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Emma Watson: National Movie Awards with Daniel Radcliffe!

Emma Watson: National Movie Awards with Daniel Radcliffe!

Emma Watson looks like pure perfection at the 2010 National Movie Awards held at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday (May 26).

The 20-year-old British actress was white hot, pairing her Karl Lagerfeld dress with Christian Louboutin shoes. She accessorized with Chanel jewels.

Emma and co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright were honored with the the family film trophy to for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. Orlando Bloom presented the award.

15+ pictures inside of Emma Watson at the National Movie Awards

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Credit: Dave Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • Jimmy

    A few observations:

    1. Emma doesn’t belong at Brown. She is too into her movies and modeling to be a normal university undergraduate. I doubt she has many genuine friends at Brown. Suckups perhaps, but not friends.
    2. Radcliffe is very very short. Both women are noticeably taller.
    3. Dan has his arm around Wright. Holding his award in the other hand conveniently excuses not having it around Watson. Does he really like Watson? They all claim to be great friends. I have doubts.

  • ann

    The Harry Potter films also received the special recognition award.

  • kizbit

    Now that girl has style! Gorgeous!

  • maila

    Or may be Jimmy, he couldn’t have had his arm around Emma because he was holding the award in one hand.

    Plus Emma recently said in an interview she always goes to Dan for advice and to talk, he is always there for her. I believe them when they say they are all good friends!

    Yes, Dan is short, but also when I watched the NMAs live, I saw when Bonnie and Emma were on stage, they were wearing shoes with very high heels.

  • Catchy

    Daniel is quite short, poor boy squezed by two tall girls :)))
    Emma looks great!
    funny to compare them to their looks from the first movie))))

  • Celia

    LOVE Emma’s dress!! She looks perfect!! Dan looks hot! I love his haircut!! Bonnie also looks gorgeous, but the skirt seems to big for her!

    I’m so happy HP won!!! GO HP!!!!! :D

  • Celia


    1. Emma has been making Harry Potter since she was 9 years old. She’s always juggled school with her job. Nothing has changed. If her friends don’t like that then clearly they are not her real friends. She’s not too into anything. She’s in the entertainment business, what the heck else is she supposed to do? And compared to other stars, Emma’s rarely in the media unless she has to be.

    2. Dan has always been short. Nothing has changed. He’s still sexy, regardless of his height.

    3. Dan and Emma are very close friends. All of them are in fact. They’ve all shared this experience for the past 11 years and you’re assuming they hate each other because Dan doesn’t have his arm around her??? Right…..that makes a lot of sense. And how else is supposed to hold the award???

  • SurfingEagle

    She’s grown up nicely. IMDB says she’s only 5’6. She looks really tall there.

  • Lisa

    Emma is gorgeous!

  • oli

    Who could wear that dress and look good like Emma? Everybody else would look trashy in that dress but she looks soooo classy! She can wear a sack and look good!!!!!
    P.s. her face is just perfect!!!!!

  • Robbie

    Damn that girl is sexy. I’m jealous of DanRad in this picture.
    Emma looks like she’s 6′ tall in this picture. I’m guessing it’s those skyscrapers she’s wearing. Either way, she looks smokin’ hot.

  • pinkangel

    how tall is emma?

  • fran

    i totally love emma :)

  • fran

    Jimmy you’re weird…

  • Gabby


    She’s about 5’6″…her heels look like they could be about 5″ so that makes her about 5’11″ in this picture.

  • http://jain jain

    Emma’s outfit is awful. and both girls are wearing platform shoes. If any male resorted to such stratagems to appear taller than their co star. they’d be mocked. Women have it easy on that front.

  • Michelle


    You must be joking. Emma is not too into either of those things! She said herself that she’s going to pursue her education and put acting on the backburner because she has other passions she wants to delve into. She hasn’t taken on any more acting roles since she began at Brown, and obviously she has to finish up the HP franchise and do the related press and photoshoots.

