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Who Won Dancing with the Stars?!

Who Won Dancing with the Stars?!

Another successful season of Dancing with the Stars has come to a close, and after making it all the way through the season, only Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lysacek and Erin Andrews made it to the final three couples!

Who took home the highly coveted mirror ball trophy?

Click inside to find out who won!!!!


ARE YOU happy with the results this year on DWTS?

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Credit: Adam Larkey; Photos: ABC
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  • MAC

    CONGRATS! to Nicole. She is an amazing dancer!

  • loyal

    I was pulling for Evan but congratulations to Nicole.

  • Wendy14

    Im sooo happy 4 her!!! she totally deserves it…. CONGRATS NICOLE!!!!!!



  • Go Ask Alice

    OH WHAT A SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like DWTS.
    hyear was not fair oran even playing field in that Nicole won the contest from Week 1 because she is a professional dancer and has been trained in dance and has been trained by cheographers and has danced many styles and all of this is since becoming at least a PC Doll .
    She most likely leanred dance before the PCDolls because those people who join PCDolls are dancers.

    I really thought the show was not fair this year.

    I did not like very much of it. I could not stand to watch KateGosselin.

    I saw last night’s show.
    Erin didwekl.

  • loverducky

    I ammm sooo happy…mostly for Derek…but I liked her a lot too..she is an amazing dancer!

  • Laura

    I was unhappy with the result. Quite frankly, I was unhappy Nicole was even cast. I’m sure she’s nice and a lovely person, but I watch Dancing With the Stars for a transformation. The first couple weeks shouldn’t be flawless; that’s kind of the point. To see a professional (Nicole) and a close-to professional (Evan) did not excite me or keep me interested.

    Erin, on the other hand, did all of the above. Here’s a girl who’s been through the worst of situations. Her going out there and dancing with a smile was awesome. And the improvement she made was remarkable. She wasn’t a great dancer who fine-tuned her skills for ballroom. No, she was a mediocre dancer who let this show make her a great one.

    Props to Erin, Evan, and Nicole for going out there. I can’t blame you guys for poor casting decisions. But ABC execs, it’s about entertainment. And perfection from week 1 is anything but.

  • nancyyy

    Awww I was pushing for Evan but Nicole is a great dancer!
    Im just glad that Erin and Maks didn’t win…he was getting annoying on twitter.

  • Alyssa

    THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS! She was a professional dancer who danced her entire life! Its like getting a contestant from SYTYCD and putting them with a bunch of beginners uggh. So frustrating yes shes a great dancer but no one else in the competions profession was being a dancer.

  • nancyyy

    oh and Erin does have a dancing background as well. It was publicized a few weeks back. So all three had some sort of background. Yes Nicole does it for a living, but still.

  • rhonda

    Gee, like we didn’t know from day one either the skater or the dancer/singer would win!

  • i-i

    A pop star who is part of a burlesque DANCING group actually won a dance contest aimed at amateurs??

    Are there not restrictions in the amount of previous dance training a contestant has had?? I’m sure Nicole is a nice persona and all but I think it’s just really unfair to all the other contestants.

  • LadyB

    I hope next season, the producers will not put a professional dancer lke Nicole. But congrats to her.

  • Alyssa

    And im a figureskater and just to let you know figureskating gives you rythm but its not like dancing at all so evan was also a beginner unlike nicole a PROFESSIONAL DANCER we all knew she would win from day one at least I would hope so because shes been doing it her entire life

  • xedos

    she was already a dancer i don’t know why the put her in it Erin who has to learn everything from scratch deserve it more than Nicole.

  • caxposed

    Didn’t watch a single episode, but my fingers were always crossed for Nicole! Congrats to “the lead pu~ssy~cat”.

  • Lynn

    ok maybe next time we should put Usher, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and some other singers that are also dancers and teach them how to dance … after all they have not been trained to learn how to dance different styles quickly… I hope people get my sarcasm after finding out who has won

  • LoriLori

    Congrats to Nicole she deserved to win
    this year DWTS got it right

  • Donovan


  • Sandra

    BOOOO!!!! Totallly unfair as nicole’s been dancing and singing majority of her life. Yes i know she’s not trained as a ballroom dancer and what not, but as a dancer myself, it’s easier to learn other types of dances and choreography than it is for those who haven’t danced in their lifetime. So yah, DWTS you suck! Totally unfair. You shoulda had ALL contestants that were on the same level. Next year they’ll probably have Paula Abdul or something! LOL or maybe Robin Atin!

