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Tom Cruise: Black Eyed Peas' Fifth Member!

Tom Cruise: Black Eyed Peas' Fifth Member!

Tom Cruise premiered a new Black Eyed Peas song called “Someday” during the group’s concert after-party in London on Thursday (April 27). It’s the theme song to Tom‘s upcoming movie Knight and Day, out June 25!

During the concert held at O2 Arena, Tom hopped up on stage with BEP. “Fergie invited me on stage, like, ‘don’t be a wimp’ … I wasn’t going to be that guy,” Tom says. “I was singing, but I won’t give up my day job.”

“He rocked out with us and 30,000 people in the O2 Arena,” added. “It was a real surprise.” Watch the video below!

FYI: Tom is wearing an IWC watch!

Tom Cruise: Black Eyed Peas’ Fifth Member! (via ET)
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  • pr person

    UGGGGHHHH! Thats all.

  • Rae

    Hey guys just came across this cool pic of Tom Cruise back stage at the Black Eyed Peas concert in London with Katie and Fergie. Take a look!

  • Sarah

    I was at the concert last night and Tom truly rocked it with the Black Eyed Peas! Amazing surprise for the fans too!!

  • Dan

    Now, all of a sudden he can sing too?

  • Whamo

    Whatever TC is doing to try and rehabilitate his image I ain’t buying it. Everything about this guy seems forced and calculated. When he tries to show us he can laugh at himself and he doesn’t take himself so seriously it looks all the more controlled and pathetic. Tom you are a whack job with a kept wife. You’re image is toast!

  • hmm

    @Rae: yuck. Tom Seriously looks like a Butch woman.

  • Elana

    @ WHAMO

    Oh yea….totally calculated. This is him ramping up for the movie. Its totally false and all about PR. For the next month Cruise is gonna drag his a** all over the world, jumping thru hoops,acting like a fool and pimping out his poor little kid and his paid for wife to push that movie.

    Cruise sings and dances about as well as Katie, which is to say BADLY. Like I said, making a fool of himself. I think he’d set himself on fire right now to get people into the theater but the truth is he doesn’t realize that he just looks like a fool.

  • Dan

    That little man with a big ego, who simply ain’t getting it. Most of the people dont like him. There are many other, younger, bettter actors. He just doesnt get it and keeps coming back like a bad rush.

  • bet

    i do not understand why people do not like this man. He does not take himself seriously. Obviously he is having a lot of fun time with life. He is the biggest moive star in history period. I love this man. The part he is injoying life, making people mad. i do not understand this.

  • misty


    Are you paid by TC to write he is the biggest movie star ever?

  • http://j ivanka

    i like tom and i think that im 1 in a million .. i dont understand why people dont like him but i liked to see him having fun

  • Are you CLUELESS #9

    @ bet
    You really dont understand why people dislike Cruise? Seriously? Nobody is that stupid! You just dont want to hear it!! He support a cult that kills people and takes away basic human rights. He attacked anybody with mental illness with uninformed views about Psychiatry being a “Nazi Science” and made the stupidest comments ever regarding PPD. He has told Nightline that he supports the guy who runs Scientology even tho he beats people and puts them in a concentration camp. Nice guy your Mr. Cruise. Yea. He’s a real sweetheart. I’m glad he’s “having fun” cause I am sure the people being held illegally by his cult are not. And if you think he’s the “biggest movie star in history period” you dont know much about movies. No one is mad that he’s “enjoying life”. We are mad because he give millions a year to a cult and has insulted women all over the world. Get that straight. Now you go on being stupid just cause you like a moviestar. The rest of us care about something alot deeper.

  • Jana

    Totally agree Are you clueless! Not to mention that his whole life is a lie with his robobride and the fact that she looked great when she met him& now looks like tge living dead! I hope she is getting paid alot. She must be. All she does is shop and look like she is out of it. Plus he pimps out his kid like crazy and acts like a monkey in heat saying stupid things all the time. Hes nothing but PR. Nothing about Tom Cruise is real and everybody knows that now since he let the crazy out of the bag a few years ago. I wont go see any of his movies anymore. I cant see the character. All I see is TOM CRUISE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fin

    wtf , whats with u people and all the hate , if u wanna talk about calculated and pr lifestyle , no one on the planet does it better than brangelina but as soon as a story comes up like this about them , everyone bends on their kneew and basically starts worshiping and praying for them , who cares what u guys think , i’ll watch his movie , and so will many others , he’s the most bankable actor for a reason , he’s likeable and down to earth type of actor. now u haters can go and wait for another brangelina ass kissing when a fake pr comes about them , and be prepared for it coz angelina has a movie coming up , u’ll be seeing photo ops of angelina being an angel

  • misty

    I don’t mind him enjoying life IN PRIVATE. Smart people know when its time to go away. TC does not. He turned his family into daily sensation followed by paps. This desparate attention seeking annoys most of his ex-fans (me included) and makes us dislike him more.

  • fin

    misty , lol , how can u talk about tom turning his family turning his family to paps sensation , r u kidding me , how many times a day do u see nrangelina and their kids on this site everyday ??
    look i know my comments are gonna get thumbed down and lol bcoz brangelina have u gus believe that they’re angels but just saying as i see it

  • AMVE

    No matter what he does or how he lives I’m sure you people have watch most of his movies. Nobody can’t deny that he is one of the biggest stars.

  • itstrueagain

    “He doesn’t take him self seriously…..huh… are so-o-o-o wrong. The man embodies the idea. He’s so intense, it’s uncomfortable around him.

  • eliza

    Tom Cruise is all show and no substance. He’s always “on,” trying to be likable, but it’s forced and not believable. We saw the real Tom Cruise in the Scientology video and in the Lauer interview. He’s reined it in now, but people remember the arrogance and inflated ego
    he revealed.