    As for modeling, she was asked by one of the most famous brands in the world to be in their ad campaigns! Who would turn that type of opportunity down? Not only that, but it’s a British fashion empire – she’s representing her country and its history by doing this!

    She’s clearly an intelligent, passionate girl who has a knack for juggling things, and still get tremendous marks in her courses. I say, more power to her! Anyone would be more than happy to have the sort of skills she possesses.

  • Michelle

    Oh, and if we’re getting technical here, Jared – Emma’s outfit is a romper, not a dress! Haha.

  • Gabby


    Lol. You’re right. It took me awhile to notice that. I actually like it better as a romper. The whole look is just stunning. I just don’t understand how she gets it right every single time. She’s a natural.

  • Kate

    I absolutely love Emma Watson’s style. She’s so lucky to have such amazing clothes made just for her and she always looks stunning at these events. She has so many things on her plate, but she still handles them all beautifully. Very Impressive!

    BTW, her heels must be about 6 inches. If I tried to wear those shoes, I’d be tripping all over myself. On top of everything else, the girl’s got grace!

  • E

    daaamn. emma watson’s only like 5’5″/5’6″ and she’s towering over daniel radcliffe. ha, sucks for him.

  • Celia


    To be fair to Dan, Emma IS wearing 6″ heels, so add that on to her 5’6″ height and any guy under 6 foot has no chance.

  • Jimmy

    @Celia: Oh please. all of them did “high school” when acting. That is NOT the same as going to university. Dan didn’t go and neither did Rupert. Emma did but spends (too) much time doing stuff not related to her university studies. My prediction is that she will leave Brown before she gets a BA. Will see. Name me another Brown undergraduate who makes movies and models clothes. You can’t. She simply doesn’t fit in. Further how do you know what her grades are at Brown? Have you seen them published? They haven’t been.

  • Jimmy

    @Celia: Under 6′??!! Don’t be daft. He is 5’5″. That is short like Cruise or shorter. Fact is he is a teeny tiny guy. So far so good. If he shrinks any more he’ll be another Mickey Rooney.

  • Jimmy

    How do you know she is “passionate”? She looks like a cold fish to me. Have you gone to bed with her?

  • troi


    Maybe you better do some research before you shoot your mouth off.

    Emma was an A student. And she has an above average IQ according to leaks of her academic progress throughout her HP career.

    If I may point out, It is May 26th. Depending on her scheduled classes her last one was either May 12th or May 21st. So she is out of school on summer break.

    Other famous Brown students include: Laura Linney, Lee Lee Sobieski, Ruth Hussey, JoBeth Williams, John Krisinski, Jessica Capshaw and a host of other producer, directors, actors etc. Yale and Harvard have also had their share of “famous” actors.

    Just because you can act doesn’t mean you are stupid you know. Emma is one of the highest grossing actresses, if not the highest. She can afford to take classes and fly back to England to film during her off-times. More power to her. And I believe I read somewhere she has a really decent GPA at Brown.

  • Alibobally

    Wow some of the people on here….I’ve been following Emma for awhile now and she is very consistent. Classy. Hard worker. Actress. Studious. And if she wasn’t such a good student how did she manage to get A’s on her big deal exams in England?

    You rock Emma! A great role model to everyone! <3

  • MollyMakeout

    I liked her a lot until i realized she was only taking women’s studies and acting at brown…. i don’t know… i just think it’s a waste of an education and a farce to call herself a student.

  • mimi

    Emma seems cute but this dress is simply terrible.
    I do agree that the ladies could jave chosen to wear flats rather than tower over Dan.

  • kwan

    i love emma outfit and her face look perfect

  • eyeh8twilight

    Emma looks tall because she has to be wearing 4″ heels! She looks gorgeous, Dan looks sexy and Bonnie looks alright. I’ve never thought she was pretty. She’s not ugly, but not Emma. Rupert couldn’t be there because he was sick.

