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Tom Cruise Covers ESQUIRE June 2010

Tom Cruise Covers ESQUIRE June 2010

Tom Cruise keeps it casual in a Band of Outsiders shirt and Double RL jeans on the June/July 2010 cover of Esquire, on sale June 1. Here’s what the 47-year-old actor shared:

On entertaining his family: “I’d create different characters and ad-lib sketches to make my sisters and my mother feel better. I’d try to make them laugh. I’d do Donald Duck as John Wayne. I’d watch Soul Train and imitate the dancers. I guess you can say that’s where it started. I always had a dream to be in movies, [my family] didn’t say, That’s impossible. They laughed.”

On jumping on the couch on Oprah: “What happened, happened… I wanted the audience to be happy just like I wanted to make my sisters and my mother happy when I did those skits as a kid. But I’ll take responsibility for my actions… Afterward, wild things were being said about me, and once they’re in the ether, there’s nothing you can do about it. It felt like being the new kid in the schoolyard again and the other kids are whispering and whispering about you and suddenly you hear what they’re saying, and you think, What? That didn’t happen. Look at the reality of the situation.”

On wife Katie Holmes: “Because we do live in a cynical world. It’s easy to be cynical. Making the choice not to be cynical is important. You can keep dwelling on what didn’t work, or you can figure out how to fix it. Which is what being a parent is all about. You know, I’m married to such a special woman. Every night before we go to sleep, Kate and I look at each other and it’s like, How’d we do today?”

On daughter Suri Cruise: “It’s come full circle. Now I’ll put Suri on a swing and tell her stories when I’m working on a script. I’ll start with the beginning of the movie and take her through the story beat by beat. Of course, I make it age-appropriate. She’s four years old. But she asks all the right questions: Why does that happen? Those are the bad guys? You’re the good guy, right?”

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Photos: Nigel Parry
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  • Trice

    He went nuts. I will never respect this guy after his little PUBLIC rant about illnesses and medications. Its too bad, because I liked him at one time.

  • happiness

    I love Tom! Can’t wait to see his movie with Cameron!

  • leave the past

    Trice, we all at some point do stupid things. i am thankful for forgiveness!

  • Katsaridoula

    naaah, poor little crazy tom…. he needs some sedatives

  • Katsaridoula
  • http://JustJared starquality

    always loved Brad Pitt everybody’s got there life to live, and along the way they make mistakes, but in the end it’s their life to live so i try not to judge, he’s still sexy as hell to me.

  • samantha

    He looks uncomfortable in the cover pic.

  • to thrice

    wasn’t his public rant a lot of fun to watch? NOT!!! however, what ever we may think this man has a lot of money; more than i will ever see. and he’s going to MI4 which will bring in even more. i should be so lucky.

  • Nic

    So handsome on the cover, he always has a great smile.

  • mailey

    tom is strange.

    but look, he has a young(er) wife, little girl, he’s super rich. so lots of things are working for him. hard to knock someone that has so much going for him pretty much his whole life.

    he’s never really had to struggle. he’s always had a lead/success role since he started acting.

  • deanp

    Who really cares anymore, Tom…you’ve never been able to make love without looking in a mirror anyway….

  • sienna

    he looks amazing! gorgeous pics! can’t wait for MI:4 <3

  • aa
  • miss infamous

    How does jumping on a couch make him crazy?! I never understood that whole fiasco lol the story about this daughter Suri is cute

  • twitter

    loved tom in the 80s and 90s. one of the best actors ever. and WOW he is still as sexy as ever!


    that kid in the schoolyard stuff is on point.

    damn you, tom…just when i’m ready to join the others on the ‘he’s a loon’ train, you make me jump off by saying things like this.

    plus, that stuff about looking at his wife at the end of the night…swoon.

    i served him once at a nyc restaurant…he asked me where the bathroom was with a smile bigger than the moon…it was like he was asking me to prom.

    so godd%mn likeable this guy!


  • Katsaridoula

    @miss infamous:
    I am sorry but jumping on a couch like a hungry monkey is not what normal people do. …

  • anne

    i actually came face to face with tom just recently. i never realized how short he is; somehow i thought he was taller. but he’s not. i’m 5 ft 5 in and he’s only about 2 inches taller than me. maybe that’s why he has such a strange way of behaving. he’s compensating for being short.

  • Kim

    I love him, he is from a cult, so what? Christianism is the same crazy sh*t, don’t pretend you are better than him just because your imaginary friend has more followers.

