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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Beanie Bunch

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Beanie Bunch

Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton both don beanies after having lunch with a friend in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 26).

Chad‘s ex-wife Sophia Bush recently admitted that she was understandably wary about dating another One Tree Hill costar after what she refers to as the “Chad debacle.” (Sophia is currently dating co-star Austin Nichols.)

10+ pictures inside of beanie pair Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 01
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 02
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 05
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 06
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 07
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 08
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 09
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 10
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanie 11

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33 Responses to “Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Beanie Bunch”

  1. 1
    shenanyginz Says:

    omg. they’ve been engaged FOREVER!

  2. 2
    cacey Says:

    IT WAS CLOSE TO 90 DEGREES today, what’s up with the outfits

  3. 3
    Sassy Says:

    OMG, guys must think Brad Pitt looks cool in the beanie-thingie so they’re copying him. Um, NO! It just looks like you’ve got some filthy, smelly hair under there. Nasty.

  4. 4
    obamalover Says:

    President Obama is helping the economy on a daily basis.
    More people are working now and the unemployment rate is falling.

    Thank goodness we made the right decision and chose the right man to lead us.
    Thank you President for your efforts in finding jobs for people that want to work.

  5. 5
    Dasiy Says:

    Still engaged? LOL! He’s never going to marry her!

  6. 6
    lame Says:

    Does Just Jared get hard every time he mentions Sophia Bush in his posts?

    Please stop trying to make her happen. She’s never going to happen. And no one cares except her 15 stans on this place.

  7. 7
    alex Says:

    What’s up with this relationship anyway? Is he planning to marry her anytime soon? It’s been 5 years..

  8. 8
    Mary Says:

    He’s aging teribbly and those boots are hideous.

  9. 9
    alex09 Says:

    What happened to him? He used to be so hot! Now, he looks terrible! And what’s up with the beanie? Does he still have hair under it or what?

  10. 10
    Oh yeah Says:

    Bwahahahha every one in Hollywood is copying BRAD PITT’s beanie and sporting a beard… Well, well and maniston fans are saying Brad looks old and wash out with that attire and boooommm every men in HW is copying BRAD PITT.. JENHAGS are delusional!!! bwahahhahah it means BRAD PITT is the epitome of HOTNESS!!

  11. 11
    Sophia & CMM Fan Says:

    I think that they look cute. She’s got pretty hair, although I’m not a fan of CMM’s style. Why does every post have to refer to the other ex-spouse. They are both happy in other relationships, so can we move on already?

  12. 12
    really Says:

    they are toooooooo cute! she is pretty and clean, and he is sexy!

  13. 13
    Lol Says:

    They’re both both so damn ugly!!!
    Chad really is aging terribly.
    And his fiancee looks like a 12 year old. LMAO

  14. 14
    funderpants Says:

    Ho hum, a post on Squinty McDoucherson and his fetal fiancee, wandering around in inappropriate hats.

  15. 15
    mailey Says:

    they have it right and should just stay fiances forever.

  16. 16
    Ravynwolfe Says:

    Personally I don’t really even know who they are…but I am tired of seeing every guy in Hollywood wearing these toques (that’s Canadian for knitted hats folks!). As for Brad Pitt I can’t stand the scraggly Kung fu beard he has and wishes he would shave but its his face. I guess I don’t understand the desire to uglify oneself…maybe he is tired of female attention? C’mon Hollywood men, and women! be unique! No one is saying you have to be Lady Gaga but we need more individuals out there and less sheep.

  17. 17
    squeaky clean Says: james and shantel

  18. 18
    Get Real Says:

    @squeaky clean:
    Can you be any more STUPID.
    There is no need for Sophia fans to stop being all “high and mighty” as you call it.
    Chad is the ONLY one who had cheated and guess what you psychos???
    Chad has cheated on Kenzie as well. Try asking some of the Wilmington local gals who’ve been in his bed.
    I don’t have any favorites when it comes to OTH but at least I’m not blind like some of you.
    Sophia NEVER cheated on James. Those were rumors started by haters to make Sophia look like the bad guy.
    Yes, in E!’s latest interview, Sophia talked some about her and Austin’s relationship. But what you idiots so conveniently decided to skip over was the part where she mentioned that she and Austin have dated on AND off in the past few years. They dated briefly in 2006, then in 2008, and have been dating since 2009 AFTER Sophia and James broke up. That’s when Austin told Sophia that she was the main reason he had accepted the role of Julian in OTH.
    And it’s no secret among Wilmington folks that when Austin found out Sophia was dating James after he got to Wilmington, he was dating another chick in Wilmington himself for a while and ONLY told Sophia how he felt AFTER Sophia and James ended their relationship.
    So nice try you idiot. Unless you live in Wilmington and know the right people, you don’t know squat about any of them.

  19. 19
    kira Says:

    I live in Wilmi and and I can assure you that Sophia and James are never out together! They are very good friends until now (they go out with friends: Sophia, Austin, James, Shantel, Rob & Lee). Sometimes there is Joy and Paul.

