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Alicia Keys: Pregnant... And Engaged!

Alicia Keys: Pregnant... And Engaged!

Alicia Keys and her longtime love, super producer Swizz Beatz, are expecting their first child together, can confirm.

Alicia, 29, and Swizz, 31, are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year.

Alicia is currently on her Freedom Tour in Europe. Earlier today, she performed at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball held at London’s St John’s, Smith Square.

Swizz, 31, has two sons from previous relationships.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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74 Responses to “Alicia Keys: Pregnant... And Engaged!”

  1. 1
    Donovan Says:

    Congrats!! I can’t believe they actually confirmed it. She’s so private usually.

  2. 2
    s Says:

    Yay! Congrats, Alicia! :)

  3. 3
    nicci Says:

    i know this do not have anything to do with this but there is a very funny with Zac Efron rapping at UCLA college here it is:

  4. 4
    Cristobal Says:

    I knew it. Congrats to her.

  5. 5
    Dasiy Says:

    Oh Alicia what have you gotten yourself into?

  6. 6
    AutumnM Says:

    Swizz has three kids by three different women I believe. Tsk tsk. Well hopefully he’ll do right by Alicia. Congrats to them on their engagement and baby. I hope the child is healthy.

  7. 7
    ummm Says:

    baby mama#3…typical no surprise at all.

  8. 8
    Halli Says:

    Heard he cheated on his last two girlfriends… good luck Alicia.

  9. 9
    Saudia Says:

    Yayy congrats. I adore Alicia Keys, she’s is one hell of a woman and artist. Hope she has a healthy pregnancy :)

  10. 10
    [marie] Says:

    That ish was too obvious. She coulda done better, but congrats too her all the same..

  11. 11
    Courtney Says:

    I hope the same for a healthy pregnancy for Alicia as a loss of an unborn child is devastating to any woman emotionally and spiritually and it isn’t like it was in the old days when management and studios could hide a loss as was done with Joanne Woodward when she miscarried her & Paul Newman’s first child on their honeymoon six weeks before she won the academy award for best actress in a leading role which was hidden by the studios sitting them in the balcony of the pantages theater instead of the orchestra pit where most of the big nominees sit and also by the dark coloring of her taffeta ball-gown that she made herself by the way

  12. 12
    Deedz Says:

    She’s going to marry a nose.

  13. 13
    waffle bowl Says:

    I’m happy for her, hope the baby turns out healthy and stuff… but I still think she could SO much better than Swizz Beatz. I don’t like him, he seems quite shady to me.

  14. 14
    mln Says:

    isn’t he still married?

  15. 15
    whistleblower Says:

    His divorce was finalized 3 weeks ago. SMDH

  16. 16
    Kirsten Says:

    She is beautiful and I wish them all the best. Still, I wish she wouldn’t have homewrecked.

  17. 17
    Allie Says:

    These steps are typical of Hollywood relationships: start dating when you break up rather than when your divorce is finalized, and then make an official statement about your relationship once your divorce is over.

    We don’t know why Swizz broke up with Mashonda (his wife) or at what point he and Alicia Keys got together (before or after he broke up with her). Let’s just hope he makes good on his promises to her because he may or may not be a cheating dog, but everyone is capable of change.

  18. 18
    Allie Says:

    *his ex wife…whoops. Alicia Keys is now on the verge of wife.

  19. 19
    anonymous Says:

    Am I the only one who thought she was gay?

  20. 20
    haha Says:

    wasn’t she dating somebody else? kerry or something?

  21. 21
    Josie Says:

    it’s typical for women such as alicia who grew up without a father in the home to pick bad men.
    even if he doesn’t divorce her later, he most likely still will sleep with girls on the side much like jay z, and she will take it, much like beyonce.
    it’s a never ending cycle.

  22. 22
    bae Says:

    She still could be gay.. people way back in the 40′s on would marry someone to save their image. She could of gotten pregs through a tube. And if not she is a snake for going after a married man

  23. 23
    Realistic Says:

    nicci # 3 your comment was so random and offtopic that it made me laugh :) so I gave you a thumbs up
    Courtney #12 Even though old school Hollywood is way before my time I like to read and hear about it, they didn’t play back in the day! So I gave you a thumbs up :)
    I hope the baby is healthy and is a blessing to their lives even though their whole situation is messy. I thought Alicia liked kittens.

  24. 24
    ... Says:

    Didn’t know she was that trashy. Didn’t they get together when he was still married? Pathetic. Whatever. Don’t care to listen to people who do that crap, but I hope she has a healthy pregnancy anyway.