  • nancyyy

    Just my opinion…But I never heard it was RULE for the celebrity to have no dancing background. Sure it’s entertaining to watch them improve but it’s also great when from the beginning someone does a good job. And honestly, I’d like to complain more about WHY they chose a celebrity (and sorry, but sometimes they aren’t even celebrities!) than about dancing background. Kate Gosselin?? really???? They have some very random people!

  • KVB

    She’s made a good actress so maybe that’s the direction she’ll go after she takes her coveted glittering ball trophy home. It has been a forgone conclusion for weeks that this “professionally PAID Las Vegas dancer was going to win. I’ve watched DWTS since the first season and this season has been the most unjust with her in the mix and the judges giving lower than necessary scores to others many times throughout the season.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Lynn @ 05/25/2010 at 11:24 pm -1

    ok maybe next time we should put Usher, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and some other singers that are also dancers and teach them how to dance … after all they have not been trained to learn how to dance different styles quickly… I hope people get my sarcasm after finding out who has won

    Read more:
    Lynn,You Read My Mind!!
    I was going to post that next year, Britney Spears should be on the show.

    Laura, Alyyssa, I agree with you and you said it all better than I tried to say it.
    To others, I am anti- Nicole. Don’t go there. Iliked her group and their vids and songs were good.

    Nicole S. is a professional dancer.

    No competition there for the rest of the cast.

  • happy girl

    RIDICULOUS! Nicole is a dancer and danced with the Pussycat dolls and is used to choreography etc. What a joke. This show and Idol have lost their minds. What jokes. What rip offs. Not watching DWTS anymore.

  • Go Ask Alice

    LOLO, Sandra, yeah, if Paula and Robin were 20 years younger, I agree with, but I am just saying.

    I liked Melissa Rycroft, but she too was a trained dancer . She was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Cheerleaders in the pros usually learn dance at around 2 or 3.
    I know someone who is an NFL cheerleader and has been dancing in dance class since she was 2 or 3.

    Nicole is a professional dancer .

  • nancyyy

    To be fair, I thought Nicole was overscored and Evan underscored last night. It was ridiculous.

  • Tom

    Two pros won? Give me a break. My personal favorites were Erin and Maks. I really hope these two are a couple in rl. That makes them the real winners. Love them together. Given all she went through in the past year, I think she’s brave, great and an inspiration to hold your head up high when you are a victim and have done nothing wrong. I’m glad she had this partner.

  • a7x grl

    UGHHHH! wat a waste of a season…man evan should’ve won i hate nichole she acts like she’s soooo new at dancing and i hate how carrie and bruno always compared everyone to them especially last night idk what they were talking about evan and ana’s free style was really good and way better than erin’s no offence i liked her to …but wat evz :/

  • Go Ask Alice

    Yes, nancyyy there is a rule there that the people cannot be professional dancers. THat sort of defeats the purpose of the show. THis is what the public always was told. THe entertainer contestants come out of their comfort zone and learn these diff dance techs .
    Erinhad some dance classess way back when and was a cheerleader or on her college dance team, but still she grew and learned and struggled with new steps , etc. on DWTS.
    She had an edge.
    Even is a pro figure skater, but he was still equal Erin .

    Nicole knows jazz, tap, modern, salsa, ..can split,flip, dance on a chair(checkout her video) etc.

    This was a cinch for her to win.

    The show could have been fair if the contestants were all PC Dolls.

  • Em


    all you bitter haters to the left please. no one was up in arms when all the boyband guys and other celebs with dance experience competed and WON the show in past seasons.

    also, nicole’s “professional” dancing background has been primarily hip hop and burlesque. there is no guarantee that being good in one style of dance means that you’ll be good in another. look at So You Think You Can Dance and how all the hip hop dancers struggle with ballroom despite the fact that they’re use to choreography.

    evan is use to dancing on ice and choreography and erin took dance classes growing up. you want to disqualify them too?

    she was the best this season and danced some of the most memorable numbers the show’s ever seen. she deserved to win!

  • nancyyy

    @a7x grl:

    Absolutely agree! Evan’s dance was my favorite. Nicole should have been penalized more for her little tiff and I didn’t really like Erin’s routine. (it’s a matter of what I particularly like, though) But technically, Nicole’s score should have been lower.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Emno one is hating onNciole. Go back and read.


    Next, Old fat boy, I forgot his name, was a pro dancer and same thing goes for him. He did not do it flawslessly like Nicole.
    I think his name was Joey.

    Drew Lachey was a pro too, but at least he was on the first show.

    There should be NO PROFESSIONAL DANCERS!!!!!!!!

  • Screaming

    out loud. How did they even cast Nicole this season? A professional dancer/singer paired with a professional dancer? Daaahhhhh. I’m so mad, I could spit. Now she can go back to Vegas and shake her tail feathers with her new PCDs. Nothing against Derek. He did his job. It’s the fault of whoever picks the contestants. Makes the whole show look like a sham.

