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Leo DiCaprio: Save Tigers Now!

Leo DiCaprio: Save Tigers Now!

Leonardo DiCaprio has joined forces with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to save a species on the brink of extinction.

With as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild, WWF and Leo today kicked off the Save Tigers Now campaign.

In honor of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, an ambitious goal of $20 million has been set with the vision of doubling the tiger population by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

“Tigers are endangered and critical to some of the world’s most important ecosystems,” said Leo. “Key conservation efforts can save the tiger species from extinction, protect some of the planet’s last wild habitats and help sustain the local communities surrounding them. By protecting this iconic species, we can save so much more.”

Leo is currently in Asia right now with WWF experts to see the threats tigers face first-hand. Visit to follow Leo‘s journey and participate in the effort to save tigers!

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  • mailey


  • Catarina

    Finally, some Leo! =)
    3,200 tigers left in the wild???? Really? Scary!

  • Catarina

    @well Indeed! They EAT tigers… How is this possible? =S

  • Pot

    I’ll save anything you ask me to, sweet Leo baby! Gorgeous, talented man.

  • wow

    I love it that he is so involved in projects like this. Great guy!

  • may

    As much as I admire him and others who take up causes, he could just donate his salary from a movie to get the $20 million they need. At least he and a couple of his actor friends. It’s not as if they’re making $40,000 a film.

  • Catarina

    @may The 20million number is not referring to money, but to number of tigers in the wild, by 2020 (next year of the Tiger).

  • Catarina

    Nop, it’s money. I thought it was an ambitious goal.

  • Catarina

    may, that would not help raise awareness to stop the slaughtering of these fascinating animals. Besides, Leo cannot save the world alone. And a bit from everybody will amount to a lot and it’s not for or about LEO. It’s FOR the TIGERS.


    i think it’s important to remember animals go extinct all the time. even before humans existed. natures take care of these thinks. things are constantly evolving animals come into existence and then go extinct, that goes for humans as well. if nature wants to save them than they’ll evolve and adapt.


    @well: @well:
    is it any better than Amerikkkunt that eat pigs and cows. If you eat any animal that you can’t criticize what other cultures eat, you dumb racist f***. A dead animal is a dead animal whether it’s a pig or a tiger.’

    That said I do think they should be saved, if possible. but don’t try to make this a racist agenda. Go save the f**king, cows, pigs, and ducks being slaughtered in your own country. ****I NG HYPOCRIT.



    @well: Not to mention china will be calling in your 12 trillion dollar debt soon. So I don’t think it’s wise to be rude to a country of 1 billion people, you owe trillions of dollars to. Think with you big head, not your small one.

  • yay!

    YAY leo! i volunteer for the wwf, tigers are probably the most majestic creature you will ever see, its truly horrible whats happening, not long ago there was a story of a shelter that was abandoned with the tigers still in their cells and were victims of cannibalism, everybody should support this cause its not peta

  • wow

    SAVE tiger woods

  • EH

    @yay!: If they go extinct they’re meant to be extinct let mother nature take care of it. Humans can’t play god and decide which animals live or die. That’s natures job. You should worry more about feeding the starving children of Africa. They’re are millions of human beings that need saving first.

  • mimi

    He makes 20 million dollars in 2-3 month work (per movie).
    why is he asking for OUR money, when he can easily donate the entire sum of money our of a couple of month work and it won’t even affect his bank account?

  • Catarina

    @EH They’re dying because of us. It’s up to us to save them. We are unbalancing nature.

  • John

    The really sad thing about this whole thing are the Tiger farms, where for every wild Tiger there are 3 “farmed” Tigers in China. They use these farmed Tigers to harvest their parts for the belief that consuming them will give them strength and virility, which is scientifically untrue. With this species on the brink of extinction, having something like 10,000 Tigers being farmed is a sad reality, and the thought of one day this majestic beast being gone is a sad reminder of how much damage we have done to this planet.

  • mimi

    That was exactly my response.
    IF China is doing this horrible thing, that he should be direct and criticize them for that,
    and if MONEY and donations is what they are after, then- Leo has more money than all of us together and he can foot the bill easily.