  25. 25
    sparkle Says:

    i hope this baby is born retarded

  26. 26
    sparkle Says:

    I don’t know why these women keep falling for these Negro’s with all these kids. She has no morals and her black daddy left her White Mama i should have known, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I don’t know why any woman would involve herself with a man who has children. I don’t care if you have money. If you aint there when they get up in the morning then what the hell does that child need you for.

  27. 27
    Paula Says:


    Finally read a comment which fits these two people. Again for those who are giggling and saying “Congrats” Congrats on what? The fact that Alicia Keys is that same type of trash or **** like the women who sleep with Tiger woods? People this lady is partly responsible for breaking up a marriage, don’t give me the comment “You can’t break up someone’s marriage” Oh, yes you can. If Mr. No Good Husband and Daddy wanted to leave his family then Miss. **** should have waited until he did that before she ever slept with him, becoming pregnant and than trying to get married. Like Mashonda his wife stated. They had no respect for her as a women, her child or their family arrangement. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO THINK NOTHING OF THEIR ACTION AS BEING DEGRADING.

  28. 28
    Paula Says:

    I hope she gets what she deserves, a man who is going to walk out on her and her child the same way he has done his previous children. I have no respect for you Alicia Keys nor your no good sleep around fool.

  29. 29
    happy girl Says:

    I always thought she was gay. Oh well, congrats Alicia!

  30. 30
    mickey Says:

    Scary that someone who calls himself “Swizz Beatz” can procreate.

  31. 31
    ... Says:

    @Deedz: LOL I can’t tell you how funny that comment is.

  32. 32
    JC Says:

    He looks like a cartoon character…what the hell does she see in him.

  33. 33
    Katie W Says:

    So disappointing! Alicia is too good for that crap..he has 2 kids with previous relationships, who is to say that they will work out? She needs a better man then that, one who sticks they aren’t even married..i mean i know people in america do this all the time but not Alicia KEYS!!! come on now wtf she is one person in the music industry that paves the way and sets a good example for girls out there not living in the best surroundings..this just gives them another excuse to go get pregnant! still love alicia but damnnn……..

  34. 34
    ummahyk Says:

    I hope the baby looks like her.:|

  35. 35
    Sean Says:

    She’ll be a single mother like her mom.

  36. 36
    yo sista Says:


  37. 37
    kikarika Says:

    i adore her,i’m happy she is having baby,but she deserved better man…hope he will never hurt her

  38. 38
    joann Says:

    Well, Well. She broke up his marriage, there is a 3 year old child involved, they have been together since 2008. His little boy was how old at that time? Does he not like a woman’s body after she gives birth? She is 4 months pregnant. Watch out Alicia, a year from now he might pull the same stunt on you with a younger woman. Guess because he is a “player” the rules are different for them than they were for Brad and Angelina.

  39. 39
    abla Says:

    thats awesome

  40. 40
    anonymous Says:

    i swear i thought she was a lesbian, i was gon try t get with her……. seriously i was… Congrats but i was a little upset cause i wanted to be her boo…lol..

  41. 41
    Rocky Says:


    For her sake I hope it works because she’s really gotten into a mess with this one.

  42. 42
    Rocky Says:

    For all those who dissed Jared yesterday, don’t you look like fools! Talkin about the belt being a fashion statement, etc., etc.

    You go Jared!!

  43. 43
    Courtney Says:

    you guys are forgetting that this has gone on in the industry for decades I’ve given two well documented examples what your going to overlook those just because both of the actresses mentioned have won an oscar and been nominated at least once again after actually Ms Woodward was nominated 3 more times following her win right 1968 given in April 1969 Katherine Hepburn & Barbra Streisand won the only tie in oscar history so far 1973 given April 2nd 1974 Glenda Jackson won and 1990 Given March 25th 1991 Kathy Bates Won

    congrats to them a child is always a blessing

  44. 44
    Rocky Says:

    @waffle bowl:

    Seems shady? He IS shady! Man can’t keep his d**k in his pants! Cheated on all his girlfriends and his wives. Man is a creep and he’s ugly as hell to boot. Don’t get why any woman would want that man on top of them. YUCK!!!

  45. 45
    Rocky Says:


    She didn’t homewreck, he was never loyal to any of the women he went out with. He’s like a dog in heat 24/7. His wife knew he was messing around and dumped his ass!

