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Rihanna: Jerusalem Jetsetter

Rihanna: Jerusalem Jetsetter

Rihanna walks around Jerusalem and visits various markets and churches in Israel on Friday (May 28).

The 22-year-old Bajan beauty just finished up 3 concerts in Ireland and will be closing out her international tour at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv-Jaffa on Sunday May 30th.

RiRi will be kicking off her U.S. tour on July 2nd, and will hit major cities in the U.S. and Canada. She is due to wrap up that leg of the tour on August 28th in Syracuse, New York.

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna, the Jerusalem jetsetter..

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rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 01
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 02
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 03
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 04
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 05
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 06
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 07
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rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 15
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 16
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 17
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 18
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 19
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 20
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 21
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 22
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 23
rihanna jerusalem jetsetter 24

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jasmine

    @LIZZIE: There may be no written dress codes but I think in many areas you mentioned it’s a cultural expectation to dress on the moderate side. But then again, I haven’t visited all those regions, so if you have, you may have more knowledge than I in that area.
    Historically and ethnically, no, Iran does not belong to the same group as “Arab” middle easterners do, but geographically, I believe so although I can see why some don’t consider this to be true. They share many of the same cultural traits as well. I know of some who make the distinction of being from Iran, but often consider themselves, or consider their homeland as part of the middle eastern region.
    “The Iranians hate the Middle Easterns, they are jealous of them and loathe them.” Can you explain this to me? Who hates who and why?

  • Kitt

    riri fans discussing the middle east problem. hahahahahahahah

  • ++Logan++

    Stop criticizing her for covering her head.

    Seeing that she is a celebrity she could have gone around being a diva in a mini dress and thigh high boots, but instead she chose a summer long maxi dress, flat sandals and covered her head, back and chest with a scarf.

    I think it is nice that she took their cultural views into consideration and chose to dress a lot more modestly than she usually does.

  • Jasmine

    @Kitt: Sorry, but I concern myself with more than just who Rihanna is f-cking and how bad her hair may be.

    Try moving past the shallowness, sweetie.

  • ta

    @Maja: maybe to you but Im an arab and I dont find it offensive at all. Especially since the majority of girls these days don’t wear a hijab. And the ones who do, have half their hair falling out anyway. And the celebs arent even muslims! So if they decide to cover up out of respect, I think that’s great! And it makes me respect them a little more =)

  • kitt

    @Maja: and the rest:
    obviously none of you know that a lot of girls and women use wigs instead of an hijab to cover their hair/head??? Rihanna looks “perfect”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now if only she’d cover her monkey face…

  • lalalalallalalalallalalal

    she is coming to Turkey, Istanbul next weeek!!

  • lalalalallalalalallalala


  • lalalalallalalalallalala


  • Tiffany82

    I don’t think she bleached her hair. I think its just a weave people!

  • no name

    I study there !!! WOW I didn’t know she’ll be there!

  • Sophie

    Holy shit! She’s stunning!!

  • Michelle

    Rihanna is dressed like that because she is visiting the Holy Sites, i.e. the Churches, Mosques and the Western Wall in Jerusalem. In every country people wear respectful clothing for such visits and I can remember not being able to enter a church in Italy because I was wearing shorts.

    As an Israeli I deplore the anti-Moslem comments posted by some people claiming to be Israelis. We are a multi racial society with other 22% of our population being minorities (Arab Christians, Arab Moslems, Druze etc) all of whom enjoy full democratic rights. As for the Israeli-Palestian conflict, I pray for a peace settlement but this will depend on BOTH sides being interested. The Palestinians have been offered a very fair settlement of 97% return of their land on two occasions both of which they refused. Israel withdrew from Gaza five years ago and they are still shelling us instead of concentrating on building factories and making better lives for their people. We have extremists in Israel as well but the vast majority of our people seek peace, but a peace which will give us security and not constant wars.

  • Divine Goddess

    @Tiffany82: um rihanna stopped wearing weaves when “good girl gone bad” came out. thats obviously her real hair. she bleached it

  • pinkstar

    Thank you Rihanna for coming to Israel
    We love you!

  • ben

    I love Israel!!!!

  • noa

    @ben: you are not alone! :)

  • Free Palestine!

    It is spelt MUSLIM not Moslem!

  • ravit

    Welcome Rihanna. We are so glad to have you here.
    Unlike Elvis Costelo the jerk.

  • Kacy

    @Maja: I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. They looks so dumb when they do it, I mean 3/4 of them don’t know the significance of it and by doing so they are making a mockery of the people’s culture. It’s things like these why the world hates Americans.

  • CeCe

    @kara: yeah Palestines kill ppl just like the US soldiers who go to Iraq and kill so America could plunder Iraq’s resources. Go take a history lesson and please read the news. Why oh why are my country ppl so ignorant???

  • facadestilladser

    Thanks a lot you for this post. Thats all I can say. You most without a doubt have constructed this webpage into something speciel. You clearly know what you are working on, youve covered so many corners.thanks