  • wow

    As far as I know Leo donated money to all kinds of charities in the past ( eg. Haiti ) and has his own foundation. What have you done, mimi or may to help these causes? I have the feeling that even without giving up $20 million of his own money he did more to help these causes than you ever did. Plus how do you know that he didn`t give any money to this foundation? Catarina is right why does he need to do it alone? At least he is doing something so even if you disagree with the cause you shouldn`t criticize him.

  • Catarina

    Farmed tigers? =’(

  • cardcrusher

    Another celebrity endorsing a cause…;.*yawns*

  • EH


    but why not criticize your own country for the 1 million dead civilians in Iraq. Those are human beings your government is killing. not animals. surely the celebs should get together and establish a fund for for all the iraqi and afghan orphans created by the amerikan occupation in the Middle East. It seems funny that liberal celebs are more worried about animals than human beings, so much for humanitarianism.

  • BrazilAnimalAbuse.


    Protest Brazil’s animal abuse during Holy Week

    Each year during Holy Week, coastal communities in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina conduct a violent festival known as “Farra do Boi”, which loosely translates to “Oxen Fun Days.” This festival is anything but fun, and features a frightened ox being chased through the streets by drunken revelers. Often, the animal is driven into the sea and drowned, or it is simply beaten and tortured to death.

  • hmmm


    Don’t brazilians slaughter live chicken for voodoo practices. I don’t think you of all people are in a position to criticize other countries.

  • BrazilHumanCruelty

    Brazilian voodoo priests arrested for child sacrifice

    BRASILIA (Reuters) — Brazilian police said on Friday they arrested two self-proclaimed voodoo priests for the murder of a 6-year-old boy who bled to death in a black-magic ceremony.

  • wha…

    brazil is a backwards third world country so it’s not surprising that they still sacrifice children and animals. disgusting.

  • Catarina

    I’m not Brazilian. I know nothing of vodoo practices and have no wish to know.

  • HumansAreMoreImportant

    Civilian Victims of USA “Foreign Policy” for 17 years:

    1991 – Iraq – 200,000
    1992 – Somalia – 7,000
    1974-1992 – Angola – 650,000 +
    1986-1994 – Colombia – 20,000 +
    1995-1998 – Turkey – 27,000 +
    1997 – Rwanda – 6,000
    1965-1997 – Indonesia – 1,000,000
    1990-1997 – Iraq – 1,200,000 +
    1998 – Afghanistan – 2,000 +
    1986-1998 – Guatemala – 200,000
    1999 – Yugoslavia – thousands
    1999 – Iraq – hundreds
    1991-1999 – Kuwait, Iraq – 1,620
    2000-2002 – Palestinian Territories – hundreds
    2001 – Afghanistan – 23,000 +
    1995-2001 – Peru – unknown
    2002 – Angola – unknown
    2002 – Iraq – unknown
    2003 – Afghanistan – 300 +
    2003 – Algeria – hundreds
    2003 – Iraq – 17,000 +
    1976-2003 – Indonesia – 12,000 +
    2003-2004 – Palestinian Territories – 1,400 +
    2003-2007 – Iraq – 1,000,000 +
    2006 – Palestine, Lebanon – 1,300 + (to August)
    2006 – Haiti – 8,000 + (to September)
    2007 – Somalia – 2,000 +
    2008 – South Ossetia – 2,000 +

    USA is a terrorist nation, they are invading my country (Colombia) and they cause destabilization over the region and traffic of weapons.

  • more money….

    i wonder if leo will donate his 20 million dollar salary to help the cause. they would meet their deadlines pretty quickly.

  • Michelle

    HumansAreMoreImportant @ 05/27/2010 at 4:06 pm

    Of course humans are important but so are animals and I applaud Leo’s work in this field.

    And by the way, how many people die as a result of the drugs which are produced in YOUR country – Columbia? And how many of Columbia’s innocent citizens are terrorized within their own country? Take care of your own mess first before you criticize another country!

  • ???

    I`m shocked to read some of these comments. Leo stepped up for something he believes in and this is not the first time. He is concerned about the environment, animals and he does charity work on a regular basis. But most of the comments just complain why doesn`t he do more, why doesn`t he pay the whole amount himself…etc. I think he deserves respect for what he is doing instead of just being criticized. I wonder how much and what these commenters do about these causes other than just criticizing.