  46. 46
    Rocky Says:



  47. 47
    Rocky Says:


    Courtney: I’m not saying this because I agree with their actions, but Hepburn never married Spencer. Spencer was Roman Catholic and would NEVER divorce his wife. His wife knew about Katherine and Spencer. Katherine was the love of Spencer’s life, he just couldn’t have her the way he would have liked. There was a reporter at that time who asked Spencer’s wife why she tolerated the romance. She did not comment and never did. Class Act! Not like today’s women who go on TV shows, or call reporters to give them all their ‘dirty’ laundry. There is no class in our society. No class at all.

  48. 48
    mailey Says:

    yah, he has babies with two other women. get a clue.

    the mistake females make is in thinking she is “the one”.

    already see the train wreck.

  49. 49
    mzstina Says:

    Yal some HATERS! lol. Bunch of bitter women, you can’t get a man so you hatin lol. At least she got someone to marry her, unlike most of you.. you get the babies and no ring

  50. 50
    ashley Says:


  51. 51

    UM, you guys DO know that Alicia stole him away from his wife/family, right???
    She was working late nights on her album with him and went in for the kill.
    Don;t champion this HOMEWRECKER.

  52. 52
    slambang Says:

    He cheated on his wife with Alicia. Very tacky of them both. I have lost all respect for her.

  53. 53
    Helen Says:

    I’m so glad she didn’t pull a J. Lo or Christina Aguilera, they kept it quiet until they were bigger than a house!

    Smart girl!

  54. 54
    can we talk Says:

    Ugliest man alive.

  55. 55
    Lindsay Veejay Says:

    i love her

  56. 56
    Hal Says:

    Hmmm, let’s see. Your beautiful, talented, and loaded.

    So what do you do?

    Hook up with a married man who has three kids by three different women, and get pregnant by him, of course!

    Nice going Alicia.

  57. 57
    a reallist Says:

    Congratulations to Alicia. I love that girl.

  58. 58
    a reallist Says:

    #57… Grow the hell up. He has TWO sons. And he is NOT married. You fool.

  59. 59
    betty Says:

    I hope he isn’t another Bobby Brown/Look at Whitney.

  60. 60
    shaleen Says:

    Congrats to her but she could have found a better man than Swizz Beatz!

  61. 61
    Jokergurl Says:

    Lovely, talented and cool, congratulations Alicia Keys!

  62. 62
    Divine Goddess Says:

    @HOMEWRECKER= ALICIA: how did she “steal” him? men cannot be stolen. they choose were they want to be. and obviously he did not want to be with his ex and currently wants alicia. besides didn’t she get with him after he separated from his wife? if so, she’s not a homewrecker

  63. 63
    Santa Maria Chiropractor Says:

    She could do so much better but congrats.

  64. 64
    Tuck Job Says:

    she is a lesbo and frequents ATL lesbian clubs maybe she pulles switch
    she did steal swiss away – she is a homewrecker sorry

  65. 65
    Dasiy Says:

    Two hos. That poor baby!

  66. 66
    michelle Says:

    gay talk is all anybody do right now.

  67. 67
    Karma Says:

    I wonder how happy his wife and children are?!! Why is everyone so happy for home wrecking Alicia??? I hope she understands Karma. She helped to destroy someone else marriage and family. She better not be surprised if some little home wrecking strumpet comes along and takes that big nosed, philandering, sorry excuse for a husband and father away from her as well. They disgust me.

  68. 68
    slimx Says:

    just cuz a person doesnt where a dress and talk about her private relationship doesnt mean she is gay

  69. 69
    AleeshazaSkeeza Says:


    Oh WOW- I THOUGHT Alicia Keys had some class, but she is just another dumb-azz TRAMP who will spread her legs for the first sweet talking married man who sniffs her out. Pure de TRASH. When that sneaky-azz nigga gets tired of poppin her in her tail (which will be REAL SOON, no doubt), she will REALLY experience some KARMA.

  70. 70
    AleeshazaSkeeza Says:


    Thank You. I could’nt have said it better! People like them make me sick..they do not care if they upset/destroy other lives as long as their cheating behinds are happy. hmpf….

  71. 71
    mommytim2 Says:

    WOW! Why would any woman want to be with a man who was cheating on his wife when he got you pregnant? Now you are going to become the next victim and marry him. I thought Alisha was more intelligent than that.

  72. 72
    Amanda Says:

    @#21 die in hell u sick *******. i hope she has a healthy pregnancy and a happy marrige

  73. 73
    tooka Says:

    Iam real happy for Alicia she my idol and y role modle if she wants to have a baby by swizz iam behind her 100% no matter what anybody say congrats alicia i hope u have a wonderful life and i know ur child is going to turn out a beautiful child i hope the best for you and have a great life the one and only alicia one and only fan tooka

  74. 74
    caitlyn Says:

    u are the best

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