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Janet Jackson: AMERICAN IDOL Performance Video!

Janet Jackson: AMERICAN IDOL Performance Video!

Janet Jackson steals the spotlight while performing on American Idol on Wednesday (May 26) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old started off with a slow ballad, “Nothing,” and worked her way into the fast-paced “Nasty.” (FYI: Former Idol judge Paula Abdul choreographed the original video for this song.)

Watch Janet‘s Idol performance below!

Carrie Underwood also performed “Undo It” while Alanis Morissette performed “You Oughta Know!” Watch those performances here!

Janet Jackson: AMERICAN IDOL Performance Video!

Click inside to watch Alanis and Carrie‘s performances…

Carrie Underwood Performs “Undo It”

Alanis Morissette – “You Oughta Know”
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  • mac

    hmm… I love Janet but I can’t really hear her “singing.” Sounds more like muttering…

  • BC

    Janet killed it tonight…..

    When I first saw her….I was like WTH…..then I was like OMG…..this reminds me when I was lil kid when Michael, Janet, Prince and Madonna were HUGE!

    Great Surpise! And she sung live…..good shit.

  • Tina

    Did anyone notice that Carrie was Ripping off our Lady Gaga style.

  • Donovan

    Oh! JANET!!!! I love this woman soooooo much!!!! WERK!

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    She’s amazing. Rihanna take note.

  • angela

    Janet was great!! I don’t like that hairstyle on her though.

  • JC

    WOW! I loved it. She is so beautiful!

  • Kim

    I gotta show her some love, she looks great.

  • snowconebone

    Her ass looked HUGE

  • kama

    Janet really looks great. I really want this song, it is so beautiful. I love it

  • Dasiy

    Janet is a legend. Good job Jan!

  • Jazlene

    Why was she lipsynching at American Idol? No one else did it so why should she? Not only that, why was she putting on a full performance show? Everyone sung a few bars of their song and that was it. Not full songs. I love Janet, but if you’re going to put on a full performance, at least sing live. Especially at American Idol. I still love you Janet, but maybe do just a few bars if you were going to lipsynch? Or is that why you couldn’t is that they would have to do a lot of mixing and you would mess up by forgetting what to sing next.

  • Deeja

    Janet Killllled it!!
    Standing ovation!! Love her!!!!

  • Denise

    Janet stole the show!
    It’s the only performance I remember!

  • Xxxx

    Best of the night! I love her new hair

  • Randy

    Her new single is Hawtness!! Janet is Queen

  • emmaa

    The HBIC! Go Janet!!!

  • tim

    She looks really good.



  • StrivingForTheLight

    I really only watched to see everyone say see ya to Simon. But loved Janets song Nothing. She sang that with alot of heart and sounded amazingly beautiful. She definitely knows her range… no over the top diva high notes. Devastating curves too!

  • happy girl

    Love Janet. She looks flawless. Best performance of the night.




    Janet Jackson has never been in competition with no one (SHE IS A JACKSON) was around llllllllllllllllllllloooooonnnnnnngggggg BEFORE Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Christina and anyone else who is current.

    She will ROCKS it watch and learn kids…


    I got ssssssssoooooooo excited for her that it should have read She still ROCKS it watch and learn kids…..

    To add: MJ would be proud…….(I like her new look)!

  • lilka

    janet was great i wish she dance more though jayzal stop hating on janet girl please leave her alone

  • Kisha

    She was awesome!! Fabulous….I couldn’t get over her hair and catsuit! I want one!..She slayed them ALL! BUT, those CURVES!!! Dang!! She killed with the curves.

  • ♥ Depp ♥

    I thought she did a very good job. You can really tell she and Michael are related, last night her voice sounded similar to him. She looked good.

  • sunbeamgirl

    WOW! JANET, YOU STILL GOT IT! Even with a little weight, she still looks so much better than the wanna-bes of today. There will never be anyone that can even come close! I love her music, her family, and her!

  • pogathey

    American Idol Janet Jackson Performance Video 2010

  • http://@momopott Thelma

    I loved Janet Jackson’s performance on American Idol last night, and her natural appearance, well put together and fierce. Black women take notice, it doesn’t always have to be about a bunch of weave. Natural is beautiful.
    Great performance by Janet, one of the highlights of the show

  • Shame on Janet

    Shame on Janet for lip-syncing most of “Nasty”. She pulled a “Whitney” here by putting out a half – assed performance. She is too beefy now to really dance and just mostly walked her big body around the stage with her ugly dancers doing most of the work. Very disappointing! She will never be a Diva like Diana!!!

  • Ravynwolfe

    always a fan of Janet…loved you from the early days with your brother coming on stage singing love is strange to today…you are awesome and always will be awesome girl.

  • American Idol

    Yeah, it was a surprise performance…but not impressed with the lipsinging. It’s American Idol….everyone should be judged and perform equally. She’s an amazing singer though….still gotta love Janet.

  • briteye

    JANET WORKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to the idiot below that said she didn’t sing live, you are a moron. Clearly she was singing live. In fact, she has two different mics. One on her head and one in her hand. You are dumb. Work Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    May the young ones learn from this video. It’s not all about singing and strumming a guitar. And to the media: remember this. Being tall and blonde is not what it takes. You need to have talent. Janet Jackson: your best performance without the belting and the roudy moves and the awful costumes. Pure talent. Amazing! Remind everyone that age does not matter and this is what total performance is.

  • poo

    Janet was awesome! She is just so deeply connected to my childhood experience. SO many pop stars today also owe her a debt of gratitude. Go Miss Jackson!!!

  • Chaka

    Okay, Janet was stone cold pimpin’ that stage!

  • CURT

    Sorry Thelma but that is the beauty of Black people, especially Black women they can wear short hair or long hair but always looking amazing. Janet’s hair is the talk of the town but this woman has been amazing for quite some time. Trail blazer, trend-setter and one of the most innovative people in the business of show.

  • CURT

    wow…….your so missed informed but that is how it starts. First and foremost Janet wasn’t lipsyncing because she pre-records vocals and sang live. Did you not see all the head gear (which she was one of the first to wear headsets) she was wearing. Even with this legendary night with legendary performances there is a Debbie Downer (insert your name) in the mix trying to rain on the parade. You might not be a fan of Janet’s but you can’t deny that she was on point 100% with this entire performance, even if you think she lip syncing.

  • Qiana


  • tabitha

    janet was sluggin hard as hell! thicker than that brick!

  • lulu

    I love Janet Jackson! But Christina blew me away, she was absolutely flawless!!

  • melanie

    Strange how its voice looks like has a certain person !

  • tagstillads

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