    I’m so happy Harry Potter won. HP Deserves to win. Dan deserved best actor male/female, but Pattinson won, of course. Well, he does look male/female, so award deserved.


  • tinsky

    dan is short by US/UK standards but he’d fit right in in asia… too bad for him sky-high heels are the in thing in fashion these days. without the heels, emma is also short by US/UK standards…

  • troi


    Why shouldn’t she take classes at Brown? And how is it a waste of time?

    Is it anymore a waste of time than kids who’s parents pay for four years and they study beer, partying and sex? Look at how many of our so called good universities are party universities. Brown is not.

    If Emma wants to study clown make up at Brown, I think that is her choice. She is a cash paying student with a high IQ, great test scores and a great GPA. Her decision, not yours.

  • MollyMakeout

    @troi: all i’m saying is that they are cakewalk classes. and if you don’t think brown is a party school…lol

  • anonmus

    no matter what emma wears she stills manages to look like a 12 year old.

  • kathybxoxo

    @ Celia you’re a freaking stop acting this way about people who dont even KNOW or CARE about you!

  • kathybxoxo

    @Celia- you’re a freak! stop acting this way about people who don’t even KNOW or CARE about you!

  • Celia


    Umm…what are you talking about?

  • Celia


    She’s not only taking women’s studies and acting. She’s majoring in European history and she’s focusing on women’s history while also studying acting, ballet, and theatre.

  • http://justjared christina

    Emma ur sexy babe!!!! I like u girl!!! AS CHRISTINA AGUILERA SAYS UR A PRIMA DONNA!!! BUT I love more my babyy Dan!!! LOVE YA BABY DANYY!!…


  • Erica

    @MollyMakeout: Cakewalk classes? SO what you hear theatre and think it’s easy? I don’t care what class it is no class is EASY at an Ivy League school. Besides, it’s her life, why is it your position to run your mouth? If those are the classes she wants to take then so be it. You can consider it a waste of an education all you want but to her it isn’t a waste! Besides, she was talented enough to get her part in Harry Potter and because of that talent and the part she has enough money to do with as she wants. If she wanted to use her money for toilet paper that would be her choice and she’d have enough to do it to.

  • Erica

    @mimi: Why should the girls have to choose their shoes based on Dan? Sure maybe he looks short here but the girls should be able to wear what they want. Besides, I’d be willing to bet Dan doesn’t care. Not only are those girls some of his best friends but he also IS able to stand up with them, and there is no denying their gorgeous women.

  • http://YOUTUBE Muneeba

    Emma z a realy stylo girl.Daniel z as dandy as alwys n Bonie is lookn gorgeous tooo

  • Ashley

    A bíg agree. People forget that wearing heels make you soooo many inches taller. (espécially Emma who ALWAYS weres massive heels) and then he is ”SUCH A SHORT GUY” cause they tend to be 6’1. Pléase, think with your head instead your butt.

    ps. Daniel and Emma are at the exact height :) when they’re both on plats. of course. I’m not saying Daniel is tall, but I personally think he has a great height. Gotta love that guy.

  • stiger

    This was a actually superb post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and genuine effort for making a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and in no way seem to get some thing done.

  • Eric

    Emma’s actually only 5’3″ to 5’4″. Her heels give her about six inches – Bonnie Wright is actually an inch and a half taller than Emma, and at this event she seemed shorter for the first time, because of Emma’s heels.
    It’s pretty impressive that she can walk in them, but she needs to stop claiming 5’6″, it’s ludicrous.
    And major kudos to her for going to Brown.

  • jayeeta

    I LO…….VE DAN SINCE I WAS I4 AND AMAZINGLY WE SHARE SAME BIRTHDATES……..HE IS MY SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!I I JUST CANT SEE ANY OTHER WHEN HE IS IN THE PICTURE….EMMA IS PRETTY BUT NOT BONEY……….not to worry at all dan,,,,,,,coz I’m 5’4″………love u more than u deserve actually babe…………………..

  • jayeeta

    i love u DAN………

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