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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Confirmed For Transformers 3!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Confirmed For Transformers 3!

Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will star as Shia LaBeouf‘s love interest in the upcoming Transformers 3, multiple sources EXCLUSIVELY confirm to

How did Rosie get to replace Megan Fox?

Director Michael Bay is friends with Ed Razek, Chief Marketing Officer for Limited Brands, Victoria’s Secret parent. Sources reveal VS has even used Michael‘s house to film commercials.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Michael and Rosie have worked together. Just last year, Ed tapped Michael to direct an action-packed Victoria’s Secret commercial starring British beauty Rosie and other VS angels.

You can watch the Bay-directed VS commercial below. Pictured here are Michael and Rosie from a behind-the-scenes shot from that commercial shoot!

Rosie started training for the Transformers role already,” the source adds. “She’s working hard.”

Looks like Heidi Montag‘s audition tape was a failed attempt!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Victoria’s Secret Commercial
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  • sam

    Michael Bay is a pig

  • chelsey

    omg. FAIL.

    Michael Bay needs to think with his head and not is other organ. GET A REAL ACTRESS! Dont just go for HOT. ugh.

  • dollhouse

    NO ONE can now replace Megan Fox. People can hate on her if they want, but she’s hot! This new chick is a fail in comparison to Fox.

    The Transformers franchise sucks anyways.

  • Jokergurl

    I wonder what Shia thinks of this. As long as she can run fast she’ll do fine, pyrotechnic wise, most of those explosions in these movies are REAL and if the actors don’t run they get singed, just ask Shia on that one :) She’s not near as pretty as Megan Fox though.

  • really…

    LOL I guess “dating” Jason Statham has payed off for her! *smh*

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`look @ him. he’s such a fcuking sleazebag. i’m glad this whole fallout w/ Fox happened. it shows everyone what a disgusting prick Bay is.
    whoever this girl is she most likely cant act for shiit, and will probably fail epically in T3. i think it’s funny how she’s paper think and has the face and body of a poor little orphaned boy. ahahahahaa.. watch Bay want her to lose weight and over tan, like he did with Megan.

  • michelle

    the blonde girl looks more like megan though

  • blue

    what about gemma ward? she actually has movies on her resume

  • the african darkside

    Poor choice. From my view this person is thinner than megan fox. Less attractive than fox. I guess he is the director and get what he wants but my money will not be spent on this movie. At least fox seemed authentic(not too superficial).

  • linda

    Thank you, Mike Bay for ridding of Megan Fox!

    Megan has contributed NOTHING to Hollywood.
    Transformers 1 & 2-Megan was the WORST part of it!
    Jennifer’s Body-FLOP
    Jonah Hex-FLOP
    Passion Play-FLOP
    Doing drugs-HA HA
    Drinking and partying-HA HA
    Sleeping around-HA!
    Superbowl Commercial-RIDICULOUS

    Well, yes, she contributed her insanity, but that is all. No one likes her, anyway. I prefer even Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Montag to Megan Fox, that stupid girl.

  • Nayalah

    whats the point when you replace a beautiful girl with nô acting skills with another beautiful girl with even less acting skills than the first one? I wonder how much times she got laid for this gig? Please bring Megan back!! Theres nô need to give a carrer to another untalented girl.

  • Paulie

    Professional actresses (you know the ones with real talent) must be turned off by this sleazeball. The way he obviously views women is sickening. And it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what the audition process for a Michael Bay movie involves.

  • Dreads

    @linda: Ha! That was funny. Though I totally agree with you, I’d still much prefer Fox to be in the next Transformers movie. I mean, as much as I freakin’ hate that stupid talentless hoe, she was in the forst movies, what’s the point of hiring another pretty untalented girl? Just stick with the first one, we don’t need another talentless girl. Why, oh WHY do they choose models over real actresses? Why? Why so shallow? Ugh, that makes me sick.

  • Tyler

    *points and laughs at Heidi Montag*

  • dundies

    “you smell like a baby prostitute”

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @linda: linda – FLOP.
    ~ tried way to hard. feel free to try again. = )

  • Luvd80s2

    Why all the complaints? Megan Fox didn’t say much in both movies but run in tight clothes and an over glossed pout when she talked, Give this girl a break! I rather see her in interviews then verbal diarrhea with alien thumbs Fox! Anything is better than Fox, either way people will go see the movie for the Transformers and not so much for the smart dialogue(sarcasm)!

  • .

    VS models and Michael Bay are incredibly cheesy. It works!
    The audience who sees his films could care less about acting ability. Bring on the big boom boom explosions, shoot outs and scantily clad girls and they’re satisfied!

  • linda

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    What do YOU see in Megan Fox, huh?

  • commonsense

    The whole world knows how she got this part!

  • Chinchilly

    She is incredibly beatiful and I think she is a great choice.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I don’t care much for Fox, but compared to this disaster of a choice …. hmm, seems pretty obvious what Bay is looking for here and that ain’t a leading lady.

  • Josie

    I’m so sick of models and singers taking jobs from actors and actresses.
    It’s a tough business as it is without singers and models trying to be actors.
    It’s time to boycott this shit, it’s so unfair to working and struggling actors out there (an no before you say it, i am not a jealous aspiring actor myself) but i know that it’s a tough business to break into and actual actors deserve to get parts, not singers and models who are doing it to become even more famous in another field.
    There are actual talented actors out there, plenty to pick and choose from.
    Michael bay seems sleazy as hell so i’m not That surprised.
    There was another actress in the line up though, and she was pretty, he could have chosen her. Oh well.

