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Orlando Bloom Honors Harry Potter

Orlando Bloom Honors Harry Potter

Orlando Bloom suits up in Burberry for the 2010 National Movie Awards held at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday (May 26).

The 33-year-old British actor presented the family film trophy to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright from Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

Daniel first apologized for the absence of his co-star Rupert Grint (he’s sick) and said, “It’s fantastic for us, six films in with two more to go, to still be getting this kind of recognition.”

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom at the National Movie Awards

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Credit: Mike Marsland, Dave M. Bennett; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • Cayenne

    Wow! Cute!

  • piskie

    He looks divine! I want him to give me oral sex right about now!!

  • Cayenne

    He sort of has that “Muff” face goin on there, doesn’t he! You know, all around he is just a real cutie! Nothin negative to say bout him! He’s the real deal for sure! Go Orlando!

  • Jimmy

    Why all the pictures of Bloom. Radcliffe is the main attraction. We want pictures of him. Better actor; better person; and a lot richer than Bloomer.

  • celia

    Yay go harry potter!!! i cant wait to see what the hp stars are wearing. and i hope someone posts a video of them winning. and orlando is looking mighty fine in that picture.

  • piskie

    Check out my website for more orlando

  • Amber-louise

    Does Orlando even make movies anymore? I can’t even remember the last time I seen him in a movie.

  • rita

    OMG those delphi idiots have started up a blog!!! how sad!!!


  • @4

    “better actor”?
    No. I sure don’t think so.
    Probably, due to the Harry Potter movies. But he should invest wisely. He will always be identified as Harry Potter. And he is so short, that many roles will be out of his reach (tee-hee).
    But a “better person”?
    How can you say that about a man who is not only kind, friendly and caring (reportedly), but one who is so dedicated to helping others that he was made an Ambassador to the United Nations? Orlando has travelled to Nepal on several occasions WITHOUT a camera crew from Entertainment Tonight along to broadcast his good deeds. He makes numerous public appearances to bring awareness to problems in the world, and is even willing to visit a university to discuss how growing up with dyslexia affected his life.
    He is a truly good person. So is Daniel. But there is just no way that you can claim that Daniel is a “better” person. No way.

  • wow!

    he looks sooooo gorgeous and sexy!!
    I just want to run my fingers through his hair!
    So beautiful!

  • Jayne

    WOW Orlando your looking good. There both good actors but to me Orlando is better and a good men and if you want to look at Daniel go to hes post. ORLANDO IS THE BEST EVER @ 7 and im sorry but where have you been Orlando has made lots of films.

  • Jayne

    I agree Orlando has done so much for other people love him. Richer may be or may be not i mean Orlando would be much richer now if he did film after film but he didn’t want to. I have said it befor and i will say it again i dont care how much money Orlando has i would take him even if he had 1p to hes name.

  • ?

    Orlando your so fine.


    Orlando looks fantastic. Whatever he’s doing these days, he needs to keep it up.



  • Jayne


  • rita

    OMG those delphi idiots have started up a blog!!! how sad!!!


    they are so sad.

  • allspice30

    Nice Orlando! Whoo hoo!

  • burnt bacon

    Normally I hate those hipster skinny jeans on guys, but when they’re showcasing a pair stems like his? Mm-mm-MM!

  • Melody

    Wow, his hair gets curlier every time I see it….no complaints AT ALL though!! What a treat for us fans, pics of him yesterday and today both! My tongue is hanging out of my mouth, ha ha :)

  • http://whatabeauty... he cleans up….

    real good. Yummy…..

  • Cassie

    He looks really good here. I really like his hair. Could anyone tell me why the people on Delphi are so negative towards Miranda? I see a nice person and they knock and put her down and say cruel things. All of them say hateful things. Do they not like seeing Orlando happy? I am excited he’s doing the three muskateers movie. Have any of you gone on Delphi to read the mean comments. It sickens me. There is one person that talks constantly about Miranda but not in a nice way. Her name is ruby. Watch out for her and others. I am an Orlando and Miranda fan and do not appreciate what those idiots have been saying.

  • sara

    Dear Cassie, delphi is not about one person, there are lots of people there, read carefully.