  • Pac Man

    He obviously think he CAN’T, #4.

    It doesn’t matter what he does, #5 and #7 and #8. If it isn’t one thing, then it’s another. You either like him or you don’t. Don;t blame him for your prejudice.

    They just don’t like his religion, #9. If he ever leave it, watch everything change.

    You can’t prove any of that, #13.

    His family isn’t at the forefront of the press at all, #15.

    Read my response to #5, #7 and #8, #19.

  • sandra

    What is wrong with you fin and Pac Man!?!?!?! Don’t either of you care about all the people being hurt by Cruise and Scientology or are you so far up the as* of a movie star that you are willing to hate on those who do care?? You are both sick in the head. Cruise is best friends with the guy who is doing this to people. HE KNOWS ABOUT IT AND THAT IS PROVEN. Do the research. Just cause you want to stick your heads in the sand does not mean everyone has to. CRUISE IS A CRIMINAL AND HE WILL PAY. Everything is happening now with his cult. They are being investigated and so is Cruise. Just wait. In a year he’ll be in jail with his best friend David Miscavige. Its so sad that you are willing to be rotten to people who care all for a movie star.

    PacMan you are one sick puppy. Who do you think you are talking to people the way you do? You are rotten to the core and sick in the head. Every person hates you on this site. EVERYONE. You are famous on other boards. People talk about you and make fun of you day in and day out. You should go to orkut or freekatie. You even have nicknames!! Whatever your problem is, you have no right to be so horrible to everyone and tell people what to do. YOU ARE A DISGUSTING, SICK, HORRIBLE PERSON with no kindness in your heart. You need to look in the mirror and think about why you are so hurtful to people. I would pity you if you werent so horrible.


    Watch Brangelina DONATE MONEY mode now that her movie is coming out soon, you just watch.
    ”WE WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW WE HAVE DONATED $100,000 TODAY”. Nobody does that only them, yet we all know actors who donate generously , and keep quiet about it.
    Won’t it kill the lot of you if the Cruise movie rakes in big bucks………which it probably will

  • WTF??

    OK. I’m confused. What does not liking Tom Cruise have to do with Brangelina and why are certain people here so obsessed with that? I don’t care for Tom or his brainless wife nor do I care for Pitt and Jolie. One thing has nothing to do with the other. It seems to me that the Jolie/Pitt haters are more obsessed than anyone else. Cruise is strongly disliked for his views and for acting like a know it all fool when he’s actually totally uninformed, on National TV no less! Thats my reason for disliking him. That and he’s the most fake human being on the planet and serves absolutely no purpose!

    Also to the person who said he doesn’t care what anyone likes. Thats fine. No one here cares that you do like Cruise, BUT I can assure you that Tom very much cares that alot of people have a problem with him!! If this movie doesn’t do very well, he’s going to have a problem. WE, the public, pay his salary and alot of the public no longer likes Tom Cruise because he’s an uninformed, ignorant man. Thats why he’s acting like a clown. He desperately wants us to like him again!! I don’t think thats going to happen. Thats my opinion and you know what?? Its just as valid as yours!!

    Finally, Although I disagree with the way it was said, I have to agree with the previous poster who gave it to you PacMan. You are really nasty to people and you have no reason to be. Unless you’ve been hired by Tom Cruise to do his PR, which I’m sure is not the case, it pretty awful that you don’t hesitate to attack so many people on these boards. You’re not a nice person and you generate nothing but bad vibes with your attacks. You have the worst Karma of anyone on these boards because of the way you are so willing to attack so many people. That’s very sad. Cruise is just an actor who doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about you. Does it make you feel better to be so awful to others? If it does, I feel sorry for you. Ignore the people you disagree with. Don’t dictate to them! You sound horrible.

  • WTF??

    Well Crapola…..atleast Brangelina is giving money to causes, whatever their reasons are. Somebody is benefiting. Can you PROVE that Cruise is donating money anywhere? No. You can’t. It can be proven that Brangelina does and I’m not even a fan!!
    Tom Cruise only gives to Scientology. That is a fact. Check it out online. Go to Freedom Magazine, a Scientology publication.

    Please stop talking. You’re making yourself look really bad and you’re giving yourself really, REALLY bad Karma. Stand for something that matters instead of defending some actor who cares only about himself. Just a piece of advice from someone who cares about more than movies and actors.

  • Lindsay Veejay

    I’m on cruise control

  • Marci


    I just saw the vid of him onstage with the BEP’s. what a friggin embarrassment!! hahahahahaha!!

    I love when he promotes a movie. You can always count on Tommyboy to make a fool out of himself. Hes one desperate has been! Its like watching a train crash. Its ugly but you can’t stop watching!


  • shaleen

    Tom Cruise is getting weirder and weirder. Almost washed up.

  • lemib

    @Are you CLUELESS #9:
    to #12 had to just laugh at your post. YOU ARE CLUELESS Don’t you realize that all religions are cults? Christianity is completely oppressive and has killed more people in the name of God, than, well for sure Scientology.

    Do you belong to a religion? I bed you are one of those that spout off about God, but have never been enlightened by any of the philosophies. Just in it for the blessings. haha

  • Sienna

    Don’t drag Brand and Angelina’s name through this, although TC would love to be mentioned and compared with them all the time.

  • chooch

    Tom says, “Yeah, psych drugs are bad but it’s perfectly fine that I rub botox into my head everyday, Mr. Hubbard would have mentioned that it was dangerous, if it was”.

  • facadestilladser

    Thanks a lot you for this post. Thats all I can say. You most clearly have developed this article into something speciel. You clearly know what you are working at, youve insured so many corners.kind regards