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Nicole Scherzinger: Dancing with the Stars' Winner!

Nicole Scherzinger: Dancing with the Stars' Winner!

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and partner Derek Hough were crowned champions of Dancing with the Stars during the season finale on Tuesday night (May 25).

The couple dominated throughout the 10th season and bested Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek (second place) and ESPN reporter Erin Andrews (third).

“I feel like I just won a Grammy,” Nicole said after the show. “A dancing Grammy!”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Scherzinger and her mirror ball trophy…

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nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 01
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 02
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 03
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 04
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 05
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 06
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 07
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 08
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 09
nicole scherzinger dancing with the stars 10

Credit: Adam Larkey/Kelsey McNeal; Photos: ABC
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  • gisellethebest

    She deserve this, is a great dancer

  • me

    Such BS-she dances & performs for a living. How the F is that fair at all?

  • lurker

    Congrats Nicole, you are indeed a very good dancer.

  • vanessa

    She needs to cut that straggly, raggedy mop on her head. It’s not cute.

  • Callie

    I totally agree

  • dundies

    lol all they win is a trophey

  • rhonda

    gee, the dancer won dancing with the stars. How shocking!

    Erin did exact duplicate of dances by Julianne, the only other reason to watch was to see the mommie from hell fall on her face.

  • [marie]

    “A dancing Grammy..?” Good luck with that because it’s the only ‘Grammy’ you’re gonna get..

    I hate ringers..

  • anon

    Congrats to her. I understand that the show needed to bump up the level of dancing in order to keep the audience. It worked!!!!

    Big Kudos to Erin Andrews!!!!

  • Treena

    Side eye at the class of people who only watched to see someone fall. Pathetic.

  • Katie

    It seems like the judges tend to favor Derek and his partners over everyone else. Evan did just as well as Nicole, if not better in some cases, but she always came out on top. It’s getting a little old to watch season after season.

  • soi

    She was incredible and deserved to win.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @me: do figure skaters. LOL.. what’s your point. she was the best dancer ever on that show. would you rather see “performers / stars” like Kate Gosselin?!? LOL.. the show would lose ratings and get canned.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @vanessa: ..i bet you’re bald headed. hahahahahahaaa.. cant grow your hair long and you’re pisssed.

  • may

    i’m i the only one that just can’t stand her with that stupid face she makes, like she’s constipated?
    ugh, she’s just so blase

  • Tori

    Wow! A dancer won a dancing competition…shocker.

    What next…mechanics working on cars and doctors performing surgery.

    The show should be called Dancing with the dancers.

  • Athina


    Are you jealous?

  • oshtsu

    Rigged, bought and purchased by the biased judges..


    Can we say….RIGGED from day one?

  • landmark2

    stop hating. nicole isn’t a formally trained dancer. she went to theatre school. booty shaking and chest bumping is hardly ballroom. if anything, erin had an advantage because she took ballet. and evan is a figure skater so that requires formal training as well. nicole just has natural rhythm, and some people don’t. i was rooting for both nicole and evan the whole way, so i would’ve been happy either way. i loved how evan was touring on ice while this show was going on, and not a peep of complaint from him. he is such a sweetheart!

  • pj

    To the people who are complaining that Nicole’s win was unfair because she’s a “dancer”:

    She’s not a professional dancer. She’s had dance training but the kind of dancing she does is completely different from ballroom dancing. Since Evan is a figure skater it’s highly unlikely that he hasn’t had some form of dance training. Erin was part of a dance team and her sister is a professional ballroom dancer so she must have some knowledge of ballroom dancing. The three have a slight edge over those with no dance training at all but ballroom dancing is a specific type of dancing so show it some respect and don’t lump it with others. Nicole deserved that win. She was the most consistent and constantly gave excellent performances. It’s not like the judges voted for her to win, the people did.

  • christi

    I hate that Just Jared manipulates the thumbs up and down button. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose Just Jared?

  • lisali

    I didn’t know who she was until DWTS… she acts like shes this known celeb..whatever.

  • anony

    Congrats to Nicole! The best dancer won! Evan and Erin did a great job as well.

