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Real Housewives' Countess LuAnn: 'Money' Music Video!

Real Housewives' Countess LuAnn: 'Money' Music Video!

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from the reality show Real Housewives of New York City just released her music video for her song “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

The 44-year-old reality star filmed the new video at a club in Manhattan called Covet.

Luann talked to People about the choreography in the video.

“There’s not really dancing,” she said. “I just have very good looking men standing around. And it’s about how money can’t buy you class, so I’m taking money out of their pockets and throwing it onto the floor.”

Check out the video below!

Countess Luann de Lessep’s Money Can’t Buy You Class

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  • lola

    I feel embarrassed for her, just watching this! So terrible!

  • rhonda

    she’s barely recognizable!

  • missy

    she could be her daughter!

  • lala

    o god -____-

  • the Count

    how embarrassing!

  • Nicole


  • lily

    this is hysterical!

  • LittleHaze

    I only have room in my heart for one Tranny. RuPaul…you go girl!!!

  • Nicole


    Good way to look at it.

  • mailey

    hmm. ummm. errrr. yah, speechless.

  • jenn

    O M G you’ve got to be kidding me NO WAY

    hahahahaha is she serious ? wow. i watch the real housewives of new york and i thought the whole music thing was joke. i’ve never heard so much auto tune in my LIFE !! jay-z is shaking his head right now.

  • ice

    she songs like a MAN! she has a tough body too… this is terrible… it seems like everyone wants to become a singer.. dam she should have use auto tune.. it may of sound better.. perhaps she did use it if she does then dam she has a awful voice.

  • Norma Stitz

    Dang, this tranny is fugly and that’s got to be one of the sh!ttiest song ever………………B!tch better hold on to her alimony cuz she ain’t earning anything with that dude voice!

  • Jasmine

    How do you sound horrible even with auto tune? Yikes

  • zaraaaa

    she looks like a better version of Danielle from NJ housewives

  • Tori


  • Countess botox!

    Money can’t buy you class, but it sure can buy a lot of botox, 10 pounds of make up and good lighting with heavy filters.

    It’s hard to believe this is even the Countess Luann from the Real Housewives of NYC – It doesn’t even look like her?? What the F?

  • Donovan

    Dear God! Someone make it stop!!!!

  • Donovan

    PS, The auto tune machine sounds like it’s about to blow up on that high note, lol.

  • aly

    money cant buy you a singing career either…

  • Lindsay

    Great Song!

  • Halli

    Haha! Oh man….

    They must have busted out the Barbara Walters photoshop filter machine to make this one look totally unrecognizable!

  • barron797

    The song is absolutely shiteous but she looks AMAZING! What happened to her? she looks like a better looking version of Eva Longoria. What long hair will do for someone! I bet her ex-husband is regretting leaving her. She’s the best looking NY real housewife.

    She should ditch the singing career and resume modeling.

  • MAC

    OH … MY ….GOD!!

  • Cayenne

    Why didn’t her own daughter’s persuade her NOT to do this? This is publicity for the show?

  • MollyMakeout

    lol and she is the prime example.

  • cf

    lol at the song, but I’m surprised by how good she looks!

  • California Dreaming

    No disrespect, but I don’t understand why people get into the music industry when they clearly aren’t truly interested in it for the long haul and couldn’t care less about how important music really is.
    If you truly wanted to make it and create some fierce art, get some help, learn from the greats, work on it and THEN show us what you’ve got. This is the equivalent of Kim Zolciak (of the Real Housewives of Atlanta) and her single. Her goal, she said, was to be a one hit wonder. I can’t even remember the name of her single and frankly, I don’t want to if all she cares about is her 5 minutes of fame. I want somethin’ real!

    “Money can’t buy you class…”
    Apparently, it can’t buy you a good voice either. Sorry. NEXT!

  • victoria

    watching this made me feel embarrassed…for her…:(
    I mean…she can’t really think this is good right? I hate to criticize people and I think she looks good in the video…but the song…the voice…the video. There are no words…no good ones at least.

  • Michele

    I guess money can’t buy singing lessons either!

  • Jokergurl


  • danni

    Hope she has a mirror in her hand when she’s singing it. I can’t bare to waste my time watching this. Whoever said she could sing only wanted money.

  • hazelnut

    Money can’t buy you talent, either. Is this meant to be serious?

  • Helen

    lol I thought that was Britney Spears when I saw the pic above the video

  • Kristen

    this is embarassing! she obviously has been majorly auto-tuned in the studio as when i saw the show where she was singing she was COMPLETELY OUT OF TUNE! Yikes someone is blowing smoke up this woman’s ass telling her she has any business recording this nonsense.

  • Angry

    I am so sick of these dumb “Real Housewives” women all over the magazines, tv, and now music? They do absolutely nothing but be complete, stuck up, whiny idiots! Seriously, is this what tv has lowered themselves to? Like somebody mentioned a while back, remember when you actually needed to have some sort of talent to be on tv? Now it seems like everybody has their own show…heck where is my reality show?

  • anna

    Apparently class is laying with a bunch of guys with your boobies busting out of your top. yeah, right.

  • ++Logan++

    Firstly, she is not a Countess anymore, she got divorced thus stripping her of this old fashioned title.

    Secondly, you’re not classy LuAnn.

    Thirdly, this song is just awful, she can’t sing and the lyrics are childish. When i hear crrapp like this, i really think people who can’t hear are actually lucky.

  • an

    it’s obvious money can’t buy you class and taste by looking at this video :/

  • tante augustine

    This is hilarious!

  • Eve

    …and money obviously can’t buy you talent.

  • Babs

    I could not finish watching the entire thing.
    Just awful, darling.

  • TLT

    ……seriously? this looks like some lame practical joke

  • jen


  • Bloom

    Ice- she is using autotune.

  • Lo


    Correction: actually, she mentioned on the show that she gets to keep the title even if divorced.

  • daxx

    Man this is embarrassing. You can fake your looks with plastic surgery and you can be taught class, but you can’t fake not being able to sing. And just like the fat man in a thong who thinks he’s hot, she’s the exact same… a parasitic ego that won’t let her see the truth.

    Lookout everybody… snobby, talentless cougar on the prowl!!

  • cupcake

    she truly sounds like a man… that is so embarrasing

  • M.K. Whittington-Carlisle

    roflmao,my grandmother can do better than that and she looks better. take her vocals away from her in the future. lol

  • Krista Madison

    omg is this old woman for friends and i watch these women sumtimes to make sure we don’t grow up like