  • Laura


    If you read my post, I clearly state that I don’t blame Nicole. I take dance, and if they cast me I’d take it in a heartbeat. It’s the producers/casting directors who should know that there is not evolution involved when you’re so good to begin with.

    Once again, Erin danced when she was little and some in college. That’s where some discretion from producers should come into play. I’m not denying she was the best dancer either. I just think she didn’t deserve to win because I don’t believe it should be given solely on who’s the best dancer. That’s kind of the point of America’s vote, who you like not who danced the best.

    To be fair, ABC had sucky casting on the other end. Jake Pavelka and Kate Gosselin were a trainwreck to watch and not because of their dancing. Sucky reality stars are not deserving contestants to me.

  • Jordy

    Wow a professional dancer won!? what a total shock. Skank dance or ballroom dance, the girl has the core muscles to pull it off the conviction and experience she has gained from dance rehearsals from the pussycat dolls.

  • Heidiho

    I thought I was done with posting on JJ. But this makes me soooo mad I have to come back one last time. What a waste of time this show has been. Yes, they never should have put Nicole on as a contestant. It’s her business. It was a huge waste of time for past fans of the show.The judges were so gaga over her dancing from the start. And they didn’t hide it. She a PRO people. If she has any quality, she’d give the award back. Yes, I know, it’s just a stupid show, but dam.n.

  • Erin fan

    Yep. I’ll admit it right off. Loved her. But a trained dancer? Give me a break. Who didn’t take those awful dancing lessons as a kid or teen? Pushed by mama to go to them. Nicole: a professional Las Vegas performer. No comparison. On one hand, a cheerleader from high school who went to some dance classes. On the other, Vegas stages. This show is a joke.

  • loverducky

    I was once angry when trained dancers were on in the past but really there needs to be variety on the show to make it interesting..including good dancers…and its not like Nicole said “heh heh I have an evil plan to get dance training and go win dancing with the stars so it’s not fair to everyone else”…she was aked to be on the show by the was the shows idea, she shouldn’t be slandered for the producers asking her, just because she is already good.

  • Steph

    Erin & Maks were amazing! She was definitely the most improved over the season – what the show is really about. And that Maks helped her get her smile back…awwww! so sweet! love those two!

  • Web Admin

    I have mixed emotions because I’m happy that Nicole won but….. she is in the dancing industry and as stated above she has worked on the stage dancing for the Pussycat dolls. So though she won she does have an edge and is better “groomed” for DWTS I am glad she has been a good sport and not be a sourpuss and cause a lot of drama like Kate Gosselin.

  • Joanne

    OUT of the 3 contestants! YESS for NICOLE AND DEREK!! they deserved it most. i enjoyed their dances

  • honeybear

    suprise? not much..her profession is dancing!!

  • Melissa

    Honestly i hate that she won i dont really think that she deserved it, she already knew how to dance even if she said that she didnt. Evan or Erin winning would have been so much better, I feel that they were cheated and Nicole was horrible.

  • sandra

    i love love love max and erin – i think they should date – i cried when she got kicked off – kate was a joke – i didn’t even want to watch after max and erin got kicked off

  • lsam

    Congratulations Nicole and Derek. I watched the whole series from start to finish and voted for Nicole and Derek because they are the best.

  • L

    Not really fair because she basically dances for a living.

  • Jenny

    I agree w/ Sandra, happy girl, lynn, go ask alice, i-i. It’s true so far from what I’ve seen past few seasons, Drew Lacey (98 degrees) won w/ Cheryl as his partner. Donny Osmond won, he’s a dancer and a singer as well.. I mean it is pointness!!!.. People who know how to dance shouldn’t even be on the show. PERIOD!!…

  • Anon

    All 3 of the finalists were winners in my book. They all did great. But congrats to Nicole. They did awesome.

    Kate Gosselin on the other hand made an ass out of herself again. She did the fly (cherry-pick) up to the ceiling to distract the crowd (see TS on award’s show gimmick) so they would forget her ass cannot dance. She looked hideous in the camera. Go away, Kate, forever.

    Shannon, you rocked and you were robbed the first week.

  • ssss

    she had it in the bag from the moment it started..

  • kay

    let it go people. yes, she cheated, but b icth nicole needs this. her career was going nowhere. no1 knew her name. my mom thought she was a stripper in a vegas show called pu ss ycat dolls. seriously, it was a new low for her to even signed up. what happened to her solo tour, lol? in the other hand, winning or losing makes no difference in evan’s career.