  • ck

    It’s over Johnny

  • Iffy Miffy

    The man is insane. And whoever doubts that…

    ” And am I going to look at that guy, or am I too afraid because I have my own ethics to put on someone else’s ethics, because that is all it comes down to. I won’t hesitate to putting ethics into someone else, because I put ethics ruthlessly in myself.”
    “And I think that I respect that in others, and, you know, I am there to help. We’re here to help. My opinion is, look, you’re either on board or you’re not on board, OK? Which is it? If you’re on board, you’re on board, just like the rest of us. Period.”
    “We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. Criminon [sic]. We can rehabilitate criminals. We can bring peace and unite cultures. That once you know these tools and you know that they work, it’s not good enough that I’m just doing Ok.”
    “And [mumbling], they said, so ‘Have you met an SP?’ [Laughter] “And I looked at them and I thought, what a beautiful thing, because, maybe, one day, it will be like that.

    “Wow. SPs, they’ll just read about them in the history books. I just go through that tech [technique], literally. It’s not how to run from an SP. It’s PTSP [potential trouble source person] – how to shatter or confront oppression. You apply it, then boom.

    “Because they wouldn’t do that to me, not to my face, or anywhere in my vicinity where they feel they could be confronted. I wish the world was a different place, I’d like to go on vacation, play, and just do that. Know what I mean? I mean that’s how I want it to be. There’s times I’d like to do that, but I can’t because I know, I know, so, you know, I have to do something about it.”
    “Well, it’s easy for you. That thing, I’ve cancelled that in my area. [Laughs] It’s like, man, you’re either in or you’re out. That spectatorism, I’ve no time for it. That is something we have no time for now. So it’s our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. We have that responsibility to say, hey, THIS is the way it should be done. We do it this way and people are actually getting better. Let’s get it done.”
    Nuff said.

  • Lauren

    Charming Smile.
    He is happy and rich, so I don’t know why people think he would care if they think he is crazy.

  • Whamo

    This guy is the biggest controlling DBag around. I’ve NEVER seen this guy really let his guard down and be a normal person, even his couch hopping incident was a controlled attempt to dispel the gay rumours in “look at how straight I am, I crazy about a woman” FAIL..all he did was finally prove that he is batsh- it crazy.

  • pr person

    Crazy is just plain crazy… fool just doesn’t get it. Love how he says he will take responsibility for his actions…then in the next breath says BUT those big meanies who were whispering about me…. blah, blah… should look at the reality…. blah..blah… Ugh! The amusing thing is that people did see the “reality”… Everyone got a huge glimpse of the REAL Crazy and it wasn’t pretty. He is batshit crazy, has been batshit crazy (was able to keep the crazy under wraps) and can’t shove it back in the box.. as much as he would love to. Poor baby Crazy… I STILL won’t spend any of my hard earned $ on ANY of your movies.

  • de Cosmos

    There certainly seems to be a big Tom / Katie / Suri PR campaign going on now. Hardly a day goes by without more of them and their drivel, and it’s getting tiresome.

  • pickles

    It’s really ashame he got so wrapped up with that crazy Scientology stuff. I don’t want to get to know him personally and eat dinner at his house, but I like a lot of his movies and he really did some amazing work. I don’t think he is really a bad person. I just think he got in way too deep with those Scientology people and he was way too public with it and he is wrong. I bet he regrets the trap he walked into. Maybe he has one of those OCD personalities. John Travolta is a Scientology guy, but he is quiet with it and he is very likeable. Tom Cruise has a very unattractive personality. Scientology is the final straw. It really brings out the crazy when you are on the defensive all the time. They are ruining that kid. Suri is spoiled.

  • eliza

    I would like to read a real interview with Tom where he is asked to comment about all the recent stories of abuse within the Scientology organization. What does he think about all the people who have come forward to tell of mistreatment, long working hours with little pay, beatings, pressured abortions, and disconnection from family members? Is he aware of all of this? Are they all disgruntled liars?That’s what I’d pay to read not some fluff to publicize his new movie.

  • oltimer

    This man is crazy, controlling and an absolute delusional individual. Katie, wake up! He’s given her a child for that I am sure she’s grateful but he’s brainwashed her, stalled her career before it’s ever really began and tore her away from reality. So sad. Just hate to see it and say it.

  • Best actor

    I love Tom cruise, He is one of the best actors in Hollywood and he is handsome. I love his movies esp Jerry Maguire. He is a great actor and he is handsome. Hie daughter is so cute

  • mousse

    Don’t recognize him.
    It’s as if they photoshopped Pierce Brosnan’s head on his pic.

  • Susie#1

    Why did Esquire put Tom Cruise on the cover? He is a very unattractive man(?). His pose – with his left hand near his nether regions – is obviously supposed to be sexy. He’s just not! Are the stylists trying to make him also look casual? He doesn’t pull that off either. Let’s not even get into the smile. Ugh!

  • @ Lauren

    “He is happy and rich, so I don’t know why people think he would care if they think he is crazy.”

    Oh Well…..He’s rich. Then he must be better than US. Have you always been this much of a moron, Lauren? Anything he does is just fine cause he’s rich? **face palm** Why are people like you allowed to own computers. By the way, how do you know he’s “happy”. You only know what his PR people want you to know. Whether thats reality or not, you couldn’t possible know.

