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Sandra Bullock: MTV Movie Awards, Here I Come!

Sandra Bullock: MTV Movie Awards, Here I Come!

Sandra Bullock will attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, has confirmed.

The Oscar-winning actress will receive the “MTV Generation Award” for her diverse contributions to the film industry and for entertaining generations over the last two decades. Sandra will be the first female recipient to be honored with this award! (Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Spike Lee, Mike Myers and Adam Sandler have all won in previous years.)

Parks & Recreation funnyman Aziz Ansari will host the ceremony from the Gibson Amphitheatre on June 6 in Universal City, Calif.

FYI: Sandra was nominated in three other categories. You can vote for her for Best Female Performance, Best Comedic Performance, and Best Kiss!

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Credit: Ian Daniels; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • N.

    Very cool. She really is a fantastic actress and it’s nice to see she is getting on with things after all that happened with jerkface.

  • miss infamous

    good for her!!

  • whatever

    who really cares what this michael jackson looking chick does! Big whoop. I’m sure the whole media and public will be falling all over trying to kiss her botoxed butt.

  • Halli

    That’s probably the best place to make her first public appearance since this drama.

  • muck
  • swan

    she is truly deserving of this award and now i honestly can’t wait for the awards

  • callmewhatever

    Um is it just me or does her boobs look WAY bigger??? She was maybe an a or small b before. She’s a classic pear shape, full hips but smaller on top. Even a push up bra wouldnt make what she had before look like this.

  • christi

    the new Hollywood PR plan, always have a little black baby waiting to difuse any bad PR. works everytime. Sandy is a Hollywood movie! Wasn’t that a happy ending!

  • Bekka

    Sandy was screwing Jessie while he was married and his then wife was seven months pregnant with Sunny. Not much of an innocent is she.

    BTW the way Sandy ran away in the middle of the night leaving the James children she claims she loves like her own to the nightmare she created with her 10 page tabloid junket says a lot about what kind of fameseeker she is.

    The adoption was a shame. Bullock should have to reapply as a single parent since it is obvious she duped the sytem for 4 years to get a baby. No way James was having xxx affairs weeks after their wedding and she did not know.

    If they’ll do it to you, they’ll do it with you. Once a cheater always a cheater.

    Bullock was engaged several times. Every guy backed out. Must have been a reason.

  • slambang

    Go, Sandra! :) I may watch MTV for this, for the first time in years.

  • whatever

    I hear she has a nazi sex tape floating around out there. Y’all wouldn’t be giving me 11 thumbs down if that ish came out showing your Lover Sandra doing the nasty with a hitler stache made of poo. lol ewwww

  • F U


    Hey moron the word you are looking for is “SHAM” not shame! Who would adopt a baby just for publiclity? She wasn’t in the wrong – Jesse was. You sound real stupid. And FYI she had suspicions like Jesse himself said and he lied to her. She is a movie star filming all over the place its very easy for her to not know. She left the home to protect her newborn son from crazy paparazzi. The children did fine without her when filming movies and I’m sure they did fine when she left cheating daddy. How do you know that they didn’t visit? Also Jesse was already separated/divorced when she started dating him, are you one of his tricks? Why so mad?

    She has been in the biz for how many years? If she is that great an actress to hide who she truly is then she deserves TEN OSCARS! Dont be stupid everyone has said nothing but great things about her! You can tell she is genuine. Kick rocks and walk off a cliff you miserable retard.

  • ally

    1. I don’t care about Sandra Bullock.
    2. I don’t care about Jesse James.
    3. I don’t feel sympathy for her.
    4. This award is being given to her because (for some reason) everybody loves Sandra Bullock and everybody wants to make her feel better.
    5. That Oscar win of hers is one of the worst in a long long time.

  • F U


    1. Why’d you comment then?
    2. Because you’re a jealous bitter loser.

  • Nugget

    I almost agree with Ally. I mean, I like Sandra Bullock but I think people are taking it overboard. Like she’s some sort of cinematic genius. She was decent in all her chick flicks and what not, but it’s pretty clear the reason she’s getting this award is her recent personal issues. I mean she’s really no different than say, Reese Witherspoon or any other American Sweetheart. She got cheated on? So did Reese, Halle, blah blah blah. Don’t get the obsession.

  • teri

    Sandra didn’t have a complain in the world with her husband being a Nazi and still adopting a black baby. I do like her just don’t understand why she’d be with someone like that or let her baby around someone like that. It’s only embarassing now because the secret it out.

  • N


  • Jokergurl

    Cool, she’s always great at these award shows, funny too. She’s a great actress, a class act, lovely and deserves this. Everybody loves Sandra I don’t think you will find anyone in Hollywood who does not. Jesse James has been whining about how he’s sorry and Sandra has just moved on with her life with her little boy Louis, good for her. HUGS for Sandy.

  • memi

    Oooh, new boobs..! Well done, Sandy.

  • Caia

    Go! Sandy. You totally deserve it.

  • kikarika

    she looks amazing,but have she done fake boobs??????

  • kate

    1. I don’t care about Sandra Bullock.
    2. I don’t care about Jesse James.
    3. I don’t feel sympathy for her.
    4. This award is being given to her because (for some reason) everybody loves Sandra Bullock and everybody wants to make her feel better.
    5. That Oscar win of hers is one of the worst in a long long time.

    you are jealous whyy?????????????
    sandra is the best actress and she deserves it

  • European

    I don’t understand why some people start freaking out and making nasty comments. Most women long to be a mother and she waited four years to become one. If it had ever been a publicity stunt she would have surely announced the adoption before the Oscars, no? And anyway, what idiot would do that? Life long bond and responsibility along with all the fears that mothers have to face for the safety of their child for publicity? She was in love with her husband and devoted to him and unfortunately he betrayed her, which is sad and happens to many people out there. But for me the most important part is that I simply enjoy watching any film she plays in. She is fabulous and her latest move was brilliant and she really did deserve her Oscar. Some of you people really need help and also have to change your drug dealer. The stuff you are currently on is no good for you or anybody

  • BGBoone

    I am always amazed how so many people who comment on this webpage have a premeditated attitude against certain celebrities.
    They seem to think all these external events, such as the MTV awards,
    the publicity timing, the changes made by the subject actress in her life style, where she chooses to live, and her efforts to compensate for her misfortune in marriage are skillfully orchestrated to create false impressions so her fame is kept intact. Do they really think she has her publicist spending all their time plotting their next personal move so the star actress comes-out looking better in the public’s eyes? Gimme a break. Those critics’ cyncism and conspiracy-mentality are at best adolescent. If they can’t rationalize and empathize better than that, perhaps they should refrain from saying anything and removing all doubt about their level of insight on the human condition. Sandra Bullock is undoubtedly one of the best liked and most genuine personalities in the cinema in quite sometime. She has great talent, great looks, is hard working, highly successful, and a generous, funny, and very intelligent person worthy of our admiration.

  • facadestilladser

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