  • zoo

    Michael Bay was that nerd back in high school so now he’s making up for lost time. He’s living the ultimate perv life and it shows with the creepy vibe he gives off….

    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how she got that part. lol

  • @commonsense

    And how is that? Her boyfriend being well connected and known in the action movie genre?

  • helena

    You can’t call someone an actor or actress until they’ve tried. How did actors start out at first?
    I don’t have a problem with picking an unknown, but this girl is a Victoria’s Secret model and Bay obviously is using her to sell the movie! What a creep!

    Michael Bay sure has an ego. He claims he created the careers of Ben Affleck and Nicholas Cage. Stupid guy!

  • helena
  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @linda: ..other than her being hot… nothing! …i don’t give a shiit about her. her hotness is equaled only by the ridiculous shiit that comes out of her mouth in interviews. but replacing her with a girl who’s NOWHERE near as good looking, and even less talented is ridiculous. i’ve always preferred franchises kept the actors that started it (except Alba in Fantastic 4, and Dunst in Spider-Man). LOL..

  • Halli

    Firmly on Team Megan when it comes to this guy. Everything she said about him rings true. That said, this is Hollywood.

  • S@n

    @Halli: Yeah! definitely!!

  • T Pain

    As much as I hate Megan fox, this girl doesn’t even compare!!

    Michael is RETARDED!

  • nik

    bring megan back!!!!!!!!

  • lauli

    wouah bad choice !! she should go to surgery cause of his noise lol she look like a potatoe !

    not very beautiful girl !! i’m agree she look like a prostitute !

  • nik

    megan BACK

  • iliana

    Megan spoke out about the truth on Mike Bay and about how transformers is not really about acting, and people give her such a hard time about it! But, yeah, calling him Hitler is idiotic. But the rest are the truth! Mike Bay only cares about his women looking hot!

    If someone like Carey Mulligan said the same things Megan said (minus Hitler comparison) I bet people would be praising her.

  • @23

    Well, maybe it’s payback.
    How many actresses have taken magazine covers and fashion campaigns from models?
    What goes around, comes around, right?

  • iliana

    Oh yeah, and Michael Bay said Megan was “too thin” and “too pale”. This girl is thinner than Megan! And also, does Michael Bay realize how tacky, cheap, unnatural, and fake his orange tan looks?! Prob not!

  • Danielle


    You obviously dont know anything about Megan…
    Doing drugs? She said she’s smoked weed God forbid.
    Drinking and partying? When have you ever seen or heard of her out partying?
    Sleeping around? REALLY?! She’s been with BAG for how long now..

    You’re an idiot… &Lindsay Lohan? Uou have no room to talk if you like Lindsay SHE’S the druggie I see no way her future will ever be successful like it was a few years ago
    LOL and you like Heidi, you’re input is automatically irrelevant

  • @5

    I wonder if they were hooked up by Orlando and Miranda?
    Orlando is friends with Jason, and Miranda is friends with Rosie.
    Kind of how Orlando and Miranda were introduced by Leo and Gisele.

  • gina

    Here’s how Rosie got cast…
    Mike Bay:I like you. I think you’re hot! Come star in Transformers 3! And you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, right? Perfect! That means you have no problem showing off your body! Oh, and you’re also inexperienced! That means I can control you all I want! Yay!
    Mike Bay:Don’t talk back!

    And Rosie was involved in a drug scandal, by the way, while Megan was NEVER in any scandal and she’s been with BAG for YEARS!

  • wutacrock

    I’m not a big fan Megan Fox, I always hated her other movies. However, I think replacing actor on sequel is big mistake. It won’t be same without main actors and another thing you lose viewers. I think it was really lame letting Megan Fox for being too skinny. I don’t know what they are thinking, they must be smoking pot because their are much skinnier people than Megan Fox.

  • Josh.

    That rosie girl is funny looking, and worthless. Micheal bay is a looser for replacing megan with such an ugly tramp.

  • Sweetie pie

    way, way, WAY hotter!!!! probably has better acting chops too. lol
    bye bye megan, you’re hot but you have a bad attitude.

  • hmm

    MB = pig

    Bring Megan back!!!

  • hmm

    MB = pig

    Bring Megan back!!!

  • xsleekx

    Rosie is wicked, good on her for nabbing this. shes so sassy too. gorgeous.

  • waffle bowl

    Well, Megan can’t act either, only look good, so there’s not much of a difference between her and this girl. Also, Transformers are not movies for serious actors to hone their craft, so I’d say it’s perfect casting. Get sh*t to star in sh*t.

  • Bryona

    I let out a HUGE SNORT when I saw the headline.
    Oh, Michael Bay, you are so deluded. Do you realize that even the best actors cannot save a nonsensical script?
    People are not that gullible anymore. We won’t see any random movie that happens to feature a hot girl in it. And also, people do not like it when characters are replaced! Nor do we like orange-tanned girls.

    Well, Megan is far better-looking than Rosie. Rosie is a pretty girl, but she can’t compare with the ORIGINAL.

  • Kylie

    Megan’s past roles didn’t require much acting talent! She always played the hot girl, that’s why I want to see her in Passion Play with Mickey Rourke because it’s her first serious dramatic role. I think Jennifer’s Body bombed because it was after her crazy quotes about Transformers and Michael Bay, and it pissed people off.

    Something about Rosie’s face is off. I don’t know what, but it looks strange.

  • katie

    As a working actress…this just makes me sick. Michael Bay is gross.