  • Marieme

    Rock on, Leo! Thanks so much for caring and speaking out.

    Re criticism towards China I have to say as much as I admire this culture for many things it never fails to amaze me (in a very bad way) how overall they refuses to acknowledge or see error of their ways when it comes to animal slaughter. I am continually disgusted by this fact, and obviously our own immense failures. For animals lovers this is a never-ending fight. :(

  • offtheproperty

    Tigers must be cool enough for him to be associated with.

  • offtheproperty

    He is like a Tiger himself; a Tiger on the shmoozing circuit and in the bedroom of course. What a Tiger! Grrrrrrrr!

  • offtheproperty

    He is really the last of the Hollywood Tigers. Grrrrr!

  • Marmeduke

    Go Leo! We post a lot of crap about you on this website but then you go do something totally cool like this. And hot new picture too. Am I crazy but is this posting to counteract some of the negativity on the bar bashingt thread on this site?

    Anyway I got one thing to say


    Please !

  • offtheproperty

    If Obama doesn’t take this opportunity to take over the oil companies cartel and make them pay for all the damage in the gulf and the gulf coast and it’s economy and all the other damage and the gouging of our entire country’s economy and that of the whole world for the past century then all that talk he did in the campaign was just talk. It was a turning point.

  • Leo is a pig

    Leo’s an puffy, gross, perverted sl***. Who cares what he has to say about anything. He’s disgusting.

  • more money….

    @offtheproperty: amerika would be officially communist then. forced government take over of private business. SMELLS LIKE FREEDOM!

  • CorporateAmericaAnimalAbuse

    Showing cruelty of animals by KFC Supplier Slaughterhouse, there are some graphics footage. More than 850 million chickens are killed each year for KFC and the way they are treated would have resulted in felony cruelty to animals charges if cats or dogs were the victims.

    Stop America form abusing animals! Boycott KFC and American fast food around the world!

  • thetruth


    Iraq seems to be the victim No. 1 of the USA over the past 17 years…

  • offtheproperty

    @more money….: As long as the biggest corporations are free to squash alternative energy competition, use treasury dollars to subsidize their industry and destroy a way of life of millions by polluting the Gulf of Mexico, America will always be free, right? They’re going to try to stick the public with the bill, you know. And it will never be “cleaned up.” Just the extent of destruction and lives lost to date is manifestly criminal negligence.

  • ichi

    common people that’s not the point, the most important, we can’t criticizes other countries. we as a civilization should do the best for our world, and be conscious about the influence that we has in it , by the way is true the nature is wise, bout is different when the human affects her course.

  • Alfred Dagel

    No offense to Leonard but WWF is a corporation hocking claims that they protect nature to the masses and sucking up their money to pay for over-paid consultants and a fancy office in captitols throughout the world. I have worked in a number of countries and let me say clearly that WWF is better described by colleages of mine in Cambodia as a “World Wide Waste of Funds”. Admittedly, their marketing people are excellent, as are their lawyers. They seem to be able to convince a string of stars to raise more money for them. Poor Leonard…if only he knew that all of his efforts would not result in anything meaningful contributed to people actually working to save tigers. These people are the hundreds of Asians in India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam out there trying to protect tigers in the wild and stop the trade. Leonard should be helping them not supporting fat conservationists in Washington and their phalanx of marketing experts. The world just aint fair. Back to work doing something meaningful, I hope. Bye


    Ok, for once I agree – it is a good initative, but if he wants to save the tigers why doesn’t he make a 5-10 Million donation and then ask the people for their money. That will show a good will, will get the attention and it will also help.

  • gimmeabreak

    Agree, I wish celebs would think before they start asking the working poor (working class) for money. They can hold events with their celeb peers and accomplish alot more for the organization without offending working class people, alot of which are unemployed right now. I do admire him for his involvement with meaningful causes though.

  • working poor

    @offtheproperty: i agree big corporations need to be to held responsible for the crimes they commit around the world. The first step to them being held accountable is to repeal laws of “corporate personhood”

  • Maximisses


    Hmmm bit hard for them to evolve and adapt if their land keeps getting smaller and smaller. Unless they get domesticated like dogs. That’s not going to happen.

  • Lindsay Veejay

    I love him