  • mimi

    Haters BUG OFF! Ballroom is very rigid discipline. Erin studied dance extensively and was a cheerleader. Evan must study ballet to enhance his performance skills at a skater. What? You want to watch 10 weeks of Kate Gosselin? Derek is an AMAZING pro/choreographer. He is going to be a giant talent. Frankly, if Nicole had been partnered with Maks or Tony, she would not have won. Also, Maks and Anna brought in choreographers to help them with their Freestyle. Derek did his own choreography. In the end, I think that hurt them with the viewers. Especially, Evan who chose the Finale to have a spat with his partner. I also think that turned some viewers off, too. Nicole deserved to win. She’s not a ballroom dancer, but she’s incredibly gifted and did a fabulous job under Derek’s tutelage. And her long jet black, straight shiny hair is GORGEOUS.

  • mj

    Nicole makes a living singing and DANCING professionally. Were they the best? OF COURSE – but the show should be renamed Dancing with Professionals …….

  • chelsey

    WOW NO WAY! Most shocking ending ever! Wouldnt have ever guessed she would win….

    Seriously, this season was so dull to watch because it was painfully obvious from week one she would win. I mean, she gets two 10′s the second week…

    Erin should have won…shes what the show is about. A NON-dancer, who grows throughout the competition and becomes great. Not a professional dancer who dances and doesnt grow at all.

  • chelsey


    OK yes they arent pro ballroom dancers, but Evan is a figure skater, that is a type of dance…Nicole is a dancer in her group…they both have a natural flow to them and they move well on their feet. Erin was a sports broadcaster, probably never done any kind of dancing since she was a kid. She deserved it because she went from zero to hero, whereas Nicole and Evan were “heroes” from the beginning.

  • Pot

    I’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars until this season. I guess I picked a good season to watch! Nicole is frickin’ amazing! I do agree that she & Evan had an advantage because they both have some dance experience, performance experience, and memorizing routines experience. However, they aren’t ballroom dancers so they both still had a lot to learn. I loved Erin & Max. They’re adorable together and she really grew the most. I loved Chad Ochocinco’s final performance. I felt really sad for him that he couldn’t continue, but the other dancers were just a little better. I think he may have gone further with a different partner. Cheryl was a B to him all the time. I wanted to slap her stuck up ass. Niecy and Pamela did great too. I loved watching all season. Nicole deserved to win. She’s just perfect.

  • Pot

    Also, her hair was teased like that because her last performance was a Tina Turner song. Nicole is gorgeous. Don’t be jealous.

  • xio pio

    No Brainer, she was AWESOME!

  • chelsea

    Her hair always looks like crap. The ends are especially bad. She’s fugly, time to leave the D list and return to the Z list, Nicole. Get some conditioner.

  • pj


    I agree with you. Compared to Evan and Nicole she definitely had to work harder to get to the top and I think she did an excellent job. But as you’ve said, Evan and Nicole were heroes from the beginning because they’re naturals. I’m sure the judges take all the factors into consideration when voting, and despite Erin’s performance all season it all came down to the votes.

  • rhymes

    I would love to see Nicole and Derek date! They have great chemistry!
    Not to mention Erin and Maks, can’t wait to hear if they begin dating soon too!

  • Melu

    Dererk and Nicole totally deserved it, Derek’s amazing coreographies throughout the entire competition were a delight to my eyes. Besides, he and Nicole have had quite a great chemistry!

    Happy the won!!!

  • Sandra

    Congrats. Derek and Nicole were amazing.

  • a realist

    Yay! Nicole won. She indeed out-danced them all.

  • MAxA

    Nicole ROCKED that show. Her and Derek were very entertaining and I am very happy they won.

    #2 – Life isn’t fair. So get the fcuk over it.

  • nice

    This season was rigged unfarily in favor of Nicole. Come on, she’s trained to break dances down to the music and to dance in sync w/others. This would be like having Justin Timberlake on.

    Evan’s iceskating background doesn’t really give him the edge that Nicole’s professional singing/dancing did. How many times did they criticize his footwork or hips or lines?

    maybe next season they can get Madonna or Brittney Spears or some other pops stars that have obvious dancing skill to drive up ratings.

  • callmewhatever

    The show would be alot more fair if they didnt allow people that were already trained in ANY type of dance previously compete.

  • Amy

    It’s not fair beacause Nicole was already a dancer, so she doesn’t deserve her victory …

  • Amy

    WHERE IS SHANNEN ???? I want to see the Shannen’s dance … We don’t care about the old Buzz, Pamela … Shannen Shannen Shannen !

  • okk

    Nicole and Derek totally deserved it! Yay to them

  • C H E A T E R


  • Kiley

    anyone who didn’t predict her and Evan in the final two are idiots. I never watched the show but as soon as I saw who was on it, it was obvious. They are performers, basically dancers in their own genre…so it was definitely an unfair advantage. Oh well.