  • whatever


    If you don’t like that place, then don’t go there and read, it’s simple.

  • helen

    Hot hot hot!!!

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    LOL@ 24 Then if you don’t like Miranda Kerr you shouldn’t spend 24/7 bash her and all her family just ignore her it’s that simple .
    The Delphi loon never fail to make me laugh they bash the hell out of Miranda but can’t handle the heat that they get back .

    Can’t believe Delphi still exists AFTER THREE I MEAN THREE FREAKING YEARS those people really have no life used to be funny mocking them now they are just sad and pathetic it’s not funny anymore .

  • dana

    Why wast time talking about those idiots when we have new pics of Orlando looking hotter than ever?
    Enjoy the pretty and ignore the hate.
    I mean, just LOOK at him!

  • whatever

    Calm down, I didn’t say I belong to that forum, I just made an obvious observation, that is if you don’t like something or someone, stay away from it. Simple.

  • KC

    His face looks like a gerbil.

  • @29

    OK, if you say so
    But that is the hottest, most handsome most sexy “gerbil” that I have ever seen.
    So gorgeous!

  • Sexyback

    I’d hit that gerbil lol! Really, you can’t possibly look at him and not see a beautiful, happy person. He is a positive person who doesn’t spread hate, just beauty and love and he’s got lots of it! Maybe that’s what drives some people crazy.

    Oh, and if you doubted his popularity, the video from the awards ceremony in the UK shows just how much he is still loved and is poised to make a huge comeback. I’m sure that’s going to ruffle a few feathers but I can’t wait!

  • Cassie

    To whatever, I have no more intention of visiting that hateful site. Those hateful people on Delphi are not nice people how they bash Miranda. I prefer going to Orlando love where it is a respectful forum. Orlando is looking hot in these pics. I think he and Miranda are good together.

  • Cassie

    To sexy back, he looked so hot at the awards show. He is a beautiful person inside and out and I am excited for three muskateers.

  • Lamdada

    If you want to read the new blog by the delphi loons (and believe me its worth a read for the LULZ) click on my name and it will you there.

  • Jen

    PMSL!! that BLOG is a piss take of the haters!!! Well done to whoever has done it, as it is spot on! That iS so funny, I love it when the haters get shown for what they are, and when they get the piss took out of them! GENIUS!!! Haters are so pathetically stupid!!

  • ha!

    That blog was pretty darned funny.
    I didn’t look at it at first, because I hought that is was really a delph-idiot blog, but I’m glad that I did after all.
    Too funny!
    “Spot on” is right!
    That was great!
    Especially the comments. You got those bitter half-wits down perfectly!

  • http://whatabeauty... hot hot hot is right

    These photos are beautiful. Love this man!

  • citylove

    Orlando great !!!!! LOVE HIM !!!

  • *gasp*

    So beautiful!!

  • Jayne

    Orlando looked so hot on tv i want more.

  • http://whatabeauty... @32

    I with you Cassie, those people are just so hateful. I can take people having differant opinions, but those girls are just down right mean.
    I love Orlando and Miranda, have met both. They were both kind and I wish them all the best. Oh by the way, when I met them there were no paps around, so don’t believe all that “set up” c*r*a*p!

  • @41

    We wants details, precious.
    Gollum wants ‘em, we does.

  • oh yes!

    He is so gorgeous!
    And his hair is so sexy when he lets it grow.

  • ?

    When is the Dyslexia meeting supposed to take place? Shouldn’t he be back in NY pretty soon?
    Wish that I could go. I hope that they film it.

  • Sighs4l

    He looks wonderful and loved Loved LOVED that smile when he came out to hear the screams and applause. You still have it, honey.

  • Jayne

    @44 orlando will be there on the 2 June. He always got it.

  • @46

    And yes, he has ALWAYS “got it”.

  • YAY!

    Confirmation that Orlando is in NY.
    Orlando was photographed with Miranda at MOMA in New York by a girl who put the pics on Twitter.
    Blurry and grainy, but definitely them.

  • january

    Of course he is in NY, he has some event to speak about dislexya tomorrow.

  • @49

    Well, there were rumors that he was in LA over the weekend.
    Why so snippy?