    Finally, HE ABSOLUTELY CARES IF WE THINK HE’S CRAZY. WE, the general public, pay his salary. If WE don’t see his movies, he doesn’t get paid… get a grip sister. It’s his JOB to care and honey, he cares so much he pimps out himself, his kid and his “wife” to try and make himself look good.

    Say you think he’s goodlooking or that you like his movies, but when his “fans” (or should I say FANATICS) say he doesn’t care what people say……well that’s just friggin STUPID.

  • Ginny

    What he says barely makes sense. Can this guy string a sentence together. When he talks about his wife he doesnt say anything about her. He talks about his kids. what about his relationship. The guy is full of sh*t and ever since he freaked out and insulted people with PPD with Matt Lauer on the today show he showed what a jerk he is. he’s stupid too!! Cant be bothered with this ass and I wont go see his movies either.

  • dani

    Wow, with that plastic surgery he is looking more and more like Owen or Luke Wilson.

  • missy

    Well, when he was talking about Scientology, people told him to shut up and keep his religion to himself. So, now he’s stopped talking about Scientology and people complain about that too? Sorry, guys, you can’t have it both ways.

  • Pac Man

    Just forgive and forget already, #1.

    Only critics would be at him for smiling all the time, #3.

    Get over it, #18. You’re acting like he killed a guy.

    It’s been reported many times before that he’s 5’7 but he’s never seemed to let that slow him down, #19.

    The problem is that you’re too suspicious and cynical, #26.

    You have no idea how their children are being raised, #27.

    That’s not relevant to us, #28.

    None of that is true or has been proven, #29.

    He doesn’t care as so far to change his religion or parenting though, #33.

    The only thing he owes us are good movies and to keep his trap shut.

    He’s never had plastic surgery, #35.

    Exactly, #36. It’s always a catch-22 when it comes to TomKat.

  • to 32

    it’s called profit, that’s why esquire put tom on the cover. the publishers are not stupid, they see money to be made. believe or not, there are people out there who will buy this issue just because of tom’s interview. these people love him. i guess there’s no accounting for taste.

  • Belle de Jour

    I hope this guy will finally go away from the news & silver screen. His career is so over but he won’t go away.

  • anon

    “we live in a cynical world…” he ripped off his jerry macguire speech for the interview.

  • Susie#1

    @to 32: I know why they put him on the cover. It was just a rhetorical question. You’re right, there’s no accounting for taste.
    @Ginny: You’re right that he can’t string two sentences together; neither can Katie. Anything that either of them says is just empty talking, nothing relevant. Do you think that his inability to sound like he knows something rubbed off on Katie, or vice versa. They use a lot of weasel words, again, saying nothing.

  • lmao

    he seems to be trying to be more relaxed and laid back. wearing old clothes and everything. lol That’s an old trick male movies stars like to play. Look at how grunge and normal I am. “liiike me please.” he’s taking notes from Brad Pitt.

  • slambang

    Thanks for those quotes, #22. Tom has lost his d*mn mind and is now part of some money-grubbing, bizaare CULT, which was created by a science fiction writer in order to make money!

    Go away, Tom Thumb. And take your robowife and robokid with ya.

  • Kluge

    Love him and Katie together.

  • Kluge

    Love him and Katie together.

  • kizbit

    Ok, I’d like to take a poll. How many of you couples out there look at each other EVERY night before you fall asleep and ask “how’d we do?” He is so full of crap. Who talks like that??? And what the hell is he talking about with all that “we live in a cynical world” garbage????

  • Marieme

    Yes, he’s a bit weird and out there with his beliefs, but I love the guy and appreciate his talents. He never fails to entertain me in any film.

  • annie

    Every woman would love it, if the man in her life jumped up and down on the couch and said how much he loved them.
    I’m always entertained to the highest degree, with his movies, and his smile ……..oh that smile!
    But he has a little problem, I think sometimes things don’t come out in the way he means to say them.
    Love Katie and him together, right from the start!

  • Debbie

    Love U Tomkat! Can’t wait to see Knight & Day!!

  • Karon

    Oh good lord…here we go. He has a movie coming out doesnt he? I HATE HIM< HATE HIM!!!!!!!! Crazy frickin gay midget and his “special” family should just go away! But all the sci-fi dingle berries will swamp on here like a boat going under defending their “master” from heavens help “bad press”. Good luck on that fruit loops, the jury already sent in the verdict. He is INSANE!

  • Iffy Miffy


    He is aware of the accusations of abuse within the church of Scientology and he has made a public statement (through his lawyers I believe) that he doesn’t believe any of it.
    In other words, now that he knows what is going on (though I think he already knew), he still refuses it so while he could have gotten away with ignorance as defence up to now, he doesn’t have that as a recourse any more – he is culpable just like any other scieno from then on.