    Besides, I never understood where this rumor (no pictures of them kissing or holding hands …)

  20. 20
    Keri Says:

    @Get Real:
    I agree absolutely.
    And, squeaky clean, the only thing you’re right about is the whole James and Shantel drama. I thought she would’ve eventually ended up with Rob, but went for James instead. And if you really want to talk about crazy behavior, let’s not forget about what Hilarie has been doing in Wilmington among other places after she left Ian.
    But the main point is, that this post is NOT about James, Rob, or any other cast member. This post is about Chad and his troll, so unless you’re going to talk about them, there is no point in bringing up other cast members. It makes no sense.

  21. 21
    Jamie Says:

    Not a fan of Chad’s, but he doesn’t look too bad here. He actually looks alright and Kenzie looks kind of cute.

  22. 22
    April Says:

    squeakyclean, those are pretty recent pictures. It’s funny how all of a sudden, pics of James and Shantel together are circulating more than ever.

    Get Real, great post. The only problem is that some Sophia worshippers and Sophia/Austin fans will attack James and lie about him to make him look bad, just to make Austin and Sophia look better. None of them are better than the other. So, the few make the rest look bad. Some people just can’t seem to help themselves from causing trouble.

    Keri, I’m actually not surprised Shantel went for James. Well, actually – they went for each other. LOL Pretty much right away, too. I mean, they’ve been dating on and off since at least June. James was actually dating a local girl and left her for Shantel. She and Rob are best friends, though. And, Rob and James are too. So, the three of them hang out a lot and go drinking together in Wilmy. James and Sophia used to be closer, but since they’re dating different people now, they spend most of their time with them these days. Understandable.

  23. 23
    lorna Says:


    what has hilarie been doimh?

  24. 24
    Liz Says:

    what has hilarie been doing keri?

  25. 25
    Happy Says:

    This poor girl is in SERIOUS need of a CHEESEBURGER!!!! Can he not afford to feed this girl!!!! She has the body of 13 yr old boy!!! From the rumors this guy maybe into that!!!!! LMAO

  26. 26
    Happy Says:

    This poor girl is in SERIOUS need of a CHEESEBURGER!!!!! Can this guy not afford to feed her???? She has the body of a 13 year old boy!!!! Guess the rumors might be true!!!

  27. 27
    LOL Says:

    I wonder if his fiancee is cool with Chad being bi-sexual. But seeing as how she’s been with him for so long, she’s probably fine with it. Either that or she’s a fame-hungry wh*re. Especially with the way she is always getting him to buy her so much sh*t.
    He’s her sugar daddy.LMAO.

  28. 28
    ..... Says:

    Oh, please bi-sexual? The best thing you could came out with? The guy is a total ladies man. Kenzie is stupid to think he’s faithful to her.. Just ask anyone in Wilmington.

  29. 29
    whatever Says:

    oh purlease anyone who thinks CMM is faithful really has way too much faith in him lol . Rumor is Kenzie even knows he isnt but accepts it just so he will stay with her .The relationship is a farce and I doubt marriage is going to save it.
    He permantly looks miserable all the time and you have to ask yourself what kind of girl would just accept the fact her guys cheating on her ,Its a relationship of convience ,He basically can do whatever he wants and knows she will take him back regardless .She stays with him cause of the simple fact she likes the attention that comes along with being CMMs grouple plus where oh where would she be if chad wasnt there to buy her everything like someone else said hes her sugerdaddy lol
    As Ive said before the whole things a farce

  30. 30
    Hugo Says:


    Do you know him/them? If he is cheating on her, then what’s HE getting out of the relationship? Seriously- I’d love to know- and you seem to know!

  31. 31
    whatever Says:


    The guy has issues about being alone pretty much everyone knows that hes even said that in a interview once,As for what hes getting out of the relationship doesnt seem like hes getting much Lol
    But seriously him having issues of being alone says a lot why hes still in this i said before he can do whatever he wants and she accepts it so he knows no matter what shes there as she has her own agenda anyways so he gets the best of both worlds ,he can go off and do what he wants and have what some call “his separate life” but with knowing he will still have her around cause no matter if the relationship is a farce he nodoubt puts up with it as otherwise he would have to face his whole lonely issues

    But theres also a lot of other things that keeps him with her ,ive heard shes threatened him with things before,a lot of people say shes not as nice as she may seem ..In short CMM has dug himself a hole and he just cant get out of it

  32. 32
    gNt Says:

    from the looks of it it seems Sophia has issues with being alone, as well with being to keep a long relationship. She dated what, three guys since 2006?

  33. 33
    mell Says:

    So what if she dated 3 guys in the last like 5 years?
    Big f*cking deal.
    I know girls these days who go through like 5 men in a month.
    And after the way her relationship ended, I don’t blame Sophia for taking it slow and not jumping into anything.
    And to me and plenty of others, it seems like Chad is the one who has issues with being alone. In fact, he’s even admitted in a few interviews.LOL

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