaes monday 07
suri cruise sundaes monday 08
suri cruise sundaes monday 09
suri cruise sundaes monday 10
suri cruise sundaes monday 11
suri cruise sundaes monday 12
suri cruise sundaes monday 13
suri cruise sundaes monday 14
suri cruise sundaes monday 15

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  • popotitos

    aw suri! say cheese!!

  • Liz

    She is a cutie… looks a lot like her mom. But waaayyyy too spoiled.

  • anne

    well, what do you know? she’s actually wearing shoes today.

  • to liz

    the reality is that it doesn’t matter what you and i may think. all that matters is what katie and tom think. if they want to spoil their little girl then that’s what they will do. however, it seems that people with only one child tend to do that

  • Kaka Homely

    Looks like this feral child is working full time now.
    Her female pimp’s gay boyfriend’s major stinker movie is about to come out, now this PR stunt has to get out and work full time.

    Least, they have to bribe her with sugar and the whole Sesame Street to get her into the photo ops. Yeah right, the shorty gay boyfriend of your female pimp said, ‘deal with it!’

    And what’s up with picture #10? The Gay Midget tried to pick the feral child up for a better picture, yet the freakshow of the century refused?

    Bwahahahahahahaha!! Kick him in the groin, Suri!

  • pinkypoo

    this brat is really into sweets. Way too much.

    Guess she ordered them to get her that ice cream or else

  • Jolla

    Suri is perfect from profile and when she smiles…just divine. Haters will die today of envy. Nice outfit for a lovely child. Of course she’s spoiled but she’s very well behaved in public.

  • MyLene

    She ugly ..

  • anybody home?

    -she seems to always has the same expression……blank

  • AutumnM

    Cute kid!

  • haha

    wow! She’s wearing a long-sleeve cardigan and no blanket. she’s actually cute!

  • yeah

    Wow, I’m amazed at how harsh people can be towards a child. I wish JJ would stop posting about kids because people can be so absurd.

  • Katsaridoula

    Mama Cruise and her kid look sick, they look as if they were battered on regular basis at home. I feel sorry for them, look at those pale faces and dark circles under their eyes….

  • Annika Hansen

    The thumb up and down thing isn’t working for me. All the ones I gave a thumbs up to got given a thumbs down and all the ones I tried to thumbs down didn’t change!

  • Athina

    It would be nice if Katie had a sister or brother for Suri. I don’t know if she ever will as Suri is already four years old. Suri is adorable by the way, beautiful child.

  • happygirl

    @Jolla: excuse me, of course she’s spoiled?? Hell no! A kid should never be spoiled and more when you are Suri Cruise and you got almost everything in the whole world.

  • mailey

    she looks just like her mom.

  • again?

    another sugar bribed photo op. if she behaves she gets a baby bottle.

  • adult portions

    adult portions for kids equals waste.

  • Jolla

    @happygirl said: you are Suri Cruise and you got almost everything in the whole world = spoiled. When you have such a lovely child with a personality what can you do? Spank her? Lock her in the closet? I bet Suri will grow up as a nice person just like Katie. She’s a smart kid.

  • asperger’s syndrome

    she’s an aspie kid

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Katie looks like she’s dead inside.

  • Tom Sucks

    First time he’s with Suri since the Super Bowl and he can’t go with her to have ice cream after dinner? He pays others to be her father.

  • Marissa

    If that child can eat out of a spoon then she should be able to drink out of a sippy cup and stop using a bottle.


    4 year old little girls are the most precious things in the world.
    i miss my daughter at that age. :-)

  • Oprah Can’t Stand Katie

    Oprah Cn’t Stand Katie

    Even O couldn’t muster up ONE compliment for Ms. Holmes during Tom’s interview. Oprah said she would never have her on the show but Tom insisted on the loser Lola video being showed.

  • Tom Doesn’t Raise His Kids

    Oprah asked if Tom has talked to Connor about girls. Tom stumbled around saying that he takes Connor’s calls and just listens. Then Tom said, “HE’S BASICALLY RAISED BY” and then stopped himself. Shortly after HE told Oprah that we need to commercial.

  • joel

    Look at Katie’s funny feet in pic# 2. She really has bad inverted feet.

  • Kim

    Those crazy bitter people who say mean things about a little girl are so pathetic. Go live your mediocre lives and let this rich , beautiful, happy family alone :)

  • oatmeal

    Looks like Dad had some influence – the kid is normally dressed finally.

