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Backstreet Boys Jump Jive Records

Backstreet Boys Jump Jive Records

The Backstreet Boys are switching music labels!

Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough and AJ McLean just posted a note on their official website titled “Freedom”:

“So the news is out! The Backstreet Boys are no longer signed to long time record label Jive Records. The amicable split is very exciting for the group. ‘This is the best thing, at the best time that could have ever happened for us’, says Brian Littrell. ‘We are confident in the future of our band, and are looking forward to the new things to come. 2011 is going to be a great year for us!’ KTBSPA.” (Keep the Backstreet Pride Alive)

BSB kick off their concert tour on Saturday (May 29) at Miami’s American Airlines Arena – Waterfront Theatre.

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  • African Girl

    They’re still around?
    Color me shocked!!

  • Whatever…

    And in English this means they were DUMPED by their label. Sorry, no longer relevant to anyone musically. They are essentially a nostalgia act. Have you seen all the chunky housewives that attend their shows?! Now THAT is worth seeing. LOL!!!!

  • thehkitty1


  • foreverebel7

    guys, this is awesommmmmeeee :D :D :D no more Jive… Jive sucks actually..

  • Ronnie

    dey wer given a contract by jive 4 der nxt record but dey declined. So dat means bsb dumpd jive. & one more thing bsb r still very much relevent outside US. Do ur homework 1st b4 commenting

  • Rose

    Cant wait for the boys to come back to Australia. Ive been to their last 2 concerts, and they just get better and better.

  • Caty – Dara

    During the 90′s I was a big *Nsync fan, but now I respect BSB, they still around doing what they love .

  • miri

    that’s a GREAT news for them!! GO BOYS!!

  • Marco

    Nick is lookin hot!

  • Chris

    They were not dropped. The group have being having disputes with Jive Records since the early 00′s. They wanted to leave the label earlier on but were commited by contract to release a further two albums with the label. They have done thay now, and thus left Jive Records. I think this is a good move, it will give them more creative control.

  • Jennifer

    I am so happy for them that they are leaving that stupid label. Now I’m wondering which label they’ll go to next. Who knows maybe Cherrytree, Columbia, LaFace????

  • emmaa

    As soon as Britney has the chance, she should leave Jive too. Good for BSB.

  • http://Seeero Sarah

    I LOVE BSB! I hope they continue making albums coz they still have fans who love them & can’t get enough of their music! KTBSPA :)

  • nata

    They’re still around? I thought they dissolved when N’sync dissolved.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    They have amazing staying power, I’m not a fan but I respect that about them.

  • Mins

    The Backstreet Boys have been unsatisfied with Jive for a good 10 years now and were finally able to negotiate a split from them even though they still had one album left on their contract. I wish they had done it sooner! The Backstreet Boys put Jive records on the map and for the last 10 years Jive has only been creatively stifling and unsupportive. They’ve been together as a group for 17 years strong and still sell out areas all over the world. This is their 7th world tour and they have a 130million records sold. Those aren’t small figures to knock by any means!

    I think the BSB can be used as an example of a group that refuses to be taken advantage of by their management, record company etc. Current artists should pay attention if they want any sort of longevity in this business.

  • Rosa

    so happy for BSB, they are very talented artists and great guys, who inspire so many people with their awesome music
    jive sucks because it didn’t give the boys what they deserved, so congrats BSB, i hope now they can do what they want and get the respect they deserve for being so successful for such a long time, and always making good music.

    KTBSPA :) :) :)

  • Lucia

    It seems like BsB are going to sign for UNIVERSAL.yay!

  • Catarina

    Looking forward to their next album. Hope they come back to europe in tour next year! KTBSPA!

  • mailey

    i have to 2nd the nick is hott.

  • Ronnie

    Backstreet boys(1996)
    Backstreet back(1997)
    Black n blue(2000)
    Never gone(2005)
    This is us(2009)
    ?? (2011)

    Over 100+ million album sold, 8 top 10 albums on billboard, 17yrs n still going strong. BSB are not back as they never left.

  • In The Know

    Dumped???….Hardly……….why would they resign when they can make ALL of the money………..EMI is about to lose Kylie, Robbie and Coldplay for the same reason……………They need a manager and a Booker and they will get top talent for both……………..they are truly talented like them or not……..

  • Ronnie

    BSB winner jive dinner

  • fernandine

    wow! Nick has changed a lot

  • Realistic

    Talk about a flash in the past!

    I remember when I had a crush on Nick and Kevin lol

  • Frida

    Awesome news! Jive has treated them like shit over the past years!
    Love the Backstreet Boys and LOVE all the supportive comments on here! They need some lovin’ these days and they totally deserve it.

  • Alison

    WOOHOo!!! BSB forever!!! Love them!!! Can’t wait to see them this JUNE!!!!!

  • Sophie

    LMAO…they’re STILL around?

  • Sammi

    Thank goodness. Jive has been so disrespectful to them over the past couple of years. It’s about time! On to bigger and better things!

  • Elayne

    woah finally .. wish them the best now, they definitely deserve much more that what jive offered them. good luck guys .. LOVE BSB


    umm… yeah?? why is that so funny? they are good enough to stay around forever, cause they DO have that much of talent..
    nothing is wrong with doing what they love for whatever time they want to, as long as their fans are there for them and want them to make more music .. they still sell out arenas around the world .. they still are going strong .. and as long as there’ll be music they’ll be coming back again :)

    KTBSPA :) :)

  • Rockstar

    Never been a fan of backstreet boys but i do respect their staying power & as a boyband surviving 17yrs as @ronnie said made 7 studio albums wid sales over 100 million thats not just good its outstanding.

  • Joe
  • Jen

    some of the comments on here so ignorant. BSB is and has always been so talented, all these guys have amazing voices and that’s what gives them staying power. Sad I can’t see them when they come to Orlando in a couple of days, couldn’t get any tickets, for me and my friend :(. Also I am a 23 year old college student, far from being a “chunky wife fan” like someone said. Also have a lot of friends younger than me who love them, BSB will always be a classic group, they have awesome music.

  • GreenCAT

    Good for you guys! The guys are touring and can’t wait to see them next month.

  • emily

    It’s about time they got rid of Jive, they did nothing but treat the boys like trash! But what are they gonna do if they don’t have a new record company by the time they start making the 8th album? Who know guess we all have to wait and see…..

  • mahtab

    I love u bsb :) :) :) :) :)

  • stiger

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  • Nancy

    Stop and listen for a minute check out Jive’s history and you can see they suck and it’s a wonder they keep any artists as long as they do and as for those “chunky housewives” you guys wouldn’t be here if not for them!

  • Nancy

    @Chris: Well said