  • All’s Good

    So glad to see Tom, Chaz and Suri spending time together.

  • happygirl

    @Jolla: girl, do not confuse terms. One thing is to be born lucky and an another completely different thing is to be spoiled. The girl (Suri) is being spoiled. If she behaves well in public good for her but you cant buy her the whole sweet shop or you’ll make the girl used to that, etc… Behaving well in public is a must and even more when you have health, money and love.


    Children can get diabetes too.

  • Park Rat

    joel @ 05/25/2010 at 11:53 am

    Look at Katie’s funny feet in pic# 2. She really has bad inverted feet.

    she’s so pigeon toed that i want to throw some bread crumbs at her.

  • Abby

    Park Rat & Joel….l was about to same the same thing!!! What is UP with those feet???????

  • Susie#1

    In some of the photos the bruises on Suri’s legs are quite visible; she’s still got the bump in the middle of her forehead. I’m wondering if she’s ever seen by a non-scientologist pediatrician. The only pictures we now see of her show her eating sweets. As #33 pointed out, children get diabetes too.

    Jared please stop showing daily pictures of Katie Holmes with/without her PR doll. It’s getting old. And boring. There must be some exciting talent that you’re missing….

  • Baby Buddah

    Poor nutrition is the cause for all the bruises. This spoiled brat is probably anemic.

  • de Cosmos

    Can’t we have a day without them?

    Even better, how about a year or two?

  • Jolla

    Susie#1 & Baby Buddah: Sorry we cannot snap her at lunch or dinner! Suri eats healthy food, I know for sure. This is why she looks sooo beautiful. Bruises are from playing too much, especially at her trampoline where you get all sorts of bruises. And the ice cream is for two as you can see here:

  • julie

    Thank goodness she will not be pigion toed and knock kneed like her mother.

  • aa
  • dani

    Yep. Knight and Day is coming out soon. Tom is going full-steam ahead with the PR moves including photo ops with the little Princess Pet.

  • Pac Man

    She’s SO cute!

    Right, #4 and #12.

    She already has two siblings, 15. Why would it be nice if she had more siblings though? Because you like the idea of big families or some other innocent reason or because you fear she’ll be a brat?

    Just because he hasn’t been seen in public with his daughter in along time it doesn’t mean that he has no contact with her, #23!

    Worry about your own kids, #32.

    He posts these pics only because they’re hits that you create, #36

    Quit playing doctor and making accusations based on nothing. You too, #37.

    You’re the only making these threads popular, #38.

    You accuse them of using her for PR when they have nothing to promote as well, #43. Always the same excuse. And how does a child that does nothing will get people to spend good money on a film just because the star has a cute kid?

  • tamara

    You people are sick, envious and jealous! Kids are made for spoiling, I have three WELL BEHAVED, COURTEOUS, RESPECTFUL children who hang out with me! Eat Candy! usually get what they want if the funds are there, most AWESOME kids in the world…So Awesome Everyone wants them around. Give your kids love and attention … its the kids who don’t get that who ACT SPOILED ROTTEN…Katie is a natural beauty…youd look down too if you had people taking your picture 24/7 and in your face, dont think you would be too happy if strangers were calling you childs name and snapping their picture all the time…they CANT live a normal life.

  • #Tamara

    You ARE NOT WEL BEHAVED yourself ! Calling people you don’t know : envious and jealous like you know them ! You are arrogant and sefrighteous.!

    Mind ou, anyone has a right to his/her opinion wuthout being labelled envious and jealous.

  • To pac “Sadam” man

    Hey scientologist despot, you have been working late today. I wonder how much you have been paid..
    Your master Tom the sterile midget needs you to control other blogs !

  • ♥ HA

    Its not Suri’s fault that her parents flaunt her all over our faces.

    What happened to using your talent to get attention, instead of a kid.

  • Soniaintown

    @♥ HA:
    Problem is, neither the GAY MIDGET Drawf nor his contract beard\bimbo has much talent.
    Yet they don’t know it and they refuse to grab the money and go away.

  • http://justjared samantha

    suri is gorgous!!!!!

  • darla

    Now we’re seeing progress. They’re letting her walk and dressing her appropriately. Her hair is fine . I just hope that what she’s eating is a healthy yogurt.